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The circle of the Container of the Body, as the title can be trans­lated, opens for us the possibility of work with lotuses, with the consciousness centers, starting from the very bottom of our trunk, from the central point, between the womb and the coccyx. Mula – means the Root, the Base or Bottom, hence the name refers to the lower part of the body, which touches the ground when we sit and reminds of a place from which the trunk of a tree grows its roots into the ground. Vibrating word Mula means working on solving and making all the poisons and pollutions of the material consciousness more refine. Adhara is a container, a goblet of energy, and this goblet is so called Svayambhu Lińga placed in the lotus, which is the container of energy feeding the self, giving the psychical strength and also keeping the memory of out-conscious patterns of behavior. Adhara of the Earth, the container of the basic energy, the Earth energy, is described as a beautiful lotus flower with four petals, and being more precise, with four energetic channels which flow out of the container, and are symbolized by the glow or aura of this Lotus!

The vibration of number four and the symbol of a yellow square of the Earth’s energy are worth thinking about, because they work together with this energetic center. Ćakram (chakra) as this name is properly scientifically transcribed, literally means The Circle, and this is about the spherical shape of the whole center and about the fact that the purified and awoken area creates the circle of spiritual development, first and the most basic one, from which all the Pilgrims of the Path start.

The element of the Earth drawn as a square and painted yellow – the color of glow of the yellow ground, sand, which has been just dug out, tells us how to energize and develop this center in its most crucial aspect. In a system working with the basic elements we fill the center in with yellow colour, we sit on a square, or on a yellow rug during our prayers and meditations, we go barefooted on the yellow, freshly dug out sand, as children we play in a square shaped sandbox full of clean, yellow sand! We also live in rooms based exactly on the shape of a square, and we paint the floor yellow, earthy colour. Living in chambers shaped into a square cube is especially good for purification and work of this center, but in the interior design and clothing dirty colours such as black, dark, brown and grey should be avoided since their influence pollutes the aura and disturbs the work of Chakras.

The element of the Earth is symbolized by LA syllable, recited loudly with nasal, sounded M at the end, which together makes LAM, where we vibrate strongly and intensely the sound L, the sound of the Earth, as a part of the nature, element, Tattva! Vibrating the seminal syllable LAM is the basis for work on the center development, and the sound must be drawn from the very bottom of the trunk, which needs some practice as well as specialist instructions. Without the work on the sound, without vibrating the seminal syllable and developing the center, without the L, LA, LAM sound, no development of the Root Container is possible in a relevant way! Vibrating with your voice and contemplating the syllable, the sound of LAM develops the magnetism allowing to attract everything that we need in the material world, helps a man enrich in both material and spiritual way.

The sense of Smell is placed in this center and along with the development of Mulādhara Cakra a man goes through a variety of experiences connected with the growth of sensitivity to all the smells. Nose as a smelling organ is strongly connected with the four petal lotus at the basis of the trunk and while smelling one should concentrate on one’s pelvis and crotch, between the anus, the tail and the outer sexual organ, womb! Syllable LA influences the sense of smell and can be helpful during the therapy of smell disorders and problems with the nose itself!

Four basic, live, outer, animal activities flow out of one’s root center, and they are desires and needs that are instinctual, connected with the being of a man, such as eating, sleep, sex and survival (fight for survival and need to grow richer). Each of these spheres must be purified and sublime, and while one should eat and sleep in moderation, the same moderation should be kept during sexual activities and getting material riches and position in this world. All the primitivism and chaos within these four aspects is not advisable. Lack of control over one’s eating habits, as far as its quality and quantity are concerned leads to a number of problems; it is good to eat healthy vegetarian foods and drink fresh spring water, moreover to fast from time to time – to stop eating anything for at least a few days, at least the number of ćakram’s petals!

Deep breathing with the lower part of our belly combined with a delicate tightening of anus constrictor while breathing in and relaxing it while breathing out helps purification and sublimation, refining the basic level of consciousness, behavior and energy. Extreme physical work, hard training of martial arts (Kalarpayat) or exercising Hatha Yoga is strongly recommended; also long marches, climbing the mountains, working in the ground, forest or the garden are advised, obviously because they are connected with the element of the Earth.

