Archangel Gabriel’s Message (67)

1. The spiritual message coming from Heaven through the Angel is undoubtedly a true Message of secret knowledge coming from the secret Temple of Wisdom. An angel is also a Messenger bringing spiritual knowledge or prophecy. The ancient meaning of the term ‘prophecy’ referred to all knowledge that was reserved for spiritual, divine beings. It is a mystery to those who cannot understand the subtle divine truths. The Greek term Angelos, meaning Angel, denotes a being in the likeness of inspired people whom we call Rasul or Rishi. The Prophet, the Herald, the Messenger, that’s what Rasul is. The difference, however, lies in the way of coming to earth, because an angelic being appears and, having completed the task, disappears, while the Prophet in a human body is simply born, and when he finishes his mission, he simply dies. If God addresses His Message to man through an appearing Angel, it is an extraordinary, miraculous and unique phenomenon. Beings coming from the Land of Light are not the spirits of deceased ancestors from the Land of Hades, so they usually only temporarily have a human–like shape, and their presence is a sign of the opening of the Gates of Time and Space, because an Angel is a higher–dimensional being. An angel is not a being from the astromental world (kamamanas) inhabited by jinn, i.e. asuras, also called half–deities (demigods), but a being from Heaven. In colloquial jargon, angels are called gods, although the word God is usually reserved exclusively for the highest being among them. The divine world of angels (devas) is the highest of the worlds created by Creation.

2. We intentionally write the term Angel with a capital letter, because the angels who bring God’s Message constitute a special, high group in the heavenly hierarchy, consisting of the Seven Spirits standing before the Throne. These seven angelic figures who play the role of Heralds coming from Heaven deserve to be called an Angel written with a capital letter. Such a figure who brings news to some highly spiritual disciples is a being with the spiritual name Gabriel or Jibra’il (Jibril), as the name is sometimes pronounced in Hebrew and Persian. The Angel Gabriel, one of the two most important angels of God mentioned in the Bible, is the Heavenly Prophet, the Seer. Annunciation is bringing divine knowledge, the light of understanding revealing various mysteries, and revealing deep meaning to upcoming events. Gabriel accompanied the ancient Prophets of the Semitic race, supporting their spiritual work, bringing encouragement and admonition. We call this Angel the giver or carrier of Revelation, Marefa or Gnosis. Giving enlightened insight is indeed the specialty of Jibra’il. We can use strong and deep concentration, fulfilled with all our heart and mind, to feel at least a little of the energy or spirit of this great, heavenly personality. The name is the centre of focusing of thoughts and feelings, the centre of concentration, of all mental, mental–emotional energy. We can use a rosary (Wardia, Mala) and in a low voice, slowly, calmly, but with great willpower, power and determination, whisper the name of the Angel, as if calling him. Calling by name is probably the surest way to experience the spiritual presence of the Heavenly Being. Amazing light phenomena accompany the Angel’s appearance on the earthly stage of existence. The spiritual body, woven from the subtlest type of matter of higher manas, is clothed, with the help of the elements, in a thin shell of a human form, which, although similar to a human, is like a cosmic suit for an otherwise invisible spiritual being.

3. Several names of the Heralds are preserved in the remaining Semitic and Christian writings of the People of the Book. Archangel Michael (Mikha’il), Ariel (Uriel), Raphael, Yoel (Yahuel) and the most often mentioned Gabriel. The Bringer of God’s Revelation met Hagar in the desert when she gave birth to the prophet Ishmael (Ismail), the prototype of the Arab race from which all modern Arab Islam comes, and also brought the teaching to the Prophet Yahya (John), which we know today as the Apocalypse, or Revelation. One of the most important missionary works of Gabriel was the revelation of the Holy Book to the Prophet Mohammad, who was the last in the Semitic line of Arab Prophets descended from Ishmael, lasting over 20 earthly years. This is how today’s Quran was created, and it is from this heavenly spirit that it draws its power and influence. The angel Gabriel also appeared to Maryam, the mother of Jesus, announcing to her the divine task of giving birth and raising Jesus. Gabriel appeared to Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, Jesus, Maryam, Yahya, Mohammad, as well as many minor Semitic, Arab and Christian reformers and mystics. It is wise to recognize the Angel Gabriel as the source of first contact when it comes to the flow of inspirational, revealed spiritual knowledge of the highest order. Gabriel brings the annunciation to souls who are ready to receive the illuminating light of God’s Wisdom.

