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Yoga is the most misunderstood word in the western world today, needs clear, indepth understanding of philosophy and practices that can be easily applied for human excellence. Authentic Yoga in Himalayan Tradition is a combination of different practices taken from Authentic Yoga Traditions and schools, designed into different sessions. The basic criterion of the authentic yoga tradition is to first become a morally better person inside. Studying the schools of yoga within the authentic yoga tradition is an excellent way to journey toward the center of the Self (Ahamkara). The idea of passing on the wisdoms of the different schools of yoga has been on my mind for many years. We contemplated how to teach the different of twelve schools of yoga against the backdrop of the present trend of knowledge emerging from modern science. We know that whatever we teach cannot be complete because our finite and limited minds can never explore the infinite and eternal wisdom of the authentic yoga tradition, which is more than 7000 years old and encompasses more than 3000 masters and more than 1000 texts. 

Despite the limitations of human minds, together we can journey toward human consciousness, knowing that the discovery of self leads to personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence beyond race, cult, dogma or belief. We will meet 3 hours (yamah) for times every month or every weekend to learn, explore, know and awaken to authentic yoga tradition to become a better person in our personal professional, social and spiritual levels. Learning together for 3 hours (yamah) in one session (4 session during weekend workshop) followed by assignments and practices that are required to be done so that understandings in the classes will be applied in our life for human excellence. 

We are starting the weekly courses mostly in the second week of September, each year. Such courses can be submitted to any yoga accreditation either as part of continuing education or part of curriculum for completing some hour sin 108/1008 sessions of teacher training also. However, the best part of the course is that it will help awaken to your hidden potentials and will create an aura, wisdom, knowledge and practices that will help people who approach you or living around you. Authentic Yoga in Himalayan Tradition is a program for Modern Life, derived from different practices of Authentic Yoga traditions and schools. The specialized practices are integrated into one class of Laya Yoga. The Basic Foundation program is Level-I of Authentic Yoga that consists of 8 traditional groups of practices taken and designed for Modern Life. Acharyas (Yoga teachers) took yoga and spirituality to its highest level by teaching it as the science of conscious evolution, a fact that attracted global attention. Acharyas taught thousands people world wide. Acharyas combines the wisdoms of Yoga, Science and Spirituality based on authentic texts, himalayan tradition, and consciousness approach aims at Health, Harmony & Happiness. 

The True and Authentic Yoga Tradition always have Shiva as origin master and Lord Yogeshvara, the Ideal of Yogis. Parvati is Yogeshvari, the Ideal of Yoginis. And all lineage of Yoga Masters is derived from Shiva and Parvati althought Yoga may be rooted in elder Masters like one of 14 Maharishis created from Brahma or from Rudra and Lakini or Himavant and Menaka as elder Yoga Master. 

Gorakhnatha – An Ancient Yoga Master

A Brief Description of Yoga 

Authentic yoga tradition is more than 7000 years old, have more than 3000 masters and more than 1000 texts. The history of yoga as understood in the western world cannot write as history in authentic yoga tradition revolves around its philosophy. Therefore, history is more like a circle than linear scripting of events, people, and daily account etc., the history of yoga is more a process of evolution and involution of consciousness. The knowledge and practices passed on to us from great masters present an amazing account how one master evolved the practices for contemporary people living in his/her age. It is based more on the people than a linear account of events, methods, practices. This course will help understand yoga aspirants, participants the vast nature of authentic yoga tradition in reshaping their life and living aims conscious evolution and transformation. 

Yoga Study Groups 

Yoga Study Groups – Authentic Yoga Tradition of Himalayan Masters offers understanding, knowledge, practices of more than 7000 years old tradition having over 3000 masters and 1000 texts. This study group called Dharma Chakra brings combined wisdoms of ancient, secrets texts of yoga written over 5000 years until 100 AD and different Himalayan yoga traditions. This program aims at helping serious individuals who aspire to evolve and excel in personal, professional, social lives followed by spiritual awakening. It is formal learning of yoga in an informal environment which is the uniqueness of master disciple tradition or oral teaching. This program explores teachings and imparting of knowledge and wisdoms of yoga to bring about the change in consciousness, take charge of body, mind and soul. Study group called Dharma Chakra is normally conducted for 2 (panchatattva) or 3 (yamah) hours every month or every week. Every month or ecery week, Acharyas will deliver a Talk for an hour based the combined wisdoms from different secret and authentic texts followed by rational interpretation and possible applications in human life. This will follow question and answer session. Practical training in one of more aspect of Yoga and home assignment for conscious evolution and transformation.

