Material Prosperity and Well-Being (15)

Prosperity comes through obedience and submission to divine laws that operate in manifested reality. Well-being means achieving all GOOD as well as achieving the essence of good, which is the BEING (Sanskrit: Sat., Per. Zat). Only material or only spiritual success is usually a disaster. Material prosperity consists in satisfying all life’s needs. Spiritual success is the achievement of ever deeper spaces in the inner dimension of life. Material well-being should be a reflection of spiritual wealth in the interior, in the human heart.

The ambition of making wealth should be used to raise awareness of your society, the environment or even the entire planet. Each achieved good should serve the good of the whole. Making money, wealth often for adepts of the spiritual path stands in contradiction with spiritual heights and achieving sanctity. There are laws and rules that allow us to use innumerable Jewels of Wealth.

The fixation of material life is the treatment of riches as possessions. It is a strong attachment to possession. This is the ego type: „I have, I can.” Jewels of Riches are the property of Mother Earth and Heavenly Father. Be thankful for everything that came to you and treat it as a guest. The material objects of this world have a transient value. Do not make deities out of wealth and finances. Parting will be very painful otherwise.

Money is a great test for adepts of spiritual paths. It is a great test, because practitioners have the habit of abandoning the spiritual path for acquiring the temporal riches, for making money, and even when they are rich and wealthy they forget that the Divine Source is the one from which everything comes. All spiritual teachings clearly show that the use of part of material wealth for charitable activities, to support spiritual and religious movements is a simple and easily accessible practice for rich people. In this way, they support the implementation of divine plans on earth.

Money is the crystallized form of the energy of Creative Intelligence. It can be used – as energy – to build both the Fiery Hell and the Kingdom of God on earth. If, by attaining wealth, we destroy the planet earth, our common home – we prepare for ourselves ruin and destruction, and our wealth will bring us plague of misery. If we achieve wealth by hurting others, then we will bring this harm on ourselves and wealth will become the source of suffering. If, by attaining wealth, we lose the spiritual goal, we leave our path of inner development, then we lose our soul, and wealth will be the cause of our spiritual fall.

Therefore, on all spiritual paths, when they earn the Gems of Wealth adepts are instructed to have respect for Mother Earth, respect for other people and creatures, and respect for the aspirations of their own soul which, anyway, longs for Divinity and Spirituality. Economic safety of man and society comes from the proper use of money and through the financial responsibility of every human being. Your property must support both your spiritual development and progress as well as to serve the society, spiritual community.

The Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet supports adepts of spiritual paths that reasonably use the energy of money to support the Divine Plan on the planet earth. The worst karma will be earned by adepts of spiritual paths who achieve wealth and riches through inspiration flowing from spiritual teachings and practices, and forget where the source of their financing and enrichment lies. It is the use of spiritual powers to start a rich man’s career and to achieve material prosperity, thanks to which with great power one attains the loss of his own soul. Spiritual inspiration must be used to support the development of the Spirit, Hierarchy and Path. Therefore, for millennia, those who prosper support those who do not know success, which is called charitable activity. If an adept of the spiritual path properly understands this, then by attaining material wealth, he also develops care and charity activities. There are many spiritually enlightened people who work in this way to achieve a higher good through society.

The path of prosperity is the path to satisfying desires and ambitions – unfortunately not only own ones, because then it is too selfish for the person to be able to develop on it. To rich people, in the first impulse, it is not easy to satisfy other people’s desires and ambitions through caring, charity and sponsorship of what can serve humanity for its spiritual growth. Especially adepts of spiritual paths, who were losers in own lifes, had no material success, and lived in poverty – when, with the help of spiritual practice, they learn to cope in life and gain wealth – then they experience the temptation of material power and become entangled. The riches of this world become their hindrance on the spiritual path and cause their fall. Either way, all the saints are warning against this great trap.

Material wealth is a great cumulated energy that must be wisely and intelligently used to contribute to the creative development of humanity. Everyone is a child of God and in this way everyone has access to the Royal Treasury, to all the Riches of Nature. The grace, however, is the particular ease of having certain riches or talents. Therefore, a rich man, in order to practice Divinity, must be a rational and intelligent distributor of the Grace of Wealth. This is charity and caring, and it really supports building Paradise on earth.

Of course, to have success, one has to reject thoughts of failure. If you want something, you have to root out thoughts that are doubts. The fear that something will fail will have to disappear. Desire must be watered and cherished like a tree, until it will bear fruit. Lack of faith and trust in the ability to achieve everything and satisfy all needs deprives us of our Divine heritage, the Treasury of Jewels of Wealth.

If you want to use the source of the Divine Abundance, you must overcome the erroneous mentality of doubting your own success and fears of failure that might happen to you. Stable learning is needed, exercise in the development of infinite trust, ever stronger faith. For those who believe everything is possible. Otherwise, there is no strength of faith, which is only an idea.

A wise employee of the Hierarchy will consider the benefits of the many achieved riches from the Source of the Divine Abundance, which is inexhaustible. Reasonable achievement and use of wealth means taking care of our own good, good of other people and planet. The awareness of being the Administrator of the Divine Treasures is necessary for people who are getting rich in order to prevent their fall into the trap of selfish appropriation of what belongs to the Treasury of Jewels of God. Attachment of soul to material objects and materially crystallized energy is the greatest misfortune for the soul. It means going back to the lowest stage of development, to the mineral and existential level.

