Lilith, Adam, Elohim and Creation (62)

The name Lilith comes from Lila, a female demon or rather a demoness known from Babylonian-Assyrian mythology. In the Kabbalah, Lilith is the demon of Friday (the sixth day of the week) and is depicted as a naked woman whose body transforms at the bottom into serpentine coils similar to the tentacles of a giant squid. In the Jewish tradition, Lilit (Lilith) is a demoness who harms newborns and fetuses, and therefore a force inspiring infanticide. Stillbirths and miscarriages are Lilith’s doing. Also, abandoning small children (infants) to the mercy of fate is also Lilith’s doing. Lilit (Lilith) is the bride of the Evil One, the partner of Satan (Shatan, Sheitan). Jewish folklore presents her as an evil and depraved striga, as a night specter and a nightmare. Lilith (Lilith) is the main temptress of great malice. As the Zohar and Talmudic tradition say, Lilit (Lilith) and two other female evil spirits will live and harm man until the messianic times, when God will finally eradicate evil and impurity from the face of the earth. Lilit (Lilith) is undoubtedly a harlot demoness from the Revelation of John the Beloved, the so-called The Great Whore.

Where did this come from…

Lilith (Lilith) and Satan emanated from the Throne of God’s Glory, which wobbled slightly due to their combined efforts. Satan, as we know, was once an angelic cherub, a vessel full of God’s Wisdom. He was then Satanael, the Lord of adversity and opposition. Having fallen into jealousy over the created Heavenly Adam, a cherubic man, together with Lilith caused his downfall and became the embodiment of opposition and the opposite of God. Lilit (Lilith), always faithful to him, became his somewhat aggressive advocate.

Belial, i.e. getting rid of all value…

Satan’s actual name is Beliar (Belial), which literally means lack of spiritual values, worthlessness. Satanael, when the good God created Paradise, was created sixth, of course together with Lilith. However, he liked to call himself the first after the Creator. Satan, or better yet, Belial, is the primate of hell, where he is the quintessence of all evil and all wickedness. When we experience a lack of self-esteem, the feeling of being worthless, a sense of nothingness and the disintegration of spiritual values ​​and lofty ideals, it means that Lilith, as the force or energy of Satan, inspires us from the depths of the hellish sphere. Therefore, in true religion one must avoid doubt and the destruction of the spiritual ideal. Lilith is the energy or force of Satan. The impersonal sense of the power or energy behind Satanic rituals comes from Lilith. Satan is evil incarnate. Satan is Evil and Lilith is Darkness. It is worth knowing that it is not darkness such as night (lack of light) or a shadow cast by an object, but Darkness in the sense that it is matter that annihilates Light and envelopes the soul in chaos, decay and disorder. Lilith’s darkness is like antimatter for light…

Satanic Names…

Many names for Lilith (Lilith) are mentioned. Elijah, having met Lilith, forced her to reveal her seventeen hellish names and, consequently, her manifestations or appearances.

Abeko, Abito, Amiz(o), Batna, Eilo, Ita, Izorpo, Kali, Kea, Kokos, Lilit, Odam, Parca, Patrota, Podo, Satrina, Talto.

The name Kokos should not be identified with the fruit coconut, nor the name Kali, pronounced here with a short ‘a’ and short ‘i’, should be confused (as the uninformed often do) with the name Kaalii (Śiva’s wife), which is written with both long ‘a’ and ‘i’. In other words, despite the similarity when spelled incorrectly, these names differ by as many as two letters. Incidentally, the Sanskrit Kali written with short vowels comes from the word kalaha meaning iniquity, fornication, hypocrisy, hubris! Kala (Kaalaa) is time, a completely different concept…

And by the way, the number 17 is also associated with Lilith in a magical way. In hellish recitations, invocations are repeated 17 times, etc. etc. And here are some more names for Lilith…

Abro, Abizu, Ajlo, Alu, Amizu, Ardad Lili, Awitu, Bitua, Galu, Gelon, Gilou, Ik, Ils, Kukash, Kema, Lamassu, Partasha, Petrota, Pods, Rafi, Tilto, Zahri, Zefonit.

Well, we have a nice forty demonic names for willing worshipers of Beliar’s demonic wife. For each one, you could add a demonic form (personification) showing all the delight of temptation. When the prophetic disciples complete a 40-day fast on water alone or even without eating or drinking at all, it is said that each day of such fasting frees them from the power of one of the infernal powers of the Great Whore called Lilit (Lilith).