4. Interestingly, it is Gabriel who shows John on the island of Patmos knowledge in the form of a series of scenes and images, the description of which became the Apocalypse, the last book of the Bible. This angel was sent because the prophet, lonely in his trouble, had no other source of contact with spirituality and could only count on help from Heaven. So how can one try to understand the content of the Book of Revelation if not to ask the revealer for help in understanding the symbols, the sense of words and meanings. In a similar way, we can only try to understand the Muslim Quran – reaching for the higher, subtle mind of the Angel of God, and therefore reaching for the Divine Mind. Of course, we can always try to understand the meaning of the Holy Scriptures in the spirit of Gabriel, for he was the source of inspiration for most of the ancient prophets associated with the Semitic race. We can say that the Messenger of God visited on earth the work of messengers coming in human bodies and with a high degree of holiness. When the angel appeared, he enveloped the earthly Prophet with his spirit, his aura, so that the two beings in contact with each other could synchronize their hearts, minds and souls. Gabriel is also the ancestor of the ancient prophetic sages known today as Sufi (Zuf), such as Rasul Elkana or Rasul Samuel – one of the most famous Old Semitic prophets. And such spiritual synchronization is taught and required by their successors, today’s Sufis, before they introduce the student to the sphere of revealed knowledge and the sphere of the gift of prophecy. We can say that Jebra’il is the heavenly patron or perhaps guardian of the circle of spiritual personalities who are introduced to the reality of Gnosis, to the reality of Marefat.

5. The ancients understood receiving Gnosis (Knowledge, Revelation) as an experience of granting God’s Wisdom from a heavenly source, which is the Angel Gabriel. It was not learning from books or through mediumship or channelling. The directness of meeting a Celestial Being and learning the knowledge given by such a being is the simplest and most direct way. We must look at the teachings given by Gabriel and ponder them deeply in our hearts to experience the important issues contained in the prophetic message from Heaven. Only following the heavenly teachings can be useful in achieving the Good that the Creator offers to humanity. Addressing the spiritual community, the angel states that he appreciates the deeds, effort and perseverance of people who want to get closer to God and develop spiritually. Life activity in the form of right deeds, activity full of effort and perseverance, gains the praise of the Angel Revealer. Perseverance in studying spiritual science, perseverance in spiritual practice, perseverance in spiritual behaviour – such a rare feature among people interested in spirituality and inner development. And the praise of Heaven is gained by those who persistently work for God’s Cause. Angel Gabriel also appreciates and praises a person who is sensitive to all manifestations of evil, a person who cannot stand evil. Sensitivity to all wickedness and rejection of human evil deeds serves the spiritual Path. Also, recognizing spiritual impostors and liars who pretend to be God’s messengers is a valuable ability in the eyes of Heaven, although it is not an easy ability to develop. However, people trying to get on the spiritual Path should beware of false messages from the afterlife inspired by evil spirits, because what does not come from God certainly does not lead to Paradise. Acting with love and taking care not to weaken the feeling of love for God and neighbours is also a quality worthy of an adept, a quality that Heaven takes into consideration. Showing remorse for all your mistakes and shortcomings and acting in the spirit of your first enthusiasm and commitment is also what the Angel pays attention to when looking for people worthy of his care and support. Repentance is the crushing of our own faults and mistakes until they are erased from our hearts and minds. A broken heart deserves pity and mercy in God’s eyes. Initial enthusiasm for following the spiritual Way often fades, and it is important for the practitioner to continually develop his or her enthusiastic commitment. A person who is not committed does not have the love of God, which is necessary for spiritual development. Gabriel also commends the aversion to acts of debauchery and intemperance, because fornicators have no connection with the spiritual Path. This is one of the characteristics by which false prophets can be identified if they live in immoral and lecherous ways. The world of official religion provides us with a multitude of such demonic examples that are not and cannot be sources of spiritual knowledge and guidance. All these heavenly principles used together lead to victory, to achieving the spiritual goal, which is eating the fruit of the tree of life, the fruit that is the hope of eternal life in the divine Paradise.

