Dream of Death (64)

1. Let us begin our reflections on the life of the soul after the death of the body with an analysis of the Christian story about the Rich Man and Lazarus from the Book of Luke, i.e. the Gospel of Luke (16.19-31). This is one of the most insightful descriptions of what happens to a person after the death of the physical body, revealed descriptions proving that the life of the soul after death is a fact. Additionally, the teachings of this story are the basis for belief in the afterlife, a belief typical of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Messaiah (Messenger of God) Yehoshua ben Yusuf (Jesus son of Joseph) with all his spiritual authority brings us this joyful news (gospel) that our life does not end, as materialists and atheists want, with the death of the body, but continues, and about this continuation, about the afterlife we want to talk as about a joyful hope and we want to spread this hope among people as befits true adepts of the spiritual brotherhood. So we will see what happens to a person at the moment of death of his earthly shell.

2. “After a while the beggar died and was carried by the angels to his place at Abraham’s breast. The rich man also died and was buried. And in Hades he lifted up his eyes, being in torment, and saw Abraham far off, and Lazarus at his breast (womb).” This is what the verse of the mentioned story reported by the Apostle (Aćarya) Luke says, and it is a teaching, a quotation from the knowledge personally revealed by Jesus of Bethlehem himself – the highest authority of Christianity. We learn that at the moment of death, a beggar or a deceased person is carried by angels (devas) to the place of Abraham’s divinity to experience happiness and grace there. For this to be possible, it is obvious that what we call Lazarus, the man, continues to live after the death of the physical body. The use of the plural for those who carry Lazarus near Abraham indicates that the transfer is carried out by at least two angels – heavenly beings sent by God, because the Greek word angelos simply means a messenger. The rich man also dies, his body is buried in the ground, a grave, undoubtedly in a sitting position, as is the custom of the Jewish and Semitic tribes. And it turns out that in Hades, in the Land of the Dead, he still lives, he has eyes with which he can see, and he can also suffer. He sees paradise, where there is heavenly happiness, and Abraham and Lazarus are there. This describes two different lands to which a person can go after the death of the physical body. One of them is Elysium, in which the spiritual leader and heavenly Father is Abraham, and the other is Hades (in Hebrew: Sheol – the land of the dead, where one experiences suffering while living). After death, we can lead a happy heavenly life or experience suffering in Sheol (as the Semitic tradition calls the common grave of humanity, the afterlife).

3. It is instructive that the Apostle Luke, when translating the Semitic word Sheol, used the Greek word Hades, meaning the Land of the Dead, thus accepting the general idea of ​​life in the afterlife in the Hellenic world of that time. This proves that the truth about life after death is roughly the same in both Semitic and Greek religions, from both of which it was later derived as Christian doctrine. The following verses of Jesus’ story reveal the fact that the rich man suffers torment, suffering because of the fiery heat in which he is, as if in a roaring furnace. Hades is the general name for the Land of the Dead (but still living), the world of souls. The Greek tradition calls the part where suffering is felt Tartarus, from which the term “torture” comes. Also mentioned is a massive chasm or boundary that prevents souls (humans) from passing freely from Hades to Elysium and vice versa. We can now consider what guarantees we have regarding our continued existence in the world of spirits after we finish our physical, earthly life. Will we go to a heavenly place like Lazarus, or will we be stuck in the fiery Hades, suffering torment and torment, i.e. torture. The rich man, in a fit of despair, wishes that Abraham would somehow send a message to his family so that his five brothers could avoid suffering in the afterlife. Abraham does not agree to this, because the way to Elysium is the law given by Moses and the prophets. “They have Moses and the Prophets: let them listen to them!” Jesus therefore sanctions the spiritual laws of the Semitic tradition as useful for reaching the Land of Happiness. We can briefly recall and consider the Mosaic Law leading to the Land of Happiness, the attainment of which as bliss, ānānda, is also recommended by Indian science in all its forms such as Jaina, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhism.

