Basics of Agni Yoga (65)

Om Śanti, Śanti, Śantih!

1. Sometimes we are looking for the Temple of Wisdom of Kalkin – Maitreya, among Christians called Christ – the Messiah. We can take a closer look at the teachings of Himavant Master Morya, which undoubtedly lead to our Śigatse Temple, although they are also very useful to all students of Agni Yoga, as well as the Vajrasattva classes leading to Agni (Fire). We know the steps of the Diamond Way of Fire (Vajrasattva) given by the blessed Master Himavant, by Lord Morya. Abhava Yoga about Bliss and Emptiness, Guru Yoga about the relationship with the Master and His worship, Mahayoga excelling in devotion and service, and finally Agniyoga of fiery transformation and awakening of Kundalini. The ancient Dharma of the Rig Veda scriptures is nothing else than the deep and comprehensive Agni Yoga leading to the Heavens. We know that Vajrasattva is a shortened Laya path with four initiatory stages of practice. So what advice will a yogi find on his way to the stage of Fire?

2. Simple people are the best popularisers, hence simplicity is the feature of a yogi who brings the Way closer. Simplicity is based on sincerity and does not exist without it. The conscious disciple dares to approach the Master in imitation. However, this does not mean imitating the way of doing hair or dressing, but imitating spiritual features. Sometimes it’s good when the Spirit is the Master, because by imitating Him we will certainly avoid material habits. We are on guard against hypocrites, especially the greedy wise men who prepare spiritual salad. So if we find those who are greedy for profit among the teachers, we will treat them as false sages, and similarly if they are not supported by sound spiritual practice. A teacher who has not fully read the commandments of the doctrine is like a donkey loaded with grain. Insight is the mark of true teaching, insight and depth. We cannot be fooled by shallow teachings under the guise of simplicity. The shorter the spiritual course and the more expensive it is, the more false and hypocritical it is. This proportion has been known for millennia. Today, millions of people are duped into three–day enlightenment for thousands of dollars.

3. Homelessness inevitably accompanies the Master. He has a place to stay, but he has no home. He enters into life, but has no citizenship, but rather belongs to all humanity. The teacher embellishes the discussion, but does not drag it out. He sympathizes but does not mourn. He defends, but does not gesture. He claims and doesn’t feel embarrassed. He threatens, but he does not delay. He hits when necessary, but never hurts. He is grateful and does not forget. He evaluates motives, but does not indulge. He is caring, but not burdensome. There is no fear in him, but there is no bravado either. There are many signs of the Master, Teacher of Souls, but it is not easy to recognize Him without the opportunity to spend a long time with Him. Disciples of the Way were commanded to care and take care of the Teacher who came for the development of the spirit. The Spirit (Master) must be cultivated consciously.

4. The quality of thinking should be realized as a type of treatment for body and soul. Gratitude is the best cleansing for the body. So let us keep and cultivate Gratitude. Messengers are sent to each nation only once every hundred years. For this is the law of the Arhats, the Perfect Ones. Before punishment comes upon the nation, warning will be given once. So let us recognize the signs that are given to us. The student of the spiritual path should not be enslaved, and the Teacher should not be enslaved. To the demons, every Teacher seems to be enslavement. Understanding the importance and necessity of a teacher in the mystical field is passing through the first gate of evolution, passing through the framework of Initiation and joining the Blue Lodge of Heaven. Therefore, few become disciples of God’s guidance. Those who come and go are truly not disciples of our Brotherhood. Nevertheless, we must hurry to prepare the Travelers to understand the Science. For their time is near, and it is a time of trial.

5. Let us hurry, let us hurry to understand the Teacher (Aćarya). Let us surround Him with a wall of devotion, through which we ourselves will gain power. After a long wandering, we will understand: where there is success in the spiritual Path, there is the guidance of the teacher (Aćarya). Am I sure that I will say the Teacher’s Name in a moment of danger? Can I bear witness of His Name? Do I find joy in expressing my gratitude to Him? Gratitude and devotion flourish joyfully in our Community (Sangha). Our co–workers are capable of generous giving and serving. When you preach our Eternal Teaching, do not shout to the crowds in the squares, but smile kindly at the passer–by. The one who comes alone will truly know the teacher. Caught in a trap, he will break the bonds of enslavement, and demon people like to do this. We wait for joy and accept only the beautiful flower of devotion. Let us hasten to truly understand the Teacher (Aćarya).

6. Agnimatha – The mother of our yoga carries the burden of spiritual teaching to humanity. Agniyogi bears the testimony of transformation in the Cosmic Fire of Wisdom. Let us hurry, let us hurry to understand the Teacher, Yogaćarya. Let us surround Him with a wall of devotion and adoration, through which we will gain Power ourselves. After a long wandering in the wilderness of pseudo–mysticism, we will understand: where there is success, there is a Teacher, where there is failure, there is betrayal of abandoning the Guru. Let us know that members and associates of the Invisible Government of the Spiritual Realm must obey the Commands of Creation. Let the prophets remember that the age–old tradition of warning humanity is fulfilled with complete Kindness (Maitri), for Kalkin is Kindness (Maitreya). The Blue Lodge of two planetary initiations is truly a spiritual development in the shadow of the consciousness of Kalkin, the Savior. Certainly, the most difficult threshold for fulfilling the Creator’s Commandments will be the stone of stumbling and offenses contained in the commandment: You shall not covet!

7. Scatter the seeds of Teaching gradually. Let it saturate the being imperceptibly. Spiritualize the consciousness of your neighbour with small mentions, given to him as daily food. And so wherever you are, without being intrusive. Even “accidentally” leaving a lesson at the office, work or post office, you can arouse a hunger for knowledge and practice. Confirm your neighbour in the joy of understanding spiritual Science. The revealed lineage of Śaivite Teachers shines with cosmic pearls that attract new gems from among humans. Where is your faith in the Teacher, in the Guru? Where is the knowledge of spiritual forces and laws? You can recognize our people by their first call, by their determination and zeal. Ours can be recognised by the diamond purity and lack of doubts. Ours will follow the Path like a swift deer. This is how we will know those who belong to us, life by life. There is nothing so terrible that could stop the Wanderer who is on our Path. We are sceptical about whether a sceptic can develop spiritually at all. Bhakti – Devotion and Worship is the middle step for those moving closer to our Spiritual Kingdom. It is important to know that the degree of receiving depends on the degree of devotion. Let us be sure that according to the Law (Rta) we receive commensurate with the degree of devotion to God’s cause.

8. True secret knowledge is the strengthening of conscious striving on the Pilgrim’s Path upwards. Truly, the aura of the initiated adept contains much of the purest blue. Yogaćarya, the Teacher, proposes to base spiritual growth on spiritual knowledge heard with one’s own ears. Truly, the Yogaćarya must be the living, fiery mouth of Maitreya. There is only One Holy Book in Heaven, and indeed all earthly sacred writings are but miserable fragments of It. We must teach humanity that spiritual knowledge flows from One Source and that grains of truth are contained in every earthly religion. A truly spiritual person knows the Vedas, Torah, Koran and Gospels as an interpretation of the One Source of Truth. If we find no difference in the teachings of the various Holy Scriptures, the Kingdom of God has undoubtedly come near to us. Spiritual knowledge cannot be bought or obtained by threats. Indeed, anyone can gain access to it if he proves by deed that he is devoted. When thinking about divine knowledge, let us realize the need for a Teacher, a Guru. Guru worship is even a panacea against physical diseases if the devotion is great. We must understand this lesson of Mahayoga well.

9. The ancients forbade students to listen to teachers whose hour of teaching is very expensive. To give divine knowledge for profit or advantage is to commit sacrilege. The meetings of the initiatory community have no price, and the Guru sent by God will rely on His grace and will be satisfied with Alms, a voluntary donation. This is how we will recognize the authentic Messengers of the Most High by their work style. The teacher makes demands to polish the mirror of the mind, to polish uncouth souls. We know that Heaven rewards our work. Let us raise pure prayers in deed of devotion to God. Let us try to understand how to implement the divine Teaching in everyday life. A haunted way of life is often the result of implementing ideas that we do not understand at all. The teacher gains disciples without even seeking them. The helpers, however, are eager to win new souls for the Kingdom of the Spirit. Every soul won to God’s way is a treasure redeemed from this world of darkness. Snataka (Helpers) are the best Missionaries who increase the army of souls fighting for Salvation.

