About Jinns and Karins (37)

The cult of Saithan (Satan) is commonly widespread today. Let’s try to look at the phenomenon briefly, although a detailed study of hells is not on our way to Heavenly Paradise. However, some knowledge is beneficial because it makes it easier to avoid the numerous ambushes and traps of the Adversary of Spirituality.

The demonic beings that constitute the guards of Hell are called by the ancient name Jinna. They inhabit the astro–mental plane and that is why religious teachings usually prohibit contacts with this plane of existence, parallel to ours. Jinns are summoned by this name, but even easier contact comes through the phenomenon of mediumship in spiritistic séances and so–called channellings. In Eastern languages, a djinn is a demon, an evil spirit. This word is used in phrases such as: “a slyboots or a trickster”, “to get furious”, “to get angry”. Another word is piśacha, which could be translated as “furious one”. The connection with hell is also shown by the second meaning of the word jinn, which describes a type of vodka or vodka, or alcohol in general. Terms such as jinai, “criminal”, also reveal the quality of hellish consciousness.

The power of hellish beings works through all jealousy and envy, through reluctance and resentment, through insults, hostility, cruelty, backbiting and lying, through sadism, doubts, infidelity and distrust, also through despair and pity. All these states and similar depressions and furies are stimulated and produced in people so that the powers of hellish beings (Piśacha) have direct access to people and can act through people.

States of despair, disappointment and regret are particularly helpful in Saithan’s activities. Djinns, wherever possible, encourage and tempt these emotional states to arise and flourish. The consumption of alcohol in any form powerfully encourages openness of a human being to the hellish power. The momentary pleasure is paid with a price, which is the degradation of a human being to a hellish state. Therefore, true religions strictly prohibit the consumption of alcohol and instead offer comprehensive solace and upliftment. They prevent despair and prevent degradation. According to the spiritual knowledge of the ancients, sicera (vodka) only opens the way to hell.

Every man who forgets GOD and worships Saithan through the works of the Liturgy of the Beast that we describe to ourselves, becomes possessed by the power of the mantle of the assigned to him Djinn to care for him, who is called Karin, which literally means Companion. Karin leads all human beings under his influence into the light and brightness of the flames of hell. Karin pretends to be an angel of light and freedom, and his whispers only serve to promote waywardness and impiety. Karin lives with the energy of suffering, rape, violence and drunkenness in particular, as well as the energy of animal death, cigarette smoke and all kinds of cruelty.

Karin (Companion) has power of possession and addictiveness. All his henchmen, even if they are completely unaware of it, do the same worship to Saithan as Karin. He affects people through all kinds of intoxicants and drugs, as well as through acts that weaken the strength of morale and character. The conflict of conscience, the conflict with the Laws of God, makes a person susceptible to Karin’s influence. A companion from hell increases the level of anxiety and fear, as well as the power of all drug addictions. In particular, the desire to eat meat, the tendency to drink alcohol and inhale poisonous nicotine smoke are increased. The level of anxiety and fear is anyway completely related to meat, alcohol and cigarettes.

Karin, as a demon, a hellish guardian, is assigned to a human person by Saithan himself. Karin directs people to choose such professions and passions as: butchery, fishing, breeding animals for slaughter, hunting, theft, speculation, poultry farming, fishing, politics, weapons production, military technology, military service, brewing and many other professions and passions directly related to the cult established by Hell. Gambling casinos and prostitution sanctuaries are also directly temples of the Satanic cult. The cult of Saithan knows no mercy, which is the greatest enemy of world Satanism.

Azazel is a powerful angelic hierarch, sometimes wrongly identified as the ruler of Hell itself. Azazel is the ruler of punishment for transgressions against God. He arranges hell for wicked souls, bringing despair and suffering. He pushes the evil ones to the very bottom of Hell. It is said that he is a tempting angel who tests candidates for sainthood. Thanks to it, we sometimes have the impression that it is God himself who leads us into temptation. However, Azazel is God’s Spirit of power over hell, all serpent and scorpion-like creatures. Azazel is the one leading into the Desert so that people eager to do so would rise up to rebellion and opposition.

