Kalkin – Messiah, Saviour, Christ (19)

Let us today study the form embodying love and wisdom of all kind in the aspect of the direct manifestation of the Creator – the God referred to in Sanskrit as Brahma. Denizens of Heaven, Deities of Heaven or the Sons of Brahma – these are the names for the manifestation of the Creator himself. The embodiment of such a being is called Vishnu in the East. He is the preserver, benefactor, the defender and the guardian of all living creatures.

A denizen of Heaven called Vishnu incarnates in a human form to save the world from fall. The incarnations of the Son of Brahma descended on Earth to rescue the declining humanity known so far are: Matsya (the Fish), Kurma (the Turtle), Waraha (the Boar), Narasimha (the Man-Lion), Wamana (the Dwarf), Paraśurama (Rama with axe), Ramaćandra (Rama the Great), Krishna and Buddha. The line of succession from the ancient vedism, through braminism and then Buddhism is noticeable. Teachings of Gautama Buddha are just the continuation of the line of succession.

Vaishnavaic tradition of both Rama’s and Krishna’s cults unanimously claim that the next incarnation of Lord Vishnu should descend on Earth, when the world will be on the verge of decay. In Hindu tradition this incarnation is called Kalkin…

The Buddhist tradition claims, that when the world is threatened by fall and decay, the next Buddha called Maitreya will come to Earth… According to Persian tradition which is connected with the cult of Zaratusthra, the son of the Prophet Zaratusthra, named Saoshyant will come at the end of time. He is to help in the final defeat of all evil.

This way the three great spiritual traditions agree about the coming of the Saviour as the messenger from heaven. The idea of deity who is the son of God/Brahma and is to come as the Saviour at the time of the world’s breakdown in neither new nor Christian.

Jews are expecting Messiah, Christian the Christ and for the same reason the pious Muslims are waiting for imam Mahdi (Mehdi). All these words apply not only to this same idea but also to the same figure, whose coming is awaited.

The idea of Kalkin existed long before the Jewish or Christian religion. Each of these religions considered as appropriate to accept the idea of the Saviour (the Liberator) forthcoming in the indeterminate future.

Twilight of the world is to reach the state of the revolting impiety. All these religions are unanimous in this matter. Unfortunately none of them determines the date of the Saviour’s coming, although all of them give the circumstances in which he is to come. It is difficult however to figure out if the world is or is not bad enough to make the Saviour’s coming necessary.Each of the great religions attributes itself the figure of the Saviour. As each of them announces His coming the Saviour must be the believer and the practicing of these all religions.

It is worth noticing that both Christianity and the Hindu tradition treat the Saviour as the Son of God! This is the embodiment of the divinity of the Supreme.

Buddha Maitreya is the epitome of kindness, friendship, love, and favour. This name comes from the word „maitri”, which characterizes the basic property of the Enlightened Awareness. Maitreya is the perfect embodiment of what Christian Gospel calls „love”. He is also the embodiment of kindness and mercy and is named the compassionate bodhisatwa (the enlighten goodness). He is predicted to appear on Earth, when the world gets so degenerated that people will not remember the religious law and when they forget Dharma which is the Law of Conscience or the Law of Nature. Maitreya will come to rebuild the natural order of the nature and to teach the rules of the universe. He will be born as the son of Brahmin, which means he will come from a priestly family.

The Saviour described by Buddhist seers is beautiful and delicate, his body is huge having a golden tint. The voice of the Saviour is soft, clear and penetrating. He is dressed in gowns and jewels which give the princely dignity. He is usually seen with a vessel containing the water of life which is the spiritual medicine and serves for washing out dirt from those who turn to Him. The Saviour comes to spread compassion, piety, integrity and peace. Maitreya is an exemplar and an archetype of the perfect man of the future. Each Buddha is the embodiment of all-wisdom and omniscience. The future Buddha is depicted in the golden robe. At present he is in Heaven resting and watchfully awaiting. He will appear as soon as the right moment comes.

We can put it this way – if the next Vishnu called Kalkin is to come after Buddha, and the next Buddha will be called Maitreya and both will appear for the same reason, inevitably they must be one and the same person. So it is Kalkin-Maitreya who is expected.

