Laya Yoga – The Essence of All Religions

Yoga means ’ Oneness ’ and constitutes the essence of every possible religion, the gist of every creed and the core of every spiritual path. In ancient India yoga was practised by such sages as Shiva, Rama, Krishna or Vyasa. What Krishna teaches Arjuna is not Krishnaism but just Yoga ! The root of jainism is Yoga since Mahavira practised Hatha Yoga. The founder of the Persian religion Zaratustra also practised Yoga. 'Knowledge about Oneness’ was known and practised by the prophets of Beni Israel: Set, Hennoch, Noe, Abraham, Moses, Eliah, David, Jesus and Muhammad. Jesus Christ even carried out a few-year pilgrimage with the purpose of studying yoga. Also Gautama Buddha studied Yoga for all his life. Bodhidharma brought Buddha’s raja yoga from India to China. In the Middle East countries this practice is known as SUFA or ZUF (hbr). As the Bible bespeaks such men as Samuel or David the prophets, were related to the sufi school ( rish ). In Tibet people do not call themselves the Buddhists but the yoga practitioners. Padmasambhava is a yogi as well.

Yoga is the essence of every religion and is that what all religions have in common. If a man really wants to go deeply into the mystical and spiritual essence of their religion, then he or she comes to practise yoga. We say that yoga is not a religion in a sense of an individual creed or a sect separating from others, we also say that yoga is the substance and profundity of every religion and its inner cult. That is why one can be a member of every religious society and practise yoga. Two rules, or if one prefers, two commandments present in all scriptures such as Veda, Koran or the Bible are as if two angelic, divine wings of the Laya Yoga training. ” Be holy because I am Holy” and ” Be so perfect as your Heavenly Father is” these are the signs of an authentic, spiritual path of universal life.

Mystical contemplations, profound teachings of Immemorial Wisdom, prayyer mystery, senses composure, charismatic miracles, all these are the subjects of yoga in evrey religion that exists. Yoga is a real practice and help in deeper understanding of each and every of existing religions or creeds, not a set of dogmas. Laya Yoga in particular shows what is common in teachings of all religions and spiritual creeds. Yoga is the Way- the pure one and the beaten track, the path of rightousness amd love. Even the taoistic religious tradition deigns to call its more profound and original teachings – yoga. Laya is the Light of Ecumeny which unites in itself the truth of all existing religions. It can be said that religions constitute simplified and exoteric, external side of yoga. According to ancient and contemporary prophecies it is just yoga that will become the base of the modern, spiritual culture of the coming millenium. This phenomenon can be observed taking as an example the spiritual vanguard of our civilisation, which are New Age movemens, They all widely benefit from ancient, spiritual yoga ideals. Even the sectarian christianity reform derived from yoga circles or circles inspired by yoga. Restoration movements of Whitsuntide and of Christ adopted Indian forms of spiritual practice known from esoteric Bhakti Yoga and thanks to it they receive their Saviour in their hearts. The reformatory, conciliar pope Paul IV used to give himself up to yoga meditations for half an hour every day. Although the dark forces suppress the conciliar, ecumenical revolution, the victory of hosts of the living God is inevitable and the new culture inspired by yoga will spread widely comprising the whole world and transforming all religious sects or rather their devotees.

In spite of using such terms as christian yoga, tibetan, buddhist or taoist one, yoga remains yoga and means inner, mystery teachings and practices of each of these religions. The separatist sectarianism arises because of hatred and fanaticism the members of religious communities have not got rid of. The Light of the Spirit poured into a dirty vessel of a psyche contaminated by hatred creates antagonisms, divisions and discords among religious communities. Due to this fact yoga lays stress on comprehensive purification, undrstanding of interhuman brotherhood and filling one up with the gift of spiritual Love. The four charismatic pillars of every yoga are Love, Truth, Holiness and Peace. Yoga is always the Light of Ecumeny which unites the devotees of all creeds and religious orientations in God`s Spirit of Love and Truth. Yoga serves to show the Way – the Pure Way and the Beaten Track, the Narrow Way leading to the Ultimate Goal. I tell you the truth, the Way of the Perfect is narrow and tight.

