Hydrotherapy and Urine Therapy (50)

Dealing with spiritual culture of the East, especially with yoga, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity and also ayurveda (natural Indian medicine), I have mixed feelings concerning some of the published nonsense on the supposedly yogic urine therapy. Being a yogin and a yoga teacher myself  I must say that this urine therapy has definitely nothing to do with yoga.

The water of Shiva is not pee, as some of those “urine therapeutists” would like to it to be, but common spring water consecrated and blessed during a ceremonial service called Abhisekam Puja. It is an ancient vedic ritual of sprinkling the Lingam – a stone pillar which is a symbol of creative force and the  power of nature, also called Shakti – with clear water. The Living Water, consecrated in a ritual in which, among others, special prayers (mantras) are sung, is called Shivambu or Shivambudhara. And so, a stream of the water of Shiva is consumed as Amaroli – a divine and spiritual nectar. Associating the Lingam with phallus is also a fatal mistake, which have been promoted for a few centuries by the “scholarly”  Jesuits, who have absolutely no idea about the symbolism of Shaivism. In Sanskrit the word for phallus, aka penis, is naraka – not very similar  to a word lingam which has only mystical and spiritual meaning in yogic or shivaic esoterics.

Therapy with clear spring water, or hydrotherapy, is a basic therapy of natural ayurveda – natural Indian medicine. In authoritative Indian treatises this hydrotherapy is not inferred as “pee therapy”. Yogic medicine, also known uder its original name Bhaishajya Yoga, derives form the teachings of Shiva and nowhere does it advise to drink either one’s own or someone else’s urine. If some people got confused and in their ignorance talk complete nonsense, then all I can do is to wish them bon appetit. Those, however, who are not familiar with the subject should be warned what they are getting themselves into, and if they persist in consuming urine then they have the right to do so under the freedom of the will. At least they shall be aware of what they are doing. After all, people just love doing all kinds of foolish things , and the more foolish  the more fans and followers such things will have. The discipline of learning the mystical path of yoga has gathered only few followers. When I was teaching how to reach ecstasy  with the use of the sound AH about 50 to 70 people woud participate. But, when I was teaching the same thing with the use of the sound ALLAH, where AH is only the end of the devotion and spiritual discipline, only 5 to 7 people woud appear. When you show the path to nowhere or to perdition, crowds will come. When you show the Path to God, it will be hard to find one disciple – Shiva would say.

Sometimes, in shivaic rituals of cleansing the Lingam water mixed with cow’s milk or honey is used. If someone took the golden liquid Madhuparka (honey water) for urine then it was indeed a fatal mistake. Ayurveda and yoga are full of praise for the many benefits of consuming clear and healthy water from natural springs. Pee is not, in no case, Soma drink either – as some of those urine therapeutists would imply. According to the ancient yogic and shivaic recipes, Soma – the drink of the Angels (devas, gods) is water with honey to which it owes its golden glow and wonderful and healing effect. The beekeepers probably know what I am writing about. Ayurveda also recommends the clear spring Water of Life (mixed with honey) for cleansing the body from the excess of the toxic substance called urine, the amount of which is being increased in the body in moments of anxiety, especially when one’s life is in danger. Theoretically, all vegetarians should know that urea contained in meets is the most harmful and dangerous poison for their physical and mental health. In the teachings of Manu (Noah) one may find references to a custom of cooking the meat allowed for consuming untill it is white. Thus, following a special recipe, it is sometimes cooked for over two days. After that,  the toxic broth is poured out and the meat is then cooked or fried in order to be eaten. All the remaining blood and urea must definitely be disposed of!

There is only one way of using urine according to the recipe found in ayurveda and the traditional teachings of folk healers. It should always be cow’s urine taken from those cows which in India, as everyone knows, are deemed holy! Unless there is a different measure, cow’s pee may be used (in emergencies) for cleansing wounds, but only for external disinfection! That would be all to the honouring of the sometimes approved use of cow’s urine. And it should not be just any cow, but a holy cow – an animal which was at least once dedicated to the angels (devas or, as the “scholarly” Jesuits would prefer – gods).

There is also another aspect of using human urine descirbed in dark hindu tantras. It is a spiritual religious aspect, if such words can even be used in this context. Some dark and foul creatures called rakshasa, which in English would mean deamons, practice and recommend consuming urine two times a day in order to unite (through a communion) with the source of one’s demonic power. Pisaca, another class of dark and evil creatures, which would tranlate into English as devils or fiends – use human and their own urine as a common, everyday drink for every occasion, just another type of beer. I congratulate such deamon on his idea of inducing humans interested in yoga and health into the ritual reception of demonic communion. According to the teachings of Shiva, the Master of Yogins and Mystics, evreyone who consumes their own urine will be reborn in the lowest and darkest spheres (lokas) of egsistence from which there is no way back to the lands of light and there is no possibility of being reborn in the human world. I congratulate all “pee fans” on the choice of their life path! There is probably no better way, however healthy it may seem, of destroying one’s self (atman, soul). Shiva warns all yoga, mysticism or esoterics disciples aginst those destructive practices and teachings.  Shiva instructed Parvati that people (souls) who lose their own self (atmana) in the communion (unity) with deamons (rakshasa and others: vestals or kuhu, etc.) will be destroyed completely with the dawn of Pralaya, that is at the end of the cycle of our Day of Brahma. 