The descend of Lord Vishnu named Kalki/n is predicted by the seers of Hindu tradition to take place at the time when people live short, about 50 years only being frail and weak. The power will belong to people strong by body but weak by heart. Even medicines are predicted to work less. People will be overwhelmed with taxes. It is worth noticing that the ancient rules allow only ten percent income tax!!! The poverty at the end of that time will cause intensification of injustice and dishonesty. The beauty of body, haircut, clothes, hollow speech and the material affluence of all kind are what will be really at stake. It will be difficult for a man to notice other goals in life, not to mention their realization. The world of the near end is the world, in which the spiritual values disappear; virtue, truth, sacredness, forgiveness and kindness are all gone. Societies will suffer from all kind of ailment, insanity, diseases. Infidelity, homosexuality, copulation with animals and deception will take precedence at every step. Priests will be recognized only by the exterior indications. These are the times of Kalkin’s birth.

The incarnation of Vishnu named Kalkin will definitely put an end to this depravity and will restore the former spiritual order on the whole planet. The mission of both Maitreya and Kalkin will encompass the whole Earth. Kalkin is holding refulgent sword raised high. This is the sword of truth and honesty, the sword bringing depuration to Earth. Kalki/n will come also in order to redeem and save all those who remained flawless despite this whole depravation, as he brings freedom from conditions of human existence to pure and honest people. Pure human beings will achieve the dissolution of the karma left and they will be ascended to the heights of Enlightenment, where all Saints of God dwell; they will enter the heavenly state of being. This is why Vishnu who is to come is called the Saviour or the Liberator. His work will be to clear human hearts and minds till the total crystal purity of human being.

When Kalki/n makes this whole work of purifying human race, a new era in the cyclical development of the world, called the Golden Age, will begin. Those beings in hearts of whom Lord Vishnu dwells will multiply then. First however, Kalkin will traverse the Earth, on his white galloping steed. Twilight of the present world was evident in days of Buddha, i.e. about two and a half thousand years ago. Also Jesus foretold the end of this period in world’s existence and the advent of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Apparently the world is not revolting enough yet for the immediate indispensable intervention of Vishnu.

The idea of Vishnu is the reflection of „willingness to fulfil wishes and desires” archetype sitting deep in heart of every man. The term Vishnu means both the one who sustains and the one who fulfils a wish. The root „ISH” suggests willingness, wish, seeking and congratulating. Also maintenance, care and protection and they are probably first wishes to appear. Other spiritual traditions call this pre-wish „the divine yearning”. The clearance of wishful and full of passions nature seems to be unveiling the primeval whish deep in human being. After many wishes, desires and yearnings are discovered, when they all come to an end, the very nature of willing will appear. It is termed „the divine yearning” or „fulfilment”. The Saviour is the one who helps to dispose of all desires and achieve their true essence.

The divine couple – Vishnu and Laxmi (Fortunate) implies that well-being, abundance and happiness are deep in our wishful nature, and also that they can act spontaneously when desires do not disturb in that. This is why the fulfilment of all cravings succeeds when we are totally free form desires. It may seem to be inconsistent, the teachings of all spiritual traditions however are exactly the same at this point. The archetype of Vishnu is such an aspect itself which is the reason for self-fulfilment of wishes, desires and yearnings of all kind. Vishnu can be perceived also as the paragon of the perfect human being, who is the epitome of all divinity on Earth.

Called the Embodiment of Love and Wisdom, the being comes from the mystic abode of Sages created from Love, and this abode is called Shigatse. It may be understood as the Heaven of Vishnu, Heaven of Maitreya, of Kalkin, Heaven of Christ. Similarity between Greek „Krystos” and name „Krishna” is not to be disregarded, for it is nit accidental at all. Both terms mean „All-Sustaining Spirit of Life”. Both the name „Krishna” and the name „Krystos” can be translated as „the Spirit”. The former and the latter mean the same. The form of Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu. That is why the term Christ (in Greek original: Krystos) means the Spirit who is both the Saviour and God’s messenger. This is the essence of Krishna. Even Jesus speaks in the Gospel: „Don’t call me Master, as there is only one Master-Christ”. A similar relation exists between Krishna and Vishnu, just like between Jesus and Christ. At the end of his life Krishna turns into the perfect form of Vishnu. In this same way Jesus during his life transforms into Christ. When this most sacred act is accomplished, the two forms cannot be separated from each other. Their lives lead the Way to their destination. When the target is achieved, Krishna turns out to be a form of Vishnu and Jesus the Embodiment of Christ.