10. The greatest betrayal is to know a spiritual teaching and not apply it. Therefore, with greater spiritual knowledge, we must repent of our sins of apostasy more often. The appearance of the Teacher (Yogaćarya) can enlighten people if their path is strengthened by the knowledge received by their own ears. Aćaryas are the true co–workers of heaven, and their sign is mutual harmony and cooperation. Arhatic Fire yogis are the true gems of the Diamond Way. The teacher is happy to see the student’s determination. Chela (Disciple) is the foremost among the Teacher’s supporters. The chela obeys the Master’s instructions and rises in accordance with the Law of Creation. Candidates who, in the absence of the Teacher, indulge in idle chatter, quarrels and mutual criticism are truly destroying their path. Be convinced that it is My desire to show you the best way, says Moriah.

11. Mutual relations between Guru and Chela are based on kindness and understanding. The student tries with kindness to understand the Teacher and the Guru his Chela. The Master gives instructions within permitted limits. The guru uplifts the disciple by cleansing him of old habits and customs. The guru warns the disciple against all kinds of betrayal, superstition and hypocrisy. The guru gives visible and hidden tests. The student usually searches for and then chooses a Teacher. He worships Him on an equal footing with the higher beings, the devas. He trusts his Guru and gives Him his best thoughts. He guards His Name and writes it on the sword of His word. The student demonstrates diligence in work, practice and heroism. He meets trials like the morning light and sets hope on the lock of the next Gate. The Guru dispels erroneous dogmas, the Student acquires fresh and creative ideas. In Latin culture, the student must reject the unnecessary sea of ​​superstitions, dogmas and beliefs that keep him trapped in ignorance.

12. Maitreya says: Friends, if you want to come closer to Us, choose a teacher, a guru on earth and submit to His guidance. He will tell you at the right time when the key can be turned in the door to the Kingdom. All of you have a teacher on earth whom you listen to with your own ears. Whoever has ears to hear, let him listen to his Guru. A friend is known by the heart, and Guru is the best friend on earth. The Teacher can only act where His hand is not tied. Only a few can be entrusted with a sacred secret, although there are many willing people. There are very few people worthy of the secret. The source of patience is trust, those who cry out loud, “I have already made progress”, have just taken a step down into darkness. We can rely on prayer and cry: “Lord of the seven gates, lead us towards the sun, for You yourself have tested the way and given a guarantee of patience.”

13. All reverence for the Teacher, the Guru, indicates understanding of the spiritual Science. Showing respect for the Teacher’s workplace (Aśram) demonstrates insight and dedication. However, such a course of action cannot be learned or prompted, but must spontaneously blossom in consciousness. The Master will not demand worship by saying: worship me. For the Master does not need anyone’s adoration or any worshippers. It is the disciple who needs the Master to worship Him and thus grow in Power. The Master may protect to a certain extent, but the shadows will lead their procession of dance. The teacher also displays the power to protect the beauty of student heroism. Respect for the Teacher’s dwelling place is not a tribute to the earth, it does not result from the commandment of the temple, but is the ignition of Justice in space.

14. Bhakti – the ardent Love of God, Adoration and Devotion is truly the first step towards igniting the Fire of Kundalini, which transforms the seven bodies. In the first step, we cleanse consciousness, life and aura. The mind must be emptied of all filth, superstition and dogma and attain its essential bliss. The constant bliss of purified consciousness is Abhava – the sign of the first step of our temple. We can eagerly invite all people to the first step of our temple. In the second step, we try to develop worship towards the heavenly line of our Gurus, opening the path of Bhakti, the flame of which we call the Kundalini Fire. There is no way to practice Kundalini without the passionate devotion that develops in the third step. The fourth stage is the living burning Fire of the disciple who becomes the Master of Life. The student should understand the need to hurry and get down to work. Truly, the time of reckoning for the disciples sworn by our Spirit is near.

15. The first step, Abhava, is intended for everyone, for the wide masses of supporters of the Way. Only proven candidates can we entrust the secret of our Yoga Guru Lord Morya. The second degree is only for a select few. We can consider the period of 3 years of transformation and testing as minimal, and testing the adept for seven years will not be out of the question. The Guru’s readiness for a union with the Chela is a sign of the second step. It is not an easy path to Paksala, and the four steps of the pyramid lead to its Sanctuary. When Himavant established the steps to Paksala, the Semitic race did not yet exist, and the Creator did not yet plan its progenitors: Adam and Chava. Agniyogi is truly the Missionary of Paksala, calling souls to the temple of Good Will.

16. Energy and will are the rulers of karma (fate). Who has renounced himself (ego), who strives for the Universal Good; whoever fights with dedication and sacrifice and is joyful in work, gains Arhat enlightenment in a blink of an eye, which makes him the Lord of his karma (fate). Arhat consciousness, even momentary, gives privileges, but burdens with full responsibility. Who is capable of feeling the joy of responsibility? In the hour of responsibility, one must have the courage to recognize oneself as an Arhat (Perfect) leading the fight without any help, opposing the pressure of the elements with one’s own understanding and will. Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Padmasambhava, Ćaitanya, Enoch and Moses were all Arhats (Perfects). Will is born from the experience of life and attention to the phenomena of existence. It is not useful for the development of will and energy to think whether the present moment is favourable or not. We observe the moment that is passing with calm and attention, and when it comes to thinking, we advise our friends to think about the future. Let’s open our hearts to the future that is coming. Let the sun of a bright future rise and joyfully create. The secret of energy and will lies in creativity. Lord Venus Sanat Kumara blesses and supports all manifestations of will.

17. The law of improvement requires training in achieving peace of mind. Exercising in peace leads to mastering various states of the body. The best Warriors were masters of peace of mind and inner balance. Śanti – the Peace of God and the Peace of the Spirit is the strength that allows you to overcome and pacify adversities. We admire the 100 Buddhist warrior monks who had the strength to defeat a myriad of invaders and defend the Korean country from occupation. Śanti must become the knightly spirit of the adept of our Brotherhood. Śanti must become the heart of bliss and peace of our Diamond Path. The spirit that does not seek perfection falls into a state of indifference when the body changes, and then wanders, tormented by incomprehensible memories. Low, bodily memories plunge the soul wandering in a dream state into consciousness without flashes, or perhaps better, into darkness without consciousness. It is essential to avoid indifference when changing your body. Perfecting your pursuits will bring peace as you pass from one body to another. In this way, one achieves the quality of an Arhat who never interrupts the current of consciousness and constantly strives towards the future. Indeed, the continuity of consciousness from incarnation to incarnation, both day and night, is the sign of the Arhat’s victory.

18. Conceit and suspicion are terrible diseases of the soul and heart. The first gives rise to dullness and ignorance (darkness), and the second results in lies and betrayal. A conceited disciple will always descend towards darkness, therefore the heart must be cleansed of conceit. Suspicion leads to apostasy and that is why it is a waste of time to teach suspicious people, until they are healed and gain absolute trust, it is necessary to be subtly aware of the motives of students and colleagues. The Shield of Paksala protects those who can cover the prevarications of ignorance with the sincerity of enlightenment. A lucky fighter is one who watches and foresees. Our community must learn to easily avoid all irritation, which is the gateway to the demons of lies and slander. In service work and in the use of prana lies the secret of coexistence, even of a large group of people. Sufficient work and coexistence with nature will give the right direction to the work centre. The basic diseases of the soul are cured by servile work for the Community. Whoever does not want to work for the good of our Sangha is not interested in the spiritual Path. People must understand the importance of group action, which multiplies strength and weakens the bonds of karma.