6. Living a life in which we reject evil, recognize bad people and stay away from them and their actions, a life in which we avoid sexual immorality and debauchery, but maintain enthusiasm and commitment, love of God and neighbour, and work persistently in spiritual life, in spiritual practice, recognizing and rejecting false apostles, this is the sign of living in an essential spiritual community. It may seem easy, but it requires a lot of effort and perseverance. Separation from the world of evil conduct and debauchery seems to be the key note of the basis of spiritual life presented by the Angel Gabriel. It can be said that this is the first stage of a spiritual life in which, if we win and persevere, we will achieve the hope of eternal paradise life. And we know that evil and wicked souls are headed for destruction, and the people of the Spirit are clearly separated from the demonic life of God’s flock. We can try to evoke the awareness of the Angel Gabriel in thought and feeling to better feel, understand and absorb the spiritual Message he conveyed. And remember that even when our spiritual efforts in practicing become ordinary it proves against us. We can always follow the example of those who are full of enthusiasm, commitment, those who practice with all their heart and soul.

7. Angel Gabriel gives seven subsequent steps for subsequent victories, i.e. climbing the spiritual Path. The seven subsequent steps are like stages of sevenfold spiritualization based on a certain spiritual credo. The second stage is going through the trial of oppression and poverty, the ability to practice in conditions of oppression and difficult situation, as well as in conditions in which we are deprived of all wealth and goods. Man must protect and preserve the wealth of his interior, the wealth of his soul, and base and rely on this inner wealth. Enduring adversity, often blasphemy, from those who are the embodiment of evil, the temple of the Evil One, Satan, is a sign of going through a trial of oppression. We often find an evil spirit blaspheming against someone who makes an effort to grow spiritually within our own family or among our existing friends. Separating ourselves from such a source of evil and wickedness can then be very difficult, but the Angel Gabriel appreciates us for making such a sacrifice in the hour of trial of trouble. Often the victims of oppression are spiritualizing souls, and the oppressors are usually co–religionists and clergy of a nominal, institutional religion. Ordinary jealous and demonic humanity seems to dislike even those who stand out among them for their ability to reflect the Divine Spirit in their hearts. For this reason, a person may also lose earthly things and be disinherited from all wealth, which he can only rebuild on a thorough, internal basis. We must learn to stop being afraid and scared of what happens to us from our neighbours, often from our relatives and friends, and from people associated with institutional religion, which Gabriel himself calls the synagogue (temple) of Satan, which is a very eloquent diagnosis. Belonging to an institutional, political religion certainly will not make us spiritual! To be unafraid of what we are about to suffer and to endure tribulation with courage and fearlessness is not an easy lesson in the spiritual life, but it is an inevitable second step and the privilege of those properly committed. The symbolic number of ten days of the trial of tribulation can be better understood in the context of the “day per year” principle, i.e. as an average period of 10 years of suffering in poverty, and such a short period provided that adversities are persistently endured, without fear, and with intrepidity. A spiritual man must be fully tested by showing fidelity to the chosen spiritual Path. The winner is the heir to the Crown of Life, in other words, the one who bravely faced life’s oppression and suffering is the crowned King of Life, as we often call this second stage of spiritualization. The promise for those who pass through oppression and poverty without fear is freedom from the spectre of the so–called second death, which is the death of the soul in the spheres of hellish destruction. It is the release of tendencies leading to fiery, eternal self–destruction in Avići (Gehenna). As adepts of the spiritual Path of Heaven, let us not be afraid of the period of life’s suffering and extreme poverty, but let us fearlessly and with full devotion take up this difficult spiritual challenge.

