Controversies of Spirituality (41)

“A bold eye will not be darkened. A bold eye will look into the sun of the Hierarchy. Neither humility, nor irritability, nor self-interest are the gateway to the Spiritual Hierarchy. Only voluntary Service (seva, kedmat), heartfelt worship and conscious ascent will bring you closer to the threshold of Light. Healing is in knowing the Hierarchy of the Heart. The teaching will be revealed to those who know the right path. The Herald will knock on their door.” (Chohan Morya)

Improvement of vision and ability to see can be achieved by massaging the area of the third cervical vertebra, as well as the area directly around the ‘garden of jewels’, also known as the solar plexus. This applies to both sight in the completely physical sense and sight in the sense of the spiritual ability to see hidden things with the help of one’s mystical eye of the soul.

Cleansing and energizing the kidneys is also reflected in the eyes, because the kidneys are the prototype of all paired organs in our body. The kidneys reflect our relationship with our parents. The left kidney is burdened with traces of the relationship with the mother, and the right kidney with traces of the relationship with the father. Similarly, we call the left eye the mother’s and the right the father’s. Placing your hands on your eyes so that the palm of your hand covers the eyeballs allows you to influence your entire body, because the eyes end with very subtle energy channels (Nadiya) through which we can see what is happening in the body and also influence the body energetically.

The Garden of Jewels (Manipuraka) as a centre of subtle energies directs the work of the sense of vision and its organ, i.e. the eyes. Since this centre is also responsible for the functions of thinking and association, the health of our eyes is directly related to the quality of our mind’s thoughts. Dark thoughts cloud the ability to see with both the mind’s eye and the physical eyes. An adept of the spiritual path avoids at all costs dark thoughts and all kinds of black vision which is poisonous to function of seeing.

The liver, through which the channel of vision flows from the Garden of Gems and in which it connects with the left and right kidney channels, influences vision mainly through the emotions of anger, ire and jealousy. Anger is blinding, this is true both on the emotional plane, when we fall into states of madness, and it is true on the physical plane, when, due to the repressed anger gathered around the liver, we lose the ability to see things as they are, falling into blindness. Whenever we improve our eyesight, we should examine what is ‘on our liver’.

The greenery of the plant world allows the eyes to rest and, more deeply, dissolves the accumulated layers of anger in the liver area. Lack of contact with the greenery of nature deprives us of the natural buffer that heals the disease of anger, which leads to blindness in our ideas (narrow horizons, fanaticism), as well as to physical blindness and loss of the ability to see. Look often at the beauty of green trees and grass, have a lot of green plants in your home, and you will keep your eyes in good health.

Renal emotions such as disappointments (frustrations) leading to the negation of all authorities and a certain powerlessness or fearful and distrustful weakness are another contributor to the weakening of the ability to see. They destroy the power of sight, but the power of sight allows you to drive away everything that is hostile and threatening. The feeling of danger and the impression that everyone around us has evil intentions is a darkness that weakens our eyes and our mind. We also mention renal anxiety as the cause of sick eyes and weakness of thoughts. The sense of security, if it penetrates us to the very kidneys, will increase the power of vision and cure many eye diseases. It will also remove the weakness of the mind, which destroys our innate intelligence that serves proper association and perception.

See the world with joy and kindness. Do not look around with anger or malice, or you will become blind, both mentally blind and also by losing physical sight. It can be said that ideological blindness is a kind of disease of the sense of sight. Let joyful kindness fill your eyes, reaching up to your liver and the Garden of Gems. Malice and jealousy pour out bile and damage the gallbladder. Anger and malice consume the eyes and destroy wisdom. Always remember: ‘I see the world and other people with joy.’

Anger cannot be suppressed. It is better to show our anger, which is like a roaring lion, than to hide it and suppress it inside, because then it destroys our insides. The ancient sages expressed anger to remove promiscuity and establish discipline. People who tend to live promiscuously and lack discipline, who have tendencies to create disorder and anarchy, consider anger (or rather its display) as a sign of lack of spirituality. Meanwhile, a spiritual person uses anger consciously to introduce discipline and drive away inappropriate behaviour. The free flow of emotions and conscious management of them is a sign of spirituality. The sweetness resulting from the suppression of emotions is a sign of ignorance, stupidity, which will destroy the impostor who pretends to be what he is not and cannot be, because emotions always appear in us in a natural way as reactions to life situations. To remove anger from within means to bring it out. However, it must not be hidden or concealed, as it will be deadly to its carrier.