4. The essence and basis of the Mosaic law is the law given in ten words on stone tablets, on which God himself engraved them with a fiery thunderbolt. “I am Yahwah, your Elohim (God),” says the Creator, giving the first principle. The highest among the Cherubim (Kheri-Kheba), angels helping to create the world and all living things, suggests belief in one God who has his own name – Jahwah (also read as Yahuwa or Yehovah). The Creator, in the East metaphorically called the Eternal Youth or the Creative Youth (Brahma Kumara), is the basic principle of spiritual faith, which should not be violated. The second principle says: “Have no other gods”, for the Creator and Lord of Creation is truly one and only. The third rule: “Do not use the name of Jahwah your God in an undignified manner.” Commentators usually suggest pronouncing the name in a dignified manner, full of reverence, respect and adoration, and ethically, for good purposes that would not be contrary especially to the last five principles of the law revealed by the Prophet (Messajah) Moses. “Keep the Sabbath holy” – this is the fourth commandment given by the Creator, prohibiting any work on Saturdays, and devoting this day to prayers, contemplations and things related to sanctification. The Śaivites of Kashmir and the people of Tibet follow this ancient, sacred rule to this day. “Respect your father and mother” is the traditional respect and honour paid to our parents, our direct ancestors. The remaining rules are: “You shall not kill, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour, and you shall not covet (anything that belongs to your neighbour).” All prohibited activities lead straight to the world of afterlife, hellish torment.

5. There is nothing new in the holy principles of life revealed by Moses, a prophet who could later be equalled by Jesus and Mohammad, and earlier by Noah and Abraham. At least 10 thousand years ago, much earlier than Moses, the Indian prophet Rama taught five principles leading to a life of happiness (ānānda), also in spiritual life after the death of the physical body. These rules were the commandments: do not kill, speak the truth, do not steal, live virtuously, do not covet. Exactly the same teaching remained later, over 3,000 years BC repeated by another Messenger of God named Krishna. It is therefore a very universal spiritual knowledge among the revealed religions brought from Heaven by the Messengers of God, the Prophets of humanity.

6. We now know how to lead our everyday life in the most elementary way, so that in its further, posthumous continuation we can reach the Land of Happiness, the heavenly world. Everyday life forges the foundations of our existence after death. Jesus son of Joseph also gives some knowledge about the loss of posthumous life through destruction, Gehenna. “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul, but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in Gehenna.” (Matthew 10:28). This is an eminent teaching that mentions the possibility of death for both body and soul. According to ancient knowledge, at the moment of physical death, the eternal light appears and judges the soul. Not over the body, but over the soul (Greek: psyche). Our psyche is judged and determined whether it will continue to live or be lost. This mystical knowledge could save millions of people from a double death, i.e. from the “second death” mentioned in the Book of Revelation. Yehoshua’s teaching clearly speaks of the possibility of death for both body and soul, which is called Gehenna. This possibility of the destruction of the soul (Hebrew: nephesh) is mentioned by the prophet Ezekiel in the words: “The soul that sins will die.” It is worth considering these words, because the term soul is our internal, mental life, the regulator of which is breathing. The word nefesh also means the breath of life, life itself, breathing. Ezekiel teaches that the sinful soul will die, so the psyche that breaks God’s Laws deserves death, and we can only maintain fear of the One who can destroy the soul. Attaching importance not only to actions, but also to the intentions, thoughts and feelings behind the actions is essential as we attempt to follow God’s Principles revealed in the Commandments.

7. Let us therefore consider whether, having lived in this life, we deserve to continue after death. In the Book of Ecclesiastes (Ecclesiastes) we can find a complete description of the nonexistence of Gehenna, which in the teachings of Indian tantra and yoga is called Avići. “The dead know nothing (are not conscious)… There is no purpose, no plan, no knowledge or understanding in Sheol.” (Ecclesiastes 9.5,10). Gehenna is the deepest part of Sheol described in the Hebrew tradition, where there is complete unconsciousness and non-existence. These words also teach us that our normal feeling and thinking soul may be dramatically limited in its functions in Sheol, even to the point of complete annihilation. So, deep down, are we living in a way that is worthy of continuing to live? In his revelations, God repeatedly mentions the irreversible destruction of wicked souls, and religious mysticism speaks of the sons of the wicked and perdition who are inevitably heading to destruction. The ancient Indian tantra mentions perdition as the fourth and final initiation of the black magician on the so-called black path of evil, where one consciously lives with one’s heart and soul in a way that guarantees the final annihilation of the soul. In the Christian and Hebrew traditions, a whole class of spiritual beings (souls) are mentioned, which are invisible and which consciously aim at the destruction of their existence. We say that these are demons (possessing and tempting spirits), and their leader is Satan (Diabolos) – the spirit of opposition, rebellion, lies and slander. You could say it is a rebellion against Life.

