Ayurveda Advises Boosting Mental Immunity (90)

A teacher of Ayurvedic Natural Medicine must care for his patients not only to cure them when they become weak and sick, but also must be able to prescribe herbal medicines for them, and give them advice on how to increase their psychobiological resistance to any poisons that may cause pain or disease. Anyone can stick their finger between doors, get burned by spilled tea or hit their finger painfully, and although such cases – accidents – are considered to be the result of inattention, absent-mindedness or bad luck, with the help of Yoga Meditation you can train mindfulness and concentration in such a way that these will not usually happen to us, and we may no longer cut our fingers with a knife or dislocate our leg on a seemingly straight path! A simple yoga exercise called Trataka, Focusing, involves staring at the flame of an oil lamp or candle, thinking only about the flame and not paying attention to anything else in the surroundings. One quarter or half a year of such daily exercise for an hour a day, and our attention will learn to focus on exactly what we are doing without mentally wandering off and flying into the realm of fantasy, just like it happens when we are walking onto banana peels. Then we practice Trataka in everyday activities so that we are absorbed exactly in what we are doing, in the act of walking, driving, cutting, hitting a hammer. Additionally, a dozen or so deep breaths, which involve the abdominal muscles, relax and calm down all emotional irritations that lead us to lose mindfulness! Relaxing with deep breathing is important because it is the only really quick method of dispelling stressful tensions and emotional irritations, and people who are affected by either anger or pleasure can completely lose their common sense and mindfulness.

According to Ayurveda, diseases are prevented and treated using two basic methods, the first of which is the regulation of deep breathing that occurs in us from the lower abdomen, and the second is the proper nutrition of our body, including both what we eat and what we drink, and also what we smell! Ayurveda, similarly to the Medicine of the Yellow Emperor, says that 2/3 of diseases are treated with breathing and 1/3 with nutrition, and of course medicines, both herbs and antibiotics, are medicinal additions to our food, i.e. nutritional therapy, no matter how to look at it. If we meet an Ayurvedic doctor or his colleague, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and ask what treatment he considers basic for preventing diseases and treating patients, of course (if he has knowledge of the subject) he will answer that it is regulation of breathing and regulation of nutrition! Chinese Medics, as well as Ayurvedic Therapists (Vaidyas), will recommend four half-hour sessions of special Therapeutic Breathing, which we teach to all patients and adepts of our classes, so that they can take care of their own health, as well as quickly heal from various common ailments that may sometimes occur to a person. The basis for increasing mental and physical immunity is thorough oxygenation of the body, vitalization of the entire life support system based on breathing, and although this is trivially obvious, even in India, the country of Yogis, society cares about these matters only to a small extent, not to mention already about Western countries, where the art of Therapeutic Breathing is treated as something exotic. Oxygenating the body is best practiced by combining exercise with a bath or herbal inhalations, and the smells inhaled with the air can be of great importance for increasing our psychophysical immunity, provided, of course, that they are the smells of medicinal plants and herbs! Daily inhalation of car exhaust fumes, unfortunately, destroys immunity and weakens health, accumulating deposits that result in various diseases, which then not only hurt and torment, but also kill, taking people’s lives too early. We must keep an eye on places where exhaust fumes and other fumes from the automotive industry, toxic and non-ecological industries do not reach, in order to breathe deeply there and absorb the natural aromas of herbs and the energy of Light absorbed with atmospheric nitrogen, which in itself is an interesting phenomenon on the border between biology and physics!

How eager for profit must be the very profitable pharmaceutical consortiums if, knowing that 2/3 of diseases can be avoided or cured with the help of Therapeutic Breathing, they do not want to finance the general education of such Pranatherapy (Pranabheshajya). Well, people would go to doctors three times less often, and the sales of medicines would drop dramatically, as well as profits, unfortunately, and healthy breathing is still free, because courses of authentic Ayurveda are very cheap, yes, cheap! Nowadays, everyone needs to become immune to fraudsters who want exorbitant amounts of money, often the entire salary, from each person for one weekend! Such people are certainly tricksters and fraudsters, and they often forget, especially in the field of Ayurveda and Oriental Medicine, to learn basic, important things. Eager for profit like pharmaceutical companies for ineffective antidepressants, for example, although it has been widely known for millennia that a piece of natural red sugar or a tablespoon of natural honey is the best clinical drug against depression! But sugar, even the very natural red one, or honey is still very cheap and cannot be patented to make nefarious profits from fraud! Not being deceived is also part of developing a person’s psychophysical resilience, because when we are deceived, we end up with moral and financial losses, and this is also a great pain and suffering in life.