A longer period of seeing darkness (evil) causes your vision to become dim. Noticing what is dark and evil leads to weakened eyesight. That’s why those who have seen a lot of bad things in their lives have a weakened sense of sight. All those who pay attention primarily to what is going wrong and to the dark sides of other human beings will deserve good glasses. If we think that there are only bad people around, this will reflect in the weakness of our own eyes. Therefore, see the good in others, even if there is little of it. Keep repeating this healing thought to yourself: ‘I see what is good.’ And I assure you that when God created the world and people, he called everything GOOD.

Evil hurts the eyes, so look at the good side of every event, look at the good side of every existence and every situation. The more you see the evil and dark sides, the more the image of it looks bad to you in your eyes. Saliva mixed with mud (peat) is used as a compress for the eyes to see clearly and better. Lubricating your eyelids with your own saliva also heals your eyes and improves your eyesight while improving your ability to understand. Confess your angers, utter or express your anger before you sit down to study the Holy Scriptures, so that your anger does not blind your mind’s eye. Otherwise, in your blindness, you will falsely understand their content and distort their meaning. This sin of sacrilege leads only to the eternal death of the soul.

A rapid spiritual blossoming often blurs our vision for a time or makes it difficult for us to see. This effect is similar to coming out into the daylight after a long stay in the basement. When the mind cannot accustom itself to seeing new, bright, pure and transparent thoughts, then the eyes cannot accustom themselves to the light after emerging from the dark cell of selfishness. The weakening of vision on the spiritual path shows how the mind does not want to get used to new and brighter, more enlightened ideals. Cultivate this good thought: ‘I abandon all darkness and open myself to look into the brightness of the Glory of God.’

Increase the confidence in your actions and you will strengthen your kidneys. Uncertainty keeps the kidneys anxious and disrupts the rhythm of their power. Threatening and terrible parents, as well as frightening by parents and the threats we hear from their mouths, destroy the natural spiritual power flowing through the kidneys, according to the maternal or paternal relationship (left or right kidney). This will be reflected in the weakness of vision in the corresponding eye. We inherit the weaker left eye according to the quality of the relationship with the mother, and the weakness of the right eye after the father’s line. Spirituality means purifying the bonds with both the maternal and paternal sides.

The spectre of poverty and failure in the material world hits the mother’s kidney and can damage the left eye. Conflict with spiritual matters, with religion and the church, with the guru and the spiritual community (sangha) – affects the right kidney and may damage the right eye, which is also related to the archetype of father. Therefore, many of those who have renounced this evil material world and remain independent, belonging nowhere, ‘masters of themselves’, because all sects are evil, wear large glasses as proof of their blindness.

Looking into the flames of fire, watching the sun in the morning, and repeating the syllable of the holy mantra ‘Ram’ are age-old remedies for awakening the ability to see both in the mind’s eye and in the physical eyes. The syllable ‘Ram’ is the sound of the element of fire referred to the centre of the Garden of Gems. Spirituality has always meant awakening the ability to observe, see, and especially perceive. This requires a healthy eye, both in the physical and mental, internal sense.

The entire Eastern teaching on this subject was summarized in Jesus’ (Issa) statements regarding the eye. ‘The light of the body is the eye. If then your eye is healthy, your whole body will be bright. And if your eye be diseased, your whole body will be dark. If then the light that is in you is darkness, what darkness itself will be! (Mt. 6.22-23).’ The single eye is where one image is formed in our brain. This place is a mirror of the Garden of Gems centre in the brain. It is connected with the pituitary gland and called Dvidamdala – a two-lobed centre, similar to the infinity symbol (). The most important point is the centre of it, reflected by the point between the eyes, the interbrow area. This is the eye of light point and the basis of the entire Third Eye system inside the head.