Why Authentic Yoga in Himalayan Tradition is practiced?

– Physical, emotional, mental and social well being;
– Increased energy which manifests in greater stamina, strength, vitality;
– Increased concentration and memory and sound sleep (reduced hours of sleep);
– Deeper state of Rest and Relaxation;
– Manages common day-to-day problems of Anxiety, Anger and Agitation (3A);
– Works equally as an alternative or adjunctive mode of managing certain conditions of physical, mental and emotional problems. 

How Authentic Yoga in Himalayan Tradition is conducted?

– Introduction Authentic Yoga tradition by Talk for few minutes and fundamental concepts; 
– Introducing the Practice and relating to common day to physical, mental and emotional problems; 
– Follow the Talk, Training and Technical (3T) technique for maximizing the benefits; 
– Sharing of experiences and question and answer session; 
– Easy to Practice for Home and follow up in the next class. 

Uniqueness and Benefits of Ancient Yoga 

I never thought that I will cover this vast spectrum of authentic yoga tradition but the way my masters who initiated the  teachings and practices , it not only helped me to awaken to the real nature of yoga but also the deeper understanding of human consciousness, mind  and life, it offers. This course aims at understanding the secrets of life and living, human mind and consciousness, feelings and emotions and practical applications to evolve consciously. It is very important to understand how schools of yoga differ from style of yoga. It is because of unawareness of basic temperament and level of evolution of people, master – disciple tradition started. It is the master-disciple tradition that helped to understand what groups of practices one should follow to evolve consciously. Later many masters evolved the knowledge and practices while dealing with fundamentals, developed many schools of yoga to help to tread the path of yoga without much problems. Understanding the nature and scope of authentic yoga tradition, course is designed at three Levels. Initiation Level-1 will is detailed here as this course will start in September, 2012 and has one weekend workshop session. Read how you can join this really authentic yoga course. 

– To know why the course is important for you; 

– Know the authentic yoga tradition – its philosophy and fundamentals; 

– Practice it to become a better person within by awakening to inner consciousness; 

– Help your mind to evolve and excel in personal, professional, social and spiritual lives; 

– Discover within – Love, Energy, Awareness and peace; 

– Enhance your deeper understanding of authentic yoga tradition and improve your chances of professional success in what you are doing; 

– Bring inner harmony in your social and family life; – Know thyself. 

Concept and requirements for Yoga 

There are many texts, masters, practices, teachings on different schools of authentic yoga tradition. The schools of yoga as explained by many masters (siddhas, rishis) differ from other masters also, due to level of consciousness, temperament of people in their period of linear history. We will start the course with brief history, fundamentals, select masters and their teachings of yoga. This will help participants to understand the master-disciple tradition. But every contact class will have practices that are required to be repeated at home   for experiential understanding. As many practices can only be understood by practice and applying in daily life. Let us study, practice schools of yoga in a master – disciple tradition with American values and educational system aims at studying, learning, practicing, applying and awakening the wisdom. 


Shanti Meditation (Pratyaya, Dhyana) aims at unfolding the secrets of meditation from all schools and traditions with the aspiration of deeper, clear and rational understanding. Shanti Meditation is easy, effective, and simple to follow guided meditation practice developed by integrating the fundamental principles of many schools of yoga Raja-Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Laya Yoga and Tantra Yoga. Shanti Meditation (SM) is the process of gathering the scattered mind within, thus establishing the foundations of quietness, calmness and emotional poise. The technique of Shanti Meditation is a guided meditation practice that is easy, effective and simple to follow. Shanti Meditation is practiced in five stages for clear and deeper understanding, awakening one to higher consciousness.

Shanti Meditation is a progressive guided meditation technique that can be easily learnt by all. Acharyas offers step by step guidance, intellectual understanding about the causes of sufferings and problems in life and takes one to the inner journey to higher spiritual awareness for gradual and progressive transformation of mind. The response to the practice Shanti Meditation is optimum level of physiological functioning or Homeostasis, mental poise, peace, calmness and equilibrium. There are many visible physiological and biochemical changes that take place which lead to the management psychosomatic disorders as well as prevention of many potential diseases. Shanti Meditation can be practiced by anyone for all round development of personality, evolution and awakening of spiritual awareness.