When we buy a jar of honey in a store to, say, prevent depression and strengthen our resistance to disease, we are under the illusion that we are buying a medicinal substance, and unfortunately what we buy in stores as honey is devoid of many medicinal ingredients that are removed for other production purposes. We have to find a source of honey straight from the hive, from the apiary, from the beekeeper, and the best honey is considered to be from wild bees. A glass of lukewarm (warm) mineral water with a spoon of honey consumed as a drink with a meal for a longer period of time, or taken in small sips in the morning on an empty stomach, will greatly strengthen our natural immunity and mobilize the body to remove toxins and fight many diseases. This treatment is also recommended at the beginning of a fast with only mineral or spring water and at its end for all interested people. Sometimes the bees also produce alleged honey from satiation, i.e. from sugar water, if the beekeeper is not honest, but that is a separate problem, how much we have to become resistant to various types of profit-hungry fraudsters, who have no way to punish them, because how can we punish a doctor who specifically prescribes ineffective drugs so that we come to him for treatment as often as possible? In the East, doctors were rightly paid for the recovery, not for the treatment. Everyone probably understands the difference, considering that the death and funeral costs were covered by the doctor. The shaman should also charge for the successful cure, not only for subsequent hours of performing unknown methods of “hocus pocus”. And you have to be a good specialist to charge a fee “whatever you want” for a cure, and not a predetermined fee for treatment that  you don’t know if it will help! Ṛshi Suśruta and Ćaraka, ancient medical authorities, strongly emphasized this principle of HELPING, and not just making money from a tricked patient! This is a necessary part of gaining immunity, thanks to which we will be healthier and wealthier. Paying a forced tax for medical care without the possibility of receiving treatment from herbalists, biotherapists, or even masseurs is undoubtedly a corrupt abuse of power over citizens out of the desire to profit from unknown sort of expensive pharmaceutical drugs!

Strengthening the resilience of the mind is a good issue because it qualifies in the field of Mental Therapy or the so-called Faith Healing, that is, a strong and decisive belief embedded deep in our subconscious. In Christian culture, basically every person should have deeply encoded faith, the belief that nutrition based on plant food, on cereals, fruits, vegetables with the addition of milk and honey, and spring water, is food that ensures Good Health and Longevity! Of course, only milk straight from a cow, goat or sheep, because milk processed in dairies is generally very harmful to health, causing depression, respiratory diseases and allergies, what everyone should also remember as part of immunizing the Mind. Vegetarian nutrition, which does not include pathogenic food such as meat of any animals, is called the Health and Longevity Diet in all cultures. And this despite scientific research, which shows that most degenerative diseases are the result of eating meat, foods with meat and based on meat! Since the vegetarian food of Health is written down for us even at the very beginning of the Bible, then what kind of hunting or slaughtering deception of profit-hungry people caused this basic truth about Health not to be widely known and accepted, and children are told nonsense that they need meat to grow and have strength? The whole of nature denies this, showing that the Elephant, the Ox and the Horse are the strongest of all and herbivorous animals! And humans are typically herbivorous creatures, typical ruminants when it comes to the structure of their jaws, the composition of their saliva and the length of their digestive tract in relation to the length of their spine! The content of hydrochloric acid and enzymes in the stomach also shows that humans are herbivores and meat is harmful to them!

Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Science Avicenna – the father of Arabic and European medicine equally says that eating pork will bring on at least 100 diseases and sufferings! Well, the human Mind must be extremely resistant to the lies of fraudsters who, at every step, push their pork poison that destroys the entire man, leading him to mental and physical ruin! How is it that the worst pig stuff becomes the most popular food for millions of people so that pharmaceutical companies can earn billions on their drugs against the diseases resulting from it? And no one wants to teach simple vegetarian nutrition in public schools, so that entire generations will at least know how to avoid most diseases? Someone wise said that 90% of diseases are treated with breath and food, and the remaining 10% are a matter for the surgeon, when you have to put back together an inadvertently broken arm, and yet this can still be limited or stopped through mindfulness training, which will help you avoid most of the at least risky and dangerous moments!

