Marana Tantra (86)

TANTRA is a very grateful and sought-after topic in the field of spiritual and mystical knowledge, and many researchers of the Oriental Culture look in it for teachings and wisdom that are otherwise magical and esoteric, which is actually right. TANTRA has many meanings and references, and its origin is lost in the remotest antiquity, because it must be remembered that Tantric science and practice is considered the oldest layer of Indo-European religious culture, and especially the oldest spiritual and philosophical field of the broadly understood pan-Indian Orient, which is the Heart of Eurasia. The coming of Śiva Yogeśvara some 12,000 years ago introduced the term Yoga to describe methodically developed systems of spiritual, mystical and ascetic practices, and since then it has been used more often, but even Buddhists in their tantric teachings also mention messages from 17,000 years ago, that is, five thousand years earlier than the 12th systems of the Yoga lineage systematized by the descent of God, Śiva Yogeśvara. Sometimes Hindus themselves call Tantra – the religion of ancient Indian tribes, or more precisely, Indo-European ones, because the area of ​​the Pamir, Tibet and Kashmir is undoubtedly the Heart of Eurasia! The influence of this Heart is very much alive on every religious culture of Eurasia, because on the Indonesian island of Bali there are still ancient Hindu and Vedic temples from 10,000 years ago, Indian natural medicine influences Japanese culture, and in Poland, back in the 12th century, there were still temples of Siwa (Śiva) and Laila (Lalita), and Jesus brought to Palestine from his travels various rituals and teachings that became the basis of Christianity, such as pacifism of Jains and water baptism, widely practiced in India as a ritual for washing away sins. Anyone who is baptized with water is therefore more of a follower of Hinduism, but some forget to say loudly and often, that it is an Indian rite imported by Jesus. Tantra in Chaldea was known as Divine Science and Mystical Magick, which has a similar meaning because literally Tantra means “Deprimitivization” and Magic means “Detoxification”. Removing poisons, getting rid of primitivism is the meaning of these concepts and that is why they are considered Higher Spiritual Culture in the Orient!

TANTRA has many references and aspects, because we can rightly associate it with the Art of Spiritual Dance of Śiva (Shiva) as well as with artistic handicrafts, weaving, mandala making, or secret visualizations and visions, as well as with the Art of Erotic Life called Maithuna Tantra, which is probably more widely known in the West. Developing internal, mental and spiritual Power also lies in the field of interest in the Art of Tantra, which from ancient times has been associated with the Female Aspect of God, with the Goddess, which in the world, in the well of Christianity, seems to be completely neglected. According to the messages of the Śaivite Community, TANTRA belongs to the spiritual transmission carried out by the Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of the Celestials, the Gods, and the name PARVATI in Indian culture, or Kālī, is inextricably linked to the transmission of the Teachings of Tantra and Magic. We must become accustomed to the fact that God, the Supreme Being, is All in All, and therefore also a perfectly united couple, i.e. Man and Woman in particular. In essence, all religious cultures, symbolically drawing the Supreme Being, graphically draw the Divine Couple and the word of the Jewish Bible, the Old Testament says ELOHIM meaning God, and this in the dual number of the ancient Hebrew language means the male-female COUPLE. Yahvah and Sakina (Shekinah) are the Male and Female aspects or the Person of God, and Christianity, although it says that the Son of God sits at the right hand of the Heavenly Father, forgets to say who sits on the left hand, on the left side of the God of Heaven, and that is where the heavenly beauty sits a called the Mother Goddess and the Queen of Heaven, worshiped from ancient times by all the tribes of the true Polish Nation as Lajla or Lejla or Diva Lajla, and to this day we have Lajkonik celebrations dedicated to the Cult of the Goddess, the Queen of Heaven. The figure of God is rightly referred to as the Heavenly Father, because in the visions of Oriental mystics this figure is permeated with a slightly blue glow, like sapphire or emerald. The Queen of Heaven, the Goddess, is seen in a pink or lilac glow and is therefore called Lajla or Lejla because of her lilac robe of Light. In the Śaivite spirituality of Eurasia, the God and Goddess actually have two Sons, so we have not one Son of God, but two, one of whom is embodied in the Orient as Ganeśa and the other as Kartikeya. This is what the Tantric Divine Family looks like with two Sons of Heaven, both of whom incarnate as spiritual Sages like Jesus to transmit the Messianic Messages through them. Ganeśa – the Son of God of God and Goddess – takes care of God’s spiritual activity on Earth, and Kartikeya takes care of social and civilizational activities, inspiring benevolent inventions, leaders and social reformers. We understand that studying these Divine Mysteries may shock people who have no idea about the matters of God and Religion, but it is time for people to get used to the fact that the era of the Inquisition is ending and the elementary kindergarten Truths of God can be available to everyone.

