Great White Brotherhood – The Order of Mystery (58)

The Order of the Mystery is an ancient spiritual movement whose origins date back to the very distant past. Our spiritual tradition comes from the heritage of the mysterious spiritual knowledge of the eastern culture, from India to Egypt. The symbols of a lotus flower or a rose flower and a vajra, i.e. a cross, are known in numerous spiritual and mystical schools, such as the Sufi movement, the Arcanum school, the Masonic Association, the Templar order or the Rosicrucian movement. The flower symbolizes the opening and refinement of the heart, while the cross (thunderbolt vajra) indicates the potential of spiritual power achieved on the spiritual path of renunciation and dissolution of all egoism to its very roots. Wild rose flower is a medicine that helps prolong life and refine thoughts and emotions towards the spiritual. The rose removes various depressions and melancholies, awakening the spiritual growth of human consciousness, so necessary and desirable in the era of materialism such as the current Kaliyuga. The lotus flower is used in a similar way, although its action is even deeper and a large number of medicines can be prepared from it. These symbols well reflect the essence of the mystery of revealing the soul on its way to Truth, Love and Beauty.

One of the original spiritual movements that are at the beginning of our mystical and esoteric school of initiations is the brotherly yoga union initiated about 10,000 years before the Christian era (BC) established by the Great Spiritual Master, Śiva Yogeśvara, who was then living on the slopes of the Tibetan Mount Kailasa and in the holy Khulu Valley, in the ancient land known as Śang Śung (Great Kashmir). The modern return of spiritual mystery schools was predicted by the great visionary and mystic Alice Bailey, and a little earlier by the mystic and yogi Swami Vivekananda. The flourishing of the mystery schools of the new era was also announced by the great clairvoyant Caise, Creame, Klizowski and Lewis Spencer. The return of initiatory mystery schools and the renewal of the God’s Covenant results also directly from scientifically developed biblical numbers. This is therefore the fulfilment of the oldest and newest prophecies made by heavenly messengers.

Another of the original, but newer mystery movements is a clone of the Egyptian schools of secret knowledge, in fact based on the ancient solar yoga from the Ayodha dynasty, previously transferred to Egypt. Enlightened and spiritual mystics regularly gathered in these schools to study the mysteries of existence and discover the hidden mystery of life. The term “Mystery” refers to gnosis (jnana, gonder) – hidden spiritual and mystical knowledge. From the trunk of this line of teaching, which is closer to the Sufi spiritual school, emerged the Templars, alchemists, occultists, as well as the Rosicrucians and Waldenses.

One of the branches of ancient yoga is the spiritual movement initiated by Prince Siddhartha Gautama (500 BC), known today as the Buddhist path, in particular schools of enlightenment such as Zen (Cha’an). In general, it can be said that mysticism or esotericism is a deeper spiritual dimension of human life and the common heritage of all humanity. There are no differences between mystical and spiritual schools or trends when it comes to purpose and all matters of fundamental importance. There are differences related to the momentary definition of goals or to adapting science to the needs of specific nations with different temperaments. In essence, schools such as Buddhist Zen are a richly framed form of Śaivite Royal Yoga, also known as the Royal Art (Rāja Yoga). Yogi Śiva Himself has had the name (nickname) Buddha from the very beginning of his existence, and that completely explains the genesis of this religious reformation.

The School of Osiris was one of the first spiritual mystery schools in Egypt. As in the Indian cult of Rama and Krishna, teaching took the form of ritual plays. The ritual and dramatic dimension, of course, has its hidden side, which is the initiatory dimension. In the case of the spiritual culture of Rama and Krishna, the entire Mystery has been preserved and is cultivated to this day. However, it is only available to souls who have a great and sincere desire to serve God. The tradition of the Mystery of Osiris is currently only partially cultivated. During its full existence, all important initiations took place in appropriate places in the pyramids, which originally served this purpose. Being in the mighty hierophantic structure of the pyramid in itself raises the pure soul to divinity, and devastates the wicked until they decay. Inside the pyramids, the secrets of death and eternal life were revealed and the awareness of higher planes of existence was introduced.