Ayurveda says that if we consider evil as good and good as evil, we are truly mentally ill, and the path to the development of completely somatic diseases is not far. Bad Thought, or belief in false information, is the root not only of mental disorder, but also the root of disease, pain and suffering in a quite realistic and severe dimension. Aren’t parents to blame for the suffering of their children, who are told that eating meat is necessary for life, and their children then become seriously ill because of this Bad Thought, because Man is a typical herbivore, and Vegetables are the natural human food for health and longevity? Will not such parents receive a retribution, a just punishment for distorting the minds of their children in a pathogenic direction? It’s amazing how often people take lies for truth, and insult and suppress the truth, as is the case with Vegetarianism! Yet, vegetarian nutrition and deep breathing help thousands of people recover from the most lousy, troublesome, and even deadly diseases. People should also remember about the harmfulness of the most poisonous drugs in the world, such as alcohol and cigarettes, which ruin both somatic, mental and emotional health. The pathology of families and relationships is usually a perversion of alcohol-related violence, and the ten most dangerous types of cancer are the result of cigarette smoking, not only active but also passive, and also, horror of horrors, the result of parents or grandparents smoking cigarettes! Biotherapists and herbalists should also remember that alcohol kills the Life Force, Prana and alcohol-based medicines are a highly harmful poison in the final analysis, and a biotherapist after a glass of wine or a hip flask is already a cheap fraud, because he blocked the flow of BIOENERGY until the alcohol poison is completely removed from the body. One should only admire the alleged Biotherapists with the appearance and behavior of “drunk” alcoholics, whom one sometimes sees, as if they did not know that patients cannot be deceived for too long and be charged with premeditation!

Alcohol is not a carrier used to prepare medicines and is only used as an external disinfectant. Drops on alcohol or spirit are not Ayurvedic medicines, as a few fraudsters tell people by selling deceptive drunkenness. Making the Mind immune to fraudsters is a truly serious task. Shaman is a Man of Power or Mind of Power in Sanskrit, but every lie, every wrong belief is a destruction of the Power of the Human Mind. We have known for thousands of years that sleeping with one’s head facing north and one’s legs facing south has a beneficial effect on harmonizing the biofield of the entire body, regenerating and vitalizing, but somehow people do not want to take a walk among the trees before going to bed, even in a park, or use a compass for their health. to know which direction to turn your bed for better and healthier sleep. The house must also be placed in such a way that the walls of the room or house point in the N-S and E-W directions, and if the corners of the room are directed towards this directions, the room or house will have very negative and harmful energy to health and life! Nature cannot be fooled, and we simply have to adapt to the magnetic field lines running from the North to the South Pole of the Earth.

Heart health in humans is primarily about frequent, preferably daily long walks and regular natural physical exercise! Without these, how can we keep our heart healthy and our circulatory system functioning properly? In addition to such simple health tips to increase immunity, it would be good to know whether the Energy Therapist distinguishes well at least three basic types of Bioenergy that circulate in our body, and Ayurveda calls them Kapha, Pita and Vata, which are respectively earth-water, fire, and air-etheric Bioenergy! Ayurvedic bioenergetics without distinguishing these three types of organic essence and without the ability to regulate them would not allow anyone to play with other people’s health and life, as is the case with the so-called “biotherapists” who “treat something” but don’t know what because they feel “one energy”. Such trickery in this delicate matter will not be approved by any Ayurveda specialist. And the funniest are some of the so-called dowsers who measure something on their protractors, but even they themselves do not know exactly what they are measuring, so abstract is the issue. Most of them would fail the Ayurvedic Science exam because our tests with organic material would exclude these haunted and unrealistic people from the very beginning, where under three cups, one of which is empty, there is also an onion and a lemon and they need to be distinguished from each other indeed in repeated tests. The author has become disliked in some circles precisely for proposing Eastern verification tests that weed out those who measure something that does not exist and who cannot point out where a hidden tomato or a wallet is in the room!