The position of God and Goddess in Heaven is basically equal, especially in the field of spiritual guidance, inspiration or liberating power, and we can imagine it that Elohim, or as we say in the Tantras – Śivaśakti – are in Perfect Union and mutual Acceptance, that what one side does is known, supported and accepted by the other side, and one will never do anything against the other, because Perfect Love is the fullness of Unity. The Sons of God, of course, are not begotten in our understanding of reproduction, but are created as the Firstborn of Creation – Śri Ganeśa was created first and Sri Kartikeya second! The source of the Teachings and Practices of Tantra is the Goddess, the queen of heaven, Śakti, Parvati, Mahā Kāli as she is called in the Heart of Eurasia, where there is also the Great Ćakra of the Earth, one with a diameter of 1000 kilometres, comparing to which our native Wawel, also the Place of Power can hide itself because it is tiny, however it was a place of Śiva Cult, one of the most important in Slavic lands and there were revelations of God Śiva (Siwa as it is written in the Slavic transcription). Making a Jewish woman, even if she is a saint, the Queen of Heaven is an extremely hideous blasphemy and sacrilege against God, because it insults the Goddess, the Sons of God and the entire Heavens. This is blasphemous ridicule, especially since Jesus, according to the Gospel, treats with contempt his mother, who opposed his activity and severely condemned it as an opponent of his teachings and practices coming from India. The Hebrew culture mentions the two most important figures next to the Throne of God, the Messiah (Christ), and Metatron, which is forgotten in the West, so our old teaching about the 2 Sons of God is basically nothing new or different, except that you need to educate yourself in the field of ancient Jewish and Christian Mysticism and be able to compare it correctly with the Spiritual Heart of Eurasian Culture! In the situation of “unification” of Europe, one completely forgets that the European antipodes in the form of the countries of Southeast Asia are much more interconnected and united, and that the return to the unity of the entire supercontinent is a matter of time, and the old caravan routes show that the borders are on it an artificial invention. The Mughal Khans already wanted to unite all of Eurasia, and this is right. In the former capital, the Tower of Babel was built and the languages ​​became confused, so that Senzar, Proto-Sanskrit, ceased to be the language of the peoples of Eurasia and all of Indo-Europe! Let us hope that the spread of Tantric Teachings will contribute greatly to this process of Unity, Integration or YOGA.