Why Shanti Meditation is practiced?

The practice of Shanti Meditation is best suited for all individual who hardly find time for themselves, are always surrounded by work, deadline for achieving targets, raising their performance in the organization they work with, and constantly experience. Reduces stress induced disorders such as TATT (Tired All The Time), SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorders), 3A (Anxiety, Anger and Agitation) low energy, high fatigue levels. Helps in resolving conflicts, confusions, family discord and maladjustments. Shanti Meditation sets the journey of life towards self discovery.

How Shanti Meditation program is conducted?

Acharyas of Yoga offers step by step guidance, intellectual understanding about the causes of sufferings and problems in life and takes one to the inner journey of higher spiritual awareness for gradual transformation. 

Shanti Meditation is conducted in Five easy steps:

– Brief Introduction of Meditation and Shantih Mantram; 

– 3T (Talk, Training and Technical) approach to introduction of simple and easy practices; 

– Practice of Shanti Meditation (Om Shantih); 

– Question and Answer Session about Yoga; 

– Feedback about the program. 


Full Moon Meditation (Purnima Dhyana) is considered highly auspicious in Authentic Yoga Tradition when spiritual consciousness manifests as grace to humanity. When we open ourselves on full moon (purnima) at specified time, the evolution process speeds up, thereby, helping the individual to move towards health, harmony and happiness. There are over 20 essentials in the outer space like seating place, posture, days, time, planet positions, directions in which to meditate, specific mantra for different days and type of person etc. In addition, Inner space requires an understanding of movements of mind, emotions, aspirations, previous or past impressions that defines the type of meditation one should practice for speedy success, awakening and progress on the path. Acharyas will bring the wisdom of meditation practices based on many traditions and over 1000 texts which were written during 4000 years until 100 AD. 

There is a need for deeper, clear and easy understanding of outer and inner space before one decides to practice the meditation as it helps speedier progress into meditation. Acharya Girish Jha will bring this wisdom for serious participants of meditation in this program. Himalayan Acharyas will announce specific days, dates and times for Meditation every month (which will appear on website shortly) like Full Moon, Dark Fortnight, auspicious days and time every month for collective meditation experience. The participants aspires to attend the program may enroll a week before the program. 


Awaken to wisdom, love, harmony and happiness Live

Authentic Yoga Tradition since its origin more than 7000 years ago had evolved its knowledge and practices through more than 3000 masters. The masters who attained knowledge and  liberation neither wrote history about it nor cared to claim the authorships of more than 1000 texts that had been passed on to us. The group of texts known as Upanishads, Smriti, Purana, Sutra, and others are full of wisdom of authentic yoga tradition, practices and applied psychology aims at human excellence. They used all the possible tools for conscious evolution and transformation e.g. body, emotions, contemplation, reasoning, herbs, mantra or sound etc. one unique path of yoga that was evolved known as Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Jnana Yoga or commonly translated into English as path of emotional integration or yoga of love and understanding. 

The two great masters – Narada and Shandilya, wrote sutra (texts) like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, are known as Bhakti Sutra by Narada and Shandilya. The path of love or emotional integration redirects the human emotions felt, experienced in daily life towards the real self. When human being practicing this yoga, reaches to the summit of their emotion when their outer being merges into supreme consciousness or real self that dwells within. One is liberated, awakened and attain the highest knowledge. It is a tribute to a great Himalayan master Swami Mahatma Himavant and his teachings directly. Satsang will reflect upon his life, teachings, his love for human race and constant and conscious guiding people /disciples towards peace, love, harmony and happiness in life. 

What is Yoga Satsang

Yoga Satsang literally means – company of the truth, clearly ‘truth consciousness’, and real meeting. When one is awakened to the ‘truth consciousness’, one discovers knowledge of the real-self, Atman, eternal love, eternal happiness, and peace. The knowledge, liberation and awakening can be attained by path of karma, of love, of knowledge and of raja yoga and laya yoga. There is eternal path – path of emotional integration where all forms of human love is redirected to the one source or truth consciousness or the self. It is difficult to redirect one’s emotions to unthinkable, unknown, eternal consciousness; therefore, masters of authentic yoga tradition, created, discovered many symbols, images, mantra, singing etc. Yoga Satsang is also groups of practices that helps in awakening to emotion, self-giving, self-consecration, singing, chanting, contemplative chanting, meditation and self-absorption into the real self. 