Sleeping at the intersections of the Earth’s (Gaia) magnetic field lines generally causes health problems for people, even when the line crosses the body diagonally, but when we sleep with our head to the north, the harm is usually small, and sometimes the benefits are great. When the head hits a stronger, very strong intersection, it can quickly enter the state of separation of the subtle body and elegantly energize in a different dimension, because in the chimney created by the strong intersections of the Earth’s magnetic lines, it is very easy to pass the consciousness into a higher body and experience another sphere of existence. Energy chimneys have been used for etheric outings and journeys since the dawn of time, and the person using them must be healthy and have a surplus of life force, Praṇah accumulated in their body. It is known that the basic reservoir of Energy or Life Force in the human body is the so-called Adhara at the base of the torso, in the hips, also called the Reservoir, Vessel, Vase or more correctly in the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda, Svāyambu Liṅga – the Vessel of Self Energy. The weakness of the Self (Svāh) is the lack of vital energy in the lower, hypogastric or rather hip reservoir, which is considered to be the basic one, and the reserve of energy is accumulated there both through breathing and by absorbing the essence of an erotic act with a person of the opposite sex (from the other pole of gender), which energy is released during the orgasmic experience! As the north-south magnetic flow line enters the top of the head and flows through the centre of the body (the pole called Sushumna), our energy reservoir is also charged and replenished. I know that some people will rebel against such a statement, but this is very ancient knowledge and home experts should not disregard it or distort it with their sick experiences resulting not from the harmfulness of the magnetic line itself, but from the fact that the person sleeping on the line is poisoned by alcohol, nicotine or meat and that is why he only experiences sensations and ailments resulting from its purification. Yogis look for places of strong energy in Nature for meditation, prayer and deeper spiritual practices, and a strengthened node (e.g. every seven intersections of the meridian with the parallel) is an ideal place of power where significant healing and energization can already occur. It’s good to have such a chimney of energy in your own home, as happened to the author, but people, for example: quarrelsome and prone to aggression, cannot stand such a node and will soon suffer from their sick emotions in this place. Well, what is almost sacred defends itself against intruders who disturb the energy field with their profanations.

And native healers – dowsers should remember that the rectangles marked by the lines of force of the Earth’s geomagnetic field in the north of the country are slightly smaller than in the south of the country, and at the magnetic pole they merge into a large energetic Centre, because both magnetic poles create the two basic Ćakras of the Earth (Gāyaćakras), and yet we know that the Earth Ćakra is a powerful Energy Circle with a diameter of about 1000 km! It is good to immunize the Mind against fraudsters who constantly find some energetically nice places on Earth, claiming that they are Earth Ćakras, but in fact they are nothing like that, because it has been known for a long time where the Earth Chakras are and what is the diameter of these energy whirls, or if you will of the actual places of Power. In addition to the magnetic poles, we have 5 Chakras on each hemisphere of the Earth, at equal distances from each other, always along one parallel. The Chakram closest to us is on the border of Kashmir, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and very precisely described in the literature as the legendary Land of Śang-Śung! It is the cradle of Vedic culture, as well as the Semitic race, and from here it is easy to find Ćakram on the coast of West Africa, near Japan or Bermuda. Twelve places of Power with a diameter of 1000 km around their (moving, slightly oscillating) epicentre are a real Circle of Energy compared to a local hill such as Wawel or Ślęża, which rather resemble Marmas – Points, Areas of Acupressure in Ayurvedic medicine, and with 120-144 such Marma points should be found on Earth, but they should not be confused with Ćakras, although it is said that 70 Marmas are the cradle of the Seventy Languages ​​(Nations) of the World. The author sincerely hopes that at least some readers will immunize their Minds against the so-called Ćakra frauds, which are often speculated on, selling cheapness resulting from the lack of basic knowledge on the topics that one is trying to research. If someone does not know what the word Ćakra means in relation to the Earth and Man, he should not “discover” either new Ćakras or new Marmas, because Acupressure Areas (Energy Points) sometimes have a diameter of 4 fingers of the hand, and in addition they oscillate, move and it is impossible to say that they always occur in the same place. We must know the Marmas and be able to locate them in people, and we should not make up stupid things and create maps with supposedly new points, without knowing about such simple things. And all this mess in Acupressure is an omission of a simple fact about the shifting of the Marmas due to, for example: disease or strong emotions, or due to a different constitutional structure of the body! Now that we are “energized” and some books will go to the dustbin of history, we can think about how to learn what we need, and we remember that authentic Ayurveda courses are not expensive and designed so that the poor can also get educated! And the largest Marmas with a diameter of 4 fingers (the thickness of a thumb) on the head or feet or breasts are really not that difficult to locate and to learn how to influence them, and this is where the knowledge of many “experts” ends! And this is probably a good thing that professionals are being followed with hidden cameras these days…