Marana Tantra is something special in that it belongs to the field of Spiritual Fight against the Adversary of every Pilgrim of the Path, which is the Force of Evil, which does not come from God, but is a Force produced by Evil, Fallen beings. As is known, there are 10 trials and traps set for an Adept on his spiritual journey, which he must overcome, and these traps and temptations must be successfully overcome by adepts practicing spiritual development. God does not tempt anyone because he is not Satan, but the beings of Evil, Darkness and Chaos, indeed, tempt and deceive and set numerous traps by mainly intensifying various evil and questionable tendencies in the mind and heart of adepts of the spiritual Path, by intensifying what you come from what the adepts have not yet cleansed and removed in the process of perfecting and sanctifying themselves. The worst traps probably include the trap of Egotism (Anava) and the trap of violence and opposition (Bāla), and it is thanks to them that the adept of God’s Way falls into the trap of the Black Way of Evil and becomes the Master of the Synagogue of Satan, like all inquisitors of the Catholic sect who spread their already erroneous doctrine, they forced heresy on others under duress and under the threat of beheading to this day. The trap of Egotism is such a fixation on oneself, in oneself and over oneself, that a person cuts himself off from people and the world, from the Community, Guru, Teachings, and finally God, that he becomes an energy black hole (energy vampire) completely useless to other people and creatures. Sometimes we observe such collapses in Spiritual Communities, i.e. sudden withdrawal from activity and disappearance, usually forever. Anava (Egotism) is a real spiritual disease of an isolating nature, in which a person does not accept anything from others, nor does he want to do anything for others, and yet the Spiritual Path is the path of love for others, i.e. the Path of selfless service to others. Marana Tantra, however, deals with cases when Evil Beings and Evil Forces influence the adept directly in the form of unpleasant sensations and states or through people involved in evil and aggressive and destructive towards the Sangha (Community, Church) or towards the Guru, Master, or just the Adept himself. Adepts of both sexes must then fight a Spiritual Battle, fight for their Soul, otherwise Evil will win, destroy and consume them forever. Gautama Buddha underwent a series of temptations, by the Being of Evil, called Māra, Mārya, by the Tempter appearing in a mainly Female form, and he triumphed, defeated the attack of Evil. Jesus Christ underwent four temptation attacks by the Forces of Evil, the first three were a direct attack of the Evil Spirit, and the fourth temptation was an attack of the Spirit of Darkness and Chaos, through manipulating people, including the Disciples, in which Jesus Christ was crucified and then Resurrected. Therefore, we must realize how important it is to acquire good foundations in the field of Spiritual Fight against the world of Evil Beings, recognizing them through the Examination of Spirits whether they are from God or Satan (Vṛtra, Ravana, etc.) and appropriate methods of combating the influence of Evil!

Among the pitfalls of the fall of supposedly spiritual people, the worst and most tragic kind of fall of the human soul is the turning of an advanced adept from the Guru, Dharma and Sangha in a malicious way, such that the adept, full of Bhakti (Adoration, Devotion), turns against the Guru and the Sangha, and against the Teachings and begins to fiercely fight against his current Spiritual Teacher, against his Disciples, Community and Teachings, or even worse, when he tries to kill the Guru and destroy his Work of God with “magical” practices known to him. The Guru is Śiva and God’s representative on Earth, and God treats such a reversal as a second fall, so it is a very satanic recidivism showing some very bad, sinister tendencies and ambitions, from which the former adept did not cleanse himself properly in practice. People who have fallen in this way become Satans truly possessed with hatred towards the Guru, and both the Guru and the Community must learn well and know the Spiritual Warfare, because many Spiritual Communities have already experienced complete destruction due to the actions of such deceived and fallen, internal enemies of the Heavenly, Spiritual Community. The culture of the Orient teaches strong and pure attachment to the Spiritual Teacher and Guide, the Guru, so in India there are much fewer such falls, but in the very demonic, catholicized civilization of death in the West, there are many such falls, especially since people catch bad ideas also from many filthy, pseudo-spiritual books and quite stupid, colloquial, gossipy Ideas. Small religious, somewhat hermetic groups are the Spiritual Vanguard of all humanity and in them we find Salvation, that is certain, and the Guru represents God, especially when he is a Jnana Avatar or Sada Śiva! Eastern Communities are also very careful to hold fast to the Guru’s Teachings and guard what they have received from the Divine Teacher, and then in the Spirit of Faithfulness to the Guru it is more difficult to fall away. Master Inayat Khan from the Sufi lineage said that a Disciple is one who will faithfully stick to the Guru he has chosen, even if a thousand people say bad things about him and advise him against it! The student simply knows that people are fallen souls who hate God, so just as they hate God, they also hate every Divine GURU, and even the very Idea contained in the Guru’s Word. If someone has more than one Guru, they should know about it and accept this type of adept’s studies, and the transfer from the current Guru to another Guru takes place only with the consent of the previous Spiritual Director, never otherwise! God sees all human mistakes anyway, so no one will hide from Him their devilish and sinister mistakes leading to the complete fall and degradation of the human soul, to the death of Atman in the Destruction of Avići.