19. The pillars of the spiritual group are twelve permanent and systematic participants. This is a sign of the emergence of a spiritual Community, a sign of the emergence of our Brotherhood. The dodecagon is one of the most perfect forms for the perfection of the spirit. A group of seven people united in permanent work receives its own protective spirit, the group’s Guardian Angel. A group of twelve people receives greater influence power. A systematically united group of twelve people can, indeed, rule even worldly phenomena. The power of the twelve apostles of Śanti can truly pacify the plots of all evil. Establishing permanent groups of our initiatory Community is the primary work of every Aćarya. Let us rejoice in observing in three–year steps the presence of permanent participants – the Pillars of the Śanti Temple. Even large groups, but without permanent collaborators, are in fact very weak and can strain the dynamics of the entire structure and the leader himself. There is little use for random, scattered guests, so we are looking for truly sincere and committed candidates. Brotherhoods with 144 permanent, systematic participants truly have a great influence on society and the course of the world.

20. The Fire of Divine Knowledge (Brahmavidya) can be seen only in the eyes as a kind of radiance, magnetism and influence. Only the mirror of the eye allows the sparks of higher thought to pass through. The human word is powerless to express the essence of Brahmavidya. And that is why we receive Divine Knowledge by looking into the Guru’s eyes. Blessed is the disciple to whom the Guru bestows his direct, sunny glance. The teacher cannot press upon this possibility, but rejoices when the gaze shifts from darkness to Light. The stream of the higher thought of the Divine Mind, indeed, flows down with the splendour of the eyes of the blessed Guru. The very creation of the Knowledge Fortress is already a great victory for the soul. We call people who, based on the experience of past incarnations and manifesting unwavering heroism, expand their consciousness and thus come to understand the basis of evolution, the Cause, as a vessel full of spirituality. We can gently try to bring the adepts of the Guru Yoga of Lord Morya to Darśana!

21. Any false accusation, suspicion or claim shall be immediately brought against the sender. It is unreasonable to hope that the consequences of a lie can be postponed or hidden because they are written on the tablet of the heart. People weaken and darken their hearts and their aura with lies and gossip. Falsehood, like empty promises, grows into karma, which is immediately exhausted in this life. We must be aware of how we shape our unfortunate fate of current existence. If it were not for rumours and suspicions, the earth would be filled with millions of enlightened people. To remove the thorn of falsehood and gossip from the student’s heart is to provide humanity with a beacon illuminating the darkness of the world. Every Aćarya should be the light of the world illuminating the darkness of this darkness. The ancients had a habit of placing all falsehood and suspicion on the dark ones who were heading towards Doom. Anyone who has ever regretted the effort of following our recommendations creates an impassable barrier between themselves and Us. We must know that by uttering a blessing, Our lips give the soul resurrection, and by uttering a curse, they give the soul irrevocable death.

22. The more perfect the spirit, the more it realizes the profound suffering of earthly life. In the meantime, we must learn the joy of striving for the higher reality of distant worlds. Joy is the medicine of the heart and soul. Anyone who has realized the basics of evolution has the duty to pass on this knowledge to a certain number of people. Both the great and the little Herald are subject to one Law. The Herald should convey knowledge without any violence over the freedom of the recipients. It is indeed the privilege and duty of every Aćarya to develop the magnetic ability to attract those interested. Humanity has only two paths to choose from: either strive wisely to achieve AUM, or lie like a log in the coffin of darkness. The true pursuit of understanding higher possibilities should occupy the greater part of human life and be the most important, most exciting activity. Replacing the light of knowledge with the dogma of institutional religions is plunging humanity into the darkness of death. It is necessary to warn young people about the approach of the yoga of life, so that new generations can choose the Path of Light.

23. Agniyoga is the most appropriate name for the essence of our Diamond Way. We must remember that the Diamond is created in great fire, and the element of fire truly gives its name to this sacrificial yoga of life. Pits of darkness require strong disinfection, and only fire will cut through these noxious fumes. Other traditional yogas such as Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga, Jnaniyoga and Rajayoga are included within our Fire Yoga. The true Agniyogi is the Jnani and the Bhakta, the Knower and the Worshiper, the Sage and the Sacrificer. We make a constant sacrifice of our heroic deeds of life. The larynx centre brings higher Synthesis and the sword is forged in Fire. Agniyoga is created based on the phenomenon of Fire, which is the giver of life and the creator of will. One who has decided to master our Agniyoga must transform his entire life with its help. We forge diamonds of spiritual devotion in fire. He is not a hero who calls himself fearless, but he who overcomes adversity in the battles of life.

24. Whoever implements true Yoga fulfils his great destiny. All great religions are merely kindergartens that prepare souls to undertake true Yoga. The religion that holds yoga is truly the religion of Truth. We advise adepts to practice pranayama every morning for five minutes. We advise you to stop eating meat and always recommend healthy vegetables, cereals, fruit, milk and their products. We advise you to absolutely exclude all alcohol, opium and similar substances. We advise you to avoid tobacco smoke and keep the surroundings smelling fresh and healthy. We also advise you to watch incoming events without evaluation, because we do not know what is good and what is bad. Agni yoga can be compared with the Morning Star, which heralds the approach of daylight. The Diamond Way of Agni Yogi is compared to the four circles of initiation of ancient Śaivites. Śantinam is truly our brotherly greeting of peace. Whoever among the world’s religions has chosen what is good and edifying will truly be joined to our Brotherhood.

25. Agni Yogi should forget about ethnic dependencies and all nationalisms, even though he himself belongs to one of the nations and languages ​​of the earth. The yogi is a citizen of the world and belongs to all humanity and ultimately to the universe. The Agni Yogi replaces blood kinship with spirit kinship, and the spiritual Community becomes his family. That is why we call our Community a spiritual Family. An Agni Yogi can be recognized by his dedication to matters of the evolution of the spirit and the absolute abandonment of superstitions and prejudices. Yogi is no stranger to hypocrisy, and he does not deceitfully badmouth people belonging to the Brotherhood. Backbiting causes consequences such as betrayal and apostasy. The yogi is rather taciturn and honest. Yogi knows that his every thought has a power that turns against him. Therefore, we train ourselves to keep the mind free from thoughts and impressions, free from judgments and prejudices. Achieving the state of non–generation of sensations is the true Śunyata – the basis of Abhava. The teacher monitors the yogi’s development and gives subsequent lessons when the previous one has been learned and assimilated. A sign of yoga development will be hearing the Teacher’s voice. First, when the student hears the words from his mouth, then when he properly understands them and puts them into practice, and finally when he telepathically hears the voice of his Guru’s wisdom inside himself. Listening to the spirit of your Guru every day ultimately serves this purpose.

26. A yogi is neither old nor young. He is not old because he knows the path of gradual ascent, the path of ascension. He is not young because he is aware of his stock of previous experience. The yogi smiles at the speech of stupidity, but condemns ignorance. The yogi is the tamer of all manifestations of insults to the truth. The yogi takes upon himself the purification of the old world as his burden. The yogi takes it upon himself to build a new life and, indeed, a new social order. The yogi is unyielding to the persecution of mediocrity, ignorance and devilishness. The Yogi, in the power of preaching the Message of Truth, forges his sword of Truth. We consider it a great happiness to be able to join Yoga. Being a Yogi is the greatest reason to be proud. Being a Yogi commits one to spiritual service to the human family. Learning Yoga will benefit everyone, even if he has not achieved spiritual phenomena, the siddhi charism.

27. The external principles and exercises of Yoga maintain health and longevity, strengthen memory and purify thinking towards higher ideals. The Path of Yoga can be entered by those who do not care about earthly honours and distinctions, who strive for higher knowledge, recognizing earthly knowledge as just a particle of Infinite Truth. The Path of Yoga can be entered by those who have not participated in false manifestations of world religions and thus have not fallen into the trap of fanaticism and superstition. The one who does not take pride in his earthly origins or lineage, who remembers his incarnations, will enter. He who replants the garden every year, smiling at the storm that destroyed the work. Whoever has lost the ability to curse, who persistently seeks the Higher, who has severed ties with all traitors to the Truth and surrounds himself with pure thoughts – can enter the Path of Yoga. The higher Source of pure thoughts, invisible to the eye, brings an invincible aura, first blue, and then sunny and golden. Right aspiration is the direction of practice of all adepts who have taken the first step and are moving towards Abhava.

