Jewels From the Hands of My Guru! (2)

The Venerable One! The one who is reading this work! It does not serve the purpose of reading, but the purpose of meditating upon. Each thought is a signpost that shows the way to the Light of the Self. These are the words that my Spiritual Master and Leader, Guru and Friend in one person (Swami Baba Shivananda G. P.) said to me once.

He taught me what some of my personal rights, which I treat as a law of the universe, are. He guided me to the the light of deep enlightenment and made me the person I am now: immaculate light and love born from God Almighty.

These are the laws of my Master:

  1. God (Ishvara) is Me, and I am God.
  2. I receive everything that I wish to receive.
  3. All the riches belong to Me.
  4. I myself am a paragon of perfection.
  5. I persevere in love, Harmony and Agreement.
  6. I respect, tolerate and accept everything.
  7. I provoke the results of my individual rights.

These seven topics for contemplation cause one to go beyond the body and the psyche, so that one can enter his Primordial house, the residence of light, his own Intrinsic Nature!

The Dawn of Enlightenment

The dawn is breaking
The traveller has already risen
And he sets off on a further journey.

The fire is already fizzling out
And its meaning is fading away
As the first ray of sunshine has appeared.

The new day is dawning
And we don’t need the heat of the fire
The radiance has come to stay forever.

The joyful laughter has already subsided
The fire has also died out
The golden disc has already emerged.

Now you know where to go
The sun has risen and dispersed the darkness
The night’s time has drawn to a close.

The fire is already put out
There is only a black scorched circle left
And a recollection of it will remain, too.

A bird in the sky can see all the trails
That there are on the earth
It does not need a signpost.

Hot in the front, yet cold at the back
That’s how it feels at the bonfire
The children are chanting a beautiful song.

Hands held together are heralding
The onset of the new day
The One That Was Longed For.

These are the lyrics of a song composed by my Noble Guru, who lead me from the nocturnal circle of songs sung by the fire to the luminescence of the Golden Day of New Age. These words are not poetry. These are words which remind the Soul of the hour of its Salvation, of the Day of Great Awakening.

Collection of the Holy Rules

  1. The highest rule established is the one that proclaims that there are no rules here.
  2. Law is acted on by virtue of the ONE WHO established it.
  3. Freedom is not subject to any personal rights.
  4. Do everything in such a way as to be satisfied with your deeds.
  5. Stand firmly on your feet and be independent.
  6. When you set yourself your personal rights remember always to observe them.
  7. Tranquility and silence are the highest law of God.
  8. Love, devotion and acceptance originate from humility.
  9. Make your choices consciously and without restraints.
  10. Say ‘YES’ always and everywhere.
  11. Do everything in such a way as to do it well.
  12. Be aware that everything that is outside of you is the very reflection of You.
  13. Freedom lies beyond silence and the reflection!

The Holy Thirteen have acted in accordance with their laws. The heart is an open temple. The Pilgrim may draw the Water of Life from the well. These rules led me into the Temple of the Highest Divine Principle. The Eternal Law of Ryta has been wholly revealed.The karma of the present, the past and the future has become neither bright nor dark. Om Rytam!

I kneel thankfully before my Guru who initiated me into the secret practices of ancient Rishis by bestowing his blessing on me, so that I could delve into the Teachings of Esoteric LAYA YOGA in the depths of the Pure Innate Nature of the Light of Wisdom. Let the Name of Happy Shiva always be an empty form of Wisdom Energy emanating from the Highest of Radiant Gurus who transmit YOGA of highly compassionate Surja Guru, the Guardian of the Eternal Path to the Higher Self.

Om Brahmanam Pathi

Do not read words as if they were thoughts, as it enriches the mind. The vessel of this mind, one that is the most intelligent of all beings born under the sun, will stop on its way like a donkey. The donkey sets off towards the luminescent land only when its burden is taken off. No word here is a thought. All the words are blank. This is untainted Divine Light, the Cosmic vibration. Listen to what you are reading and look at these words. Do not comment on them even for a while. Discussion makes spiritual awakening impossible and dims the light. Reflection is an excessive burden for the donkey, which rears at such moments. Preserve purity just as the holy ones did. Maintain the void in your mind. Now you can keep on reading and listening. Listen to My Guru, Read His Words. He is God (Ishvara).

These are the Mysteries of the Holy Triad taught by my Venerable Maha Guru. They bring Illumination.