8. When considering our continued existence after death, we can reflect more deeply on its nature and quality. The story of the rich man and Lazarus points to the very conscious nature of the continuation of our existence, the duration of which has not been determined. We need to look at what the soul actually is in order to understand how the soul exists in the afterlife. The tripartite division of the human being is a very important teaching that we should take to heart. The Apostle Paul expresses this teaching this way: “And let your spirit and soul and body, brethren, be sound in every respect, be preserved blameless in the presence of our Lord.” (1 Thessalonica 5.23). In Greek, spirit is pneuma, soul is psyche, and body is soma. Also in Hebrew, we distinguish the soul (nefesh) from the spirit (ruach), and these are distinguished from the body, which is often compared to miserable dust that perishes. The soul (nephesh, psyche) can be destroyed or live in heavenly bliss, or in hell, i.e. in Hades or Sheol. And the spirit (ruach, pneuma) returns to God (Elohim), who gave it, as the Holy Books say. The soul is a form of a human shape, having eyes, tongue, hands, but compared to the physical body, it is made of more subtle matter, which only in exceptional cases can be visible to those living in physical bodies.

9. Spirit (ruach, pneuma), also having the meaning of breath and personality, is in us something like a pattern or matrix, a perfect image of our creation. We were created by God in His image, in the image of Elohim. Ruach is this divine perfect part inside us that returns to God and exists as our image in God’s memory. Eastern science calls this divine particle the term Atman, the model of perfect, divine existence for a human being. This matrix in the form of the Spirit is our true Conscience, which itself knows divine laws and principles, knows how to live so that it is a life that opens the gates of Paradise to us. According to the Book of Ecclesiastes, “The Spirit returns to the true God who gave it.” In Eastern teachings, Atman (Spirit) is described as a small, thumb-sized human being residing in the heart centre inside the breast. Muhammad became a prophet by opening his chest (heart) and transforming the prophet’s soul into an angel (messenger). In mystical experiences, when the Spirit is activated within us, there are experiences of radiant light and the phenomena of hearing the voice of God or angelic choirs. Bearing in mind this threefold structure, even the internal anatomy of man, we can turn to the experience of the afterlife.

10. When the prophet of God Yehoshua ben Yusuf revived the dead and decaying body of Lazarus, he clearly said that he had come to wake him from his sleep. Death was therefore depicted as a state of rest, which is dreaming. This is a very important lesson for us: “Lazarus, our friend, has gone to rest, but I am going there to wake him from sleep […] Jesus, however, spoke of his death […] Lazarus has died.” (John 11.11-14). If we study the whole story, we will learn that Lazarus had been in the grave for four days, his body was decomposing and stinking. However, his soul is returned to his body and his state is called sleep by Jesus. During sleep, we are as if inside the world of our mental experiences, i.e. inside the world of the soul, and many of the readers probably remember many of their dream experiences well. Figuratively, in the apostolic teaching of Jesus, Death is a dream, so we can conclude about life after death from our dreams.

11. Following the simple evangelical teaching of the good news that death is a dream, we can try to learn more about our consciousness, our state of existence, what kind of mental life we ​​lead, and we will be richer in knowledge about the world to which we will go after losing physical body. Perhaps many of those who experience real horrors, torments, or states of senselessness in their dreams will hold their heads because they will understand that their consciousness, psyche, and current state of soul correspond to the world of hellish torture of Hades. It is then worth directing your life in such a way that the quality of dreaming changes and the reality of our inner life becomes the Gardens of Eden. If our dreams are very cloudy and we have little awareness in them, our future lives will be lived in a land where awareness is very limited. A characteristic feature of most people is the lack of will during dreams. They cannot control or influence what happens to them. It is a hopeless and passive state of existence, showing what a sorry state the human soul is in. To change this, you need not only to live in accordance with God’s Law, but also to increase your awareness of yourself as a soul (nefesh), which usually begins with gentle exercises of deep, diaphragmatic (lower abdominal) breathing, so as to feel the path through which the breath enters through the nostrils into the depths of the human body. Focusing on feeling your subtle energy form superimposed on the shape of your physical body is further work that increases your awareness of yourself as a soul. The art of deep breathing, penetrating deep into the body, revitalizes our psychic existence and, what’s more, cleanses us as souls from mental dirt and disturbances. Exercises such as feeling the physical body in the energetic shell, or a gentle whole-body massage involving gentle tapping of the body, are specific mystical and ascetic practices that allow you to feel the soul (aura) and deepen the awareness of yourself as a soul. In order to maintain the conscious life of the soul, Elohim recommended to the first man a strictly plant-based, vegetarian diet consisting mainly of grains and fruits (Genesis 1.29).