28. We must remember the baptism by fire, the fiery cross, and all the flaming Cups that were shown as a symbol of the Yoga of the Age of Aquarius. In the future society, the Agni Yogi will be given a dignified place on earth, just as it is in the upper world. Among the signs of the rising spirit, first the internal fires of the centres (ćakras) will ignite, then the voice of the invisible Teacher can be heard, and finally the appearance of the external (spatial) Flame will occur, which will connect the individual consciousness (Jiva) with the consciousness of Space (Akaśa), connect the Atman with Brahman. In this solar experience, it is possible to contact beautiful, dangerous and subtle energies, with what transforms life by removing the concept of death. Truly, the purpose of human existence is to overcome the bonds of death imposed on us by the demons of Evil. The life that has overcome the bonds of death has entered its highest phase of development and is the life of an authentic Arhat. The Yogi’s sleep becomes shorter, and any aura poisoning can cause suffering. The Arhat is characterized by continuity of consciousness.

29. The evolution of life inexorably leads towards the Spiritual Kingdom, towards the watery transformation of blue initiations and the fiery transformation of solar initiations. Directing the searching soul towards our Kingdom is the blessed work of every authentic disciple of our Brotherhood. We recommend valuing the Name of the Teacher so highly that nothing less than this will touch this chain of unity of the world of Heaven and Earth. We recommend adepts to help those who constantly call on our Brotherhood. We recommend talking about the destiny of life on earth. We recommend rejecting everything that demeans relations with our Hierarchy. We recommend confirming the existence of our Hierarchy in people’s consciousness. We recommend confirming the existence of our Brotherhood in the consciousness of ordinary people of this world. The fact of the existence of the Spiritual Realm helps awaken people to a higher life. The knowledge of Abhava should help to fundamentally change the lives of those who accept our Teaching. Learning should bring new, priceless opportunities. Initiation is the establishment of a thread connecting earthly man with Heaven.

30. The privilege of Yoga is the ability to communicate with spiritual Teachers. Only one selected Teacher interacts through a single communication line. Such a communication line should be guarded as a priceless treasure, a silver thread to the Kingdom of the Spirit. The spatial (akaśic) channel connects you with many Masters and gives you the opportunity to receive cosmic knowledge. First we give the disciples a unitary conduit for the communication of the soul with their Guru, and when this connection is strengthened and tested, we offer the adept a spatial conduit. The difference between these channels is like the difference in energy levels between the first and second blue planetary initiations in the Kalkin Temple. Twenty–four initiation temples led by the Elder Masters surrounding Kalkin work for the spiritual liberation of humanity, guiding disciples of the Kingdom along the eight–fold Wheel of Dharma. Truly the Blue Lodge is the true Dharma Wheel, the Dharmaćakra. Paksala is the temple of Lord Morya, the Master of our Diamond Brotherhood. The channel of spatial communication includes all Masters of Eternal Wisdom, although beginners experience only a few of them.

31. Purify your thinking making your mind and heart as transparent as a mirror, then get to know your three worst traits (personal laws, ego principles) and hand them over to be burned in the fiery pursuit of ascension. Then, thus prepared, choose a Guide (Guru) on earth and, learning the Science of Heaven, fortify yourself with prescribed medicines and pranayama. You will see the stars of the spirit, see the fires of purified centres, hear the voice of the invisible Teacher and penetrate the higher, subtle understanding that transforms life. A yogi has few things, but among them there are no unnecessary things. The yogi understands the true quality of things and there are no bad objects around him. A spiritually cultured person should surround himself with objects of the highest quality. Ugly objects, like ugly actions, serve the forces of darkness. On your way to our Brotherhood, take with you everything that you feel is valuable. It is instructive to study the understanding of values. The yogi does not live in the clouds, but maintains a silver thread of connection with the higher worlds. A yogi is a realist in many dimensions of life. The Yogi is constantly tested by his Teacher. A yogi has no addictions, for they are nothing but the rot of life.

32. When practicing, one should also keep one room, or at least a corner, dedicated to the Guru, both earthly and invisible, completely clean. You can also reserve a seat by the window, which we do not allow anyone to sit in except Guru. This is how the eternal principles of Guruyoga were established. It is not difficult for a yogi who willingly follows our instructions to cut the bonds of all habits. In deeper learning we do not see the need for general lectures, but personal conversations and insights are needed. The purpose of yoga is to fill the space with useful ideas and direct energy to where the Truth has been defiled. In the room dedicated to the Guru, we praise the one God, shouting: Namaśśivaya! There we also delve into the secrets of Guruyoga, there we invoke the state of Abhava to always accompany us in everyday life. Many seekers dream of the protective shield of yoga, but are bored with forging a sword every day. The ability to strike effectively is not acquired from someone else’s sword. The Angel of Peace, Śantideva, protects those who forge the sword of the spatial word, which space imbues with ideas.

33. Those who come to Agni Yoga for Teaching are not equal in value or state of mind. The yogi should know who came by accident and who may become a disciple or even become a disciple educator (Snataka) improving on those who come. Let us warn those who come to hear about yoga that the spiritual path is a one–way path, a path of no return. Darkness is the abode of those who came into contact with the light of Yoga and then returned to their former life, to superstition and dogma. Let us teach everyone who comes equally, but we must teach those who can become disciples of the Way differently. Wake up, o sleeping one – this is our call to the distant generations. It is the Teacher’s task to awaken from the attacks of animal sleep of worldliness, even if it requires a lightning strike. The dream of worldliness and pursuit of vanities easily turns into obsession with ignorance and fanaticism. Greater India (along with Tibet and Persia) retained the concept of Teacher and disciple (Chela). The guru can steer the ship of the disciple’s spirit. The Guru can dispel the attack of slumber of materiality and worldliness. A guru can awaken a weakened and decayed spirit. In the spiritual journey, the Guru is our support and our shield is the Guru’s Devotion.

34. Transcendental (elevated) consciousness experiencing hidden, subtle beauty accompanies beginning yogis. Abhava is nothing other than a sign of anchoring the mind in transcendental consciousness. Just awareness of the hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom and Devas (Angels) can induce transcendence. Elevation is the first sign of growth. The Guru is the gateway to transcendental, elevated consciousness. Contemplation of beauty and subtlety is the first way to consume Amrita, which consists of the subtlest energies. Cosmic awareness accompanies advanced yogis, and it is the ability to embrace and consider from all possible sides. Achieving cosmic consciousness opens the gates of cosmic knowledge, the gates of the spatial communication channel. The disciple must guard the awareness he has achieved as if it was his greatest treasure. Degrees of consciousness are sure signs of enlightenment as long as they appear on a sustained basis. Momentary glimpses have little effect on the soul, and many false teachers rely on their momentary glimpses.

35. Disciples must learn to watch over themselves and guard the deposit of faith in the absence of the Teacher. Often in the Guru’s absence, disciples loosen their spiritual discipline and end up in the many traps of egotism. The yogi has no desires, but has many aspirations, because his pursuit is not a matter of passion. The Mother of Agni Yoga protects the Science from distortion. Agnima corrects and admonishes multitudes of practitioners. Blessed are those who follow the counsel of our Agnimatha. The Lord’s commandment is to guard the joy of the spirit, to guard the serenity of the spirit. Whoever feels the presence of the Spirit (Atman) rejoices in knowing his infinity. The fiery understanding of the Truth is difficult, but the Guardian’s service does not tolerate betrayal or hypocrisy. We are not in a hurry to choose students (Chela), but we carefully observe the candidates. We give newcomers three tasks to work through to test them so they can manifest without suspecting anything. The first task will be to strengthen the general good, the second will be to defend the Name of the Teacher, and the third will be to demonstrate independence. It will be too difficult for some, others will threaten each other or whisper behind their backs, and traitors and troublemakers will soon appear. They will all fall away on the way to discipleship. Disciples of the Kingdom, these are truly tested, and they endure all tests without a murmur. Only one who has undergone spiritual discipline can understand how hard the reality of Freedom is. Whoever is sure of his will, let him enter!