We develop bright vision and clear seeing of others so that no darkness remains in the body, generally indicating its disease. The principle of the sense of sight is related to the tendency to darkness and disease in general. The encouragement to practice with the light of a lit candle also comes from Jesus, summarizing a technique that has always been used in Eastern culture. ‘The candle of your body is your eye. If your eye is healthy, and your whole body is bright. And if it is sick, and your whole body is dark. So take care that the light that is in you does not become darkness. Therefore, if your whole body is light and there is no dark part in it, it will be all light, as if a candle illuminated you with its light’ (Luke 11.34-36). Healthy, bright and illumination of the eye are just technical terms behind which is hidden the ancient technique of working with the URNAH centre inside the head, in which we visualize a powerful pulsating glow, a symbol of infinity, a flame of fire or a crystal shining in the sun, and we allow the entire figure of our body to be illuminated from that point.

The level of the eyes and vision is the first to be healed on the spiritual path, so that we may walk in the brightness of the day and develop right understanding and right perception.

Anger released in a just cause is called zeal for the House of God. A spiritually developed person, when he perceives phenomena that destroy the spiritual path and destroy the spiritual life, he always triggers God’s anger, also known as zeal for God’s cause. This is also seen in the life of the ever-merciful Jesus, when he twisted a whip of cords and drove them all out of the temple, together with the sheep and the oxen; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables, and to those who sold doves he said, ‘Take it away from here; do not make my Father’s house a market place’ (John 2:15-16). Using a whip as a means of expressing anger and driving people selling animals for blood sacrifices out of the temple was probably not considered a sign of mercy to the Saint. However, such instruction is valid in God’s righteous cause when our vision is pure and clear. Withholding this, in the case of highly spiritually developed beings, always leads to spiritual blindness, which is manifested by loss of sight in those who sacrifice truth to maintain the principle of non-violence (ahinsa). That is why in India there are many holy blind people who have renounced harm and forgotten the truth. The truth is not always pleasant, just like seeing a whip in the hand of Jesus the Messiah.

God’s wrath in the form of punishment is much more harmful and even killing. An example of God’s wrath being used is the Apostle Peter. To bear witness to the truth hidden by the impostors, he puts them to death with the help of pious prayer. Lies and deception towards a person of a highly spiritually developed being is a direct lie to God, a sin against the Holy Spirit. The story of Ananias and Sapphira is told in Acts, 5:1-11. There are many examples in the Eastern tradition describing the operation of spiritual light in this controversial way. And you need to know that the greater the Spiritual Master, the more often such a situation can happen around Him. Only at the beginning of spiritual development, when our main work is moral improvement and no charism works through us yet, only then do we refrain from such actions towards others, which does not mean that we should suppress the emotions that appear.

If we ask ourselves whether Peter was merciful towards Ananias and Sapphira, we will probably come to the conclusion that it was certainly not mercy or charity. And if we remember that whoever falls after converting to the Truth, the law of mercy and forgiveness no longer applies, then we will understand that this was an appropriate action of discipline. In Eastern culture, honesty towards one’s Spiritual Teacher is always emphasized, among other things so as not to be scolded when one reaches a certain degree of spiritual maturity. Judas, not scolded by his Teacher, chastised himself, his own conscience led him to punish himself appropriately, in accordance with the karmic law of retribution.

The Master is severe with the lawless ones who do evil, and severe with the disciples who stray from the right path. The Good Law, in its rebuke, immediately reveals the tragedy of error! Whoever fears rebuke and slanders the Guru because of a wrong understanding of His actions towards the disciples is not worthy of the name of adept or any spiritual initiation. Only he who remains the same in the face of punishment and reward and humbly accepts both as lessons, only he is a true disciple.

How many think that God is only a Punishing and Severe Heavenly Father. How many think that He is only Love and Mercy. Meanwhile, supporters of both of these concepts are right, albeit partially. Crossing the world of dualisms and merging with the point of view of ADVAITA will only allow you to fully understand that both of these actions, punishing and merciful, are only a manifestation of the same awareness of Light, Love and Power. Chastening when it is right and mercy when it is right is how people receive their lessons. Divine Providence watches over and decides how to act towards a specific human being and taking into account all circumstances.