The goal of path of emotional integration is self-discovery – liberation, knowledge and awakening but the means are all whatever human thought, speech and action can do , conceive of doing and act in his/her daily life. This path introduces spiritual consciousness in every act , thereby, redirect one to the source and self-discovery. Singing individually and collectively the hymns of wisdom or simply syllables that gathers the mind within, talks how common action can be redirected to the highest truth, eating while offering it to the eternal being of the nature of love, dancing that becomes spiritual and much more are going to a part of first Satsang. As true Gurudeva, Swami Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji has left so much for all of us. His teachings and wisdom will feature in the Satsang. He asked us to eat before meditate. He inspired us to move with love and affection to one and all without any difference. The master encouraged us to keep smiling and always remain in peace. His legacy is the eternal legacy – of truth, harmony and divine light.

The Purpose Satsang

To make people /participants aware of the teachings of Swami Lalitamohan Avadhootaji, our spiritual vedic master with whom we lived and learnt for over 40 years in Europe. Deeper and clear understanding of philosophy and practices on the path of emotional integration or Yoga of light and love, and power. Learning, practicing and experiencing  Kirtan (intense use of sounds to redirect emotions to real self), Aarti (intense emotional awakening to real self), Bhajan (group contemplative chanting ), Nivedan (self-offering for dropping ignorance), and other essential practices. Learning the importance of rituals and its importance in daily life related to yoga of light and love. Reading from the texts written by Swami Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji. Learning emotional relationship with real self thereby manifesting it human relationship for personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence.

How Yoga Satsang will be conducted?

– Naman Practice for withdrawing the mind within. 

– Introduction to the Satsang and its elements – Kirtan, Aarti, Bhajan, contemplative singing, Nivedan etc.,from Narada Bhakti and Shandilya Bhakti Sutra – great masters of yoga of love and wisdom.

– Talk on the teachings of the Swamins, Avadhootas and Avataras with all the great masters of authentic yoga tradition and current master Swami Baba Lalitamohan Ji. 

– Practicing rites and rituals with rational interpretation. 

– Understanding the essence of offering the food to real self, before eating for conscious evolution.

Any aspirant above 18 is eligible to participate in the Satsang as it is full of joy, wisdom, singing, chanting and meditation followed by food. However, those who are already exposed to authentic yoga tradition aims awakening to Love, Energy, Awareness and peace will find the Satsang as deepening experience to a journey to self-discovery. The best thing is to actively participate in the activities of Satsang with humility, aspiration for peace and emotional integration. 

What is Hatha Yoga? 

When Swami Vivekananda made his mark first in America in the end of XIX century, who taught the authentic yoga, physical practices alone in the name of Hatha Yoga became extremely popular here. Hatha Yoga appears an offshoot of Tantra Yoga, aims at evolving to level to enter into Raja Yoga. However, great masters have integrated higher practices like meditation also as part of Hatha Yoga system. Physical cleansing, strength, lightness (refers to calmness and poise both in the body and the mind), stillness of mind, patience, awakening the wisdom and realization of non dual consciousness (refers to highest state of consciousness) are the results of Hatha Yoga practices. There are generally 5 groups of practices that alone is termed as Hatha Yoga. The roadmap of this program /course – understanding the history, evolution of knowledge and practices, applications in modern life, process of self discovery and wisdom of incorporating the practices in life aims at Health, Harmony, Happiness; personal, professional, social and spiritual excellence. In addition, prevention of illnesses, preservation and promotion of health will also dealt in the program /course. 

If practices of Hatha Yoga aims at freedom from sufferings, awakening to inner peace, joy, wisdom, love, then it may be the Authentic Yoga Tradition (Yoga Sampradaya). If practice/s follows the fundamentals of yoga aims at self–discovery, it is authentic yoga tradition. If practices adhere to conscious evolution and transformation, even if they practice physical, breathing, mudra that gathers the mind within and helps in awakening to inner consciousness, it is authentic yoga tradition. Authentic yoga tradition always follows the consciousness based approach that discovers the real you within and drops all sufferings, manages illness and stress and awakens to creativity, inner peace, love, wisdom. It brings excellence in personal, professional, social life. 