8. The third lesson of spiritualization announced by the heavenly Messenger Jibra’il is a lesson of persistent faith, faith that allows you to hold on to the divine Name despite living in the world of demonic humanity, among which is the throne of Satan. Faith means recognizing the power of God the Creator over creation and recognizing the fact that in the power of God the Creator lies our liberation, our salvation. Strong faith and faithful adherence to God’s name are the signs of third–degree spiritual people. The Name, the word with which we worship and invoke God, has an incredible rank and importance in this step of spiritual practice, and probably people who did not appreciate the Name before will do so now. What is important is not so much the fact of faith itself, but the fact that we do not deny it! And this even in the face of death, when others perish because they did not renounce or deny their faith. This undoubtedly means living in conditions in which showing one’s living faith is somewhat risky. Nevertheless, an adept at this stage of spiritual life will not deny or falter, as, for example, Jesus’ disciples did at the hour of his death. Many so–called practitioners who are ashamed to admit even what they practice certainly do not have enough faith to belong to the third lesson of heavenly spirituality. Abstaining from participation in demonic rituals and cults and living a sober and non–promiscuous life continues to be a requirement of the spiritual practice sent to humanity in Gabriel’s Message. If, for example, we recognize an institutional religion as an unfortunately already dead and demonic cult, let us remember that eating food offered by this cult is idolatry prohibited to an adept of the spiritual Path. Strong authentic faith, clinging to the divine Name, avoiding demonic idolatry or a promiscuous life are indications leading to the third victory, in which we receive spiritual food (symbolic manna) in the form of white vibhuti powder and a symbolic white stone with a new name under which God knows us. In other words, we become aware of the vibration (name) of the soul under which we are recorded in the Book of Life and recognized by God and his angels. The white stone is a symbolic diamond form of our Spirit Matrix, Perfection or Image of the Creator towards which we are heading.

9. The Angel Gabriel further reveals the path of spiritual growth, and in the fourth stage of the Path he mentions spiritual deeds, which are more numerous than at the beginning, maintaining love, faith, service (serving) and perseverance. This means that these properties need to be constantly grown and improved. Increasing love, increasing faith, service of ministry and perseverance – this is what gives us true spiritual growth. This stage is so sublime and subtle that maintaining abstinence from demonic debauchery and lechery is also even more necessary, and deviation from this norm of spiritual Purity brings unnecessary additional oppression and suffering to the adepts in the form of a symbolic throwing onto the sickbed. We must cultivate interpersonal love in a pure and sublime way, and definitely abandon life with debauched libations and casual relationships. If, in this phase of spiritual development, we are drawn into the current of licentiousness and become children of harlotry, then as a kind of punishment comes a devastating, deadly plague that destroys our spiritual achievement. Therefore, practical purity of life is very important on an authentic spiritual path, and we must arrange the intimate part of life on healthy principles based on love and fidelity. The children of harlotry will undoubtedly perish, and we must remember that God is the one who examines the reins and the hearts and gives to each according to his deeds. Reminding this principle is also an indication that it is time to become aware of the law of retribution (the law of return, known in the East as the law of karma) and remember that every event has its causes. Conscious use of this law gives a high degree of ability to control one’s own fate, as well as insight into future events based on the causes sown by the adept. Let us also remember that a life of revelry or prostitution is participation in conscious acts that depress the consciousness, such as immoderate eating, drinking toxic drinks such as alcohol, taking drugs (pharmakia) and the related accidental erotic life deprived of the bonds of love and friendship. The ancients also included addictive (passionate) indulgence in various gambling games as debauchery. Particular attention must be paid to deceptive evil spirits, whose supposedly spiritual teachings are based on fiery teachings and prophesying on the one hand, and on debauchery and harlotry on the other. The apocalyptic woman Jezebel is a graphic representation of a false and deceptive demon who, on the one hand, conducts religious teachings, and on the other hand, leads a rollicking and promiscuous life. This is a symbolic image of a deceiver, a false guide who, being spiritually blind and impure, kidnaps naturally trusting souls to lead them to fall, to spiritual and physical death. The Angel Gabriel demands fervent repentance and the turning away from all similar, impure paths that have nothing to do with the Way. The spiritual reward for persistently following the pattern indicated in this fourth lesson of the Way is the achievement of spiritual power over people and nations. An adept can become a spiritual ruler and guide for his nation, for many other people. However, the power to subjugate other people is exercised in a kind and merciful manner. Power over people is a special power of the Heart and is a gift that a pious soul receives. A person in this phase of development or advancement becomes suitable to perform the function of a spiritual Shepherd. The morning star is a symbol of receiving the spiritual power to guide people, to lead based on love for one’s neighbour. The ancient judges ruling the Semitic race were guides at least as deeply spiritual and therefore capable of being shepherds who shepherded their nation with a rod of iron, which means adherence to the law of cause and effect, the law of karma, punishment and reward. The power of the heart that gives power over people is therefore a victory that the soul achieves in its persistent pursuit along the spiritual path. Human egos, ruled by a rod of iron and guided by the morning star (the light of mercy), are broken like clay vessels so that the soul, freed from the bonds of materiality and demonism, can awaken to life in the Kingdom of God. This is the authority of the young Shepherd, who is in fact an older and experienced soul. The elder among mankind.