12. We can admire God’s wisdom of the ancients, who in one word nephesh included the knowledge that this spiritual, energetic figure is both man and life, that which animates matter made of earth’s elements. You can admire the wisdom hidden in one and the same word, indicating the act of breathing as a process that helps us become aware of ourselves as a soul, if we have lost this awareness in a sinful (limited) life. The word nephesh also means life, the living thing itself. Yeshua ben Yusuf, the Messiah and founder of Christianity, described himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life. When he said “I am Life”, he said “I am Soul”, and he showed us the practical consequences of this by walking on water or entering a closed room in the house where the apostles were gathered. Only the soul can perform such miracles. Becoming a soul opens up new possibilities for man. Studying the anatomy of the soul developed by Chinese sages in the form of a meridian map is one of many ways of getting to know yourself as a living soul, especially since, according to the previously given teaching, the entire tripartite human form (body, soul and spirit) is to be preserved in good health in every respect. Maintaining the soul in impeccable health (without sin and error), in good shape, and with full sensory powers is the duty of a human being.

13. Meanwhile, when examining the dreams of most people, it turns out that their will and consciousness are in poor condition, and their sick dreams show how sick their soul is. To enter the world of fear, suffering or nightmare is to enter the world of Tartarus, the world of hellish torment. Healing the soul means cleansing the sphere of our existence from senseless things such as ghostly wandering, greyish unconsciousness, helpless escape, delirium-like experiences, the feeling of dying, etc. Only when a person becomes fully aware of himself and is able to choose, that is, to direct himself in time dream, we can say that his soul has been cleansed and he directs his steps towards a future life in a paradise of pleasure and rest. The increase in soul consciousness, conscious travel also on the earthly plane, but in the soul body, dreaming colourful heavenly dreams and angels (devas), is the right direction in the so-called spiritual development. Spiritual direction should turn our consciousness towards dreaming the Gardens of Heaven.

14. The consciousness of most people is so dark that when they receive re-created bodies in the process of birth and return to life in the flesh, they have absolutely no memory of their life in the spirit world or of their previous lives. Only when dreaming becomes conscious and the will is strong, an individual is able to remember his or her existence from the time before birth. Only a small flock, the spiritual vanguard of humanity, is able to develop such memory. The dreams of these people are usually more vivid than the earthly reality, and a person has the impression of living in two worlds simultaneously. In fact, every messenger of Heaven called in the Hebrew teachings the Son of God or the Prophet is a soul living in two worlds, and his world of contemplation is not a world of dreams and fantasy, but a very expressive Reality. This is what living the life of the soul is, living also in the world, which we call heaven or the land of ancestors, to which shamans and seers have been going for strength and inspiration for centuries.

15. The first breath a child takes at birth is the moment when the soul enters the body and fuses with it, and the human spirit becomes a psychosomatic, i.e. body-spiritual, being from a spiritual (psychic) ​​being living in the subtle world. The foetus lives in the mother’s soul from the moment of conception, and at the moment of birth, with its first breath, it receives its own soul, which enters the body and is born in the body. A soul taking possession of a human body may have been in the body of an animal in a previous incarnation, but if it receives a human body, it must first learn to accompany a human being as an animal and establish a bond with him. Tamed domestic animals that become friends of humans may become humans in their next incarnation. A similar thing happens with people who become like wild beasts, although such a reverse process is extremely rare. Semitic teachings show that there is no difference between the human and animal souls. Everything that breathes has the same soul and that is why some animals seem to be better and smarter than many humans. “There is something that happens to the sons of men as well as to the beasts, and the same thing happens to them. As an animal dies, so does a person. And they all have one spirit (nephesh, breath), so that man has no advantage over beast, for all is vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 3:19). This teaching puts the question of our ethical attitude in a light that was lost in Christianity, and which was restored by saints such as Francis of Assisi, promoting a total ban on the killing and ill-treatment of animals. This teaching is alive among Buddhists and Hindus, giving good testimony to the truth of their faith.

16. A soul that has been in the afterlife for some time returns to its corporeal life, and the lifespan of a person as a human incarnating soul lasts on average about 50,000 years. earthly years. This is the teaching given by some prophets whose memory of life in the human family has fully awakened. This is an average or general value given in mystical writings related to Hebrew (Semitic) spiritual culture. It can be said that this is the life of the soul, the time of the life of the soul within the evolution of the human race. Successive returns to life in the body occur in periods ranging from approximately 700 to 1,200 years. Sometimes we talk about the Millennium period, a millennium as the time from one incarnation to the next. When we begin the course of our earthly life, we have a period of about 120 years in store, which God gave to man for the period of his material existence. Two extremes in the cycle of 700 and 1200 years mark the course of the cycle of the human soul’s return to earthly existence. Only a small vanguard of spiritually developed people, a small flock, returns at a faster pace, partially remembering their previous existence and stay in the Gardens of Heaven. In order to achieve an average of a thousand years in the Kingdom of God, we must live properly, take care of the health of our body and soul, develop conscious, heavenly dreams, and above all, start breathing deeply. When the progress of 50 thousand years will come to an end, perhaps we will be able to achieve Paradise forever, without having to return to earthly life again. This will not be possible if we become incorrigible villains. Our soul will then be killed forever by the Creator. This Final Judgment over human souls continues as soon as the life of a soul comes to an end. Before our eyes, the older souls of the righteous reach Paradise for eternity, and the wicked souls end up in Avići (Gehenna).

