Hridaya Circle – Introduction

The mind of a man is filled with confusion owing to to his free choice to separate himself from divinity, separate himself from the source, or the roots of his own existence, from the real endowment with everything that a human being truly needs. As a result of his drowning in the darkness of the material world of illusion (Maya), desires and animal instincts, human beings find themselves away from their right and only path of development, which is a narrow and tight way to divinity. It is high time to end this senseless wandering in the wilderness and demonic blind alleys of human existence.

The realisation that whole mankind is God’s offspring and the feeling of unity of all creatures are the first step in the awakening to the truth of the only genuine reality. We all are one being, one soul. Therefore, if you hurt somebody, you in fact hurt yourself. Sooner or later you will discover the profound truth of this fact. And if all of us, together with our brothers animals and plants, are one being, one living soul, then we can say that the great saviours such as Jesus Christ bore the burden of our as well as their own sin. Thus, in the feeling of unity, someone else’s suffering is exactly one’s own suffering. This is the essence of empathy, which the Great Prophet and Yogi, Gautama Buddha endeavoured to teach us.

Maheshvara is Great Perfectness and a Great Paragon of all spiritual, divine Ideals and Virtues. Maheshvara is a scintillating reflection of Sain Essence, marvelled at by all living souls that have perfected themselves in the transformation process. Maheshvara is the ultimate goal of Apyayana, the Path of Internal Life.

Open your hearts and listen to the voice of God, who summons you like a Shepherd who calls to his herd. Maheshvara is the most perfect image or human reflection of God that one can imagine in the depth of his angelic soul.

Maheshvara, the Highest Lord says: “When you gather together in My Name, you create a circle (Chakra), to which My love (Prema) may flow so freely that it can even create a feeling of excessive abundance of that love and the power of empathy, which accompanies love. My Love breaks all the barriers and reveals God inside your true self, which always is the reflection and personification of God Himself. When we become brighter and brighter we turn into the image and reflection of the very Reality that we were created from. I am always present inside each human being, however, you do not realise this. I am reflected in the pure mirror of the soul just as the sun is reflected in the surface of water. Only when you create proper conditions for yourselves can you get the experience of My omnipresence.”

HRIDAYA CIRCLE is a study circle devoted to esoteric subjects, including deep contemplation or pondering on the subject of these studies. Secret esoteric knowledge awakens in the heart and mind as a flow of understanding that appears deep inside a human being, from its angelic planes of consciousness always looking up to the Highest Lord and God, to Maheshvara. Each study group which explores esoteric scriptures of Himavanti Confraternity Brotherhood is in its essence a Hridaya Circle.

Hridaya Circles which have been called up are merely a rudiment of the whole movement of celestial wisdom and they will gradually proliferate. The co-ordinators of Hridaya Circles (Snataka) ought to inspire the members of their own study groups with courage to set up their own circles of esoteric studies, even ones that include as few as two or three persons. Maheshvara will always pour out His love on every new Study Circle of Esoteric Spiritual School.

Maheshvara, the Highest Lord, says that we need more groups focusing on the development of the charismatic gift of spiritual wisdom, perception and comprehension according to the spirit of advaita, non-dualistic wisdom, which always assumes the stance of unity as a sole divine point of view. One God’s Eye always perceives solely from the point of view of both unity and entirety. The Third Eye is always the divine eye of advaita outlook, i. e. the point of view reflecting unity and entirety of the pattern of creation.

The duty of Spiritually Awakened beings is to propagate the message of Laya Yoga, which is the Message of Truth, Peace and Love. There exist many ways to fulfil this divine duty of an awakened soul, but Study Circles which familiarise us with celestial consciousness provide, thanks to the support Lord Maheshvara Himself, the most useful opportunity in the divine Mission.

Initiating even the most modest work orientated towards this goal will bring about, after some time, the appearance of totally new opportunities, and our modest work will multiply and bear countless spiritual fruit. You will recognise them by their fruit (siddhis). This is the manner in which the disciples of the path and their work are described. This is the service for the new age of truth.

Hridaya Circle is a nine-stage path of celestial spiritual knowledge imparted by God’s angels (devas). Hridaya (Hrydaya) is a study Circle devoted to esoteric secret knowledge based on the principle of perceiving unity and entirety. The spirit if unity (agreement) must always accompany such esoteric meetings. The path consists of nine stages, as there are nine stages in the exploration od wisdom, which must be covered by disciples before they ultimately discover the Mystery of Mysteries.

(Hrydaya) Hridaya literally means the Body of the Heart. Thus, daya means a cover or a body, and HRH (Hryh, Hruh) is the core, the root, and also the heart or the internal aspect, as well as the essence (Sain) of our being. The heavenly path proves to be a journey towards more and more essential experience of the Real, called the Mystery.

Hridaya Lotos (Padma) as a concentration centre can be found in the thymus gland region, as so called upper heart, in the form of a lotos flower with nine petals which symbolise, respectively, nine celestial planes divided into three groups or hierarchies called Bhutakasha, Manakasha and Chittakasha. Subsequent petals signify the following stages of initiation into the Spirit of Celestial Wisdom.

The word “Hridaya” may be translated as heart, core, inside, root and essence. The name also refers to a subtle energy centre called thymus, angelic or the upper heart. The richness of yoga is plentiful. Lessons called “Hridaya” are mere sketches which include the foundations of spiritual and esoteric knowledge of Great Sages, however, they are devised in such a way as to give one a glimpse of what is the most crucial and the most essential in self-perfecting on the spiritual development Path. We will cover this way together to reach more and more indigenous and mystical teachings of Himavanti. Shri Vidya, the Holy Wisdom, is the heart of all sciences and the object of admiration for God’s angels, devas that inhabit Heaven and Paradise.

Further topics meant to be lessons in holy readings, which is the name of circles where pure knowledge from the source called the truth is imparted, are designed for those interested in learning and practising laya yoga. They also are a material for persons wishing to undertake deeper practices of aura and chakras purification as well as spiritual development.

The following series include 10 lectures on esoterics each, which guide one further and further along the path of purity and holiness, explaining various aspects of spiritual knowledge that are inevitable in the journey for serious explorers of truth. Laya Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga transmission that exist, and also one of the four that can be successfully practised in the Era of Kali (apart from manta, hatha and raja yoga). Laya Yoga Teacher passed on many methods of attaining harmony, purification, silencing the mind, healing and reaching enlightenment… The one who writes these words would like this transmission to flow to every person that needs it and wishes to delve into this knowledge.

“Hridaya” lessons are designed for all Grandchildren of the Book who, whether or not they have been initiated, need to synchronise themselves with Eternal Wisdom and its living source. We particularly recommend the knowledge contained therein as a topic for meditation and contemplation for all initiated disciples of Laya Marga, including Bhaishajya Yoga, Narayana Yoga, Vastoshpati Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Bhutajaya Yoga and many other forms of transmission representing Laya Marga. It is so because the Confraternity of Mystery conveys the idea of unity of spiritual paths representing both the East and the West, the idea of unity of all religions.

All those who are interested in the activities of Hridaya Circles are invited to join in correspondence, which they are welcome to send to the address of the Himavanti Confraternity Brotherhood provided at the bottom of this publication. My Teacher, Mahaguru Swami Baba Shivananda G. P from Darjeeling, also known as Guru Ananda Shiva is sending you plenty of Blessings.

Acharya Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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