Elohim is Yahveh and Shekinah (44)

Elohim is the basic biblical word for God. Derived from the Old Aramaic Allah or Elloh. There is great similarity, if not complete identity, with the concept of Shiva and Shakti that has been taught for thousands of years in Kashmir, which, as it now seems, is the actual cradle of the Proto-Semitic race. What is ELOHIM, God the Creator of All Things? In the languages of nations friendly to the Semites, we have several interesting identities. Ilum is the word for God in the Assyrian and Babylonian languages. El is the term for God in the Hittite, Ugaritic and Phoenician languages. Il and Ilum are also terms for the language of the tribe of Ishmael, the son of Abraham, from the southern Arab tribes. All definitions of the word God revolve around the term El/Il. The term Elyon, the Most High God, is also often used.

God is Woman and Man

The God who gave the commandment about eating very vegan food, based on seeds and fruit, is not YHWH (Yahweh/h), but Elohim. Only words beginning with El in the Bible are translated as “God.” For example: El Shaday is God Almighty, El Chayy is God Eternal (or better Eternally Living). The problem is that Elohim is God in the dual number, which means that it is He and She as an androgynous unity. Such a Divine Couple. His name is Yahweh and Her name is Shekinah (Sakina). The word Yahweh in the Semitic tradition is pronounced Adonai, which translates as Lord. Hence the Lord God is Yahve Elohim. The Shekinah is the Light, the Glory of God and all radiance.

Both the figure of Shiva and Shakti, as well as Yahveh – Shekinah, is associated with fire rituals and ceremonies. The mutual relationship can be defined as between fire and light. One never occurs without the other. The male aspect is like Heavenly Fire, and the female aspect is like Heavenly Light. In Kashmir, the figure Shiva-Śakti and the Yahweh-Shekinah pair are synonymous.

Who is Man created in the image of Elohim? Of course, the Human Couple. This is just a glimpse of the mystery of creation for those who enjoy reading and understanding Hebrew. Additionally, from the context of the Holy Scriptures it follows that it is every or any human couple, which gives the totality of humanity of both sexes. Therefore, both woman and man are created in the image and likeness of Elohim. The first creation account is older and more fundamental to the interpretation of biblical teaching. Man is more like fire, while woman is by nature more like light, revealing beauty by herself.

El – God also appears in the names of divinity (Elim), such as Gabriel, Michael, Rafael, Uriel (Ariel). This suggests that the messengers, the angels, have a direct connection with Elohim. They belong, as the Bible teaches, to His Court, to the luminous Empyrean. The patron saint of the Semitic race is, for example, Michael, which translates well as the Victorious God. He passed on as a patron to Israel from the Holy Spirit, i.e. to Christianity. Israel literally means Children of God, daughters and sons of Elohim. Protestants, as befits a protest, usually omit most of these teachings contained directly in the Old Testament. However, they should realize not only the basic beings of the Empyrean associated with Elohim, but also the fact that each so-called Archangel has its female counterpart, or as we prefer, its divine, androgynous Wife, the Archangel. Now Paradise is complete and properly outlined. The meaning of marital love and eternity together also becomes immediately obvious. Not a blind command, but a reflection of a deeper spiritual reality. The Creator made all beings in pairs, in his own image. Gender is inscribed in the nature of the Creator of Creatures, in Elohim, in the Father-Mother.

Theologians like to avoid deeper consideration of the meaning of the term Elohim. Why does it bother anyone that in His essence God is a Woman and a Man, an androgynous parental couple? Unfortunately, this is too similar, or even identical, to the image of God in various Eastern religions. Couples such as Vishnu and Lakshmi, Shiva and Parvati, Krishna and Radha in various Indian religions remind us what our own God originally is according to the Bible. This unpleasant similarity resulted in the abandonment of teaching about Elohim (God!) in religion classes for centuries. And an even greater misfortune is that the pair of Yahveh and Shekinah is strikingly similar to the pair of Shiva and Shakti (Parvati). I will add that most scholars today share the view that the roots of the Semitic Race are in Kashmir. Shaivite roots too.