Krishna’s beloved are his adorers – Gopi the dancing shepherdesses, and so Jesus’s beloved is his fold called the Church also comprising adorers (souls). Similarities are huge and there are many more of them. The history of Jesus life is a vary vivid and faithful repetition of the history of Krishna. Not only the name Krystos-Krishna, but also the picture of mother-carer with her baby in the arms are concordant.

Another point here is the meaning of term Messayah or Mesyeh, whose etymology implies Transmission from God, Message from God, form Jahwah. Messiah brings humanity the Proclamation from God. He may be referred to as the Advocate or Emissary of Heaven with the same function to fulfil in each case. The Prophet foretold as the one to come is the Saviour, the Messenger and the Advocate of God on earth. „the Anointed One” – a popular translation of the term Messiah indicates the King, the Priest and the Prophet in one person. He is anointed to holding this triple dignity by God itself (Jahwah). Messiah has a gift of prophecy and in fact he is a Prophet. He also possess the power of reign and he actually is the ruling King of the Heavenly Kingdom, which comes to earth together with Him. Messiah is also the Priest of God. He is not a priest of any religion but a priest of God..

Great spiritual power accompanies this holy being. The word „Christ” (Krystos) implies also the term Charismat (Karamat), which means the huge spiritual might and power. The ability to work miracles is the sign of Mercy-Charisma. Anointed is a being having great might and power at his disposal. Such might and power is just what the attribute of Vishnu is.

Dharma is called the Son of Brahma (God). The embodiment of Dharma is the form of Vishnu, who is also the Avatar, the descent of God itself. The term Dharma means as much as the Law or the Alliance, and also the divine or cosmic Order. The term Rta renders entirely the sense of Dharma. Vishnu in every form is the embodiment of Dharma, the emanation of God itself. The world of the Sons of Dharma is called Dharmaloka – „The land of Alliance”. The Avatar brings in his massage, the Proclamation of God, always the same valid teaching: Sanathana Dharma. This is the Everlasting Respectable Law, the Book of Living God. „I did not come to change the Law, but to fulfill the Law”. Avatar always lives according to the Law of God and fulfills the Law on its highest level. His life is a typical example of conduct in the light and spirit of God.

„I am not giving you the new law but the old law”. That is the mission of the Son of God called Vishnu. Heavenly lands are always governed by one of the figures emerging as the Avatar, i.e. the Son of God – the embodiment of Dharma, the emanation of Vishnu’s perfection. The line of succession of Avatars of Vishnu can be called the line of succession of founders of Religions.

The Messengers of God who appeared earlier on Earth can be called the Messiahes of the Past or the Christs of the Past. The person to come is the Messiah of the Future. However in the sphere of spiritual realities the essence of Messiah exists all the time, even if is not visibly incarnated on Earth at a moment. You can call this essence the Spirit of Christ or Sanathana Dharma. However his substance remains unchanged. Maitreya is the Messenger and Anointed, Christ who will come; for Buddhists he is future Buddha, and for Indian he is the future incarnation of Vishnu. The essence of this figure is referred to by Sufi as the Spirit of Guidance. His embodiment is called Rasul, which means Prophet.

There are some special spiritual schools esoterically connected with Dharma and the Sons of God, what is related with heart chakra and twelve-stage path of initiation. Examples of such esoteric schools are twelve-stage systems of Rāja Yoga or a similar path represented by all existing Sufi Schools. Sufi, called Rshi, are the Sages free from influences staining human beings. The system of twelve initiations of the Heart is what brings closer to Sanathana Dharma and Christ. This can be called unifying with the Spirit of Guidance or with the Essence of God (Sai/n) represented by the line of succession. This is why the Proclamation of God is said in Rāja Yoga and Sufi Order to be alive and transmitted by the line of succession, and Messiah is said to be constantly present on earth through his mystic disciples (Sheikh, Murshid, Pir).

Practicing in those spiritual schools always leads directly to the Plan Masters who are Liberated and Unified with God. Spiritual perfection is the aim and the paragon. It may be referred to as the initiation into consciousness of Vishnu, Maitreya, Christ, Mahdi, Saoshyant, in one and the same person incarnating as an Avatar in many periods of human history – always when the rescue of the world from ruin and humanity – from the fall into the world of hellish sufferings is needed.


Acharya Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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