17. “Yahvah said: My Spirit will not work on man forever, for he is also flesh. Therefore his days will be one hundred and twenty years.” (Genesis 6:3). We can ask why we do not live in an earthly body for the period of 120 years given by the Creator, and our lives end on average at the age of 70-80? We know that the last long-lived man was the prophet Noah, and since his time, human lifespans have been drastically shortened. As humans, we must live wicked lives if we cannot live to be 120 years old. Only the most spiritual individuals leading pure and blameless lives, both physically and mentally, approach the proper limit of corporeal life established by God. But there is also in our genes the memory of how to live for about 1000 years, just like Adam, Methuselah or the prophet Rama. Such longevity is sometimes exaggeratedly called immortality, and some living yogis in the Himalayas today have 300 or more years of physical life. Awakening the consciousness of the soul, purifying it and strengthening the connection with the physical body is the general basis for the development of such longevity. Just slowing down and lengthening the breathing rate prolongs our biological life. Striving to deepen and enrich our knowledge, learning and exploring extends the life of our brain. The ancients believed that acquiring wisdom promoted longevity. Today we know that acquiring new knowledge causes brain regeneration and even the production of new neurons in the hippocampus of the brain. Any mental stagnation leads to brain death, which, as we know, can shorten life. Muslims and Hindus forbid the consumption of alcohol because they have long known that it destroys thousands of brain cells. Alcohol kills the brain, which is why its consumption is strictly prohibited in the Holy Scriptures. This, of course, promotes longevity on this earthly plane.

18. Returning to life in the body is defined by the biblical term anastasis in Christian and Greek writings. The corresponding Hebrew term is techiyat, which literally means revival, resurrection, rebirth. The Christian tradition often uses the word resurrection in translations, although it would be much more precise to say that the soul is reincarnated into an earthly body. This is a revival, because for most people sleeping in the dream of death, the element of will, the ability to choose and the power to direct one’s life is activated again, which is generally lacking in the soul in the powerlessness of Sheol. The ordinary process of techiyat (resurrection from the dead) takes place through the binding of the human embryo in the act of conception and the development of the fetus until the miraculous moment of birth, the first breath, in which the soul returning from the Land of the Dead or from Elysium fully penetrates the corporeal envelope. The miraculous act of anastasis also takes place when, as in the case of Lazarus, the soul of the deceased is returned by the power of prayer from the Land of Death to the world of the living. Waiting for the resurrection of the dead is therefore generally waiting for the soul’s reincarnation into a new earthly body created for it. We know that in the course of a soul’s life (nephesh) there are 40-70 such returns, but these are not rigid limits, but only an average number. A miraculous resurrection in the form of returning a soul from the Land of the Dead occurs much less frequently, and a typical description of such a process is given in the story of the bringing back of a boy’s soul by the prophet Elijah. “And he spread himself over the child three times and cried to Yahvah, saying, ‘Yahvah, my God, I pray thee, that the soul of this child may return to him.’ Finally Yahvah listened to Elijah’s voice and the child’s soul returned to him and he came to life.” (1 Kings 17.21,22). We can learn two important lessons from this story: first, death is a reversible phenomenon and souls from Sheol can be returned to the body; and secondly, the Supreme God is the one who really determines the success of such procedures, so only deep and trusting believers can be tempted to try to bring the deceased to the world of living bodies. However, deep faith in future anastasis is the true hope of both Christians and Zoroastrians and Hindus.