Unfortunatelly, not everything that is Eastern is always godly, divine and spiritual – a remark for those fascinated with Eastern culture – devillish phenomena may happen as well. Hydropathy is a totally different matter than “pee drinking”. This matter is of enormous importance to one’s self (atmana, soul). Such lack of common sense is really amazing. In most cases vegetarians are perfectly aware of the fact that the excess of urine (urea, uric acid) in the meat of a killed animal may cause narcotic haze and addiction. The best drug is, however, is one’s own urine straight form the bladder. And stimulants, alcohol included, are basically forbidden both in yoga and in ayurveda. It is truly astonishing to see alleged vegetarians who do not eat meat, supposedly in order not to drug themselves with urine, who, however, do not hesitate to drink large doses of such stimulant from their own bladders. Probably they think it is better and cleaner of their own production. Stimulating and highly addictive qualities of urine have been known and described in the teachings of Indian medicine. Drinking clear spring water and vegetarianism have healing effects, and are often advised by those urine lovers in order to make their pseudotherapies successful.

I shall remind those interested in yoga that the rules of health meant for the practicing samnyasins (people who devote themselves to practising yoga) forbid even smelling one’s own excrements, both urine and faeces. In some schools of yoga it is also forbidden to touch excrements, which requires mastering a special way of washing one’s anus and genitals . Everyone who at that time touches or smells excrements will remain impure for one day, which should then be spent on purifying meditations, incantations and fasting. Whoever tastes or touches excrements will remain impure for seven days. That’s what the demonic creatures, especially those from the Eighth Sphere (Ashta Loka Dharma), commonly known as hell, wish for. The state of permanent impurity makes it impossible for a yoga disciple to reach the divine light (of the deva) and thus achieve spiritual enlightment. The most important thing is to take care of oneslef. Health is a tempting word. It will lure many a person to hell.

The Water of Shiva (from the ritual of cleansing the Lingam) is water which, according to the original teachings of Shiva passed on in yoga, may cure a person from any disease. After a month of using it the body becomes internally purified. After two months  – all senses are sharpened. After three months of using the Water of Shiva all maladies and pains dissapear. After five months a person health is completely restored. It is worth adding that the Water of Shiva should be drunk in small sips carefully mixed with saliva in one’s mouth. It should never be drunk at one gulp as such way of drinking may, in general, be harmful for a person’s health. Petals of a wild rose are macerated (in cold) for one and a half or more days, then they are “magnetized” during a special ritual and consumed as an antidote for any disease of heart and soul. For obesity such water should be drunk before a meal. Skinny people should drink it only after they have eaten. Water fasting is the best curative therapy for almost any disease. During such fast ½ liter to 2 or even 3 litres of mineral water should be drunk each day, preferably straight from a spring. After a few days consuming even a small amount of water daily should be sufficient to maintain the process of healing which has been triggered. Rinsing one’s nose with water and enemas are typical treatments in almost every yoga system. The perfect cure is Shivambu – the Shiva’s Water of Life – water used in a religious rite. Shiva warned the heretic deamons against corrupting this idea. Nothing, however, will stop a mindless creature. Ayurveda and Yoga consider Soma, water mixed with honey or honey water, not only a divine drink (of angels, devas), but also a cure most effective in bringing balance to the body and detoxicating and regulating all dosha – vital bioenergies. Soma is also used for spiritual development – bringing Heaven to Earth. Water therapy is truly the basis of ayurveda. One of my Indian yoga teachers  mentioned that some hindu brahmins would deceive those who do not show them or Shiva due (traditional) respect and purposefully lead such people into Marana, that is blind alleys where only spiritual death can be found. Consuming excrements has always been considerd by yoga as one of Marana, dark magic practices  leading to spiritual death, to the destruction of one’s soul (atmana, self). Some hindu teachers simply do not like Caucasians and that is why they attempt misleading them, which has little to do with real yoga. The disciple of yoga, the mystical spiritual path, should avoid such practices if they hope for an honest spiritual realisation. 