The eastern, ancient idea of ​​the Path of Infinity, and this is how internal, personal or, if you prefer, spiritual development is understood, is today being rashly replaced with the idea of ​​a COURSE that ends and has a limited growth ceiling, suggesting the end of development. It is also an evil taken for good, from which we must free ourselves and remember that while wandering with the GURU we will constantly discover new areas of the unknown, not only at the level of receiving Knowledge, but also in higher and higher spheres of experience in which our eyes will be opened. Repeating to people ad nauseum that Healthy Water comes from the Source, and therefore is Spring Water, and that such water has great healing and cleansing properties, we admire “cyborgs” who fast on water (therapeutic fasts), take chlorinated water straight from the tap and drink these industrial sewage and complain, that fasting gives them headaches, vomiting and sickness. It really takes “talent” to poison yourself with chlorinated water during a long fast (although apparently it doesn’t harm some people). The quality of the WATER we drink both during fasting and during treatment in general is of great importance for our recovery, which is often impossible due to very poor quality water, water being industrial sewage, well chlorinated or fluorinated! Spring Water straight from the spring can be a very good help for many sick people, and Balneotherapy and Hydrotherapy have always been among the classic, basic sections of every authentic medicine. Pharmaceutical companies prefer to fluorinate or chlorinate water, counting on profits from the treatment of numerous diseases that result from this practice, and this is a “good” speculative machine for increasing profits! When looking for Healing Spring Water, we can immediately remember about walking and deep breathing, although proper breathing therapy must be learned from a good Ayurveda or Yoga specialist due to the many nuances of breathing that may be important for the success of such therapy. Among those who learn from books, there are many who have harmed themselves due to misunderstanding of written instructions, so we advise you to practice with Good Teachers, and this is a minimum of 10-12 sessions of 2-3 hours of learning and practice, if the topic is considered as familiarization for the needs of home first aid kit!

Both Yoga and Ayurveda recommend exercise and gymnastics in a quiet environment and in the open air, and the simplest set of therapeutic Exercises called Sūrya Namaskaram (Sun Salutation) consists of 12 positions that should be performed in a very smooth and rhythmic manner, accompanied by appropriate sounds, without which, of course, the entire exercise makes no sense! Some such “shaman fraudsters” specialize in cutting out a fragment of an exercise, omitting what is important and, even worse, the most important! The author recently observed a “shaman” in Krakow who imitated the ritual dance of Indian Shamans, unfortunately these were only movements, because she was watching a film snapshot on TV and, as a “clever cheater”, unfortunately she was unable to do what is most important in the Healing Ritual, she did not know how to sing nor dance rhythmically because she couldn’t even play the drum. What a pitiful spectacle it was! Sūrya Namaskaram is a kind of gymnastics with appropriate sounds and Words of Power, and if someone teaches only the movements of this 12-element exercise without Words of Power, repeated loudly and separate to practice in thought – in the rhythm of breathing, then he is a pathetic cheater, not any Yoga therapist, as many of them are now called in the West and in Poland! Ayurveda calls the practice of 12 Salutations, closely related to the 12 Rulers (Systems) and Meridians, Sūrya Namaskaram, and the fact that there are 7 positions, but they are also repeated in the reverse order – also connects them with the seven Chakras in the human body. A detailed study of Sūrya Namaskaram gymnastic therapy is, of course, a very extensive topic, and especially the fact of using sound vibrations makes it practically impossible to learn this set of exercises in writing from a book. Twelve loudly pronounced Words of Power and seven mentally intoned Syllables (Sounds) give us a very comprehensive regulation of the body, increase various energies, cleanse the Self and the Body, provided, of course, they are performed in the right breathing rhythm and in the right body positions. This is a real health exercise, already known by King Rāma and Queen Sita, which, if done at least a little but regularly, prevents almost all diseases that could happen to a person. Sūrya Namaskaram is practiced during Sunrise and Sunset, and the number of repetitions of the set of 12 exercises is usually odd: 1,3,7,11,21 etc. Undoubtedly, the introduction of such gymnastics, not stripped of the Words of Power (which is a common malice nowadays against Ayurveda and Yoga) to schools and hospitals would seriously destroy the pharmaceutical and medical business! And how should we immunize the mind against the “fairy tale” of various fraudsters, yoga fraudsters who strip us of this almost miraculous therapy down to empty body movements, depriving a person of the possibility of self-healing and energetic, vibrational self-regulation! They only “charge” a person decently for their fraud, just like pharmaceutical companies that give pills that after years turn out to be more harmful than helpful!