36. There is only one path to the Teacher – you must go without looking back, so as not to turn into a pillar of salt from longing for your former worldly life. Even the thought of failure is already a failure. Like an eagle, he who knows the direction of his flight flies over the abyss. These are the signs of approaching to Guruyoga of Lord Morya. No less than half of earthly encounters come from the conditioning of previous incarnations. He will easily meet his Guru who knew Him in his previous lives. This is a more difficult step for those who have never had a Guru and an even more difficult step for those who once abandoned their Guru. Negligent abandonment of the Guru can stop our development for many lifetimes and even drag the soul into the depths of Doom. Maitreya–Christ is the Teacher of all adepts of the blue Lodge, but anyone coming to our Kingdom would be mistaken to make a difference between one of the Twenty–Four Sages and Kalkin. The Complete Planetary Government of the Spiritual Realm has 144,000 co–rulers engaged in spiritual leadership. Among the 40,000 people we will certainly find one co–ruler who is aware of the spiritual power of Maitreya–Messiah. Each such being is a Path to the Teacher for humanity.

37. World religions cannot help much in authentic spiritual life and development. However, they can give some clues if the seeker can separate the wheat from the tares. This is because the Good Sower sows good seed, and the Evil One sows weeds in the field of religion. A man blindly devoted to the state’s universal religion is like a donkey carrying an unknown burden. Religion imposed by police and state requirements cannot be tolerated, because it is a satanic caricature of God’s Work. A nation of forty million people is led by less than 1,000 souls who are guides aware of the Teacher of People and Angels, whose name is known to the nations. The Saoshyant of the ancient Persians, the Messiah of the Semitic race, the Kalkin of the Hindu culture, the Maitreya of the Buddhists, the Mithra of the first millennium, and finally the Christ of Christianity. Selected servants among the initiated are endowed with the charismatic grace of God’s Wisdom and the ability to initiate people on the spiritual Path. The awareness of the unity of all religions is certainly their sign, because they are not fanatics. Their feature is a deepened sensitivity to the issue of righteousness and justice. When one of the co–rulers departs from earthly life, another Harbinger is chosen to take his place.

38. The yogi comes at a predestined time and indicates the happiness that can be achieved. The yogi can build a new life because he knows commensurability and value. Our list of devoted servants is indeed short, so let us value every manifestation of devotion. The only true test of devotion is the trial in the difficult hour. People understand love, willingness and caring as devotion, but these are only fragments of devotion, just as a smile is only a fragment of sympathy. Mahayoga’s devotion itself shines forth like a knight in white ready for battle. Psychic energy is a true magnet of the soul that grows on the basis of devotion. We must remain vigilant and yet cross the abyss with a smile. Iśvarapranidhana – spiritual devotion is the first practice of the more inner stage of the Diamond Way. When we talk about Master M., we mean that Masters like Morya and Maitreya are completely united with each other, and their unity of hearts is complete and there is no dissonance between them. The Lesser Hierarch lives and develops in the consciousness, in the spirit, of the Greater Hierarch, and this principle applies to all Heralds of our Brotherhood.

39. Brahmaćarya means abstinence, although in the common understanding it means the prohibition of adultery, the prohibition of seducing someone else’s partner. However, nowhere does it say that abstinence means celibacy. The essential meaning of brahmaćarya means gaining the guidance of the divine Spirit. The concept of monks’ loneliness seems to be significantly distorted, because nowhere is it stated that a Yogi must be physically lonely, although the spiritual loneliness of an initiate is inevitable. Without a doubt, if all of humanity decided to live in celibacy, humanity would quickly become extinct. This is how we will understand how an idea is distorted or misunderstood. The prohibition of adultery was never a mandate for celibacy, but only a guideline on how to live honestly towards our human brothers and sisters. Brahmaćarya can be understood as a deeper dedication to God and divine things, and this is the duty of mankind towards its Creator, Brahma Kumara!

40. The stage of development of psychic energy (pranam) at which a person begins to radiate light is called luminous. Only by truly radiating do we become luminous beings, the light of the world. Everyone transformed by baptism by fire is able to shine with the light of the Spirit. We can get closer to this wonderful solar transfiguration if we try to create a radiant ocean of light with our thoughts and imagination. People hungry for the living Spirit of God will undoubtedly come to the Light Transmission Circle. Abhava is approached by maintaining a clear, luminous mind and crystalline consciousness. Beings full of light have their enemies from among the black lodge. According to the enemy, we will know the meaning of a person, as the height of the shadow depends on the height of objects. The greater and more powerful the enemy, the greater is the essence of the initiated adept in spirit. This is how we recognize the light of the world. Akbar Morya, when he led India into the Golden Age, said: I am happy because I could apply the holy Science in my life, I could give satisfaction to people, and my enemies were the great among men. This is how we know that the shadow of the living Light is darkness in the form of the enemy. The enemies of God, indeed, if they do not repent, will achieve eternal Destruction, Avići, Gehenna.

41. The first steps in approaching us are the steps in which we give encouragement. We give responsibility and discipline to the higher levels of approach to our Brotherhood. The ruler should remain invisible, even though he acts openly. He enters into all actions and incomprehension directs them. However, the New Era of the Platonic year begins amidst visible thunder and lightning, it is the visible descent of Maitreya and the hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom into the earthly world. The teacher is in a difficult position if the disciple makes a promise, but when he receives the Precept he finds reasons to distort it. People easily accept the Teacher’s gifts, although they quickly forget His best advice. When we ourselves become Teachers, let us demand immediate fulfilment of the precept. The time is near for the Pilgrims, and unused spiritual advice drags the disciple down. The beginning of the Great War (1914) is rightly considered to be the breakthrough date of the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of the reign of Maitreya–Christ on earth.

42. Since ancient times, God’s prophets have been called God’s Madmen. Signs of madness are often signs of the coming to life of prophetic gifts, such as even the gift of counsel and wisdom. As we lead the human race, we must be very alert to signs of madness, for great sensitivity may betray an awakening prophet (messenger). When the Messenger of Heaven brings Good News, He knows more than He communicates. Signs of progress may include such features as recognition according to meaning and not according to form, the importance of independent creativity and, similarly, brevity, i.e. the ability to synthesize. Sleepers, however, cannot stand the light or show any signs of progress. With the right hand of the sower, he throws the seed widely. The sower does not count the seeds he sows, because our Teachers are constantly working in the service of humanity. The sowing is entrusted to the more experienced of the Kingdom disciples. The graveyards of humanity do not lose their parishioners, we speak to those who may live.

43. The limits to the growth of consciousness are imperceptible. Of course, degrees of spiritual development clearly exist, but their lines are wavy. Especially in the lower steps of the Blue Lodge one must judge carefully. Perseverance in pursuit and growth in understanding are only certain signs. Those who come to us and stay forever are certainly Our disciples. The actions of our collaborators are distinguished from others by the mobility of their pursuits and the versatility of their approach. The activities of our collaborators are consistent with the laws of nature, with the order and orderliness of nature. We need sowing and we know that the seeds cannot die. Two people sitting opposite each other at one table cannot be adversaries if they belong to the same Teacher. Understanding and tolerance are the same thing. Neither the subtlety of spiritual Science nor the wisdom of judgment depend on age or social position. There is no need to pay attention to barking dogs. You need to arm yourself with a staff and remember that just pointing the blade will stop the worst dog. People of the spirit were the bravest warriors.

