Natural and alternative medicine with particular emphasis on oriental medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan medicine, Chinese, Mongolian, Arabic or Japanese medicines. Traditional natural medicine is also homeopathy or macrobiotics, herbalism, acupressure, color therapy, psychotherapy and psychosythesis. Ayurveda is the source and begining of all medical culture in Asia and Europe. If any system of therapy has not been mentioned, and is related to activation of natural healing powers – this is place for it. Ayurveda is usually rightly associated with figures like Rudra, Bhaishajya, Vaidyanatha, Agnivesha, Sushruta or Caraka Rishi. Ayurveda is also the whole Tibetan and Mongolian medicine, and partially also Chinese, so carefully preserved and developed by Buddhists, because Buddha recommended practice of Ayurvedic healing to his monks, who reached Middle East and Greece as therapists.