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  • Himavanti Confraternity Order – Ancient School of Yoga

    The Himavanti Confraternity Order is an esoteric secret school for men and women of the contemporary times who have the intention to explore the great synthesis of teachings conveyed by ascended masters – these few ones, who had their triumph in each epoch and who now belong to the circle of our brothers and sisters on the Spiritual Development Path.

    HCO is a non-denominational spiritual organisation of ecumenical nature, which has been called up with a view to propagating the spiritual Message of Laya Yoga. It has been operating in Poland since the year 1983 and remains the biggest esoteric school of spiritual development based on the mystery of the traditional Shivaic Yoga and Sanathana Dharma – the eternal Vedic knowledge.

Circle of esoterical studies, essential teachings and advices for progress on spiritual path.

Eternal Path of merging into the Infinite Spirit. Tantric teachings about chakras.