10. The purpose of the fifth step revealed by the Angel Gabriel is to awaken the human being to a fuller spiritual life in constant awareness of God. Acting from God, in God and for God is the leitmotif of the colourful biography of a spiritual, human being. Vigilance or attentiveness must increase so as not to miss any details. A person must strengthen himself in all other qualities, that is, remove all signs of weakness and any remnants of the tendency to make any mistakes. Improving the spiritual life to a high degree of perfection is the leitmotif of the life of an initiated soul. To guard the deposit of faith, science and practice and to be vigilant in observing the norms of spiritual life, performing all actions for God the Creator, is to live the life of the fifth class of the spiritual Path. An Adept of this circle is a great Guardian of the path of teachings and practices, a guardian who faithfully stores and fills the spiritual deposit of teachings and practices, which he will neither distort nor lose. Strengthening qualities that may already seem heroic to others is an important aspect of the life and practice of a spiritual adept. Vigilance and strengthening the deposit are the two legs leading to awakening, to deeper awareness. Preserving the outer garments from defilement means preserving the earthly body and the mental body from impurities that would darken the glow of the awakening soul. Psychophysical purity is a guarantee of putting on a symbolic white robe, a robe of the white light of the Spirit, for which we become a good guide. Putting on white robes means becoming a real carrier of spiritual Light. Beings so clothed become participants in the strengthening of the promise of their preservation to eternal life. The name of such a soul will no longer be erased from the Book of Life, which is written by angels as the book of the inhabitants of Paradise, the book of the Celestials. Awakening often means experiencing angelic voices or visions, which, although one–off, provide a deeper awareness of spiritual reality and future life. The idea of ​​achieving Awakening, becoming an Awakened being, is the leitmotif, the goal of the struggle on the spiritual Path. Let’s say this: be vigilant, strengthen yourself and awaken to heavenly life! The spiritual community, the Sangha, in which there are real spiritual Guardians, whose souls are clothed in white robes, can undoubtedly feel honoured and chosen. Even if we find a few awakened souls who have become worthy of Heaven, it is a matter of praise. In the Golden Age, nations cared for their chosen ones, who were carriers of the Light of the Spirit and transmitters of the white radiance.

11. The sixth class or level of spirituality, according to Angel Gabriel, are people who stand in front of an open Gate, because the gates of Heaven are already open to them. The one who knocks will be answered, so the prayer of such a being reaches its goal and is answered. Such a person often tries to do something great and wonderful, but the power of such a soul is not yet great, and Heaven is aware of this. However, such a soul retains the Word of spiritual transmission received. Preserving means not only memorizing, but retaining the Word of the teaching heard with one’s ears throughout one’s life. Avoiding any betrayal of the Divine Name is a certain test that the soul undergoes in this lesson. Conducting oneself in accordance with the Word of doctrine is the basis for avoiding any misappropriation. As we know, Chava (Eve) and, after her, Adam, the first parents of the Semitic race succumbed to the temptation to betray God and did not keep His Word prohibiting eating the fruit of the narcotic tree, which opened the gate to the demonic world. This way of life, in which we rise based on the practical observance of the Word and on the basis of avoiding all betrayals against God – the Creator, leads to obtaining even greater power over people, thanks to which dark and demonic beings from the world religion will come to the adept and offer him tribute and honour. The signs of worship offered by representatives of the synagogue of Satan become a visible sign of an adept of the sixth spiritual sphere of achievement. A further promise relates to perseverance of striving and offers the adept the preservation of the hour of trial which occasionally falls upon the entire inhabited earth and afflicts all people. Knowing that the oppression that falls upon men generally comes through epidemics of disease, the sword of war, and natural disasters, we can know that the faithful and persistent adept receives special divine protection against these three kinds of oppression. Therefore, he is safe during war, epidemic or earthquake. And such a human being becomes a pillar in the living Temple of God, composed of spiritual people. It can be said that the Name of God is written on the adept’s soul, similarly to belonging to the Holy City or rather to the Heavenly Temple. The Adept lives his life as if he lived inside the Temple and no longer goes outside either in his thoughts, his actions, or his desires. The creed of such a life is to live persistently, keeping the Word and putting God’s principles into practice every hour, avoiding misappropriations and having an open Door to prayer, thanks to which God’s answer comes quickly. In the East, initiation into the Word means maintaining the principle of vibration AUM (Ą) in everyday life as the source of all norms regulating a spiritual life. Man in this phase of spiritual development is undoubtedly a carrier of Peace, because the Temple of God in its essential name is called the City of Peace. Reaching the Pillar of the Temple stage is undoubtedly the victory of the sixth lesson of the spiritual Path.