Adepts of spiritual paths should use the obtained wealth to develop the work of the transmission line, thanks to which they have achieved understanding and motivation and internal strength to open the door of the Treasury. Abundance is a reward for a lot of effort. Let your work be a religion that serves the realization of divine purposes on the planet Earth.

Wealth, assets and money – all this is to serve man and his divine purpose – enlightenment. Paradise is to live in it, to live a full life and to develop creatively, not to make it a goal in itself. Creating places for spiritual enlightenment is the work of people who achieve the fulfilment of the dream of wealth and abundance. In this way, all ancient temples were created. In this way, new Holy Places are created today. The rational use of riches for the purpose of every human soul is thus a practice serving the illumination of the world, it is the work of the Hierarchy and it serves the Divine Plan on earth.

Every person who achieves prosperity and abundance according to their own desire achieves the status of being Rich. Money is the crystallized energy of the Holy Spirit and therefore can be invoked through prayer and meditation. Therefore, by its very nature it is pure and good in whatever form it is. And therefore it deserves respect, although it is merely a crystallized Light of Deity – the Almighty Divine Parent: the Mother and the Father. Gratitude to God for the Grace of prosperity and abundance is the first prayer. After all, we get more of what we are grateful for. Thank God for all the goods you receive and for those you expect. Develop gratitude – it’s the key to the Treasury.

Prayer is a gradual convincing of consciousness that it brings dissolution of what is an obstacle in obtaining the desired temporal goods and success. Success is a gift that accompanies everyone who fulfils the path of achieving the Essential Good. The power of God knows no limitations, but adapts to the boundaries and barriers of the mind (sub-consciousness and consciousness) through which it flows. The superconscious divine mind has no limits. The only thing to do is to remember that we are all created in the image and likeness of the Divine, Supreme Being and keep this state of soul free of all barriers and limitations.

Subconscious beliefs, ideas and remembered ideas or views of others regarding money, wealth, success and abundance can help or disturb by becoming our barriers and limitations. Actions resulting from ignorance of the divine right of karmic return can also be barriers and limitations. We always make money trying not to hurt anyone. Property laden with someone else’s harm, suffering and humiliation, as well as the destruction of nature, leads its owner to spiritual, psychological and health ruin. Wise men are always advised to get rid of such property and use it for spiritual and charitable purposes, so that the accumulated energy could be purified by serving the general Good. The renunciation of such wealth that has grown from harm frees us from karmic results, from misfortunes that could affect the owner, provided that his spiritual practice is genuine and honest.

Lack of attachment to what we possess extends the flow of Divine Abundance flowing through our hands. God is the owner of all riches, man is their administrator. The point is the man wisely uses capital at his disposal – talents he has received in lease. Increasing of wealth is easier when there is no clinging to objects of our desires and when there is no excessive attachment to them.

Giving without a sense of loss, regret or expense is a source of happiness for a person who is materially rich. Avarice is a mental illness of people excessively attached to their temporal goods. The things of this world are transient. It is the law of Nature that everything passes away. Giving and taking (receiving) is the opening of the flow of Goods.

If giving goods (things) and spending money comes to you hard and gives you discomfort, then this is the primary cause of all your shortcomings and material failures. Profit comes through investing. Each giving is an investment that brings income. The balance between giving and receiving is fundamental to achieving the consciousness of satisfying all material, mental and spiritual needs. The same laws apply to human erotic life. If you cannot give pleasure to the other in an active way, it is difficult for you to receive it.

A man freed from the barriers and limitations of his own mind, his own beliefs and prejudices is embodied as the image and likeness of God. His world is Paradise on Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven. He then has the power to overcome all obstacles of life, and when the brightness is grounded and the karma dissolved, then the obstacles always disappear. Try to rise above all the barriers of material ties with all confidence and faith.


„You are my Father and my Mother, Success and Joy;
I am your child, image and heir;

All the riches of this land, all the treasures of the universe,
All abundance and prosperity belong to You
and in You have their Source,
because you are the Treasury and Treasurer;
I am Your child, Your image and heir,
and therefore all the riches of this land,
all the treasures of the universe,
All abundance and prosperity belong to me as Yours;

I have raised and understood Your divine laws of Wealth,
and Awareness of You made me rich and wealthy;
All prosperity, wealth and abundance always accompany me,
You are my Treasure and the Treasury, You are everything;

I am, I am, I am – always with You, God in Unity,
I am the Wealth, and have wealth as everything in You,
I am abundance, success and well-being
just like You, You are That;

You are my wealth and prosperity,
I remain in Your abundance. „

Hum (Amen)!

Repeat this prayer often, in the morning after waking up and in the evening before going to sleep. Repeat and remember throughout the day in your spare time. Important passages and verses repeat multiple times. Also, always pray the prayer three times or more. Trust the Source of Life.


„I know that the power of God is boundless, because I am created in the image and likeness of God, I also have the power to overcome all obstacles, barriers and limitations…

In God’s Consciousness everything becomes possible for me. The creative power of the Spirit flows through my mind and through my body. Spiritual Power will lead me, and His Intelligence will solve all matters… In God is my wealth, all my treasures. Wealth always accompanies me because I have access to the Heavenly Treasure, to the Source of All Good. In the Light of God, I have access to His Treasure and Jewels of Wealth…

I am a child of God, all grace and goodness now flow into my life. In my perfect faith and trust in the power of Omnipresent Good, I can take whatever I need in my Mission on earth. „

Meditate, remember and consider this content, and you will draw from the infinite abundance of Wealth of the Divine heritage. All God’s Treasures are yours.


Aćarya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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