Authentic yoga started with an assertion that there is a consciousness beyond material, physical, mental and current level of our consciousness. Three basis of yoga are common to all ancient schools of yoga developed and taught by masters. Schools of yoga as explained by many masters and in the texts were developed to guide people having different level of consciousness and temperament. If Asana (physical postures) are taught in the name of Hatha Yoga, it cannot be termed as Hatha Yoga as it has 5 organs. However, if asana is taught to help awaken to higher consciousness, in addition to the stretching, it confirms to authentic yoga tradition but only may be for the first year of HY study.

How True Hatha Yoga is conducted?

– Introduction Authentic Yoga tradition by Talk for few minutes and fundamental concepts.

– Introducing the Practice and relating to common day to physical, mental and emotional problems.

– Follow the Talk, Training and Technical(3T) technique for maximizing the benefits. 

– Sharing of experiences and question and answer session.

– Easy to Practice for Home and follow up in the next class- Reading, understanding, contemplation of ancient texts of Hatha Yoga.

Why should you opt for Authentic Hatha Yoga course?

People aspire as roadmap through physical practices towards well being, spiritual awakening and excellence. As an adjunct for physical exercise system with benefits of mental, emotional well. Increased energy which manifests in greater stamina, strength, vitality. Manages common day-to-day problems of Anxiety, Anger and Agitation (3A). Works equally as an alternative or adjunctive mode of managing certain conditions of physical, mental and emotional problems. Authentic Yoga Tradition aims at Human Excellence by turning the consciousness inward, awakening to higher consciousness, thereby discovering the Real Self. This process not only drops, dissolves and destroys the sufferings, problems, afflictions, pains and grief but also awakens to inner peace, wisdom, love, creativity. In short, it is holistic as it brings optimum level of physical, mental, emotional, social and professional wellbeing leading to Health, Harmony and Happiness. It is integral as opens the door to our real existence, our real nature.  

Great Yoga Master Swami Lalitamohan Ji taught The Ancient, Traditional Yoga in Poland and Europe for over 40 years to over 50 thousand people. He always referred the authentic texts of yoga, practices and the tradition. Based on the temperament and level of consciousness of people, he often, customized program to include practices from Hatha-Yoga, Raja Yoga, Laya Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Nada Yoga and others. He always advocated the introduction of yoga as holistic and integral science aims at conscious evolution and transformation. Later he realized that teaching one school of yoga is to limit the consciousness of students and prevent him/her from learning the vast resources /practices of yoga. As over 3000 masters until 100 AD followed fundamentals of yoga and taught the very essence of yoga that transcends the names and labels of Laya, Hatha, Raja, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti yoga etc., he started teaching yoga with one’s objective to help, evolve everyone. A style of yoga is a part but yoga needs to be taught as whole! A simple physical practice if given to students is injustice to yoga as every master always inspired their students to know the purpose of life and bring an end to all sufferings. Any single practice at physical level is an introduction of yoga from outside whereas yoga is all internal and awakening to inner being. However, many masters taught physical with reference to awakening inside and not merely as stretching exercises systems. 

Who is the Master LMB?

Swami Lalitamohan Baba-Ji

Swami Lalitamohan Baba-Ji or Avadhoota Ji is a living legend, one of the greatest yoga and spiritual masters who is known as Laughing Saint of Middle Europe. He is Nitya Koti (ever realized) – a living realized master and an epitome of light, love, peace and wisdom. Every devotee and disciple claims that master loves him/her much more than the rest, a living example of manifestation of eternal consciousness like Ganas (Attendants), always considered that Lord Shiva and Parvati loved them much more than any other person. For the last more than 40 years, he is offering blessings to his disciples, monks and people whosoever approaches him. True Yoga Tradition always have Shiva as origin master and Lord Yogeshvara, the Ideal of Yogis. Parvati is Yogeshvari, the Ideal of Yoginis. 