Opponents of the sephiroth Hod and Malakhut…

Satan was hungry for glory because as Satanael he personified the sephira Hod (Glory), and with the fall he became its opposite or rather adversary. People who focus on Satanism, satanic people pathologically hate worship and adoration directed to God or His admirers. Sometimes they even can’t stand it when they themselves are adored. Even love games can become nothing more than brutal self-satisfaction and exhaustion, and they tend to take it out on everything. Lilith (Lilith) is the negation of the Shekhinah, which was originally personified in the spirit of the sephira Malachut by Lilith (Lilith). She deprived herself of her entire angelic nature and from the soul of angels she became something like the soul of demons. A Queen of Hell indeed.

Lilith (Lilith), the predecessor of Eve (Chawwa), was completely deleted from Scripture, although she is mentioned by Isaiah, who is writing, that she inhabits desolate ruins. Well, we know where it would be best to invoke the cheerful woman. Where the house was deserted and fell into ruin… Lilith is also described as a demoness living in a willow trunk. Under the willow, the tree of Lilith’s love games, it is good to invoke her, as well as her two companions…

Based on the midrashic accounts, it is possible to deduce the origin of the name Lillake from the Sumerian text about Gilgamesh and the willow. That figure, however, was a fertility goddess. It may also be an old part of Lilit’s life as an androgynous twin and wife of Samal (Szamal), which in our country has already been renamed ‘Szmal’ (pronounced in Polish ‘shmal’ – money) and Szamać (pronounced in Polish shamach – to eat), which confirms in a funny way the connections of materialistic interests. In any case, Lillake’s energy, no matter how you look at it, inspires absolute sexual freedom. Well, maybe it would have worked, if not for emotional jealousy on the one hand, and a spiritual longing for the twin soul flowing from the depths of one’s own soul, on the other. It may even turn out that partner jealousy (the cause of most misunderstandings in relationships) is a vulgar form of a deep feeling of the soul longing, in fact, for the meeting of a soul created as twin, on the foam of cherubim as androgyne, and on earth as a premonition of the existence of this one half that fits us.

This thread is further developed in the teachings of the Sufis, and it is also the guiding note of the entire original red Hindu tantra, actually called maithuna tantra (deprimitivization of the couple). In the Tantras it is said that if our other half androgynos – a twin soul of the opposite sex – is not in an earthly incarnation, then we are strongly drawn to a lonely life and we are unlikely to form a pair with anyone. If our other half of the androgynos is already an enlightened being (saint), we lead a sahaja life, i.e. we achieve liberation naturally and we are the embodiment of the light of goodness. If the other half of the androgynos falls and is a soul trapped in the world of hell, then we become on earth a pole of evil and debauchery with unprecedented strength. These are mutually stimulating relationships.

The two demonesses accompanying Lilith in her free conquests are Naama and Agrat. You could say that they are Lilith’s faithful companions. Together, the three of them corrupted even the angels sent into the world by God when they took visible human form. These angels were Shemhazai and Azael. The numerous descendants of the Lilit are called by the term Lilim. In many priestly blessing texts it is often said: “May God bless you in all your endeavours and keep you from lilim!” Such are the offspring of Lilith! The name Naamah means “pleasant, satisfying”, and comes from the fact that this demoness sings very pleasant seductive songs. Lilitu is also translated as the spirit of the wind, and if so, Lilitu is the force of inspiration that easily takes possession of the heart, where the seat of the wind (and breath) is located. Hence we further see that the entire spiritual healing of the heart and cleansing from the iniquities that defile the human heart is the freeing of the feeling heart, the source of intuition, inspiration and feeling, from all the inspirations of the female air demon, which Lilith appears to be. Once again, it turns out that Lilith is a great harlot who corrupts people’s hearts on the level of heart feelings and inspiration. A good place for deception, especially for those who always listen only to themselves and are guided only by their own desires. Therefore, in spiritual training, one’s own inspirations are tested by a living Guru…

