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Ancient Raja Yoga 

The secret and the cause of creation are taught here in a simple manner to make one a wiseman, however ignorant or poor one may be; ways are being paved to give all wisdom during family life without discarding it, and to lead one to live without disease, and decay due to old age and death. Not only we, but also those who are closely associated with us will be able enjoy these benefits. The object for doing so is to follow the conclusion of our elders that this mortal body is fit for nothing, that it is subject to decay, and that we must purify our astral-mental body, kamamanas, and destroy the ideas of the past that come through mental reflections and attain the pure state of Atman, the Soul. 

In olden days 64 Yogas are in existence but onlu 12 Yogas as true Sampadayas. Lord Brahma-Shiva, the Creator named His Raja Yoga as “Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga” i.e. Bhrukta means hidden. This is rather special kind of initiation into Yoga, kind of dikshan than kind of Yoga or Rajayoga. Hidden means previous births karmic effects. Rahita means eradication or keeped in secret or free from. Taraka means superior but it may be Asura Daitya (demon) or Cosmic Brahma. 

Rajayoga means one should not leave his family life like king and means one have to practice Pranayamas and Padma Asanas, Positions with Lotus. Sadhaka may practice the Yoga without discarding the family life, he need not be a Sannyasi. In the true Raja Yoga there is always Pranayama and Asanas with Padma (Lotus Asanas). Rajayoga is for Sadhakas who are living according Yama and Niyama rules and sit properly and meditating upon Brahman with Om-Kara in Lotus Position, practicing Divine Light in Padma-Asana. 

All will agree that practice of Yoga is necessary to know who we are, why we came here and where we are going. It was made out by Yogis that Rajayoga and any other Yoga must be practised with the power of Kundalini. In this process different methods were formulated and it was declared by Patanjali Maharishi that Raja Yoga is the best of all. This is also called Uro Yoga or Rishi Yoga. By methods of Rajayoga at the time of cessation of expiration if the Kundalini power begins to work in the body, outside consciousness will cease and a state of Samadhi will occur. It is very difficult for all to attain this state. It is stated as a dogma that if it (cessation of expiration) happens and the Kundalini begins to work in the body, the Kundalini will enable us to attain the pure state by stages. 

Ancient Raja Yoga Master D.K. 

The Following are the Raja Yoga Rules 

1. One should be above the age of 12. (for treatment purpose, it would not apply)

2. In case the applicant is a dependent on his parents their permission is necessary. In the case of ladies the husband’s permission is necessary (if divorced woman wants to live with her husband to lead happy life, she may also pray). In the case of unmarried ladies parents or guardian’s permission is necessary. 

3. One should be solvent. (if any solvent person get over from his/her crisis, he/she may also pray for relief) 

4. One should be free from worries. (Can request Master to help him/her to make him/her worry free) 

5. One should not be subject to any repulsive or chronic disease. 

6. One must have the determination not to give up the practice for a period of 10-15 years at least. 

7. One should not be addicted to any questionable ways or habits of life. 

8. One should dedicated for practicing Pranayama, and chanting Bhijaksharas (Gayatri, Omkara, etc.). 

9. The religious sect practices should not be done. 

10. One should easily utter OM (AUM) and other mantras. 

11. No initiation fee. There is no Yoga without initiation. 

12. No subscription fee. 

13. No treatment fee. (Free treatment for all types of diseases and prayogams). 

14. One must be a pure vegetarian, should not addict to alcoholic and smoking habits and character must be pure. 

15. To use the room as the sacred place of meeting where all meet for practice and silent prayer. 

16. You must know that ours is the line of true knowledge. 

Creator has no name or figure. He is pervading in whole cosmos. In each kalpa He is creating one Brahma for creation, one Vishnu to protect the cosmos, one Shiva to destroy the cosmos in the end of that kalpa. To help the Brahma, seven planets are created that is Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Kuja (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sukra (Venus), and Sani (Saturn). The seven planets are controlling the earth, human beings and other things as per the orders of the creator. The Sun creates blood and flesh. The Chandra creates skin, Kuja and Guru creates bone marrow, Budha creates intelligence, Sukra creates vitality, Sani creates bones and nerves. On this way Kalpas are going on. 14 kalpas i.e. 27 Mahayugas lapsed i.e. 12,096 crores of years lapsed. Lastly the creator thought that this cosmos and human beings and other things are to be kept eternal.

The Creator dispatched his Yogas rules, regulations, instructions and other things through mahatmas who bodily living in Himalayas. Mahatmas received instructions etc., from the Creator and dispatched the same through Disciples with instructions to dispatch this to all receptive souls. Accordingly the  Yoga Sadhakas dispatched the message what they received from the Higher Source, from Mahatmas. After streneous practice Yogi may found t thaone atom is responsible for human creation. The atom carries carmic effects from birth to birth. If the karmic effects are thrown out the body will stand eternal.

