Gayatri – Narayana Mantra (23)


For thousands of years, Gayatri is a vision of people who are spiritually oriented. It is an invocation, a call to the Deity of Light. The wonderful prophet who pointed out this Song of Light, called the source from which all good thoughts come from and from which all divine forms and shapes emerge. In a sense, we can describe Gayatri as the bright background of all lights. The Prophet recommended a method of summoning the light, which is the shining background of all the figures of the devachan (heavens).

The meaning of Gayatri is as follows:

„God of the earth, the heavens and the great Spirit
We are in the arms of the Saviour,
When we focus in the light of God,
Who wants our enlightenment „

During the repetition of the words of the Song of Light, we recall the light of the Creator who caused us to exist. We recall the light that stimulates our will to act.

This light is explained as the light of our solar system. It is a bright background, which for physical eyes appears as the darkness of the cosmos. Each of us is a spark of this light. Regardless of whether it is a solar system or a single person, the background remains the same. We feel this as the figure „I am”, as an experience of luminous unity called Asmita by Patanjali.

The Prophet, who passed the Mantra Gayatri, also gave a measure of the verse for its record consisting of 3 lines of 8 syllables each, which together gives 24 syllables vibrated as a whole mantra / song. The Prophet was also a sovereign and a scientist in his time, and at the end of his life he withdrew to the hermitage. He is recognized as the Master of many mysteries of Nature (the Environment, Prakriti). He called Gayatri „The Song of the Angel of the Year”. The ancient Sage had, of course, the lunar year in his mind, which consists of twenty-four phases of lunar transformations. Each syllable corresponds to one full moon or one phase of the new moon in the annual cycle of lunar changes. The name of the Song was also specified using Vedic verse measure.

In fact, we only know the name / title worn by the Prophet, founder of this type of yoga of light. His name was Viśvamitra. This title passed on to many successors continuing the thought of the founder in the spirit of his message and in the line of succession. In the meaning of the name there is a content such as: „Friend, Guide, and Measure of All.” By this name was also described the hearing organ as a measure of the sound. It is like the power to listen to the sound. Viśvamitra is a symbol of this branch of wisdom which is heard by one.

If we invoke the Gayatri mantra properly, and in the right (focused) way we listen to it, the consciousness is freed from the strata (layers) of self-conditioning and from the tendency to fall into all addictions in the three realms (body, emotions, thoughts). Such a person begins to live in cosmic consciousness. He attains the state of being pure, unconditioned and luminous, likewise angels (devas) in heaven (devachan).

When you say this mantra, you have to focus in the light of dawn that appears before sunrise (before the sun appears above the horizon). A little focus is added in the light of midday and twilight after sunset on the days of the new moon and the full moon. These days are special because each of them concerns one syllable from the entire Song of Light. The OM syllable begins the entire lunar year in the first new moon of the year.

Each of the three lines with eight mantric syllables corresponds to the Three Worlds: the World of Earth, the World of Space and the World of Heaven respectively. This is explained by the Invocation of God that begins the entire Song. Bhur refers to the world of earth. Bhuvah points to the heavens of the air, to the intermediate world. Swaha is the sphere of real Heavens, the world of the Great Spirit also called the Spirit of the Lord. Any three-fold division representing the Holy Trinity (Trimmurti) is contained in this invocation.

When we think of God as the Creator of the Universe who brings to life all the creation – we are talking about Lord Brahma. Brahma is the intelligent Person of God, the Creator of everything. His spiritual breath, marked by omnipresence, is called brahman, which is like the spirit, mood and aura of the omnipresent Creator. Brahma is the Flame of Eternal Fire, and brahman is the Glowing Light that shines from the flame. This light is the Spirit of God and we unite with it by reciting Gayatri. God living within human hearts as a flame of fire, as Lord and Ruler of every human person, is Iśvara who is a reflection of Brahma. In this essence of our perfection lies our likeness to the Creator of All Things. Therefore, the Vedic commandment is always valid: „Be as perfect as God (Iśvara) is perfect.”

The attainment of the self-luminous essence of the omni-luminosity is the direct result of the practice of the Gayatri Mantra. Gayatri is a mantra for those who want to be absorbed by the consciousness of the space of the Great Spirit (the Holy Spirit), which is also called the Enlightenment. It is an invocation to the own Higher Self (Iśvara), and also to the light of solar systems. When singing this Song of Light, one should listen to the intoned sound and also focus on it and consider its meaning. In particular, it is a practice recommended in the Age of the Golden Age (Satya Yuga), which is to begin with the Age of Aquarius and continue as usual for ten thousand years.

It is believed that the effect of the Song of Light in the New Era will be much more powerful than in the previous ones, because the angels of Aquarius sign are a pair of angels of the air element, and therefore subordinate to Vayu – the angel (deva) of the wind, who as a guardian is preparing the way to the inside of the heart, to Iśvara. The colour of Vayu is blue like the sky, created not elsewhere but in the atmosphere.