44. Let us remember those whom the nations called saints. They did not obey either authorities or kings, nor did they show submission to the satanic authorities of this world. It is known that they condemned kings risking their lives, were warriors, sometimes robbers, revolutionaries, builders and conquerors of crowds. According to the fire of the Spirit, the degrees of ascension are awarded. Laws made by men will not quench fire. He who acquires knowledge for himself is not our builder. Let us be brave in spreading the Teaching like warriors in a victorious battle. We advise you to get rid of fear about the future. When a person comes in bound by fear, he does not create an atmosphere for spiritual influence. What is needed is a man striving to win. A coward does not have the qualifications of an Aćarya. Cowardly people quickly give up on spreading the teachings of our Brotherhood. By giving the Diamond Way to humanity, we are performing a deed of indescribable importance. It is useful to talk about the Teacher. It is useful to talk about spiritual Knowledge. You should speak according to the listener’s awareness.

45. How to begin the introduction to the basics of Agni Yoga of Chohan Morya? One must become aware of the concept of prana, the psychic energy associated with the breath. Then one must understand that Fire is the essence of Spirit. It is useful to abstain from meat. Vegetables and cereals are recommended for nutrition. One should realize the importance of Śanti and develop peace of mind. One must attain the Abhava of bliss and emptiness. One should realize what the Bodhisattva’s Mercy (Maitri) and Compassion (Karuna) are. Every useful force must be patiently directed towards the Good. There is no end to forging the foundations, because when building the pyramid of spiritual growth upwards, we must constantly expand its foundations. When developing the stages of Agni Yoga, we need to talk mainly about the concept of Teacher, Guru. We can cite a whole series of teachers, each of whom will be a student of the Higher Hierarch. It is useful to teach about immortality at school. It is important to remember that subtle energies interact in silence.

46. ​​He who knows the grain of Truth is called an occultist. They call the opponents of knowledge rationalists. It is bad if the concept of Guru is not understood. It’s even worse when you leave to the Teacher what should be done by yourself! One must honour the Teacher and at the same time put all his strength into action. The progress of Agniyoga in the seven–year cycle should be observed. Inner freedom reaches a higher degree in the seven–year cycle. The symbol of fire reminds us of the most sacred substance, which is collected with difficulty and used up in an instant. He who follows our Teaching renounces the inaction that is so pleasing to people. Guard the spiritual Teaching like pearls. The way of fire is the way of achievement. Let’s not waste time repeating obvious truths, because everything is good that will turn humanity towards psychic energy. Do not bring the weak closer to Agni Yoga, they will not hold the treasure. It’s better to trust a selected few. Even Mahayoga is already a difficult and demanding degree. The chosen ones will make the right decision, will like the difficulties we face on the path and will not betray us. There is always building work going on around Agniyoga.

47. In the West, many “yogis”, jugglers, teachers, magnetizers, occultists and channelling or healing specialists have appeared who use the phenomena of will and thought power. By brilliantly increasing your means of subsistence, teaching everyone, at a high price, how to improve their financial conditions, how to make people favourable towards you, how to achieve social influence, how to run a business, how to dictate regulations or how to make a garden of colours out of your life. Most of these very expensive instructors do not indicate the goal of the spiritual journey, do not guide people towards the goal of their life, and thus only contribute to the deterioration of terrible living conditions. True spiritual Knowledge is also available to the poorest, to the poor. God’s teaching cannot be bought, and the high prices of courses discourage continuous improvement or make it unrealistic. People receive diplomas in a few days that really require 7–12 years of daily practice! That’s why we call these expensive tricksters false messiahs, because they do more harm than good. There is no greater enemy of spirituality than commercialized religion or highly paid gnosis. Some true Gurus completely prohibit charging fees for Yoga lessons so that Teachers avoid the above trap. The more expensive the courses, the more fake the school, although perhaps we can find treasures of wisdom everywhere, even in the trash. Many missionaries of the Spiritual Hierarchy toil all their lives in exchange for a little food and a garment to wear. Modesty is undoubtedly a sign of the Way.

48. Wisdom grows in a spiral, expanding ever wider circles of encompassing phenomena. Happy are those who have understood the order of the spiral Kundalini Fire. The End of the Flame was imagined by the ancients as a flattened spiral. If we do not become aware of the spiral of inner Fire, we cannot yet say that we are Agniyogis. Pure striving towards the higher spheres of the Spirit, towards the Chohan Morya consciousness, will ignite the fires of the inner centres. The path of Agni Yoga requires constant zeal. Sometimes rest is necessary, but the inner flame does not go out. The symbol of eternal burning is indicated in many teachings as the degree of Knowledge, Gnosis. Agni Yoga directs humanity along the simplest Path. Fire refines the centres and brings sensitivity that recognizes the right direction. We bless humanity on its journey, wishing it to light the fires of aspiration and achievement.

49. The measure of the understanding of spiritual Science is the degree of Love. One can learn the text of the Teaching literally and remain dead if love does not warm the secret Knowledge. A parrot can learn verses from the Book, but it does not increase its understanding. The Guardian remembers and understands every word of his Guru. It is a matter of ardent Bhakti supported by Jnana. Love above all attracts the fire of space (Akaśa), the fire of the Great Central Sun. We joyfully welcome every manifestation of love and sacrifice at all levels of its flowering. The precept to love one another comes from all true Yogis. Students of one teacher should demonstrate and cultivate sincere mutual love among themselves. The empire of anger and hatred burns in the fire of love. The use and action of the Kundalini fire flows from the Source, which is the fire of Love. Truly, the nations remember Chohan Mitra as the Embodiment of Love. Agniyogi likes it when the fire of love shines brighter and helps overcome every obstacle. Like love, admiration ignites the fires of the centres. Rapture is, indeed, a sign of transcendental consciousnesses.

50. The teraphim of the upper world is reduced to the eight–rayed Dharma Wheel, within which is the Svastika. This symbol can evoke an approximation of the inner fire. The teacher wants the student to make progress, but this is only possible with voluntary cooperation. Therefore we say that the Guru’s disciples are His co–workers. The disciple easily connects with the consciousness of the Teacher, and we take such striving for unity of consciousness as a sign of moving closer to discipleship. The star guides the disciple who has achieved the rank of Angel of Peace (Śantideva). Gurus usually did not have many disciples. You can recall the numbers sixteen, twelve, and even less. This is because it is not easy to find Chela. A true disciple has a servant nature and humility. People cannot find a true Master because they do not want to hear about the discipline of discipleship.

51. Drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes) and eating meat (animal bodies) do not help harmonize the physical body with the astral body. Meat pollutes the entire aura, opening the gates to countless diseases. Drugs open the gates to Hades, shortening life and bringing death closer. Any compulsion on the spiritual Path is also unacceptable, and it is difficult to find a willing soul. Just eat regularly when your body is hungry. It is enough for a person to eat one or two meals a day if he has entered the Path of Fire and Light. When we learn that it is easy to not burden ourselves with food, we will have taken an important step towards Paksala. In this way, we raise the currents of the spirit, we raise the vibrations of the aura. Having lost the bridge to the higher world, people harm not only themselves, but also everything around them. The misfortunes of families lie in the fact that spiritual life is not part of their everyday life. We must teach humanity spirituality in everyday life.

52. You can look at successive incarnations as a series of separate lives, but it is more accurate to see the change of incarnations as one life. Truly, life is one, although divided into many periods called lives. The end of this one life, of which the Arhat is already fully aware, is the trial of Avići (Death), followed by Resurrection to Eternity in the Realm of Perfect Spirits. Most people divide their lives into no more than a few dozen incarnations in an earthly body. The Arhatic Path truly eagerly awaits the Resurrection into Eternal Life. The breaks between incarnations can be called sleep or astral life, depending on your point of view. Man should change his consciousness, joining the chain of uninterrupted consciousness. The path of expansion of consciousness (Ćittam) predicts the degree of awareness of each step of life. The contemplation of the idea that is Life encompasses all life through all lives. The Yogi must be able to synthesize his entire Life. This is our ancient Art of Living.