As for Krishna and sacrifices made to dolls, which is often criticized by theologians. Well, Krishna, as all Missionary Priests know, is not a doll. The doll is only a symbol of Krishna, just as Jesus is not a doll on a wooden crucifix, although even some Protestant Christians think so. It takes a lot of bad will to write such nonsense, as so-called priests and pastors often do. Krishna lived his life on earth as a human being. He was born and died. Tradition attributes signs of holiness to him. He would fall somewhere among the more distinguished saints according to the classification rules of the Christian tradition. However, the most interesting fact is that the Gospel story of the life of Jesus of Bethlehem is a living plagiarism of the life story of Lord Krishna. Pious Hindus, when they hear the story of Jesus’ life, say that Jesus is the incarnation of Lord Krishna. Such is the similarity of their lives, deeds, activities and essential teachings. The similarity of the Names Krishna and Christ (Greek: Krystos) is even greater, because it indicates exactly the same Eucharistic meaning. It’s good to know where the similarity comes from, the Greek Krystos is a transliteration of the Indian name Krishna. This works out nicely when we realize that the Messenger of God who came to the Jews is a great, Hindu in essence, avatar, the incarnation of God.

Is Saint Francis, let’s say, is a painting in the picture? Or maybe the soul of a person considered holy by his religion? A little more respect for dissenters and a little more understanding. Because one Shepherd from Israel said: “I have sheep from another fold and I must bring them.” If he is taking care of some sheep (this is a symbol of the soul) from another fold, then sometimes a Krishna sheep may be on the right side at the Judgment, and a so-called Christian, full of condemnation of it, may be on the left. And then what? By then it will be too late! (We hope that everyone knows that on the Day of Judgment the left wing goes to destruction!).

The meaning of the story of the sheep from another fold is clear if we understand that the Christ of the Christians is simply the incarnation of the Hindu Krishna. When the devotees of Christ and Krishna unite in the full consciousness that they belong to one and the same fold, then the prophecy of the Master of the Star of Bethlehem will be finally fulfilled. There will be one Fold and one Shepherd (Guru). The symbolism of the shepherd of sheep is in its essence and spirit so closely related to Lord Krishna that it is hardly surprising why so many enlightened and supposedly understanding minds remain stubbornly silent on this matter. Would they not believe the truth?

We will see what the Bible teaches us about the one God and idolatrous cults. “And do not call anyone on earth your father, for one is your Father, He who is in heaven. Neither do you want to be called masters, for there is only one Master, Christ” (Mt. 23:9, 10). Jesus teaches that for a Christian there is one Father, God in heaven. The commandment to honour your father and mother changes its meaning. Because we are only allowed to worship the Father in heaven. Note also that Jesus teaches that the only Master is none other than Christ. Are you Christ if you call yourself a Master? Jesus as a man speaks of Christ as the Spirit and the Messiah. The Anointed One of the Spirit is the Master. On the other hand it is easy to see here a simple yogi who is a devotee of his Master, Lord Krishna. He couldn’t openly tell the Jewish fanatics about it. He could, like the Guruyoga aspirants, transform himself into his Master, into Christ, into Krishna.

The disciple Jesus, as a practicing yogi, transforms on the Mount of Transfiguration into his Heavenly Mentor, Lord Krishna. He becomes a link in a long line of incarnations of the Sons of God, or rather one being of the Son of God, whom we generally call Vishnu. This is not religious syncretism or indifferentism. These are only the inner truths of the Mystery of Divine Order, which so far are known only to a few. Lord Morya already drew attention to the identity of the teachings of Buddha and Jesus in matters of mercy and compassion. Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu, the Son of God. Mahavatar Babaji taught about the similarity of the sacred life story of Krishna the Shepherd and Jesus the Shepherd of the Sheep in the context of another incarnation of the same spiritual being.

Of course, this seems like a cosmic joke if we understand where the emphasis on the worship of the Name comes from in these seemingly different spiritual traditions. Hare Krishna means exactly the same as Gloria Christ. And more importantly, it is addressed to the same divinity, to the same figure. Followers of Amitabha Buddha should also try to understand who this Compassionate and Merciful Buddha is, whose Name they so zealously worship and with whom they unite in Spirit. It is the same great loving heart. Lord Vishnu, Son of God, Lord of Compassion.

All these figures are set in pairs, such as Jesus and Maryam (Magdalene), Krishna and Radha, Morya and Menaka, Rama and Sita. There is the Master and his Bride. This, of course, reflects the relationship between Fire and Light, between Adonai and Shekinah. The mystical personification of the inseparable Parental Couple in the form of Shiva and Shakti is probably the oldest prototype of Elohim. The Grace of God and the Power of God are literally Shiva and Shakti, the male and female power of the cosmic androgyne. When we say ‘Heavenly Father’ we are actually speaking to every male aspect of God in every holy, divine Parental Couple! Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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