Hara Śiva, Hara Śiva (73)

Our native spiritual culture, as it would seem all the inhabitants of the country lying on the Vistula should know, is part of a larger Slavic community, which in turn belongs to an even larger community known as Indo-European or Aryan. This is the conclusion coming from the structure of the language that we speak every day [meaning Polish]. We need not, therefore, be surprised, that the citizens of the country through which Vistula River runs, to this day holy river of Slavs, have strong desire to learn their ancient Aryan beliefs and customs which are returning here from the country through which Ganges and Indus rivers flow. We belong, therefore, as the whole Aryan family to a guardian angel known by beautiful Vedic name Aryaman, which can be translated as either Nobleness or Nobility. That’s it.

Arya (Arya) is someone who is noble in his heart. Thus, the spirit of nobility and generosity in our nation is relatively easy to wake up. One can recommend contemplating just such features as „Nobility” in its most traditional, old Polish sense, to awaken a national spirit in its deeper essence. Therefore we repeat to ourselves the affirmation such as: „I am Noble” or even, more in the spirit of Polish identity, „I am a Gentleman (Nobleman)”. Divine idea expressed in the concept of Aryaman suggests mental strength of nobility which is hidden in the depths of human soul as the innate potential of each Polish men and women. Affirmation of the word, or better yet a mantram like: „Om Aryaman Namah” will allow not only to awaken deeper mental strengths of our being but also reach into the treasury of the natural and authentic (not learnt by artificial slogans) Polish-ness, to our genesis…

Aryans or as we prefer Indo-Europeans who in addition to Slavs (including Poles, Czechs, Sorbs, Russians, Bulgarians) include such nations as Greeks, Romans, Germans, Albanians, Balts (including Lithuanians, Latvians), Celts, Indoarians, Iranians, Germans, Armenians and Tajiks – are our cultural and spiritual brothers. So if you wonder what we have in common with the Irish, German and Indian, we have to always remember that we have a common cultural and linguistic roots, and thus – the common roots of traditional religion. Gods of Greece are just as close to us as gods (angels) of Celts or Indoarians. Spiritual culture of Indoarians is relatively well preserved, so it’s particularly close to us, Poles, and dear to our hearts, and therefore very attractive to us. This is the return to the roots, back to the Polish-ness, return to the depths of our pre-Slavic, Indo-European soul. After all, more than a thousand years ago, Śiva was worshiped on our land, Sventovid – a form of the Creator (Brahma) with four faces was also worshiped. When the spirit of national identity awakens, the most spiritually advanced souls will immediately return to their roots. Nothing is in a position to deprive the soul of its true identity.

Interest in magic of runic alphabet, or commitment in restoration of ancient Celtic Druid’s ceremonies, nor ever constantly increasing demand for everything Eastern and especially Indian, are not surprising. It is not surprising, because all of this is part of our ancient, Indo-European spiritual culture, which we cannot relinquish, because then instead of growing spiritually we would have to give up own soul. And such a renunciation would be the worst crime for a pilgrim on the path. Aryans are also warriors, and a spirit of noble warfare. Thus the involvement of many souls in anything that has a flavour of an excellent and noble martial arts. It is one of the common themes from which the first steps on the path of spiritual development begin. A Chinese martial arts developed by the monk Bodhidharma and his heirs will be especially near and dear to us, as this monk was of a Hindu or Indoaryan origin. His art of noble, spiritual warfare is also purely Aryan in its origin.

Hara or Haraiti is a term from Iranian, western Vedic spirituality, and it indicates the sacred mountain range, first created component of the world. At the highest peak of Hara mountains reside Mithra and Sraosha as spiritual guardians of humanity and all the evolving creation. These beings are similar in their nature to the Semitic forms of Messiah and Metatron (Mithron). At the golden tops of the mountains Hara earthly rivers had their beginning. It is clear that the highest and mightiest mountains are hidden under the term Hara. So we have a Himalayan massif as the residence of the divine spirits who remember the beginning of creation. Hara is always the beginning of the creation of the world, the mountain of consciousness emanating with the golden shine. Repeating word 'Hara’ leads to the awakening of source of the golden dawn, which will shine at the hour of awakening of soul. The Himalaya in yoga is a great in its essence soul, which we more often call Himalaya Master. We may consider Hara mantram as the name of the soul of first mountains and the name for the beginnings of creation.

Hara Shiva means the grace and favour flowing like a river of blessings and welfare from the highest mountains. The word Śiva (Shiva) is one of the oldest names of God and was worshiped on Polish soil for thousands of years. It can be surprising for us today, but we will not be surprised any longer if we understand the common identity of all Indo-Europeans. We should understand that supposedly Indian yoga is for our nation indigenous spiritual culture to which we are feeling attraction and should be attracted by all the power of magnetism of our hearts and souls. Hara Shiva is the annihilation of errors, sins and mistakes. Hara Shiva is purification from the mould of guilt and willingness to harm. Hara is a state of innocence recovered after breaking artificial shell of sinfulness and all guilt complex. Training of Huna or Rebirthing that many of our compatriots have done, greatly help in freeing the soul of our nation from the bondage of ideas of sin, guilt and defilement, that are completely alien to a noble soul, which our thoroughly Aryan soul is.