Hell Demons love such a game that in order to gain promotion in the Black Demonic Lodge of Darkness, pretending to be a very humble, spiritual adept “disciple”, go to some very Saintly Guru and study under such guidance, pretending to want to repair and return to God. They are usually engaged in acquiring and collecting blessings and initiations as well as great support from the Guru. And when hell and their devil command calls them back, they turn back like Judas, at the right moment causing a lot of terrible damage to the Guru and the Sangha (Church of God) like the well-known Demon – Pedophile Larson in his satanic attack on Sai Baba! Diabolos is a Slanderer and a Liar and such demons are very deceptive and gain their first demonic initiation, i.e. promotion in the Lodge of Satans of Darkness and Chaos. True Chaos remains after such actions of the forces of Evil when well-known, supposedly highly spiritual Leaders suddenly fall, taking with them many people who came to them who were deceived by them. Therefore, we must stand as the Guard of the Community and ensure that such cases of fallen people who have fallen away from the Guru’s Sangha are immediately revealed and minimize the social damage that such devils cause to many people, confusing them or dragging down unfortunate souls captured for Hell and Darkness. No sensible adept ever turns away from the Guru, and when he turns away, one must always look for the mistakes and impurities in that adept that led him to turn away from the Guru and the Sangha! Fighting the Guru or his Disciples, dissuading adepts faithful to the Guru from the Way by means of slander or even bribery, are signs of the actions of the most cruel, sinister and bestial demonic forces that we can encounter on the Way, just like attacks on the Guru or attempts to kill the Guru! Evil cannot destroy and kill God, so it openly wants to destroy at least His Dwelling on Earth, which is the Guru and His Sangha. And this is where the slanderous and criminal attacks on various, generally not very large, Religious and Spiritual Communities come from, and those who commit them are always Satans, precisely in this trap of Bāl, and the Old Testament also talks about this demonism of religious violence not only the classical Wisdom of Tantra and Yoga. The strangest thing is that many people know this well, but at a critical moment they seem not to remember, just like the adepts and apostles of Jesus at the moment of Satan’s attack on him by inciting crowds and leaders of the degenerate, fallen religion of priests!

Marana Tantra means defensive and protective practices and activities with which we defend ourselves against the attacks of the Evil, both individually and in the entire Community! Marana means that we stand on the side of the Light of Guru and God in the spiritual Battle against the Evil powers and principalities of this world. Nowadays, it happens that it is the struggle of the entire Tibetan Nation, the Holy Kingdom, against criminal and inhuman tyranny and occupation. For over 1,200 years, the forces of Evil could not take over either Tibet or its Holy Religion, but in the critical attack of the Chinese, the Demons managed to destroy and corrupt the Schools of Tibetan Buddhism, even substituting a false Karmapa and leading to the fall and degeneration of many Buddhist Teachers and even Tulkus. This is the success of those who want to advance in Hell and obtain a higher degree of initiation among demons! They must attack the Community of God and cause damage, sow tares ideology, erroneous views, disbelief and doubt, so that as many people as possible fall and lose their souls in condemnation. Nowadays, we have entire satanic religious heresies, which are fallen, devilish Evil, and they can be seen by their bandit imposition of their ideology with Violence and Terror. An example is the Shiism of the ayatollahs in Iran, or Catholicism of Vatican in 10 countries of the world such as Mexico, Spain, and France, Italy, the Philippines, South Africa, Rwanda and Burundi and Portugal. Religion taught under duress is the religion of the Antichrist, Satan, and God’s Way is a matter of voluntary choice, so you can encourage, invite, persuade others to your Religion, but you cannot force them to it by force and terror! The entire Vatican Inquisition with its conversions under the threat of murder and torture shows that Catholicism is a degenerate and fallen religion, deceived, against which Christ himself in the Bible strongly warns as against the announced future apostasy, which finally took place in 1054, when the Catholic heresy finally was created with all its historically well-known, cruel machinery of violence and repression continuing in 10 countries to this day! We must stand on the side of God and His Guru to be on the right side and not be deceived by dark and sinister people who, through gossip and bribery, turn to the side of some Vader dressed in sheep and ram’s skin. Is it so difficult to understand that everyone who diverts a person from the Path, away from the Guru and the Community is Evil, Demon and Satan and represents the forces of Evil with his entire being? All Catholic insulters of small religious groups, which they spit on as “heresy”, “sectarianism”, “psycho-manipulation” and similar, they are all Devils, Devils in habits! The principle of Spiritual Fight against the devil’s threat is simple and easy, and it is a simple thing that says that when you are on the Way, you do not leave the Guru and the Sangha, and other questionable teachings are read and examined only in terms of compliance with the Guru’s Teaching, because only this, what is Compliant will be useful to us on the Great Path of God, which, although in fact high, is narrow and tight, and there are exactly 10 abysses of fall for Initiates who are sanctifying themselves! Stick to the Guru and the Sangha of Himavanti and the Dharma of our Teachings, and you will certainly not go astray in difficult moment, O Child of Light!