Hebrew folk etymology derives Lilith from LAILA – NIGHT. Lilith time is the time of night when there is no light. It can be said with a pinch of salt that delightful love, but done only in the dark, is somehow Lilith in its nature. So let’s get to work in the glory of light, so that on the judgment day it doesn’t turn out that we somehow have a lot of lilithium on the Judge’s scale. Due to this etymology, Lilith often appears as a shaggy night monster or as a ghost of darkness. Solomon suspected the Queen of Sheba that she was Lilith because she had very shaggy (hairy) legs. Therefore, a woman with heavily hairy legs was considered a Lilith girl or Lilith herself. We can only wish those interested good luck in their search for a suitable companion! Well, according to the rabbis, the shameful custom of shaving one’s legs in secret, even every day, is only a hiding of one’s true identity by Lilite women or the fear of being marked with such a stigma in the community. And if the hair grows more and more abundantly, despite depilation, maybe it’s better to get rid of Lilith from the hearth, and maybe the unnecessary hair will fall off?-:)

According to Book of Isaiah 34.13-15 Lilith (Lilith) as a night phantom lives among abandoned ruins in the Edomite Desert, where she is accompanied as attributes by satyrs (se’ir), reem, pelicans, owls, jackals, ostriches, snakes and kites. All you need to do is gather a small zoo for more effective contact with the spirit of Lilith. Following the example of eastern mandalas, you can create a kind of magical sign from these symbols. But I won’t go into details now. Specialists in octagonal figures should deal with this topic according to the rules they know.

Jerome identified Lilith with the Greek Lamya, a Libyan queen seduced by Zeus, whose children were stolen and killed by his wife Hera. She took revenge by depriving other women of their children. This is a decent job for a demoness. Do jealousy and vindictiveness go hand in hand? Or are they almost the same thing? Lamias (already as a whole species), which seduced sleeping people, sucked their blood and ate their bodies, just as Lilith and her demon companions did, and were also known as Empuses (entering by force) or Mormoliks (terrifying she-wolves ) and were described as Hecate’s children. We also have a vampire in the person of Lilith. She will be perfect as the ruler of the world of this darkness along with Samal, her inseparable lord and ruler, or master.

The rebellion of Satan (Samal) aka Belial took place on the sixth day of creation, and he was the sixth work of God at the time of creating the cherubim. The erotic theme of the fall of Adam and Eve concerns not so much the Tree of Knowledge itself, but what took place between Adam and Lilith before Eve was created. Some legends mention that Lilith fell in love with Adam, newly created by God, and Satanael became dark because of the emotions that occurred in him, which do not normally occur in paradise. It shook the cherubic boy until the Throne of God shook to its foundations… Here was the element of evil in the heavenly realm… And Satanael became the enemy of Man (Adam), and therefore a demon, Satan. When they say that the fall was caused by a woman, it should rather be remembered that in its essence it was about Heavenly Beauty. The Creator calmed the earthquake of Paradise by emerging Chawwa (Eve) as Adam’s half of the androgynos, to which Satanael in the form of a serpent was appropriately and willingly matched. Lilith, finally abandoned by her lover Adam, fled into the wilderness to the Red Sea, which is also a symbol in its meaning, and not necessarily a physical place on earth. After all, Hebrew legends talk a lot about the demonic offspring of Adam with Lilith and his younger siblings, the offspring of Satan with Eve… Among other things, Cain (and the Cainites) is the offspring born from the union of Chawwa seduced under the Tree of Knowledge (there they both got to know each other better, hence the tree knowledge) by Samal (Satan)… Of course, brave Adam either did not know or adopted this little son, being actually his stepfather. Cain’s hatred for Abel was inherited from his true father and came from the very gate of his soul. It had to show up like a genetic cause. Such harsh condemnation of Cainites (Cain’s offspring) by the Creator comes from the fact that they bear the mark of their father’s Satan in their very essence. If someone had not censored the Torah, it would read like the best romance novel.

Satan’s rebellion was, of course, supported by Lucifer, the first among the created cherubim who fell a little earlier, namely on the third day of creation. So he had his own silent business in Satanael’s rebellion. Lucifer is a more primal embodiment of Evil than Satan, and at the same time more subtle, because he seduces by pretending to be light.

The mentioned AGRAT bat Machlat – the female angel of fornication (daughter of Machlat), is mentioned as one of the three helpers of Samal vel Belial. In the Talmud it is said that no one should go out alone at night, especially on Wednesday and Saturday, because Agrat, daughter of Mahlat, is outside with eighteen myriad demons of destruction, each individually authorized to do evil… Let’s not go out so outside from the chamber of the heart and let us continue these nights, especially in prayer vigils, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (May the peace of God be upon him), and what Sufis faithful to his teachings often cultivate.