Arya, Arya, I Am Arya. Brothers Arians (followers of Arianism in Europe and Poland for Poland search for Polish Brethren – note by translator) brought to us ideals closer to our native mentality and the name that is dear to our national heart. Hence they spread widely in our nation, until they were unnaturally banished, what caused astray of many seeking souls. Arya is in addition to nobility also loyalty and friendship. Arya is someone noble and faithful to the truth, faithful to his soul. All Indo-European spiritual cultures indicate a clear influence of so-called solar line and spiritual and heavenly characters like Aryaman have a distinct trait of solar nature. Slavic soul must be radiant like the sun wandering the sky. Mind full of humanity in its most subtle form is true Aryan ideal of spiritual man.

Shiva is the Lord of all Indo-Europeans. It is the oldest of preserved names of God and it formed not only the Indo-European culture but also old Dravidian (Tamil) culture including the Easter Island, which also belong to it. Form of Śiva Yogi (Shiva) appears on the oldest Indian archeological dig. Similar images are found for example in Ireland, which belongs to Celtic circle, whose priests to this day, like Indian brahmins walk in long white robes. One of the Vedic attribute (name) of Shiva is well known and popular amongst this (Polish) nation name Yahvah (better known in the Semitic version as Yahweh or Yehovah) indicating the vastness, size. God is truly Enormous and immeasurably Gracious, if He reminds us and shows all that to us. It is interesting that name Yah used for short, and the word 'Jam’ (Yam – I am in Polish) both in Sanskrit and in the old Polish language point to heart, the very essence of the Self, Soul.

Indo-Aryan culture spread throughout Eurasia (Europe and Asia) and became the spiritual culture of our supercontinent, which nations will need in the future to open their borders and become a deeper union. The traditional Aryan mantra coming from the Vedic scriptures, Hara Shiva can greatly help in such an unifying opening of heart and soul of every Eurasian. The highest mountains in the world, Himalayas, are undoubtedly the spiritual heart of our supercontinent and at the same time the heart of all spirituality. Master Himalaya shines on us through angels such as Aryaman. Hara Shiva is the mahamantram of entire Indo-Aryan Eurasia, the sacred phrase bringing every grace and blessing upon every soul honestly and faithfully engaged in its contemplation and chanting. The cult of Lord Shiva is in fact the oldest spiritual worship of our world and the spiritual awakening inevitably leads to understanding and realization of the roots of what we are. Himalayan Yoga is every form of yoga in its succession coming from Lord Shiva.

Hara Hara Shiva Shiva Shiva Shiva Hara Hara. Here is the intonation leading to the peaks of spiritual awareness. Hara actually means peaks and Shiva is actually awareness, consciousness. Together with divine power (Shakti) as divine couple they create well-known image of the wheel divided by sine wave so that each half is also the centre of the latter in the form of drops (bindhu). God’s Power or Shakti is in other words female nature or aspect of divinity – that, what in our native culture is especially dear and revered in folk religion as the Mother of God. This tendency to worship the Divine Mother perhaps gives the most clear evidence, that Creator predestined every Polish soul to reveal its essence as Shakti and Shiva. Without any doubt, Hara Śiva mantram will gradually lead to that.

You can immediately join restorers of our ancient spiritual culture by cultivating every day recitation or contemplation of the sacred, and enlightening mystical phrase this mantram – Hara Śiva – is. It is the prayer of words (oratio) of every Pole who is made of flesh and blood, and made of heart and soul. Develop truly royal nobility springing up from the depths of your soul like a heavenly spring. Keep in mind that the oldest temples discovered in our supercontinent contain an image of Shiva as a Yogi – anthropomorphic manifestation of the infinite universal spirit (Brahman) and the source of all blessings. Lord Shiva was worshiped by Dravidians as well as Aryans and the oldest temples are dedicated to Shiva only. What does it mean when you hear it? Only that we are getting closer to enlightenment through knowledge and through understanding. May knowledge be assisted by the practice. Yehovah pole or Lingam, and a Buddhist stupa, all these are signs of Śaivic faith. Lord Shiva is the Lord of Field and Master of Animals. Even more He is the Lord of all Poles, and to Him we can faithfully surrender the whole soul of a nation, because every Pole is the one who lives from fields (in Polish word for Pole is 'Polak’, and word for field is 'Pole’ thus 'Polak’ means someone who lives from 'Pole’ – translator’s note).

Sit upright, with your feet folded under your body, the way Aryans do, gently and firmly recite the holy phrase for the welfare of all Indo-European peoples, and for the love, peace and unity throughout the supercontinent. Complete daily at least one cycle of prayer, numbering 108 repetitions of the most ennobling mantra for Polish soul. You may repeat:

Hara Śiva Hara Śiva Hara Hara Śiva Śiva!
Om! Om! Om!

 Acharya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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