At the time of birth the prana i.e. stability enters in the body in the form of air. Life prevails until the air stands in the physical body. If the air goes out the physical body remains without life i.e. death occurs. The air moves in the body through nervous system. The present nervous system is breakable one. If it is burnt death occurs. If one practices the Yoga with devotion diligent faith, utmost care following the rules and regulations and with inner observation, the previous and present births karmic effects will be thrown out in the form of vibrations. The vibrations come through nervous system. Gradually the sadhaka gets development and attains knowledge little by little. 

Historically, schools of yoga that label themselves “rāja” offer students a structure of yogic practices and a solid viewpoint on dharma. Raja Yoga is concerned principally with the cultivation of the viewer’s (ṛṣih) mind using a succession of steps, such as meditation (dhyāna, dhyana) and contemplation (samādhi, samadhi). Its object is to further one’s acquaintance with reality (viveka), achieve awakening (moksha) and eventually enlightenment, kaivalya. Rāja yoga aims at controlling all thought-waves or mental modifications.

The Rāja Yoga Sādhaka starts his Sādhanā with the mind as well as a certain minimum of Āsana like Padma-Asana and Prāṇāyāma usually included as a preparation for the meditation and concentration. In Samādhi Pada I,27 it is stated that the word of Īśvara is OM, the Praṇava. Through the sounding of the Word and through reflection upon its meaning, the Way is found. Taraka Raja Yoga means practice like Cosmic Star, fivepointed Yoga, Five Angas of Yoga: Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi. And on advanced level starts to practice Samyama – three upper limbs of Ashtanga: Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi as One Yoga. 

At the time of practice unbreakable nervous system will be formed. The newly formed nerve enters in the present nervous system as inner tube, which is unbreakable. After the completion of the new nervous system the stability i.e.prana or air never goes out of the present body. It rotates in the body. After the completion of this process the body will remain eternal i.e. without decay and figure change. The Creator dispatched temporary adjustments, so many courses, regulations, that is Gods Regulations, Planetory Regulations, Nakshatra regulations, Tadhasthudevatas Regulations, Sthree Devatas Regulations, Rishi Regulations etc. Nearly 900 and above Regulations were given to the Cosmos to bring out proper change to establish Physical Eternity. The regulations are now working in the Cosmos. So many calamities and changes may occur in the whole Universe. After the fulfilment we will not have thirsty, hunger and can live without sleep. 

Each human being possess one Kundalini i.e. one molecule which is responsible for the human body. The molecule stands in between the bowels place and urinary system of the physical body. There is one cosmic Kundalini. In this cosmic Kundalini crores of molecules are deposited. At the time of Yoga practice if the sadhaka taps the cosmic kundalini it taps the human kundalini. Then the previous births karmic effects will be known to the Yoga practitioner. He must give a thought that these karmic effects are to be thrown out by the grace of the creator through the Master. 

The Creator said there always is aura in the room where the Master (Śri Guru) practiced. Who wants to get rid of the karmic effects and diseases he may pray with mantras in the aura room. The aura will rectify their defects. Astronomy to know the dead raising when Śani that is Saturn bores the Kuja the Dead raising will occur. To know such things the study of Vedic Astronomy is essential. Those who are well acquainted with the above subjects will be given Yoga development and treatment powers by the Creator. If the sadhaka practices with diligent faith and with utmost belief with inner observation following the rules and regulations for a period of 10 years without break, he will be granted treatment powers by the Highest authorities. 

Raja Yoga Founder – Maharishi Bhrigu


OM” – sound or mental pronouncing before and after the commencement of the Prayer. 

Śri Guru Namaskaram

You must give thought as follows:

Please make the entire Universe and myself Happy. The past and present karmic effects be evaporated. Linga (Atom) is the cause for my birth. Any defects in this Linga, it shall be rectified. I must stand as Physically Eternal with flesh and blood in this birth only but not in the next birth. Śri Guru Namaskaram. 

If any one is feeling weak or with any ailment, then one must lay down and pray: 

“Śri Guru please supply Plenty of Prana and Vigor.” 

If you got any ailment and any sufferings they must be putforth to the MASTER and request the Master to rectify the defects. Then do Namaskaram. Prayer form should not be uttered loudly. You must think in your heart only. Prayer form should be thought only once but not thrice. 

Immediately one must get relief. Namaskaram is ancient ritual Ashtanga Namaskarama under Śri Guru Guidence or Shatanga Namaskarama with Lotus Position. 