When God (Elohim, Allah, Rahmanan) created Lilith, the first woman, just as He had created Adam, He used dirt and mud instead of pure dust, because from this He had previously created Adam, as the four winds carried in all the pure dust from the four sides of the land for this purpose. From Adam’s relationship with the demoness Lilith, Asmodeus and numerous demons and demonesses were created, which constantly torment and corrupt humanity. Lilith was created at Adam’s own request, who wanted a companion after the great parade of creatures, when he called all creatures by their original names. In this way, all evil is born from agitation, or more precisely, from wishes and desires arising during a time of agitation, relaxation, exultation or anxiety. To control this, sages advise to stay in peace and quiet. Don’t get angry…

This knowledge of the first names of each creature is inherited from Adam by each human soul, so we have within us the power to feel, understand and use the name of each creature. This skill develops the power to control living creatures. All you need to do is deeply experience the soul of another creature.

Some rabbis are deeply convinced that Adam tried to seduce the female creatures he saw, but he was not satisfied with it and with some jealousy or anger (outrage) he demanded that God create a female for him. From now on, when we agitatedly offer powerful prayers, we always get their fulfilment, but in the same archetypal form as Adam received Lilith. This means that the fulfilment of what we implore in anger is somehow a misfortune for us later.

Chawwa (Eve) was later taken out of the rib (literally from the side) of Adam, because he was a hermaphrodite (androgynos), so the existing Whole was separated at the request of the Proto-Man, who himself wanted it. In Vedic culture, this act is celebrated as the voluntary sacrifice of Purusha (Prime Man) as the divine soul…

Adam’s seduction of female animals is the beginning of certain desires in the human unconscious, which are directed towards animal forms to satisfy gender desires. They appear especially when we feel lonely; lack of a human companion, and since they come from androgynos, they also affect women. This is part of the psychic legacy inherited from Adam. It is good to ruthlessly root out these seeds of deprivation coming from the descending Primeval Man…

Adam and Lilith never lived in harmony, no wonder since she was spiritually half of Satan. This is the archetype of the woman-man struggle relationship. The archetype of a conflict that seems to be not anyone’s fault. In fact, it is only a legacy from Adam and Lilith. In this spirit, we meet a partner different than our inner ideal – a dream – and we still remain unsatisfied.

When Adam wanted to make love to Lilith, as the rabbis teach, she was offended that he required her to lie on her back. Lilith, created from a sort of dirtier dust and in agitated circumstances, constantly felt inferior to a man. She kept accusing him of the fact that cleaner or dirtier dust was still dust, and she kept arguing that she was equal to Adam… Being at the bottom had been associated with bad connotations since the times of Lucifer’s rebellion.

From Lilith’s phobia comes a woman’s primary fear of sexual submission and the need to obtain her by deception. Also, the feeling of humiliation during the traditional sex act comes from these primal resources of Lilith. Lilite women can be recognized by a few intrusive phobias, such as lack of self-esteem and a constant, often imaginary, struggle to be equal to a man. The passion and rage as waves of agitation that engulf a woman during such a fight come from the passion and agitation of Lilith, who, due to the impure substance of the earth (element) in her very structure, finally abandoned Adam. Lilith’s nature is not that of faithfulness. Self-indulgence in passion inevitably ends with Lilith’s departure… So it is impossible to understand what is really going on with a woman overwhelmed by Lilith’s consciousness and energy. When Adam tried to calm down Lilith and to find out the nature of her actions (reactions), Lilith became completely furious, uttered the magical Name of God, rose into the air sphere and left Adam. During this time, she had intercourse with nasty demons (asmodeans), giving birth to one hundred lilim (demonic offspring) a day.

It is said that Lilith has the power to corrupt the soul of a child from the moment of its birth until the eighth day of life in the case of boys and until the twentieth day of life in the case of girls. The causeless death of such an infant is Lilith’s doing. Angelic amulets protect against this influence if they are engraved with the names of Senoya, Sansenoya, Semangelofa, of course in the angelic language. You can also protect the child and not expose him to the influence of Lilith women, through whom the spirit of Lilith works and kills or corrupts and perverts from a divine nature.