Spiritual people sometimes don’t like the word Fight, but it is a real Battle to save one’s soul, and everyone knows that the Kauravas are destined to be lost in Avići, and the Pandavas will inherit Paradise! You must prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually to fight the tempters, even better before you set off on your Spiritual Journey towards the Light, so that all the Dark Dragons that deceive you and the men in black can be defeated and driven away, just like Kurras, when they come and peck out the seeds of healthy spiritual ideas and sow the tares of their liquid manure. Gurus, as “Holy Cows”, eat the same grass and give the same type of milk, because whether it is leaner or fatter, it will still be Milk, the same food of spiritual teaching from the mouths of all Gurus authorized by God. In fact, we, the Gurus, only repeat the teachings of the old Masters, we constantly quote and remind them according to the needs of the adepts, and we all give the same milk to the Children of Light everywhere under the Sun. Whoever teaches differently than Guru of Himavant is a troublemaker and deceiver of souls, therefore all ideas that do not agree with the Dharma expressed by the Guru must be weeded and removed from the Mind as harmful and hostile tares added by the Evil One to the grains of healthy wheat. Anyone who maliciously questions the Guru of the Himavanti Brotherhood should be included in the category of the worst spiritual Enemy and the Battle for Faith and Light should be fought with him, as Jesus Christ called it. Expose publicly the harmful activities of such silent “moles” who undermine the Teaching, the Way, the Gurus and the Aćaryas who persevere in the Path with the Guru. Revealing usually results in the paralysis of the demonic mole and the barking mutt, or his escape from the Sangha, and then the malicious, devilish work of breaking down the Spiritual Community and the bond between the adepts and the Guru becomes even more evident.

Our emotional attitude within Marana Tantra must be cleansed and clarified with the help of developing a strong Vairagya towards the enemies of the Guru, Dharma and Sangha, and Vairagya is Purification, Forgiveness and Release. The Fire of Forgiveness dissolves bonds and connections with the enemy and in this way we completely distance ourselves from the pest and sower of weeds and those who destroy the Community or want to kill the Guru or contribute to the imprisonment of the Guru, as was the case with many true Spiritual Teachers – Krishna, Cephas (Peter) and Saul (Paul), Vivekananda or Anandamurti and Premananda! One should not think too much about the fallen and enemies, but focus on the Guru, the Teaching and the Community and those who remain with the Guru, so as not to be caught in the net and snare of delusion developed by toxic, fallen away from the Guru demons in human bodies. Attempts to save them often end in failure, and this is how badly the entire group of people who tried to justify Judas himself for the crimes ended up so badly. They went to hell with him to eternal destruction in Avići, because it is difficult to save at least one fallen soul from hell, because usually a soul pulled out of Hell returns there and back again due to very bad tendencies. Well, Socrates saved Xantipa, his wife from Hell, brought her soul to incarnation on Earth, and she fell, turning with all her malevolence and hatred against her husband and Spiritual Master, Socrates, simply killing him! This is a story from the Greek Hermetic Schools, which is very educational, because it shows how the forces of Evil can conspire and confuse people to stand close to the Master, as Judas was, and then turn against the Guru and destroy him, or even imprison or kill him. Therefore, the Way has many tests of Purity and Paradise is entered through the Gate of Fire, where Evil is irretrievably killed and only Good can enter. Sanctify yourself further, because you must be a Pure Being and pleasing to God!