I wish all the local  rakshasa drink gourmets so that they would keep their urine therapy away from the concepts such as YOGA. I also ask them to kindly inform their disciples what kind of therapy this urine therapy really is – a dark magic communion with dark forces, which undoubtedly will perform their own therapy: cure a person of all humanity and the possibility of human birth. But that is a more delicate matter, not visible at the first sight. If any of the gourmets, however, is interested in the authentic therapy with the use of the real Water of Shiva then they are welcome to correspond. From time to time I may also perform exorcism freeing a person of the possesion by the demonic power of darkness. The forces of the dark princes form the world of rakshasa or the Eight Sphere (pisaca), such as Ravana, Vashta or Ashtar, are much more difficult to annihilate  than is the case with Judeo-Christian demons or the astral souls of the dead – however, it is not impossible. 

To say the whole truth I should also mention the union of mad sages, called kapalika, who sometimes happen to use excrements in direct spiritual education. For example, when a disciple wanted to receive teachings from the teacher of this spiritual tradition they could be asked to pass a trial of faith and devotion. The teacher would ask the disciple to pee and then to solemnly and without any signs of disgust drink their own urine. The disciple either resigned immediatelly or tried to show his determination and devotion to the chosen guru. Then it would miraculously turn out that the liquid in the container was not urine, but some wonderfully fragrant elixir. But, in order to put their disciples to such trial one has to be a great miracle-worker (Mahasiddha) themself. A miracle-worker that can turn urine into gold or the elixir of youth. One who cannot do that has no right to test the candidates for disciples or even take any real disciples. Desperate spiritual impostors, who are not able to work any great miracles, try to convince others that the sole act of drinking one’s own urine and thus devoting oneself to (a rather questionable) master has in its nature some kind of salutary and healing motif. They would then immediately recommend vegetarianism and drinking clear water so that their dubious “therapy” had any chance to work. Vegetarianism  itself, accompanied by curative waters is a remedy to most diseases and the ailments of human existence.

According to the teachings of yoga, harmful astral substances (Halahala poison) are excreted together with urine. This astral demonic poison has the power of killing human soul. Those who reabsorb urine will slowly become poisoned and their spirit will eventually be destroyed – until they will lose themselves in Pralaya, the Night of Brahma. With time, human psyche becomes open for the Eighth Sphere which is also characteristic of other substances harmful to the spiritual life such as alcohol, opium or marijuana. According to the teachings of of Shiva, the first yoga Master, people consuming their own excrements, including urine, will, “in reward”, be plunged in the hellish river Vaitarani, which consists of all the impurities that make it impossible for the lost soul ever to leave the realm of hell (Naraka Loka) – even for a little while. One should also be aware of those “innocent” side effects of which the pee lovers probably do not want to know – just like alcohol or cigarette addicts do not want to know of the harmful effects of their addictions. Satanists, I presume, will be satisfied with a new, “healthy” way to practise their cult, if they haven’t heard of it already and wish to plunge for eternity in the sewage waters of the demonic river Vaitarani. 

The name Shiva literally means benevolence, kindness, goodness and God’s grace. Chohan Shiva means the Lord of Grace, the Kind Lord. Lingam is basicly the only symbol of Shiva worshipped in his temples, because Shaivism and yoga itself do not use antropomorphic images of Shiva in their temples.

The Lingam (pillar) is the symbol of three Godly Powers: dissolution, concealing and flow. The first one teaches us that the power of the Lingam dissolves, or even destroys sins, mistakes and their causes which constitute a carmic imprisonment of a soul. Shiva is than a divine doctor Rudradeva, an expert on drugs and the soul of the wild nature. According to ayurveda, contact with nature is the first healing power one should deal with, and nature lives thanks to sun and water.

The second power exhibits all the mysteria and hidden secrets that make Shiva the guardian of all the mystical and esoteric knowledge. Shiva is the patron of all mystics and practicioners of the eastern tradition of spiritual esoterics. Ashram Chohan Shiva symbolised by the holy mountain Kailash in Tibet is the original spring of the great river called Indus (Sindh) from which India took its name. That is why the whole Indian culture is referred to as the culture of spirit. Keeping the secrets concerning spiritual practices and guarding the treasures of the spiritual secret is the basic task of every yoga disciple. Because of this task of guarding the secrets and keeping their own practices only to themselves yoga disciples are called the Nathas – Guardians of the Inner Life.

The third power enables the force of spiritual transmission, teaching and blessing making the Lingam the source of charismatic power and the source of the Mystical Water of Life which revives hearts and souls so that they could go back to heaven, to the Empyrean of their God and Creator. Anugraha is the transmission of God’s Grace form the heavenly source itself, and dikshan is the spiritual initiation – the most essential transmission or blessing. And that would be all for today.

I wish everyone all the best. May the light of Shiva Mahadeva be with you so you would not lose your way on the misleading paths of pseudoyogic mystifications from the East.

Om Śivaya Namah Jai Siddhi Hum!

Aćarya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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