12. The seventh period of spiritual life requires, above all, freedom from spiritual indifference or apathy. The adept’s choice must be clear and distinct, and no relativity can be tolerated. Lukewarm people – neither cold nor hot – are at risk of falling, because lukewarmness leads to spiritual lethargy. We either do something with all our being, taking on it passionately and willingly, or we don’t do it at all. We must get rid of half–heartedness in action and do everything with our whole being, with the full commitment of our heart and soul. Body and mind united must work together. Indecision is lukewarmness that must be avoided. A clear decision and effective action build spiritual power. Another trap is the lack of aspirations and needs resulting from one’s own wealth, including the wealth of the soul. Relying on your own wealth and proudly claiming that you don’t need anyone or anything is a trap that effectively separates a person from God. The attitude of “I have achieved everything and I don’t need anything from anyone” has sterilized many souls, hampering their development, so it is important to avoid this trap. The seventh period is the time of achieving fullness and everything, so it is easy to rest on your laurels and lose your spirit. There are many who have succumbed to the traps, reaching a state of life that is miserable and pitiable, a state in which poverty and blindness have manifested themselves. Everything that would lead to unhappiness and spiritual blindness must be avoided. A person who reaches a high, highest state of spirituality can easily fall into spiritual blindness, or rather blindness and self–righteousness. Even the feeling of divine power may be reason of blindness and lead to a miserable and pitiable state. Angel Gabriel advises the adept to buy purified gold, which is a symbol of wisdom received directly from him. Gold purified by fire, i.e. divine wisdom of the highest order, is the best purchase that makes an adept truly rich. The true wealth of this life is the manifestation of the golden Wisdom of God. This is the basis and right direction of life in the seventh lesson. The angel also recommends purchasing white robes from him to cover the nakedness of the purified and, as it were, empty consciousness. The eye ointment symbolizes a medicine that allows you to actually see the existing reality. Gold, a white robe and an ointment that gives vision of the Truth are the three directions of the spiritual development of the adept in the seventh lesson. The encouragement to accept the gold of wisdom, the robes of white light and develop the vision of Truth is very obvious. The angel also mentions that he scolds and admonishes those he loves, so the basic manifestations of divine Love that the adept will encounter in this period of life are admonitions and scoldings. We can mention that for initiates, the repayment for the wrong done is seven times severe, so the scoldings are extremely burdensome, and even more so, accepting heaven’s punishment as a sign of God’s Love can be very difficult. However, those who accept the hardships of fate, poverty or misfortune as a sign of the Creator’s Love, demonstrate that they belong to the seventh class of the spiritual Path. Zeal and repentance are the constant pillars of spiritual progress, especially zeal in the things of God and repentance in the face of correction from Heaven. It is a life in which the adept’s ear can finally open and he will finally hear the Voice of God, whereupon the divine consciousness, the Spirit of Truth, will enter and dwell within him. The Spirit of Truth is the presence of the Creator himself, who can reveal himself in a more tangible and real way. The divine presence is felt throughout the surroundings, in the house that the victorious adept inhabits. The connection with the Creator, with the Throne, becomes great and deep, and the adept symbolically sits with God on His Throne, becoming co–ruler and co–king of the Spiritual Kingdom. The attitude that the adept is most deeply aware of is usually the figure of the spiritual, heavenly Hierophant for the so–called blue lodge of adepts of the Way of Heaven. This Hierophant is Kalkin, also known as Maitreya or Mahdi, Messiah and Christ, names well known to humanity among various nations and religions. Reaching the Śigatse Temple of Wisdom in a very conscious way is the Eastern approach to the spiritual victory that the soul achieves at this seventh stage of perfection.