Vairagya towards evil and malevolent persons is the dissolution and burning of all such ties, because emotional ties and sentiments towards fallen persons become part of their web, in which we become entangled and quickly fall behind them. The Act of Forgiveness frees us so much that we become indifferent to the fallen person, just as we would forget him, as if he ceased to exist for us. Jesus Christ, and similarly Gautama Buddha also ordered severing ties with the clear enemies of the Way and the Guru! Symbolic gestures of shaking the dust from one’s sandals or refusing to eat at one table are well-known evangelical gestures freeing one from anything to do with the enemy of the Community and the Guru, even ordered by Christ for such occasions, which may not happen often and not to everyone. Yoga requires complete indifference towards enemies, calming down, indifference and annihilation, cleansing of all feelings, emotions and memories associated with such fallen ones. Yoga calls this Divine Attitude towards bad people Upeksha, and this word is the root of many concepts meaning the liquidation of memories, experiences, impressions about someone, as well as concepts meaning liquidation or annihilation. Gautama Buddha recommended neutralizing the bonds with the evil enemies of the Sangha and dissolving them in the Void Consciousness, i.e. leading to a state of non-existence, as if they had never existed in us and would never be remembered again. Traditional shamans of various cultures have always recommended visualizing the funeral of the enemy, his burnt offering or burying him in a coffin in the ground, or even performing a symbolic funeral and parting with the things and memories belonging to the enemy. All this is Divine Upeksha for such occasions, although of course, as spiritual people, we would prefer to make enemies friends, but not everyone wants to change their Sick Minds and follow the Path of Light. Upeksha, the so-called peace in the face of evil, is indifference – thought and emotion without impressions, with readiness, vigilance to fight without fear and liquidation of the enemy or expulsion (banishment) from the Community! We know that in order to pacify obstacles or the actions of pests, and even the enemies themselves, we must be full of the Spirit of Peace, i.e. the Spirit of Pacifying Evil!

The Prayer of the Word, very popular in India, often repeated three times at the end of Rituals or Sādhan, Personal Spiritual Practices – Om Śāntih – is intended to develop in the Adept the Power of Calming, Silencing and Annihilating evil influences, actions and beings that are the source of Evil. Probably because of the strongly developed Om Śāntih Power by the Indian nations, the Christian colonists failed to conquer India and introduce their religious ideology there. Om Śāntih pacified the colonial Evil and its philosophy of aggression and ideological conquest. About people who “convert” to some “only infallible” ideology written down in dogmas, Indian AYURVEDA says that these are people with an organic disease in the temporal lobes of the brain, with organic ideological paranoia! That is why the followers of Indian religions, and similarly Buddhists and Muslims, do not fall for the tricks of Catholic ideological organizations and their indoctrinators! The mantra Om Śāntih develops in us the power to calm down and silence evil influences and vibrations and pacify the forces of evil, so it is worth practicing it for a long time to develop the Gift of pacifying Evil, even at the end of Puja or daily Sādhana by reciting: Om Śānti, Śānti, Śāntih, where “a” with a dash is the so-called long “a”, intoned for a long time and therefore accented! Wild, aggressive animals, sometimes in the presence of Yogis who have developed the Śāntih Power, behave as if they were overpowered and paralyzed, losing their strength to attack aggressively, and archers shooting at a person cannot hit him. A typical example is the Catholic colonist army that was unable to shoot and fight against Gandhi’s guerrillas who had been reciting this Holy Mantra against the forces of evil and malevolence for years! Doing this practice with the intention of stopping war, mafia, aggression, against the enemies of the Community and the Gurus, if any such appear, is right and useful, always and everywhere. At least the trainee will easily develop the strength for small victories in skirmishes with small enemies who, due to an ideological disease of the mind, are against, for example, his spiritual practice or involvement in the Way and relationship with the GURU! We can therefore include Om Śāntih among the gentle practices of Marana Tantra, which Mantra also calms down our own aggressions that appear towards other people! Archangel Śāntideva called the Angel of Peace is the embodiment of this Om Śantih energy.