A wandering spiritual man at the age of 12 years, penance in Pomerania and Carpatia for more than 10 years, complete surrender to his master, fearlessness, courage and love, compassion for all had evolved him much faster than normal spiritual aspirants. Not much is known about his birthday as he followed strictly the order of yogis, not to divulge the birth and about parents to anyone. Many disciples claim that his birthday falls on 07-th February in beginning of 1962. Swamiji learnt under a great Yoga master of his times Swami Ananda Shiva, who gave him a name, Swami Lalitamohan G.K. A close disciple who served the master for more than 30 years, claim that Swamiji got his enlightenment at the age of 16. Since then, he has been working silently upon his disciples, many yogis and who approach him for their spiritual evolution. After his enlightenment, he travelled across Europe for more than 5 years on foot, meeting saints, monks of different traditions in order to bring about integration in spiritual science. Later, he went on pilgrimage on foot to Vistula, crossing one mountain to others for many months.

He is a spiritual master of Vedic order, who never shares any platform but always guides, inspires whosever approaches him. Gurudeva says, “The more the spirituality, the less the inclination towards materialism. The real master always hides himself from public while others always make efforts to remain in picture.” He further says, ”let there be divine command which manifests in every cell of the body, can only make you a master. There should not be any claim of becoming a master as even a trace of Maya (egoism) in you will take you far away from divine.” His simple interpretation, living examples and easy understanding of great scriptures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Avadhoota Gita, Vairagya Shataka, Brahma Sutra, and many more have inspired milions readers to tread the path spirituality, self perfection and conscious evolution. 

His talks inspires and goes directly into heart and head, which he speaks with references from Vedas, Upanishads, Darshan (Indian Philosophy), Yoga and Brahma Sutra and many other scriptures. A unique interpretation of Shiva Purana, Ashtavakra Gita, Avadhoota Gita, Vairagya Shataka, had inspired hundreds of yogis of Himalaya Lineage. The author is a witness that more than 50 yogis who rose very high in modern world during the last 30 years, had spent years at the feet of Gurudeva, learning, understanding and practicing Sadhana either in Poland or Europe. A true example of his complete devotion to his master reflected in his service to yogis continuously for more than 40 years. He is still serving yogis especially spiritual aspirants who receive all essential items for survival every month. 

His divine smile is contagious and mesmeric and his speech inspiring and awakening. His steps are enlightening and his blessings are giver of all boons. He never shares any social platform but works relentlessly for spiritual aspirants in Himalaya Lineage and offering all helps to more than 300 saints and avadhutas. One master, gave him the name, ”Lalitamohan” and other “Paramahansa” so he became Swami Paramahansa Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji. There are many modern days’ yogis, saints and yoga experts in India and abroad who are famous all over the world, were blessed by Swami Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji, during his stay at Poland and Europe. 

Every moment, he sends message silently either through a parable, statement or explanation of sutra from scriptures which become guiding force for disciples who follow without question. He offers what is best to a disciple rather than what a disciple seeks from him. Swami Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji always works silently upon disciple to reach to pinnacle of peace, prosperity and success even if he has to negate and reject the ignorant demands. He considers that Self Grace (self effort done consciously to search divine) is much greater than Guru Grace (grace by Guru) and Grace of scriptures (intellectual reading and understanding of scriptures). 

Many great and influential persons of the society approached him for boon, which he offered unconditionally. But when these people requested him to start big ashram, he refused plainly saying that,” whosoever aspires for spirituality, will be directed by divine here. I will not go anywhere. Let an urge for self discovery in a person guide him/her to tread the path of self perfection.” Later, disciples think to built an ashram in Poland, middle east of Europe. He spends winter Yoga Retreats in the Carpatia Yoga Center and summer in Silesia Ashram, where he practiced his Sadhana.

His sayings have been bridged into many books known as “Lalitamohan Mala” and spread directly to disciples and yoga workshops attandants. His teachings are simple, easy to follow and practice, integrates Path of Karma, Jnana (knowledge), Bhakti (devotion) and selfless service. The apt and spontaneous references from Bible, Kuran, Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib, Dhammpadda and other scriptures make him a living encyclopedia of peace, harmony, love, wisdom and bliss. He is a living legend, who always smiles and brings smile on every face, frequently says to all, ”Lalitamohan says only one thing and that is keep smiling”. Let divine manifestation in the form of Swami Lalitamohan Avadhoota Ji, will remain with us physically, mentally and spiritually with us, as illumined seer who moves everyone from ignorance to light of wisdom.

Acharya Swami Jayant


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