Yoga offers the process of intelligent perfecting in which we undrstand the beliefs and will be able to practise them successfully. Contemplative exercises, on the whole called meditations, serve just this aim and not the blind and fanatic ( read hateful ) dogmatism. Yes – sensible and intelligent life fulfilment in the proundity of the religious mystery. Yoga is the MYSTERY of every spiritual and religious tradition and the heritage of the indoeuropean culture in which Sanskrit is the primordial language. Universal Life and Spiritual Rebirth these are yoga`s synonims. The restoration of the Holy Spirit is the process of the Spiritual Iniciation ( Dikshan ) in yoga. The awareness of God and the awareness of Buddha, Jesus or Krishna is still the same all – embracing awareness, the goal of all religions. Who did the yogi Shiva worship ? He adored Lord Rudra, the God`s Spirit of Life and the Lord of Nature. Who did Krishna and Rama worship ? Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, each of them as a yogi, adored Shiva, the Master of Yogis. Who did Chaitanya worship ? Lord Chaitanya adored Rama and Krishna. Who did Jesus Christ worship ? Jesus adored Lord Shiva and Lord Buddha – the greatest yogis in the history of the planet Earth. Here is the spiritual hierarchy of the saviours, the human souls` liberators who set souls free from their stains and contaminaton or, if one prefers, sins.

Healing of the body, psyche and soul is one of the basic directions in the yogic activity and serves the whole psychobiological and spiritual restoration. Purifying, healing and rejuvenating yogic exercises can restore health, life force, joy and also lengthen the life span. Spiritual healing is the essential part of every religious life path. Laya Yoga practices serve liberation, salvation of the soul and its reconciliation with God. What is God for yogis ? The ancient sages repeat the same truth through all religions. He is This in which we live, move and exist, This who himself gives lives and breaths to all. He is the light of awareness, the spirit of the universe, the blazing fire and the Lord of everything. He is the kindness that lives both inside and outside us. The power of God heals and many holy sages having realised yoga serve others with the gift of the miraculous healing so that they also can konw God`s Presence.

HIMAVANTI LAYA SANGHA (the Himavanti Confraternity Order) is a spiritual organization which serves teachings arrangement and Laya Yoga practices which come from the Sages of the Himalayas who preserve the jewels of the spiritual knowledge and practices of the human civilization. Laya Yoga groups lead meetings for all interested people in hired halls or centres. The members do yogic exercies mainly in own houses, live in the everyday world and lead simple human lives.

Yoga is the essence of every religion and this what is common in all religions. If a man really wants to deepen the mystic and spritual substance of their religion then he or she comes to practise yoga. Yoga is not a religion in a sense of a detached creed or sect separating from others. Yoga is the essence and profundity of every religion and its inner cult. One can be a member of every religious community and practise yoga although satanic sects in their jalous and hypocritical concern deny the right of every soul to freedom to unite with God and in their blind darknness they strive to stop the souls longing for God from practising any YOGA. Yoga is the light of ecumeny, unity of God`s people out of religions that exist. The term YOGA literally means reconciliation and union. ECUMENY also means reconciliation and union. The great ONENESS which is YOGA does not mean in any way uniformism or syncretism. Various forms of practice and cult are accepted and supported, remembering that the goal of every religiousness, spirituality or mysticism is always the same. We unite in the common GOAL, keeping separation in particular methods of acheiving it.

The teachings of laya yoga were initiated in Poland in 1983 by Mahaguru Swami Baba Shivananda from Darjeeling (Guru Ananda Shiv. Three years later he recognized one of his Polish desciples as an incarnation of the Himavanti chain lineage and ordained him Spiritual Guide ( Guru ) and Master (Kandha) of this yoga school in Poland. At present he conducts teachings under his spiritual name Lalit Mohan G.K. There are about 50 active Teachers and candidates who lead classes and meetings of laya yoga, subudh and related methods. The confraternity has over 600 full members who formally have iniciations in laya practices. The group of sympathizers makes a circle of about 1500 people in Poland. The bigger groups of practicioners can be found, among others, in Gliwice, Szczecin, Gniezno, Stargard Szcz., Opole, Wrocław, Toruń, Karpacz, Włocławek, Gdańsk, Sopot, Łódz, Częstochowa, Zielona Góra, Brzeg, Kielce, Ełk, Puławy, Zabrze, Bydgoszcz, Jaworzno, Warszawa, Piła, Zawiercie and Kraków where more or less regular meetings are held.


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