The basis of the practice of Marana Tantra, Spiritual Warfare, is also the Ideal of Vacuum or Emptiness, ŚUNYATA, which is in fact a state of deep Peace of Spirit and Calm Waiting in Silence, as the Buddha and Christ also called it. The warriors of Lord Buddha from the Shaolin Monastery were experts in achieving Śunyata and this is a very strongly developed aspect in the Teachings of Gautama Buddha! We immediately remove and dispose of all impressions so that no thoughts and emotions appear in us in the face of the enemy or the threat of evil forces. The Śunyata Ideal is similar to the Upeksha Ideal, although methodically we achieve the state of consciousness called Śunya by realizing ourselves as an empty luminous space in which there is no darkness, so no evil enters us from within! Śunya is achieved by suspending the formation of thoughts and focusing energy for immediate Action. This is Vigilance in the Teaching of Christ!

The Layas develop, on the basis of Śunya and Upeksha, the state of being a Ball of Light, Ćakra or Kālaćakra, which for the Darkness is something like a Magic Mirror of Light, from which all psychic messages addressed to the Yogi are reflected so that they return like a boomerang back to the owner, i.e. to the person who created and sent them. The Aura of Light from the Soul Flame, the Atman of Yogi is therefore a very good Marana, because it is a SHIELD OF LIGHT that protects against demonic attacks of dark and hostile thoughts of people who have evil minds and send harmful vibrations towards the Adept of Laya Yoga. There are also returning Mantrams that increase the activity of the Mirror of Light and those who say something about a Yogi quickly become what they say about such a Yogi and what they think about him. In particular, the Guru is a person whose Mirror of Light, Shield of Light – as Christ calls it – becomes greatly strengthened by God, so that one is essentially what one thinks and says about the Guru. That’s why we say to always speak and think well of the Guru, even if he was just a beginner in this role. So let’s kindle the Atman Flame in the Peace of Spirit so that the AURA of Light becomes a Shield of Light against the dark messages of thoughts and emotions of Evil people and demons from Hell! Jewish mysticism calls the Aura of the Guru, the Tzadik, the Cloud of Sakina, Shekinah, or the Glory of God that surrounds a person Purified and Sanctified by Sincere piety.

Spiritual people are often very sensitive and feel pain or discomfort whenever someone even slightly talks or thinks negatively about them, even just spreading seemingly “innocent” gossip or speculation. They must then protect their being from the evil eye by developing indifference, calmness in the face of such evil and the Light that dissolves accidental messages, and evil, black energy “bombs” – as Mystics sometimes perceive them – reflect like a Mirror back to the sender, who, when he develops his sorcerous, stupid activity of evil thinking, he immediately catches his ailments because of what he sent to the Yogi. Our interior, if it is sometimes touched by the devil’s shipment of evil beings, must be immediately cleansed and dissolved in the Solar Light of God, in the Crystalline Upper Waters of the Spirit.

The Himavanti Brotherhood, the Initiatory Community is the Church of Light and if people say or think something about our Brotherhood, it always means that they are exactly what they say and think about the Brotherhood, because it is a Community of People and Angels centred around the Guru, who is a Being of Light ! Ask people what they think about your Guru of Himavanti and the Community of which he is an Angel in the Light of God, and you will see who are Evil and who are the worst! And greatly spread this lesson of the esoteric Knowledge of God.

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.


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