You must give thought as follows. 

“Whole creation and I must be safe. Previous and present Karma is to be evaporated. My body is to be fitted up to acquire eternity. Namaskaram”. 

The Chief thing you all will have to observe during your daily course of practice is what is going on in your system without any concentration. Disciples can sit in any posture as they like to practice the same. All should attend to the practice fully after taking bath. The religious sect practices should not be clubbed with, you should not utter religious sect practices. 

The ritualistic prayer is fine for Bhukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga sadhakas. Ritualistic prayer means lighting in the beginning, giving harathy, going archana with praising the Master 108 or 1008, going bhajans, singing songs on Master; placing kumkum in his face. These all come under Ritualistic Prayer. We are doing the above are doing justice to the Bhrukta Rahita Taraka Raja Yoga and they are cleaning all sin account of doing this. 

One has to practice 48 mins, daily three times. In the morning in between 4 to 8 A.M. and in the evening 6 to 8 P.M. (pl. consider local time with respect to their geographic locations) and at the bed time a review prayer. The Sun controls the whole cosmos from 4 A.M. to 4 P.M. The Moon controls the cosmos from 4 P.M. to 4 A.M. One prayer removes the one birth’s karmic effects. Practice must be done without break and flaw (i.e., without deviating the rules and regulations of Śri Guruh). Minimum 10 years practice is essential. 

It shows treatment portion, is most essential in this yoga. If one wants to get development he must acquire willpower, thought power, vision, Phono sound etc. to treat patients. For this he must practice with inner observation, concentration. Such persons are able to treat. Some people are telling that treatment is not necessary for this yoga. They are ignorant people. They have no powers to cure their bodily defects. Raising up Kundalini depends upon the gradual increase of your practice so practice the same. 

All the yoga sadhakas are requested to be “Generous hearted and Sympathetic hearts of unanimous consideraion” as per ancient Rishi Yoga version. In Raja Yoga “thought power is essential and inner observation is most essential, without these two no one can get any salvation”. Leave off your false notions and try to come to the Master’s path of Raja Yoga and do the practice i.e. meditation with concentration and inner observation and get development and conquer the death. Don’t give room for undeveloped and unworthy modern people’s wordings about Raja Yoga. If you hear and follow their wordings, you wouldn’t develop, cure from diseases and conquer the death up to the expectations of the Master (Śri Guru). 

Raja indicates elegant or kingly. Raja yoga exercises relaxation is generally based on guiding a person’s life power to bring the mind and feelings so into stability that the focus may be easily targeted on the item of relaxation, or the Master straight. Weight-loss, a strong and versatile body, radiant wonderful skin, relaxing mind, good health – anything you are looking for, yoga exercises has it on offer. As such, its advantages are only recognized to be at our bodies level and we don’t realize the tremendous advantages yoga exercise offers in working together our bodies, brains and breathing. When you are in balance, the trip through lifestyle is tranquil, more happy and more satisfying. 

The idea of the Raja Yoga exercises is to concentrate the brain, which is the “king” of the psycho-physical configuration. Since the whole body is connected to one another, with the mind judging your every thought and activity, exercising hatha yoga exercises will be an important initial step to get ready yourself in yoga meditation. In addition, other types of self-discipline and filtration of the actual self also contains getting rid of old harmful addictions such as liquor and tobacco, and spending near interest to your activities, ideas, and communication. Through exercising all these, one can be fit to practice a further form of yoga exercises, which gives relaxation. 

Taraka sometimes is asura name, means cosmic demon name, kind of Daitya Asura lider, an enemy of Vishnu and Brahma. Tarakas in plural are the children of Taraka Asura (demon). But there is Taraka Brahma means God’s Star or God’s Liberation. There is many deformations in Yoga and Vedic traditions because Taraka-Asura, Taraka demon, particularly Rajayoga is attacked object. Rajayoga without Padma Asanas and without Pranayama and without OM is inefective and Liberation is impossible. Such are modern innovation or rather deformations made by ignorant and stupid pseudo masters overshadowed through Taraka Asura, demon who destroy Dharma and Taraka Brahma creations. Normally Taraka Brahma is cosmic level of Brahma, the Creator, but Taraka Asura is like demon in mirror, demon likes to destroy the Rajayoga way toward Brahma God, demon who likes to destroy Brahmahood of humanity. 

Particularly, Taraka Asura Daitya likes to give false kinds of Rajayoga, without some important for attaining Samadhi and God’s Realization things like without Padma-Asanas or without Pranayama or without Bijakshara Mantras like very important OM-Kara (AUM). Remember that AUM is the core experience of Rajayoga at all. Such false innovations or deformations and their teachers are like falling stars going into total ignorannce, into stupidness forever and their pupils are going into asuras hells too. 