53. We assure you that the joy of work is the best flame of the spirit. Joy is accompanied by increased activity of centres (ćakras). Thanks to joy, many heroic deeds were achieved. The difficult hour of trial reveals true Yogis – heroes like Arjuna – the best of men. Heroism, synthesis and vigilance are expressed in the three–coloured flame. Heroism is a silvery colour, synthesis is a greenish colour, and vigilance is a yellowish light. The triple flame of these colours marks the mastery of sacrifice and is known as the Flame of Sacrifice or Enlightenment. Kindling the Sacrificial Fire is the true work of the Agniyogi, achieved through training in various conditions of life. We can indicate the direction of travel. We can call every soul to fly. We can encourage people to work. We can point to the Light.

54. When we talk about arhatic Laya Yoga, we mean the Vajrasattva vehicle ending with the Agniyoga method. We sometimes talk about Agniyoga as all the stages of ascension along the Diamond Way of Fire and Light. The teacher directs the current of consciousness during the ascension. A beginner student may not notice the Master’s invisible touches. However, the Guru is a guide leading souls along the stages of the ascending currents of the evolution of the Spirit. For the Agniyogi, the daily work sanctified by the Name of the Teacher is neither ordinary nor arduous. Let us remember the daily work of Master M. His creativity is spread throughout space and He does not tire of scattering sparks of heroism. Fire as Light strengthens the essence of man, strengthens the Spirit (Ruah, Atman). What is most wonderful, the Spirit Matrix is tempered in Fire, also in the heat of heroic battle. The yogi is the focus of the wonderful Fire of space. Agni Yoga comes as a revelation at the right time. Blessed indeed are the feet of the Givers of Agni Yoga leading towards Paksala.

55. True disciples of the path offer an offering of the flowers of their pursuits at the feet of Guru Agni Yoga. The rainbow envelope of Light protects the adept against attacks by asura powers. The diamond burning in the Crown is the symbol of Agniyogin. A diamond fiery glow saturates the surroundings of yogis who have achieved Agniyoga. Transmitting the diamond brilliance is the daily work of every Agniyogi. By connecting the Guru’s hands with the feet, we choose the shortest path to the freedom of the Spirit. Psychic energy increases when we direct our attention towards the future and that is why the Yogi constantly flows into the future. It is in giving one’s spirit for the liberation of humanity that both sacrifice and achievement are contained. The full moon usually favours telepathic phenomena, as does the increased activity of the solar aura. The yogi tries to receive the thoughts of his Guru about the full moon. We leave ourselves three days of meditation on receiving ideas as the moon approaches the full moon. Guru Purnima in the sign of Cancer is a celebration of the union of thoughts and feelings with the heart and mind of the Guru.

56. Spiritual synthesis opens all spheres. We can direct our thinking and will to Space (Akaśa), from where the animating energy flows. Verily, prana flows from outer space. Sensory knowledge is the source of the manifestation of the gift of Wisdom. We know that psychic energy, prana, is most closely related to Fire, that it is indestructible and has the property of accumulating. Each possessor of a reserve of psychic energy constitutes the general good, the good of society. People with a reserve of mental energy should be the treasure of their country. Conscious development of mental energy leads to efficient work. You can show the results of many years of work in a short time. The psychic energy manifested by a person greatly increases human dignity. Prana is needed to achieve health, happiness and longevity. Righteous and calm people achieve longevity most easily. Falsehood greatly shortens the length of an individual human life.

57. Anyone who comes and knocks at the gates of our Brotherhood can begin to observe himself. One can painlessly reject unnecessary qualities, habits and tendencies. He must understand that what is necessary is liberation from suffering, not suffering. He will understand that intuitive knowledge is necessary, not miracles. He will realize that what is valuable is understanding and application, not mental learning. The one who truly comes to us, radiant on the first day, will not lower his head the next day. He will drive away the scorpions of fear, doubt and cowardice. He will accept our gifts as Light on the Path. He will understand the importance of being aware of fires and developing of them as an attracting magnet. He will understand that fires grow imperceptibly, just like plants in a garden. He will understand that fire burns the past and illuminates the future. And he will know what heroism means. Much is said about the power of thinking and improving the mind, but few track their thoughts (and emotions) to the causes and effects of thinking. Involuntary thoughts are the most harmful. Every conscious thought is already evidence of some organization. The worst are the meaningless little mind wanders that litter the road.

58. For old spirits who have gone through many earthly incarnations, the period after seven years of practice is difficult, and especially difficult after fourteen years, when the psychic energy begins to work. Truly, luminous light is built with daily work lasting no less than fifteen years. This period of work on accumulating psychic energy is called the building phase. The Spirit is already detaching itself from the burden of previous existences and the weight of a new, unknown path weighs him down, the accumulated values ​​stimulate him, and the Being turns back to where the possibilities of consciousness were great. If the centres are not working properly, there is no accumulation of psychic energy and the spirit has no substance to manifest. Therefore, the Agniyogi nurtures the flame of the nine centres of spiritual energy. The so–called fourth dimension is a property of psychic energy, the pranic space. Nothing can replace the Element of Fire, and similarly nothing can replace psychic energy. Prana is sometimes described in terms of Water, and the increase in power as a subtle balance of the forces of Fire and Water.

59. Our spiritual Teaching does not impose itself on the world, but indicates and anticipates those who are already prepared to perfect themselves towards the path of the Arhat. You can be almost certain that the New Era will penetrate simple and sincere souls. Let the Aćaryas give the weakest the simplest formula of practice. When spreading the spiritual Doctrine of our Brotherhood, do not be surprised that only a few people sense its indispensable necessity. Spreading the spiritual teachings of our Brotherhood is truly the spiritual mission of every disciple–educator called to work as an Aćarya. The time is coming when humanity will undertake the sixth perfection. This is the time of the coming timocratic sixth race. The time is coming when people will open their hearts and offer the Cup of hearts to their Creator, the Most High God. In the sixth race, the Fire will burn over the Cup of the heart. It is the awakening of the angelic centre of the nine–lobed thymus gland. Working with the nine ćakras symbolically points towards the perfection of the sixth race, which will be characterized by constant happiness in living life.

60. Sincerity, like a filter, introduces crystal clarity that illuminates consciousness. You have to help success with honesty. The Sublime Spiritual Science spreads through the most unexpected Paths. Without knowing each other, invaluable collaborators bring pieces of Knowledge at the right time. The student must accumulate all the Knowledge needed for growth, understand it, apply it and guard it like a precious Treasure. Partial striving leads to division and does not bring transformation. Partial aspirations result in disastrous consequences, because with them a person cannot improve and purify the sense of beauty necessary to achieve transcendence. That’s why we encourage you to increase your effort and devote yourself completely. Psychic energy protects the adept, but he must evoke and lead Teros from the Chalice out into the limbs. The Heart Chalice ducts branch out to all limbs and some may feel the Chalice Light by feeling tension in their toes or fingers.

61. Silence is attributed to the Voice of Silence, but above this voice there is also communion. You can unite by instantly transferring your consciousness to the consciousness of the Teacher. Then you stop feeling yourself, and only the area around the Cup of the Heart is full of sensitive feeling. Such spiritual union is higher than words because it feeds sensory knowledge. This combination of consciousness is sufficient for all types of intercourse. However, the desire to communicate with the Teacher should not be criticized when the time comes to ask for advice and be filled with a common aura. Union with the higher Hierarch is truly the Guruyoga stage of our path. The growing awareness is accompanied by spasms of longing and this is indeed inevitable. The greater the awareness, the greater the longing. Melancholy may be a sign of suppressed aspirations for spiritual growth. When it comes to Learning, the first step is to hear with your own ears, the second is to remember, and the third is to apply it intelligently. Four principles were given to mark the path of Good: reverence for Hierarchy, awareness of Unity, awareness of commensurability, application of the canon “Thy Lord”.