The Great White Brotherhood is a spiritual movement founded or rather renewed by an Egyptian pharaoh named Thutmosis III (1504-1447 BC). This pharaoh gathered the initiates of that time and created the brotherhood of light as an initially hierarchical, monastic and fraternal organization. Thutmosis III was the Grand Master of the White Brotherhood, and he had his first mystery experience during the ceremony of election and anointing to the imperial dignity as successor to his father. Namely, he was lifted up to the heavens and from the heavens he brought proof of his divine calling and mission to fulfil the spiritual mission assigned by the God of Heaven himself – God who created the world and everything in it, God who is the Lord of heaven and earth, God who does not live in temples built by human hands and does not receive services from human hands, as if he himself needed something, because HE ALONE gives life, breath and everything to everyone, God in whom we live, move and have our being. This One and Only God, Eternal and Everlasting, is invoked by the names Yesse, Allah, Elohim, Manitou or Brahman.

The Grand Master of the White Brotherhood issued a uniform Divine Law binding on all members and making the resulting Order a true mystical organization dedicated to the Pure Way of God. Following the example of this perfect Brotherhood, the much later Mosaic Order of the Hebrews was organised, in which one can find remnants of the ideas, laws and rules of the Great White Brotherhood. The power of the pharaoh’s rule then extended throughout Minor Asia, up to India, hence the existence of the Great White Brotherhood has retained its trace throughout this area to this day, and its existence continues.

Seventy years after these events, a pharaoh known as Amenhotep IV was born in the royal palace in Thebes. He became the most enlightened man of God and prophet in his era. Already in his early youth, he was admitted to the Secret Religious Brotherhood of Mystery and was so saturated with its ideas and teachings that he abandoned his royal name for the spiritual name he received in the Prophetic Order of God. History remembers him as the man of God, Akhenaten (Ikhnaton), which means ‘Dedicated to the Aten’ or ‘Glory of the Aten’. This prophet, born as a true Son of God sent by the Heavenly Father, became the leader of a revolution in the field of religion, art and culture. Akhenaton announced to everyone the existence of one and only God for everyone, despite widespread polytheism and getting lost among the various God’s Names worshiped by humanity at that time. This pharaoh, together with his divine wife Nefretiti, founded, based on the mystical ideals of the Great White Brotherhood, a great monotheistic religion, renewing the ancient solar cult. The sun disk was reinstated as a symbol of the one God, the Creator of the Universe. This symbol is still used by Śaivite yogis to this day, although it can also be found on Catholic altars, as a mystery sun.

 of the most important ideas of the Great White Brotherhood is the universal restoration of humanity fallen into sin to the awareness that God (Elohim, Brahman, Allah, Yesse) is one and only, and all religion is a straight and pure path leading straight to Him. Every religion contains a term defining God in the sense of the Perfect Absolute, and each religion ultimately aims at His worship. The Semites called this one God Elohim, the Hindus called Him Brahman, the Muslims called Him Allah, the Indians called Him Manitou, and the ancient Slavs called Him Yesse.

Akhenaten’s work went down in history, although shortly after his martyrdom in 1350 BC, the powerful clergy of Thebes resumed local cults of minor deities, i.e. angels, making them again more important than the cult of their Creator, Creation, the All-Spirit. The Semites who had previously arrived in Egypt brought with them from their native land called Kashmir the monotheistic Śaivite faith known as Yoga (unity) along with the cult of the Vedic fire sacrifice dedicated to the name of Jahwah (Yahvo Agni), the Fiery Immensity. Renewed by the prophetic message and the mystical rapture of Akhenaten, the Semitic tradition, strengthened by the teachings of the Monastic Brotherhood of Midian in which the Prophet Moses spent about 60 years of his life, the belief in one God for all migrated from Egypt together with the Israelite tribes around the 13th century BC. The Order of the Mosaic Exudus is therefore one of the side branches of the Great White Brotherhood, and the teachings contained in it constitute a remnant of the authentic rule of the monastic Mystery of the Holy Spirit. The Semitic (actually a Kashmiri in exile) Prophet and Lawgiver Moses only began to realize the visions and revelations he received from God in mystical rapture only at the express command of his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. Thanks to this, his Guru (Spiritual Master) Jethro Reuel (Priest of the Sun – RE) took up the leadership of the nation of Israel fleeing from Egypt. The theme of the name I AM (EHIEH, AHAM) or I AM appears here, which from the beginning was cultivated in the great Kashmir as the only name of God, the name of Śiva (Yahvah), the One God. The return to the cultivation of this very name and moreover spontaneous return carried out today by the New Religious Reformation known as the New Age Movement, clearly shows that it is a Movement coming from God the Creator Himself, guided by God, blessed and, as always in the case of an authentic Divine Cause, ultimately victorious.