19. Returning from the Land of the Dead to life in the flesh, even from Elysium, is returning from the long sleep of death. We wake up as if from a certain sleep, we awaken and come alive in the process of growing up. It is good if we keep a sober and clear mind until we leave again. Some of humanity, however, as they age, lose their mental faculties and a clear state of mind. We can further imagine how helpless ghosts they will be in their further existence. Therefore, all authentic religions assist in some way the souls of the dead to be purified and uplifted from their dark states of existence. Ancient prophets often pointed out that most of humanity is deprived of essential human qualities during the sleep of death, such as the ability to plan, strive, think or even feel. Prophets such as Ezekiel and David spoke about this, as well as Solomon in his observations about life after death. We can learn how vague our death dream will be from the vagueness of our dreams. It is good to have clear and meaningful dreams, because then we will belong to the minority that leads a conscious life after death in the brighter spheres of the spirit world. Otherwise, we will live a life described clearly in Solomon’s teachings on vanity: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there will be no action, no understanding, no knowledge, no wisdom in Sheol (the land of the dead) – in the place where you are going to. (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Ignorance and lack of participation in what is done under the sun is the greatest ailment of the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams. Most souls of the deceased cannot help us in any way, nor do we generally have contact with them due to consciousness binding. Many pathologies of the aging process clearly show the poor condition of the psyche of a person who takes a long break from earthly life.

20. Most people who return to earthly life in the process of resurrection, anastasis, do not remember anything from their dreams in the Land of Death or have only vague and fragmentary memories of the associative type from the period of their pre-birth existence. By examining the quality of dreams with full clarity that dreaming consciousness is consciousness of being, we will see nothing extraordinary in it, but only the grey reality of the human race. Developing awareness of yourself as a soul is the basic work to be done in a spiritual course of self-realization. In its essence, spiritual self-realization is the awareness of oneself, one’s own person, life as a luminous soul, nephesh, psyche. Strengthening the continuity of consciousness in this world and in the world to come is a simple consequence of this fact. All practical spiritual exercises that deepen the awareness of the soul are absolutely appropriate. Of course, we strongly encourage you to find a spiritual guide, an aćarya, and undertake mystical exercises in this life that help in spiritual self-realization. Dream yoga will eventually be part of such practices. Even more corporeal exercises such as asanas, bandhas or mudras only make sense if they serve to deepen the perception of oneself as a living soul. The purpose of our evolution through subsequent returns is to awaken, revitalize and become more deeply aware of our spiritual being, because most of humanity grows and evolves as if coming out of great darkness. There are many more human beings in the subtle body than in the physical one, and these are, of course, entities related only to our home planet Earth. As you wander through the afterlife with heightened awareness, you can see powerful and wonderful civilizations. Some estimate that there are over 60 billion souls living in Sheol and approximately 30 billion souls living in Elysium. Of these, only about 6 billion currently reside in the Earth’s somatic shell. To embrace this proper sphere of our existence, we must practice intensively, with all our heart and soul, until we deepen our awareness.

21. Realizing how limited and erroneous are the materialistic views of both theists and atheists who, believing or not believing in God – the Creator, reject the spiritual truth about subtle life, we can work to make people aware of their true essence, giving people divine knowledge about their future fate. Muslims call the entire period of life, from death to rebirth, barzakh, which literally means the period or barrier separating subsequent lives in the somatic envelope. If a man is a wicked person, his soul will experience what is called the “punishment of the grave,” the punishment of Sheol. If a person is faithful to the basic principles established by God and inscribed in our conscience, ruach, then a person will experience happiness, pleasure and beauty in the afterlife. So we can make others aware of the purpose of a good and pious life, make people around us aware of how they will reach the happy Heavenly Lands. If our afterlife is a long period of existence depending on how we live our earthly existence, then all our fate, all our efforts must be directed towards this future. Here and now we live for the future, for the future life, and at the moment of death we find out whether it will be life in the Gardens of Eden or life in Hades – in the Land ruled by Death. Most of the Millennium of our lives is currently ahead of us. This is a very long period of time, and in the afterlife time passes very slowly. It is worth the effort, it is worth making our loved ones, children and youth aware, so that they understand the purpose of a spiritual, pious life.

22. We truly are living souls as humans. We can grasp this revealed truth even from the teachings of Moses: “Yahvah Elohim formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7). This is the eternal truth of human existence repeated in all the religions of humanity: man is a soul. So let’s feel ourselves as a soul living in the body and develop a beautiful and deep awareness of “I am the Soul (psyche)”. Let us remember that when God created animals, he also called them living souls and that our fate in the land of the dead is similar. The shadow world contained within the earth is one of the darkest and gloomiest. The world of souls living in the atmosphere around the Earth’s surface is brighter and more subtle, and in it are the heavenly areas of happiness. The region of the moon contains beings cut off and imprisoned with a great degree of wickedness. The hells of the moon are heavier than the hells of the terrestrial globe. All this can be seen by becoming a soul and developing the power to leave the physical shell for certain periods of time in order to consciously exist where you will need to go at the time of death.