Ayurvedic Doctors, or if you prefer Therapists, usually do not work alone, but in pairs or more, because two people can more easily avoid mistakes by verifying each other’s energetic and secret diagnoses, and besides, the energetic influence of several therapists on one patient is much greater. Ayurveda clearly states that if someone claims that other Biotherapists (Pranotherapists) disturb his field or power with their energy during an energy therapy treatment, such a person is revealing that he is not a Healer, but a mentally ill or possessed person. The world of energy healers will probably recognize pathological individuals easily. Bioenergetic Powers perfectly combine with each other and harmonize, building a Common Field that is stronger, and those who cannot connect with others are real pests, sick in the head, haunted, mentally disturbed. Two aura seers should also see the same thing and not each see something different, because then at least one is an impostor! This is a very simple rule and it greatly eliminates cheaters who are unable to enhance the Force Field for Common Effective Healing. And that is why, when teaching Ayurveda to beginners, we recommend gathering in Circles and learning to create a Common Field of Healing Energy, and not falling into fatal and morbid individualism that prevents the Cooperation and Unity of Shamans. And the word Shaman (also written in Sanskrit SAMAN) is a very important concept for the Author, meaning a Healer-Priest with great internal or spiritual Power, also aroused by Singing, Dance and Music! According to the Eastern systems of Healer education, a newly educated Healer should assist an already experienced Healing Master in the work for two years, on a full-time, daily basis, in order to acquire professionalism in his work. Usui Reiki is taught in the same way at the Japanese Reiki Association (Nihon Reiki Gakkai). There are no weekend courses, only reliable practice of applying therapy to a patient under the supervision of experienced Healers who help and correct the new specialist! A therapeutic treatment originally consisting of 108 elements in Ayurveda, simplified in the West and known as Polarity, we recommend studying it to people who want to learn authentic Ayurveda. This is just one quite comprehensive treatment removed from the context of Ayurveda, and in the West it is turned into a healing system, a school of therapy, often ignoring the origin of the entire Polarity treatment with 108 elements in the original! And as in Sūrya Namaskaram, what the Healer should sing or hum to the patient is usually omitted,  which is first-class fraud, and Westerners have an astonishing propensity for such frauds! Polarity performed on a patient by several people, preferably 5-7, is a true and effective Group Bioenergy Therapy that all energy healers should do before they take care of a patient themselves! Placing hands on the shoulder and the opposite hip, on the foot and the opposite hand, and working on the head are treatments found in many Schools of Traditional Medicine and are always performed by a Shamanic Group of several people on the individual in need of healing and usually these are advanced Healer’s Disciples!

A real Shaman is an easy person, capable and willing to cooperate, and fraudsters do not like cooperation with others because then they would be easily exposed with their sick “wonderfully imaginary” patents! Therefore, healing offices should have several people who support each other and correct each other’s mistakes and errors. Oh, if the immunity of the mind of the readers increases after reading this article, then the goal of the Ayurveda Doctor will be achieved and even to increase immunity, it will be possible to additionally prescribe a tea or, better yet, a decoction of horsetail herb, or in May, a treatment with nettle juice or frequent drinking juice from fresh white cabbage, and yet this last medicine is very popular among the Slavic people. The author would even recommend a glass of milk with honey, cinnamon and ginger, but he is not sure whether anyone has forgotten what has already been written here about milk for medicinal purposes! And when reaching for milk or honey damaged by processing or brewing herbs with poisonous tap water, you may unfortunately not achieve the proper effects of wonderfully healing herbal treatments, and many Physicians and Therapists of natural systems do not attach enough importance to these basic, important facts, such as the quality of water and air, milk or honey, not to mention the quality of therapeutic gymnastics (Pavanmuktasana) or more “shamanic” treatments. Drinking rosehip tea every day (without the hibiscus) can regulate the human body and allow you to maintain clarity of mind until very old age.

A good and spiritual aura is not a white aura for Ayurveda, but an aura containing the 12 basic Colours of the Rainbow, and the white in the aura itself is a disturbing sign of the beginnings of schizophrenia or Luciferian deception, i.e. the so-called property or possession! At least five colours such as green, blue, yellow, red and white-cream must be present in a person’s aura so that it promotes their health and development and gives them creativity and well-being! Let’s wish ourselves Good Health and remember that we CAN INCREASE THE IMMUNITY OF THE MIND!

Aćarya Paramahansa Vaidya Lalita Mohan G.K.


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