It is said that when Lilith fails to kill someone else’s child because of an amulet or other protection, she turns on her own child… This is the beginning of some mothers’ hatred towards their own child due to the inability to harm someone else’s child. A funny archetypal principle, but in practice it happens quite often in the human population. At first, just after Lilith was created, she had the power to care for all newborns. Some of this power remained with her, but Lilith’s demonic offspring were always abandoned by her as their mother. A mother who abandons her own child is considered a Lilith mother or even Lilith herself. Lilith is considered by experts of the Holy Books of the OT to be a force, a spirit that persecuted and destroyed Job’s sons. It is a spirit that kills children almost in front of their parents, but it rarely manifests the power to destroy older children or adults…

Lilith seduces those who sleep alone, hence various temptations when people, especially men, sleep alone. Lilith activates various desires that interested dreamers themselves would not want to talk about. By activating this dark realm of desire, Lilith seduces souls into becoming demonic or even ultimately doing what Lilith’s spirit inspires them to do.

Prolonged indulgence in temptations (dreams as well as actions) inspired by Lilith turns a person into a demonic being. As you can see, Lilith has quite a large range and power of seduction. No wonder, since she is Satan’s inspiration. Lilith was not affected by the limitation of time and form of life that fell on Chawwa and Adam, because she separated from Adam much earlier before this act of curse (fatwa) took place.

The Tale of Two Eves in Paradise

In addition to Lilith, there is also the story of the first Chawwa and the second Chawwa. The first Eve was dismissed by Adam immediately after her creation by God. The reason for the distancing was the fact that Adam watched the entire process of creating the first Eve. Adam felt disgust and aversion to his companion created in this way. God himself took the first Eve from Adam. This emotion causes men to reject their first woman when she exposes herself and allows him to taste her anatomy, both physical and mental. This emotion is the primary cause of the disgust that men can feel towards a woman immediately after having sex. Overcoming this mechanism is not easy, and it is often the cause of men’s loneliness or disgust towards women in general. The inability to partner, to be in a relationship with a woman, or the inability to touch a woman at all (to expose her anatomy) are Adam’s problems with the first Eve. In the psychological sphere, the relationship of rejection of the first Chawwa is also revealed in men when a woman reveals her past, that is, she reveals herself mentally with her emotions and bonds. This is what the activity of adams burdened with the relationship of the second First Woman, which was the first Chava, looks like.

The primeval man, Adam, was initially a bisexual person, androgynos (male-female) or, as it was symbolically called, diprosopon, with two faces. You could say this thing was perfect. The mate issue came up as a result of the parade and recognizing the names of the creatures. The desire to have a mate in a similar way to the creatures manifesting in the manifest realms led to the construction of Lilith and then the first Chawa. But the androgynos could not bear these relationships, or the androgynos were unbearable. The further desire to have a pair led to the destruction of the Whole, which was the androgynos with two faces, and the descent of Man in the form of a pair to a lower, biological plane. However, we have the memory of the Wholeness within us. We can recreate androgynos. Some people suffer from agony looking in the mirror and admiring their deeper but lost half.

The rib or side of gynos became a woman, the second Chava, whose part remained, hereinafter called Adam (although it was already a truncated Adam), finally desired. Adam’s relationship with the other Chava is an equal relationship, because in its essence it comes from the separation of the angrogynos into two autonomous parts. Since then, it has been said that a woman is a man’s heart and a man is a woman’s heart. However, many Lilite relationships impose patterns of subservience on one party, mainly the female, and introduce an incredible amount of complexity into human life. Perfection (Arhaticity) comes for a man through a woman, and for a woman through a man. When in a partnership the woman is fully a woman and the man is fully a man, then the couple becomes harmonious as if androgynos…

When a man awakens a woman in himself and finally recreates her, he becomes the Perfect One, an androgynos. And similarly, although some say it is more difficult, when a woman awakens a man, she also returns in spirit to the form of angrogynos. The desire for the other half of the opposite sex, as if a pole, comes from the act of separating of halves of androgynos. It is a pairing force at all levels of being. I hope that Lilith is not the main cult object of rallies or similar movements, because if she were, their worship of woman as mother of the earth would essentially be the worship of the Great Whore. And that’s it about Lilith. Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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