Guru Viśvamitra transmits the Gayatri for the expansion of consciousness at the beginning of the Golden Age of Truth, at its pre-dawn, which is analogous to the dawn of a new day. We can discover this form of yoga once again in the history of the world. Gayatri has a twofold devaic (angelic) form. In the feminine form it is the archetype of the Mother of the World with five faces looking as in five directions. It symbolizes the five elements absorbed in the Supreme Consciousness by the Energy of Consciousness also called the Kundalini. In this sense, Gayatri and Kundalini are one and the same.

The Mother of the World is the Spiritual Power of Lord Brahmā (i.e. Lord God). She is also called the wife of the Supreme God and in this respect she is considered to be perfect Unity with Him. The focus in the consciousness of the Supreme One without a Second is called Narayana. It literally means the Path of Solar Life. Narayana is the Living Sun of the Heart of Life, as one could say in a mystical way. Colloquially, Narayana is the Path to God, Goodness and Path of Goodness, Life and the Path of Eternal Life.

The increase of the woman’s significance in the aspect of the Great Mother always takes place when women overcome their jealousy and possessiveness towards their loved ones, and especially towards their children. Unfortunately, envy that appears as possessiveness and jealousy is the darkest forces that need to be dissolved in purifying light and annihilated. Purification from hatred is the achievement of true motherhood. Gayatri also annihilates the tendency to prostitution by transforming sexual energy into the pure form of the divine Creative Power. Prostitution is an expression of hatred and contempt towards the opposite pole called the Supreme Consciousness of God. In the interpersonal aspect, it is contempt / hatred of the opposite sex, which manifests as prostitution or its more modest variations.

The purified energy of femininity will be the leading force, the spiritual power of the Golden Age Era. That is why we contemplate the ten-handed image of Gayatri with five faces. The halo of sanctity around the head of this energy depicted in the symbolic angelic shape is crystal-whitish on the outside and greenish on the inside. The middle face is pinkish, the right hand in a blessing gesture, and the left in the gesture of giving contentment to her devotees.

Repetition of Gayatri with full concentration and attention with the help of a rosary (rudraksha) causes that the human being becomes illuminated and completely bathed in the light of God. You can call it immersion into the light of enlightenment or baptism in the light of the divine flame. The purifying Light of God has the power to remove the deposit of guilt, error and sin. In terms of yoga, it is the removal of karma of old deeds. The right attitude to this practice is repentance and regret because of the erroneous paths of ungodliness. The best time to practice the recitation of this Great Prayer is time during the dawn, before dawn.

We invoke the Light of the Cosmos, we sing the Song of the Soul of the Universe. Gayatri is an advanced form of the path of light, also known as practice of Jyotismati according to Yogasutras. Initiation into the practice of Gayatri is called the Initiation of Reconciliation or the Initiation of the Covenant. Of course, this is the Covenant with the Supreme God who is traditionally called Narayana – „Only God is Good.” Ultimately, we achieve eternal salvation, liberation from karmic conditions.

Practicing Gayatri without Initiation (Dikshan) only gathers merit for following this path. Only the practice after initiation has the saving power that frees from the effects of past deeds. There is also a small condition to fulfil in following this Eternal path of light. One, single cycle of this spiritual practice lasts over three years. Spiral Gayatri has three and a half coils, three and a half circle in its cycle.

It takes three years (annual cycles of nature) for the energy to be built up to reach its goal and get anchored in the consciousness of Narayana. Another half a year (half a cycle) is needed for the energy to rise to the top of the crown of consciousness from the footstool of this height. If this spiritual exercise is interrupted for a period of three lunar spirals (one and a half month lunar), the plant which has grown out of this work will fade, and the work should be started again. There are health deteriorations or returns to old impure ways of living. We should, therefore, opt for three and a half years of work if we want to have at least some merit on the way to liberation.

The practice of Gayatri must always be combined with light meditations following her recitation and accompanying bowing. Exercises known as Surya Namaskar can be included before or after this practice, as long as they are known to us along with the twelve mantras for the sun angels (Suryadeva). Of course, all sounds of mantras should be learned through hearing from someone who knows them well. Mantra is a sound transmission that is heard. It is not possible to learn the mantra from any textbook description, because in this way one cannot hear it from the mouth of a living person who brings the sound and blessing of transmitting and activating the power of the mantra.


Transliteration of the Song of Light according to the transmission of the Himavanti line:


Practitioners should remember that they should chant with a special focus and with deep longing for the Supreme Being. We strongly remember to keep the flame of the spiritual exercise at dawn every morning, as well as around (after) noon and sunset, or rather at twilight every new moon and full moon day.

The great cycle of practice, through this liberating mantra, contains as many as seven od such three and a half year periods of worship with a total of 24 and a half years of practice. It cleanses completely all plans of consciousness. A separate initiation practice is required for each new cycle. The basic sadhana (spiritual exercise) allows to achieve a deep purification of the earth’s plane.


Aćaryaćarya LalitaMohan Ji G.K.


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