23. Many luminous phenomena and encounters with strangers are typical mystical visions that open the gate to life in a more subtle world, the world of souls. These are not close encounters of the third kind (as materialists would like), but spherical, luminous, energetic gates to the afterlife world. Often our soul can be carried away from the body to the abodes of ethereal spirits, made of radiant brightness. Then the phenomenon of gliding in space and penetrating through walls appears. Beings from all this dimension of existence can modify the structure of our soul, which also brings physical changes. Luminous circles were observed in ancient times by, among others, the prophet Ezekiel, and it is not an extraordinary phenomenon. Many of these conscious spirits that abduct human souls are evil entities (traditionally called demons), nothing good comes from them to the human soul, and it can even be used for dark purposes that only these entities know about. Good beings appearing in the form of angels (messengers) come mainly to teach man the correct knowledge about God – the Creator. This is their characteristic feature. The knowledge given is a continuation of the revelation of the Holy Scriptures. Ideally, during the course of one’s earthly life, in the process of dreaming, a person knowingly and consciously wanders to angelic lands, which often resemble temples, and receives spiritual teachings from luminous angels inside them. Dreaming your own temple in Heaven is a fruit achieved by older, evolutionarily advanced souls who spent their earthly lives on spiritual practices, prayers and meditations. When we reach the heavenly temple of our soul and we are guaranteed to return to it at the moment of death, then we are also guaranteed to achieve our own self-realization, spiritual self-realization.

24. The path of spiritual realization according to the Indian teachings of the East usually ends within 7 – 16 consecutive lives in the earthly body. This is how most earthly souls evolve. This is not an immeasurable number of incarnations, as claimed by Hindu metampsychists, who rather feel the duration of this process measured by thousands of years of existence, but are deprived of insight into the actual duration of incarnations. It is a specific number of years from 5 to 20 thousand in the earthly body. So if we have taken up spiritual practice from our spiritual guide, let us remember that it is not a job for one, two, or five years, but it is a job for the current life, its barzakhs and the lives that come after. Unless we are close to the Hereafter and we only expect the Final Judgment, after which, if we do not die irretrievably, we will return to the Heavenly Kingdom, Elysium, forever. An adept’s zealous perseverance in the spiritual exercise entrusted to him within one lifetime is already a great spiritual victory. The adept’s zeal in spiritual practice is even more justified and advisable if, based on the signs, he expects that the course of his life in the dimension of the soul is coming to an end.

25. We can teach physicians that there are great possibilities to extend the length of human life. Following the commandment not to kill, living a healthy life and you can live to be 120 years old. Telomeres used wisely will, on average, last for this period of physical life. This is how we were programmed as a human race created by God. By extending our lives, we also extend the productive period of human life, so the retirement age can be extended initially to the age of 70, and then even to 100! These are the real prospects for humankind. Just following the principle of non-killing will already extend the average human lifespan (significantly shortened by wars and accidents). We have the right to a long life, but to achieve it we must deepen and slow down our breathing rhythm. Too fast and shallow breathing causes brain hypoxia, which results in the death of brain cells and premature aging. Proper daily oxygenation of the brain promotes longevity and good performance of our mind and senses. The breath must really go deep into the hips and the lungs must fill with air for the breathing to be effective and bring calming mental sensations, relaxation and rest. A few minutes of such breathing, just before falling asleep, will undoubtedly relax our emotions and make our dreams more peaceful and pleasant. Imagining something nice and pleasant just before falling asleep also directs our consciousness to the more pleasant spheres of dream reality, which is a journey through the afterlife. Imagining our journey towards the sun’s brilliance directs our will towards the cherubs, thanks to which our dreaming over time becomes an experience of the Heavenly Lands. However, few people dream in the Gardens of Heaven among truly spiritual beings such as devas. By practicing diligently, we can finally achieve both a more conscious existence in the world of dreams and dreaming closer to the world of the spiritual, divine Reality called in mysticism Paradise or the Fiery World (after the radiant fire accompanying the visions of cherubs).