  1. Faithfulness – Love – Experience
  2. Devotion – Sincerity – Obedience
  3. Form – Beauty – Emptiness
  4. Hope – Faith – Grace
  5. Heroism – Purity – Sacrifice
  6. Study – Intuition – Knowledge
  7. Man – Woman – Human Being
  8. Birth – Life – Death
  9. Peace – Freedom – Holiness
  10. Harmony – Understanding – Unity
  11. Light – Intelligence – Wisdom
  12. Receptivity – Gift – Expectation

Each word here is a pillar of the Secret Temple. It is not possible for you to understand it. You can only see it when entering the Secret Temple of Your Heart. Each triad discloses the mystery of the Holy Trinity, the mystery of all religions as well as stages on the way to divinity.

Each word is a secret. When you awaken the vigorous force of each of the words that form the Triads in such a way that you start to radiate it powerfully, then you become the Guardian of the Mystery, and your call to receive a blessing from the highest Guru of all Yogas will be accepted.This is a darshan of Lord Shiva.

Lightness has flowed from above and the world has chaged its appearance, ordinary landscapes have vanished and celestial expanses, valleys and plains have appeared in their place.

This is how my Guru – the Luminosity of the Spirit, explains the first Triad: Faithfulness, Love and Experience!

One who is faithful to God (Ishvara) is the one that loves Him (prema) and knows Him (Jnana). One who loves God is faithful to Him and knows Him. One who knows God is One that loves Him and is faithful to Him. These three elements (pillars) are in fact one.

Lack of experience (gnosis, jnana) of God prevents one from being faithful to Him and loving Him (elpis and agape). Hence, a religion or a spiritual system become fiction, as there is no experience of God.

It is impossible to reject any of the three elements of the Triad, the Trinity is always Oneness.

Without faithfulness there is no love or experience of God. Similarly, without love there is no faithfulness or experience, and without the experience of God there is neither love nor faithfulness.

Correlation of these three concepts is absolute and they form one fundamental whole. Each scripture is only a commentary on the holiest of all Triads, the Holy Trinity.

Acknowledge the Three Jewels of the Holy Recommendations that enable you to embark on a spiritual journey through the Lotus Flower of Your Heart – the Secret Temple of the Self – the Soul.

  1. Learn who God is
  2. Love your God
  3. Remain Faithful to God

These three recommendations ought to be carried out simultaneously and totally. This is the Jewel of the Light of Awakening. This is the secret (occult) djnana (gnosis) of the Holy Triads.

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thank You my Lord, thank You, thank You for everything!
Thank You for guiding Me, thank You for all the experiences of my life;
Thank You for Joy and Sorrow, thank You for darkness and light, for the light of dawn and for the darkness of night, thank You, thank You, thank You for being my Lord;
Thank You for guiding me straight towards You,
Thank You for everything, the Highest Lotus Flower that blossoms on the Holy Throne for the glory of Highest God.
Thank You for the blue skies and foamy sea waves, for the wind blowing and the commotion of a storm, for infernal lightnings and the serene melody of a celestial song;
Thank You for everything!

If your heart is humble and your mind is righteous, keep expressing your gratitude constantly.

This is the Chain of Jewels belonging to the Holiest Heart:

Love comes through perfection, pefection comes thanks to self-control, self-control comes thanks to obedience which results from harmony, and that appears thanks to gratitude. Gratitude appears thanks to justice, which is the effect of perceiving the reality as a vision, which results from victory, and the victory results from power, which returns the object back to Love.This we have realised the twelve Holy Signs of the Grand Time.

Awakaning in the spirit comes in a couple of Luminescent steps.This is a path from darkness to Light:

  1. The spiritually asleep ones (attached to body, instinctive, emotional, inventive, egoistic).
  2. The awakening, but unaware ones (abstract, idealistic, intuitive, volitional).
  3. Consciousness awakened – Now appears the Voice from Inside, the Stage of the Silent Voice, Anahat Nadam.
  4. Serious Disciples – the Voice of the Spirit is their own voice.
  5. The Resurrected – those who were transformed by a mystical Death in God.
  6. The Ascended ones, the Redeemed ones, Arhatas taken to heaven alive.
  7. Spiritual Masters, Asekhins.

Disciples are also divided according to a different scheme:

  1. Those who are neither aware of God nor seek Him;
  2. Those who search for God;
  3. Those who experience God;
  4. Those who are in constant Communion with a Saint;
  5. Those who are God;

If you are a true seeker, then:

  1. First you will find one Guru, whom you will follow with utmost devotion.
  2. Then you will discover the whole Brotherhood of Rishis, of all Great Gurus, the Radiant Hierarchy.
  3. Then you will discover one Spirit in which all Gurus are submerged.
  4. Finally, God – the Only Highest Guru Parama will reveal Himself to You.

Each Guru is God’s Torch
which will guide You at his Will
To the Holy City of Great Peace.


Acharya Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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