Primarily the regular systematised Rajayoga sadhana enables practitioner (1) Peace of mind (2) Normal health (for himself and he may help others retain good health and recovery on progress) (3) Timely help. The Rajayoga sadhaka may try to know truth etc., by inner interpolations, consulting his own innerself depending on progress, in addition to guidance by seniors, Rajayoga literature, discourses and guidane of initiated Gurus and ultimately Master (Śri Guru). Raja Yoga enables all Saadhakas to realise Brahmam and attain independency in their life. Also, attain siddis, obtainable by conventional yoga methods, through this physical body and in full consciousness.

The aim of the Rajayoga is the introduction of a new Life principle into the human system so, that a new line of activity is open to us. The Prana (Oxygen /Life’s Vital Force) that is being introduced by RAJA YOGA comes from the same parent source but Unfettered by the restrictions to which the cosmic evolution is subject. It bores through and works its way unmolested by going on in cosmos. Each human being possess one Kundalini i.e., one molecule which is responsible for the human body. The molecule stands in between the bowels place and urinary system of the physical body. It carries Karmic Effects from birth to birth. At Present, the previous sins are expressly experienced in the form of diseases and troubles. There is one cosmic Kundalini. In this cosmic Kundalini lot of molecules are deposited. At the time of Raja Yoga practice if the sadhaka taps the cosmic Kundalini, it taps the human Kundalini. Then the previous births karmic effects may be known to the Raja Yoga practitioner. He must give a thought that these karmic effects are to be thrown out by the grace of the creator through the Master, true Śri Guru. 

Sahasrara Lotus congregation symbolizes the thousand petalled lotus, which is the sahasrahara mahapadma (great lotus) of human beings, the highest in the human system. All open hearted with pure love, practicing sadhakas of all direct mediums, assemble on a common platform and do sankalpa or invocation Prayers for yoga timely development, and work for individual improvement and collective development leading to fulfillment. Aiming mainly overcome differences, if any and cultivate central view, Master’s view, without criticizing and work for Self purification, working so busy for perfection, they do not find time to criticize Other co-mediums and other seekers. Also yoga sadhakas at different centers also got the thought of Lotus, and in mutual consultation found the common experience and attempted level best to do needful, nd Kumbhaka Master’s congregation activated and paved the way for Great Lotus. 

Rajayoga Sadhakas pray master to shine and cooperate from each every master yoga sadhaka to cooperate by shining the master spirit and help Rajayoga timely development for each and every Rajayoga sadhaka and united development for yoga fulfillment. We request not to criticise any other proper and good Rajayoga line and more so any other master yogasadhaka as master path is to convince, love and support development, as each initiated yoga sadhaka adds to that extent the Rajayoga proper. Not expected to hurt even for his own good cause and development. The approach should be not only from our side but from his side also as everybody trys to do his best, as do self before development. Another point is, that we always have to speak truth according to Satya Tattva. An ancient and immortal rule for Yoga and Raja Yoga is like Fourteen Maharishis said: “There is no Rajayoga without Padma Asanas and Pranayamas”.  

The central view – master view is all are equal for Deva master, Devaraja, Rajarajeshvara, as radius from the centre of circle. All points do reach centre though apparently each is opposite to the other point on way towards the centre. Overall view, central view is wholesome central view leads to center. As seven rays unitedly shine colourless, all united to develop the peaceful (by Om Śantih mantram), pure reaching by masters grace, guidance, plan, protection and programme let purity, pure love, universal friendship spread master Rajayoga for the benefit, welfare and upliftment, physical independence of all humanity from clutches of bondage on nature, planets and human limitations like karma etc., and enable live peacefully, healthy and confidence of timely help if sincere follow Rajayoga rules (Yama and Niyama) culture pure love, we principle, maitri-karuna-mudita-upeksha principle, maitreya activity and practice the Rajayoga without break as per masters principles. 

Interested in Rajayoga and Yoga sadhakas may contact us, who will be supported through contact by interaction, e-mail or contact-form and on requirement in person. Periodical gatherings may be held on need based place and time. Practice and involvement evolves volunteers who in turn spread the Rajayoga activity as, a candle lights another candle and spreads the light, as stars lighting the sky. Shining gives confidence and confidence spreads the activity. The members can, not only practice and develop but also help themselves and others in treatment which symbolizes rarified use of yoga energy on spiritual development. True Rajayoga sadhakas throughout the world work for spreading the fruits of yoga for development elevating the entire human kingdom to divine fitness. 


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  2. Prabha avatar

    I want to learn this Bhrukta rahita taraka raja yoga.Please guide me

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