13. The Angel Gabriel thus brought the Revelation of seven stages of spiritual development, seven classes of Pilgrim souls, towards the vision of the Throne and events presented later in the Apocalypse. These are seven classes of souls dedicated to the path, which, as it were, create Seven Communities or Assemblies, which we symbolize with the sign of Seven circles gathered around a common centre. The People of God climbing the steps of the Way actually fill these subsequent steps (circles), becoming more and more like the angels inhabiting Heaven. We can remember the Angel Gabriel as the heavenly guide of the Path and, focusing in His consciousness, try to better understand the entire process of the spiritual path given in the Seven Lessons. We can hope that all who seek higher, divine guidance will be satisfied with the counsel and guidance that came to earth through Revelation some 1,900 years ago. Comparing your inspirations with a given Revelation can be a good test of the depth of your own experience, because the Way of Heaven is essentially still the same. Therefore, the ancient advice and tips are still valid and, coming from the source of eternity, they will certainly not change. The only question is how many people interested in spiritual development are actually able to undertake the spiritual Path, to undertake the Pilgrimage to the Throne of Glory. Undoubtedly, the Angel Jibrail is the Guide who knows the path and whose inspiration can guide us. Truly narrow and tight is the Gate leading to Eternal Life, and there are few who know it, and the group of people who are under the real guidance of the Angel Gabriel, out of over 2 billion Semites, Christians and Muslims, is really small. The little flock mentioned in Revelation is truly a handful among the billions–strong crowds that the Heavenly Shepherd gathers for spiritual initiation. And if we are given the opportunity to become acquainted with the heavenly Angel, the Guide of the three great religions having Abraham (Ibrahim) as their Father, does not rest upon us a unique deposit of learning, a deposit which we should spread and protect?! Undoubtedly, in the radiant Spirit of Gabriel bringing spiritual messages to the prophets, we can better understand the Torah, the Gospel and the Quran and find a community of beliefs, a community of faith leading to true ecumenism (unity of people) of these three great traditions. Of course, we are still talking about the community of what is essential, and not about the institutional community, because institutionality lies rather in the power of the Evil One, and a spiritual man will rather easily recognize its false apostles.