26. Further advances in future medicine may give even more profound results, because the times when man lived for 700 – 1000 years or even more are not so distant. However, it is only possible for those human individuals who are aware of both the material world and the more subtle, ethereal sphere of existence. This may be the gateway to the true longevity of the human race. Lucid dreams, however, must be a normal phenomenon, and a person must regenerate very powerfully in streams of light. Future light technologies will probably make this direction of human development much easier. Irradiation with delicate ruby ​​light revives and regenerates body cells. Contemplative assimilation of the emotional content of our dreams and journeys promotes the removal of subconscious mental layers and blockages. We will be people aware of our dreams and living consciously in dreams. When we go to bed each evening, we actually go to the Land of the Dead, with which we will sooner or later become more familiar. Our lunar life (dreaming), as esoteric schools call it, must be assimilated as an ordinary part of our daily activity. Traveling to the afterlife is easiest for most people in the afternoon and evening, when we are resting even though we are not too tired. We can consider this time to be a good time for lucid dreaming, also known as astral travel, the best time for most people, although as we progress, the time may also cease to have any significance. Meditating on the content of dreams in the morning, while we still remember them, is also an appropriate spiritual exercise. Research on dreaming may become the basis for parascientific studies on the life of the soul. The dream internalization of our psyche is nothing else than the collapse of consciousness into the sphere of the soul and temporary living in this more subtle sphere. Lack of relaxation often makes it impossible to fall asleep, and during sleep our vitality is regenerated, the circulation of which is related to the body of the soul and the actual human being.

27. “In Immortality, the soul of the Righteous One will always be in Rejoicing, but the soul of the Liar will certainly be in torment. These laws were established by Ahura Mazda (Lord of Wisdom) by his supreme authority.” This is what the ancient books written by the prophet Zarathushtra teach. The land of the future life is called Immortality, because the life span of tens of thousands of years compared to tens of years reaches Eternity. Prayers for those who have passed on to a subtler world are most appropriate. Thinking about the souls of the dead often attracts these beings to our vicinity, although we do not always clearly perceive or feel it. Sometimes in this way we can stop a soul in its evolution in the afterlife, and by intensely desiring the presence of the deceased, we can lead ourselves to a state of mental possession. Therefore, it is better to think about the person of the Creator, about angels and holy avatars, because the presence of holy beings will help and inspire us. If we spend 15 minutes before falling asleep remembering and imagining the saints, the enlightened figure of the Guru, then we will very easily reach the spiritual regions in dream consciousness. This is one of many simple methods of developing our soul that have been recommended for centuries. There is no end to self-work in spiritual development when it comes to a single incarnation of a human being, although a few people reach the last incarnation among their incarnations. People who achieve a very great awareness of the soul are able to live a deeply spiritual life, as if they were in the body, at the same time in the world of souls and in the luminous angelic regions. Such people are said to have achieved the Karina of Immortality. They are often accompanied by light phenomena or experiences such as entering, together with the body, another dimension, another space, from which they may not return. This appears to be the sudden disappearance of a body that is nowhere to be found. People who are at the end of their evolution as a soul can end their lives in such an original way by disappearing from the eyes of their descendants, seemingly, in unexplained circumstances. Perhaps they will visit the human race one day, emerging from the sphere of souls as angels (messengers), as beings of flesh and blood. The described angelic visitations of completely real beings are just such a passage through the gate of worlds, which is normally closed, remaining at the disposal of the Supreme Cherub (Kheri-Kheba), who also grants passes, although our work and will also have their share and importance.

28. The words of the great Gurus, who are Avatars (Messengers of Heaven), that “Whoever lives and believes in me will never die”, obviously refer to the issue of the destruction of the soul and Avići. Following the teachings of the Great Spiritual Masters, who are sent by Heaven to each nation once every hundred years, is a guarantee of proper spiritual development, thanks to which our soul will be kept alive. The hope of resurrection from the dead to the future life on earth as well as the hope of the soul’s passage to life in Heavenly Immortality is one of the signs of the correctness of the preached teaching and, as it were, a safe-conduct authenticating the messenger himself. If we create a strong mental connection with the Guru through faith (Bhakti – adoration, devotion), we will be drawn by the power of this connection onto the path of spiritual life leading to Eternal Life. By seeking contact with teachers of the spiritual Confraternity Order, with aćaryas and maintaining the spiritual relationship through personal spiritual exercises and, preferably, regular participation in meditation meetings, we can greatly facilitate the purification of our soul and direct ourselves towards the one true Life in Eternity. By participating in meditation and prayer rituals such as Linga-Puja, we have the benefit of directing our psyche on the path to heaven, where this ritual is performed by angels (devas). If we actively engage in such practices often enough, the sphere of our dreaming will also be cleansed over time, giving us more and more bright, lucid dreams in the Pure Lands, which will be a good omen for our future life in the energy body of the soul (linga-śarira). So don’t allow yourself to waste your time, life and health on things that could darken your soul. Choose everything that promotes spiritual clarity, and spread this divine knowledge among your loved ones, among friends and acquaintances, and everywhere you can! Do good to other souls! Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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