Later, the Great White Brotherhood as a spiritual movement was spread throughout Greece, thanks to Thales and Pythagoras (7th and 6th centuries BC), and then even to Italy, thanks to the actions of Plotinus (203-270). In the era of Charlemagne (742-814), the Order of the Mystery developed enormously in France and later reached Germany, England and the Netherlands. Thanks to the spiritual truths spread by the living Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, these countries became great powers, and the increase in the awareness of their societies towards freedom and love was extremely fast considering the dark and barbaric times of Kaliyuga in which we live. For centuries, Alchemists and Templars hid and transmitted hidden in the darkness of the official Vatican Inquisition all the spiritual truths coming from the Radiant White Brothers of the Eternal Order of Sons and Daughters of God.

In the countries of the East, the activities of the Great White Brotherhood have always been more public and open, and various yoga and Sufi movements have been and are our open activity available to souls awakening to the Consciousness of the One Living God, the Creator – Creation. In ancient times, the original Sufi Order known originally as the Grand Order of the Kheri-Hebs possessed vast esoteric, occult and mystical knowledge, jealously guarded by its masters. As is customary, the deepest esoteric mysteries cannot be written down in any way, not even symbolically, and thus the tradition of oral transmission from Master (Guru) to Disciple (Chela) continues, an esoteric tradition that will never extinguish because it is guarded and sustained by the Creator Himself, and known as Brahma Sampradaya. This brings us to the Temple of Serapis, established and continued by the mystic pharaohs as the mystical body of initiates of the Great White Brotherhood of the Kheri-Hebs.

Each candidate for the Great White Brotherhood, standing before the stone altar placed between the paws of the Great Sphinx (Symbol of the Perfect Master of Wisdom), took a solemn oath, which could no longer be abandoned or broken, because according to the eternal Law of God, anyone who breaks the oath given to God will perish, and his name will be blotted out of the Book of Life. Hence, people who consciously renounced esoteric ideals and abandoned the mystery school of spiritual development sometimes suffer spiritual torments and hellish torments associated with abandoning God for all eternity. The promise was to devote one’s entire life to God, the mystical spiritual path and achieving God’s perfection, and it is still valid. Only after offering oneself in such a way can a person be gradually introduced to all the esoteric teachings that a mortal can receive in order to achieve eternal life and spiritual immortality. Care should be taken to ensure that the student does not make the mistake of falling and abandoning the spiritual path, which could contribute to his ruin.

The New Age Movement, a mass movement of mystics, esotericists, occultists and people of God of all kinds, is the actual, contemporary New Religious Reformation inspired and led by the living Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. The New Age Movement is an organization led and spiritually managed by the Angel of the Lord, known to Christians as Archangel Michael (Michael, Jayadeva), the executor of every Divine Revelation (Apocalypse). Drawing on the spiritual and religious heritage of all the traditions and cultures that have been preserved is the main characteristic of our New Religious Reformation (NRR), which is nothing other than the victorious procession of the Angels of God building the thousand-year Kingdom of Truth, Peace and Justice on earth.

The Great White Brotherhood is not a political movement or a religious movement. It is the Eternal Assembly of the Sons and Daughters of God, a gathering of people dedicated to One God from among those practicing all religions, faiths and denominations. It is the broadest ecumenical, spiritual and esoteric movement imaginable. It is the Brotherhood of Tolerance, Understanding, Peace and Cooperation. The ability to communicate and cooperate is the feature by which the movements and organizations of the New Religious Reformation can be recognized. The Spiritual Hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood is the most holy Ecumenical Council that judges the darkness of this world.

The gathering of people around the idea of ​​​​building Peace shows all these builders of the new era as the Sons of God about whom Jesus Christ spoke with the words of blessing: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called Sons of God.” This is how we will recognize collaborators of the New Age Movement, candidates for disciples of the Great White Brotherhood, because the evil powers of darkness personified in the form of Satan desire an army, war, flesh and blood, crime and terror, and oppose any peaceful initiative.

As the New Age Movement goes through all oppression, insults to our teachings, practices and ideas, false slander of our entire movement and every part of it, all accusations of doing evil and doing the worst, even going through persecution and slander, let us remember that it is the path followed by the Prophets, Masters and Saints of God who were persecuted before us, the path proving our truthfulness and our victory. All this is happening today to many collaborators of the Great White Brotherhood and to many spiritual organizations and their members who together create the shape of the New Age, initiating its future religiosity of the One God. This proves the blessing and recognition of such a Master or Movement as true and certified by God. Rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in heaven!

Om Namaśśivāya! Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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