62. All forward motion is rotational motion. By rotating the fiery energy centres, the intensity of psychic energy deposition can be increased. No matter to which centre individuality will give priority. It is best if it is the Chalice of the Heart or the centre of the Bell – Brahmarandra. If a student is looking for methods of protecting health, let him reach for the basics of Vedic medicine and make friends with Bhaishajyadeva. If people became aware of the consequences of their thoughts, the world would be a safer and healthier place. People should be shown how material a thought is, you can also show how a thought lives, how tomorrow’s flower grows from yesterday’s seed. The wise man knows the Word, knows the writing (signs), knows thought and knows silence – this is what the ancient Scriptures say. We are glad if you understand the harm of false spirituality devoid of sound teaching and blessings. Our spiritual Science is mystical, occult and hermetic. It moves souls determined to truly ascend along the true spiral path of evolution.

63. Notice that a deep sigh accompanies the action of psychic energy. We advise aćaryas to point out signs of this energy everywhere. There is much talk about prana, but pure prana is almost unavailable on earth, except at high altitudes where few people dare to stay. Also in some beautiful places of power created by the Angel of Nature. We speak of our lineage as Parvata, referring to the Beneficence of retreat places high in the Mountains. The morning sun is also particularly invigorating, evoking mental energy. Psychic energy prevents many diseases, so the student must learn how to accumulate prana. Simply placing your hands in pranam in front of the Heart Cup can already help us a lot. The Fire of Kundalini will not be awakened by anyone who has not learned to sit upright in deep peace. One who has accumulated consciousness (Ćittam) should announce the opening of the gate of peace, the gate of Śanti. By accepting the gift of Enlightenment, he is a helper of humanity. There is no Enlightenment that does not result in spiritual service to humanity. Truly, the Enlightened One is the servant of the human Family.

64. Achieve and conquer. Do not win for yourselves, but your victory is important for the good of all. Achieve Enlightenment for the enlightenment of humanity. The holy fire of the spirit opens the way to Teaching, but what is more important for the disciple is the desire to light the fires. We strengthen the Chalice of desire, but the student must fill the Chalice with achievements himself. The basic part of Agni Yoga draws attention to psychic energy, the peace of Śanti, the refinement of consciousness and the creation of fires. Once these principles are adopted, we will refine our thinking and develop the power of creative imagination. Mahayoga is a field of development of power based on devotion. The heroism of the Saćindah process purifies the will, instincts and desires to create the conditions for the manifestation of greater Power. There are only four stages of meditation for us. The first stage is Light, the second is Love, the third is Power, and the fourth is the higher synthesis of the three. Love not being based on Light is not a higher achievement but a gateway to fanaticism and passion. Therefore, we strengthen the Light stage as the basis of the meditation pyramid. Lighting the fire guarantees an increase in light intensity.

65. I advise you to accept the Name of the Teacher as a luminous shield. We make “Chohan Morya” the call of our Guruyoga. A student who wants to become an Agniyogi should feel the full force of the fire of love for the Teacher. A disciple who wants to help carry out the Teacher’s work must keep His commandments. A disciple who wants to follow the Master’s instructions should guard what has been said like a pearl. By transforming hymns to the Mother of the World (Menaka) into life, learn to see Her element in the beauty of the Cosmos, in the beauty of nature and the starry sky. Those who deviate from the path of our Brotherhood will be held accountable by karma. The law says that the spiritual path is the Way of No Return. In the Chalice of the Heart lies the winged child of the Spirit, and the ray of blessing causes it to grow. Receiving a ray of blessing from the Guru’s hand is a method of Spirit growth. He who does not fulfil His Commandments is not a disciple of God.

66. The disciple (Chela) who has responded to the call of spiritual Teaching and has ignited himself with all the fires of devotion is undoubtedly a co–operator of the cosmic forces. Through his actions, he multiplies the forces of the cosmos and beautifies spatial thought with his thoughts, because he is the Creator. The mere realization of the existence of Our Brotherhood and the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom directs the Wanderer to the shortest Path to Infinity, to Brahman. The thought of obedience to the Teacher must be made known to all humanity. Following the Teacher in spirit proves that you have embraced His Image. The Master is the light that guides. The Guru lights all fires. Humanity must learn higher ways of creativity. The leading hand is the lifting hand. The best performer will be closest to the Hierarchy of Sages–Old Men. Only the execution of the Higher Will is a hierarchy of service.

67. The spirit is transformed by the creativity of the impulse (willingness). The spirit rises through the creativity of striving. Consciousness of the Higher Spirit is a state of saturation with Fire. Only the understanding and execution of the Higher Will can lead the spirit to its destiny. Creative Will states that unified consciousness produces consensual decisions. Therefore, we only recognize the law of consensus. Only the Fire Carrier is the light–bringer. The Hierarchy on earth deals with creation by raising the spheres with the flame of pure Spirit. The Spiritual Hierarchy is the established law of the universe. Of all the principles leading to the expansion of consciousness, the principle of Hierarchy is the most powerful. Every turn towards progress comes through the Guru hierarchy. Applying the properties of Fire is heroism, applying the law of Hierarchy and submitting one’s will to the guiding hand of the Guru is heroism.

68. In subtle reception lies the understanding of the Teacher. We cannot separate Yogaćarya from Lord Morya, nor Lord Morya from Maitreya–Kalkin. The student’s progress is included in the understanding that the Teacher fills the student’s spirit with higher understanding. The creativity of the Spirit can only develop when the thought becomes more sublime. We must guard against the ugliness of thoughts by weeding them out like noxious weeds in the Garden. Only the Teacher can raise the student’s spirit. Spiritual pursuits become a chain of transmission between Master and disciple. The Higher Power ruling the planet known as Brahma Kumara or Yahvah is an Angel who has achieved perfection in the Venus scheme. Therefore, just thinking about the vibrations of Venus (Śukra) brings us closer to the Lord of Creation, whose rule is measured in myriads of millions of years. The Blessed Lord of the Holy City of Shambhala has established One Master over humanity, whose authority is measured by the Platonic year of Dhruva. Kalkin the Savior is reflected in every Yogaćarya serving the Temple. That is why we say that there is one and only one Guru.

69. I have laid the foundation of Agni Yoga in the four corners of the world of heaven and earth in order to spread our arhatic, diamond Path of the Age of Aquarius. I strengthened Agni Yoga with the pillars of My feet and took the fire of the cornerstone in my hands. I strengthened the Vajrasattva Brotherhood and spread the foundations of Abhava Yoga. I have strengthened the consciousness of the Lord of Paksala in the sincere hearts of the People of the Book. The Lord of Paksala is My shepherd, the Creator of Life is My ruler. I handed the firestone to the one who, by our decision, will be called the Mother of Agni Yoga, because she devoted herself to the trial of Spatial Fire. On who reaches the last stage, having become Agniyogi, he is called Paramahamsa – the Supreme Migratory Bird. The first step is called the Knocker – it is the image of the seeking Wanderer. The second stage is called the Transformer because he dissolves the accumulations of previous lives. The third stage is the Lamp becoming the light of the world. We render the last stage of Vajrasattva with the word Creator.

70. We have established thus seventy Pearls of Wisdom after the number of Masters surrounding the Creator’s Throne in His Holy City. We have established and strengthened the Pure Diamond Way, the way of good will, spiritual devotion, the way of fire and light. We have exalted the Path leading to the White Brotherhood of adepts of solar initiations, the Path of the Arhat, the Perfect One. Those traveling our Diamond Path are the seed of the growing awareness of the Age of Aquarius. The future millennia belong to the people of the Spirit raising the Fire in the spiral circles of Lord Vajrasattva. Indeed, the Millennium of the Age of Aquarius will be a time of Peace and Creativity, where sickness, old age and death will be unknown. The Yogaćarya of Agni Yoga is the blessed one among the human race. Blessed are the Messengers of the Land of Morya, the Apostles of Paksala. Om Śanti Nam!


I Abhavayoga
II Guruyoga Chohan Morya
III Mahayoga (Saćinda)
IV Agniyoga (Kundaliniyoga)

Agni Yoga
Vajrasattva Sangha
Diamond Brotherhood
Order of Morya



Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita–Mohan G.K.


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