Iblis (Aramaic) or Diabolos is the hellish spirit of despair and pity. Literally, Iblis is the Devil, Satan, Evil, the embodiment of all evil and destruction. Indian culture calls it Saithana. Everything that leads to despair and disappointment, as well as to regret, is an inspiration coming straight from Hell through the influence of Karin, the Companion.

The esoteric teachings of yoga mention Rakshasas and Piśachas as two successive stages of devilish existence. The first could be rendered as demons, and the second as Satans. It is said about the structure of seven spheres or planes of existence of various categories of demonic beings (rakshasas) and about seven planes of hell (totally evil beings) generally called piśacha. In the demonic world, or rather worlds, there is a dualism of good and evil, just as in the human world, both tendencies exist, although only good is the wheat sown by God. In the world of hell, or rather in the spheres of hell, there is a pole of evil, where there is only the tares of evil and none of the wheat has a chance to grow. In principle, the hells established by fallen angels are an analogy to the world of heaven, with the difference, however, that they are located not on the heavenly plane, but on the material plane, and that they are controlled by the essence of Iblis (the Spirit of Despair), who is limited in his power and might. This inversion of heaven into hell shows the fact that the highest of hells is the sphere of total self–annihilation, the so–called Avichi of the Black Mage. By the way, the suicidal tendency is considered a hellish force, as are all other acts aimed at one’s own destruction, such as the tendency to fight or take risks.

Devachan, Heaven or the Kingdom of God, is the land of angels and devas, who have nothing to do with beings of the astral-mental plane. It is a land that is not subject to either earthly or demonic influence to any extent. The World of God’s Perfection is the one to which we must adapt and tune in to enter. The soul is directed towards the Heavens, but free will is deformed by the whispers of the Karins and drives the soul into the Eighth Sphere, as the demonic–hell worlds are generally called. The spiritual path, the path of yoga, leads to the Kingdom of Heaven. The trick is not to fall into a tempting alley that would lead straight to hell. And that is Karina’s goal. And in order not to succumb to Karin, adepts of spiritual development avoid many things, such as connections with astral psychism or eating meat.

Pride and hypocrisy are the flowers of satanic consciousness. Saithan left the ranks of God’s angels developing personal Pride and Conceit. Karin, his servant, teaches pride and conceit as fundamental ways of behaving, which are expressed through cruelty, lack of mercy and remorse.

People possessed by drunkenness can be cured by exorcism. Karin who influences the inclinations and needs of a given person is expelled. You are encouraged to come into contact with the Guardian Angel and ask in deep contemplative prayer to remove the demonic influences of the messenger of hell given by the Devil (Iblis) as a Companion. In this way, you can relatively easily expel all Companions from their sphere of influence. Rakshasas are most fond of places where alcohol is often consumed (beer stands, etc.), so such establishments should be removed from our neighbourhood at all costs, because they attract many astral evil spirits, and that facilitates possessions.

Strictly vegetarian nutrition serves to cut off the flow of many murderous energies and psychic powers straight from hell, which live from the fear of death and the murder of living creatures. It is good to live away from any slaughterhouses. It would suffice to mention that most murderers come from butchers, hunters, and people living near places where animals are killed en masse. Specific mental illnesses also arise in such areas. All this is the result of gatherings of rakshasas and piśachas at the places of murder.

The Lord of Hell’s intention is to annihilate the human race. For this reason, he fuels everything that serves the degradation and annihilation of humanity. In particular, his tool is atheism, all impiety and anti-religiosity. The Companions, the Karins, will constantly encourage worldliness and all similar ignorance, where there is no place for God or piety. Instead of freedom of spiritual liberation from all material enslavement, he tries to teach freedom of easy enslavement to all intoxicating substances, to which goal also serves poisoning the water and air (environment). All this serves to annihilate humanity and to include the human world in the kingdom of demons, from which the edge of the devilish abyss can already be seen. However, we will consider these issues in more depth on another occasion. Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita–Mohan G.K.


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