A poisoned and weakened liver weakens the sense of sight, otherwise it would have to hit straight to the heart, and this organ is one of the organs that are particularly protected by our body. Poor vision often shows that the body is saving the heart. Consuming herbs that cleanse the liver and blood saves the heart from weakening. Nothing weakens the liver, and therefore the heart, as much as consuming poisonous foods, especially alcohol. The ancients forbade drinking alcohol to people dedicated to the journey to divinity, because wine and spirits always lead to spiritual blindness. That is why Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha forbade the consumption of alcohol in any form.

The fatal mistake occurred during the formation of modern Christianity in the fourth century AD. Ignorance of Jewish matters led to the introduction of wine into the liturgy of Christian services. Meanwhile, the first Christians used grape juice, also calling it wine, and the wine of those consecrated to God, because in this culture grape juice was the traditional wine of those consecrated to God. The disease of alcoholism and widespread drunkenness is the price that Christian culture pays for this fatal mistake.

Let’s see how we subconsciously crave alcohol if its consumption is the most sacred religious ritual, or even the culmination of this ritual. The mission of universal priesthood and the sight of a priest drinking a cup of wine are encoded in the subconscious mind as a desire to act in the same pious manner. Therefore, celebrating and drinking become the same pattern. In this way, those who long for God inevitably fall into the disease of alcoholism, into bottomless drunkenness. The more they desire God, the more the subconscious mind whispers that they desire the blood from the chalice with alcohol included, which is a symbol of union with the highest religious ideal. Ironically, this Ideal in the person of Jesus was the Firstborn Son consecrated to God, which at that time meant the absolute renunciation of all alcoholic beverages.

Little children see the sanctity of drinking wine and, unfortunately, the soul’s desire for God is drowned in a sea of drunkenness. Many enlightened people are even more aware of the real cause of the plague of drinking, but they are afraid to say or write about it openly. The best treatment for alcohol addicts is to recognize the spiritual meaning of their lives and often break away from the current Christian worldview, because the tendency to drink is fuelled by weekly ceremonial celebrations. We need to rediscover the sanctity of life, and if we stay with Christianity, we need to go back to its roots, where there was total prohibition. Then you can also discover the numerous healing properties of red grape juice, which, if not fermented, is a naturally blood-cleaning medicine, and if fermented, is a deadly poison.

The alcoholic civilization of death is the result of programming the subconscious mind for almost one and a half thousand years! Fortunately, in Poland it is only about a thousand years. Healing the tendency to drink alcohol requires removing the image of alcohol consumption as the greatest sacredness from the mental structures. The sacrament of reconciliation with Christ is commonly manifested as half a litre (of vodka) during any settlement, contract or more important celebration that one would like to give greater importance. Unfortunately, this leads to degeneration of the body and destruction of the liver and brain. Wine poured down your throat is not a Covenant with Christ, but a hellish way of destroying your own body, heart and soul. Heart disease is also most often the result of damage to the body by drinking. A damaged baby’s heart is often not associated with the mother drinking too much during pregnancy, but it is enough for the mother to drink once for the foetal heart to be damaged.

Eastern healers often remind us that any medicines prepared with alcohol in the form of tinctures are of little value. Alcohol kills the life force and quenches the spirit. Fermented wine consumed by the priest during the service also quenches the spirit. Those who only look, subconsciously develop the will to kill the life force within themselves, which allows them to develop suicidal tendencies and, more often than not, simply weakens them and makes them susceptible to diseases. By looking, we also extinguish the light of the spirit, separating ourselves from angels and spiritual spheres. We know where this road leads. The worst are the priests who, knowing this, continue to lead their sheep into this dark pit, lead their sheep to thousands of tragic victims, and these sheep pay them dearly for it. Leo Tolstoy would probably say that this manipulation worked extremely well for the Devil.

This alcohol controversy will probably be the greatest in this series of spiritual teachings, greater than spiritual anger and the connection between the power of sight and the spiritual perception of things and matters. However, it can be very helpful to all those who ask for specific help in breaking alcohol addiction, because cleansing the cultural and religious bond is very important in this case, and therapeutic clubs are usually, for obvious reasons, afraid to undertake this most important thing. Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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