14. The Angel Gabriel, in his last, great revealed Book, constantly emphasizes that God is Merciful and Compassionate. He constantly encourages and exhorts humanity to the Way of God, and therefore those who call themselves spiritual should first of all support the Angel in this holy work. “Oh you people!” – says Gabriel – “Worship the Lord who created us and those who were before you (the Prophets), so that you may defend yourself against evil. Worship the Lord, who made the earth your bed, and the sky your roof, and caused water to fall from the clouds, and thus gave you fruits to eat. And do not mix the truth with falsehood or consciously conceal it. Observe the Prayer, give Alms, and bow down with those who bow down. Seek help in patience and prayer, and this is truly difficult for all except those who are humble in spirit. You shall not shed your blood among one another, nor shall you drive your people out of their homes. Hold fast what I have given you and be among the grateful. And remember your Lord in your mind with humility and fear of Him, with a small voice morning and evening. O you who believe! Obey God and His Messenger and do not turn away from Him by obeying His commands. God does not lead unbelieving people. Believe in God and exert yourselves for His cause in the company of His Messenger (Rasul). God loves those who purify themselves. God does not lead sinful people. And who can be more faithful than those who turn to God in repentance, who honour Him, who praise Him, who go about the land serving Him, who bow to Him, who prostrate themselves before Him in Prayer, who encourage what is Good, and who forbid evil and who respect the limits established by God and who convey the Good News to those who believe. Fear God and be with the truthful. God encourages us to live in peace. Indeed, the losers are those who refuse to encounter God and refuse to seek guidance. So beg Him for forgiveness and then turn completely to Him. Your Lord is full of forgiveness towards mankind despite their sin, and indeed, your Lord is also Severe in reckoning. And there is a guide for every people. God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts. Whoever God allows to stray from the Path will have no guide. Praise your Lord and be one of those who prostrate before Him. By His command He sends angels with Revelation. Indeed, God commands justice and doing Good to others. Call wisely to the Way of your Lord, exhort with handsome admonition, and persuade men as is best. Our Lord is the Lord of heaven and earth. Call upon Him by the name of Allah (Elohim) or al–Rahman (The Most Merciful). Keep company with those who turn to their Lord morning and evening, trying to please Him. Peace be upon him who follows the guidance (Guruttvam). And those who are with Him do not despise His Honour or get tired. They praise Him day and night and do not lose strength! God chooses his Messengers (Rasul, Avatar) from among angels and people. God is the Light of the heavens and the earth. God leads to his light whomever he desires.” Indeed, these few verses given by the Angel Gabriel can be a helpful Word for us on our spiritual Path, in all our efforts on the path of practice. Therefore, let us consider these blessed counsels deeply and carefully, with an open heart and a sincere mind. After all, this is an open Message addressed to all humanity, and we, as more spiritual souls, can strive more diligently to ensure that this Word of knowledge reaches as many of our human sisters and brothers as possible.

15. Summarise your spiritual ups and downs, your endeavours and aspirations in three–year periods. Remember that the three–year period is the most elementary step in real spiritual development. And if you intend to undertake spiritual practice and spiritual guidance, it will be for a period of no less than three years. Many spiritual Masters require such a period of candidacy before a person is accepted into the circle of adepts to whom spiritual practices and teachings are entrusted. This protects the community from the flow of random people who only create confusion but are really not interested in the spiritual Path. Therefore, it may be even more interesting to devote yourself to the daily practice of invoking the Angel Gabriel for a period of at least three years. It can be a profound spiritual journey towards realizing a deeper perspective of the essence of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, towards realizing deep mystical teachings and practices. At the same time, it will be a spiritual journey towards friendship with the heavenly being of the Angel Revealer, and as we know, those people who have friends among the Celestials are closer to Heaven. Suffice it to say that the Holy Spirit of the Bible is mainly the Angel Gabriel, whose presence constantly accompanies the transmission of spiritual knowledge received by people writing under inspiration. It is Gabriel who is invoked by Sufis as Ruh Allah.

16. It is impossible to resist the impression, when one carefully studies the spiritual Message, that perseverance in practice, perseverance in love for God and creatures, perseverance in the midst of tribulation and adversity, that perseverance is the key to the Path of spiritual development. We will meet the true adepts of the spiritual Brotherhood among the persistent and patient ones who have completed many three–year periods of practice on the path. We will recognize them from those who are always there, not from those who have come and gone. Those who came and went, indeed, never came to us. The Angel Gabriel encourages practitioners, saying: “Remember the name of your Lord morning and evening, and at night fall prostrate before Him and praise His glory for a long part of the night.” Undoubtedly, all authentic Sufis and Yogis naturally follow such simple advice from Heaven. “Verily, this is the Remembrance, and therefore if anyone wishes, he may proceed along the Path to his Lord.” The nations were encouraged to praise God, to remember the name of their Creator. Hallelujah, Alhamdulillah and Namaśśivaya still actively cultivated among people of the Way, are true proof of this. So let’s try not to lose zeal and encourage other Pilgrims when they find it difficult. By spreading this simple teaching among our neighbours, we can do very useful work in the cause of God on earth. Great is the reward for those who serve the cause of Heaven. This is how we forge the steps of growth leading to our Brotherhood. We can wish perseverance and to all those who are sincerely interested in the authentic path of spiritual development, the Path of Heaven leading upwards to the fulfilment of the goal that lies before humanity.


Aćarya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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