Ādhara is the center of survival, the center of life instinct, life preservation, protecting and defending life, and pure and strong energy of this four petal lotus makes suicide as well as homicide impossible – with the exception of self-defense, when there exists no other help for ourselves or our family! When the Earth element works well, the person is integrated, feels stable, secure and has a strong support in oneself; he/she is adult, mature, practical and self-reliant as far as the basic life matters are concerned. The people who are concerned too much with sexual life, or on the other hand, the ones who avoid sexual life are pathological examples, with impure and sick centers. Similarly, pathologies such as extreme poverty or obsessive race for riches or strong interest in food or extremely long sleeping time are all connected with the disturbed root center Mulādhara!

Relaxing walks in the nature in the rhythm of four steps, breathing in and out in the same rhythm allow to balance and refine the center and its functions. Especially we should be free from the four basic disturbances, negativities that flow from the impure, dirty center Mulā, which are called four Vŗttis! They refer to the four energies connected with the channels or streams of energy, linking the middle of the trunk’s base with the crown center over the head. The first harmful Vŗtti is insecurity, hesitation, doubt. The second is fear, panic, phobia or unrest. The third one is confusing the definitions, words and events, wrong interpretations and assumptions reminding of paranoia. The forth Vŗtti that must be avoided to get freedom and purification is fear of death, annihilation, the end of world, apocalypse or attraction to death! If these disturbances are present in even small amounts, it means that some preventive measures should be taken, since the lotus flower does not work as an energetic organ of the Soul, Self, or the Spiritual Body in the right way. It is the best to eliminate Vŗttis in a proper order – starting with the first one.

The four petals of the Lotus Flower Base are in accordance with the order of the purifying recitations: VAM, ŚAM, SHAM, SAM. And looking from above at the lotus on the Earth, they are in clockwise direction. This order purifies from the four Vŗttis, it regulates and balances the four life processes, and also it causes the growth of the general life harmony and the rhythm of life in the events of life, it also helps achieving the harmony with the seasons of the year. The first petal, Wam (Vam), is white and its light – white, bright, sunny is sometimes used as the first colour purifying and strengthening the Lotus. The second petal, Śam, is yellowish because of the work on the relevant element of the Earth. The third petal, Sham, is red and the deeper work connected with it concerns the fiery sphere of Kuńdalini! The forth petal, Sam, is light blue and connected with the colour of the Lińga Śarira container and the specter of the energetic layer.

Every petal shows us one of the four types of a common man’s personality and is in relation with the basic element. The picture, the symbol to work with Kuńdalini is a Fiery Triangle inside the earthy square and the syllable KLIM (Kling), strongly vibrating, with long “i”, which helps control all the outconscious desires, frees from unhealthy needs and strengthens vitality! Spiral Kuńda – the Power of Faith and Trust is a 3 and 0,5 long scroll showing that there are 3 and 0,5 cycles of work with development the Power of Human Spirit. Inside the Fiery Triangle Kuńdalini there is the beginning of the central channel of energy, Sushumńa (Tao axis), which runs from the bottom of the trunk to the top of the head and to the Lotus of the Triple Crown over human’s head. Working in connection to Mulādhara, one works on the development and strengthening of this basic, central channel and the Vajra system, which are the four accompanying streams of energy controlling among others the Heart, Small Intestine, Womb-Blood System, and the Triple Warmer System (Tridośa).

Every petal of lotus Mulā symbolizes one of the four kinds of Happiness. Ānandam, which everyone purified on the first level or circle of consciousness can feel deeper. Elephant symbolizes great potential for development of impossible power and strength. And the symbol of Lightening (Vajra) in the hand of Angel Indra represents the ability to control the outer energy by concentration and energizing similarly to the lightening or thunder. One should breathe with the bottom part of the belly, concentrate on the Lam syllable and work with proper colours on different stages of work on the center, and there are four stages of work and development like four seasons of the year and the four year cycles!

Kuńdalini sleeps as it is symbolically said in the container on the bottom of the trunk, and it is the potential of many abilities and creative possibilities that can appear when a man benefits from the out-conscious spheres! Kuńda is a container for the sacrificial fire, where the pure sacrifice – food – is ritually burnt, which means that to awaken the Spirit Power one needs a proper diet nourishing and feeding the inner fire. KUŃ is Faith, Trust, Faith understood as Power of Trust, not as empty believing or naivety. Kuńda is a container for the sacrifice for Faith and Kuńdala is the Scroll of Power, The Circle of Faith and Trust. It is shown by the way of following the Path of Spirit, with Trust, Faith through the successive, more and more spiritual Circles of the Spiral of Initiation.

Brahman personalized with four faces turned towards the four directions of the world is a symbol of the Creative Superspirit, which pervades everything, and whose essence is Mercy. Gāyatri as a Goddess, mother Earth, opens up to the contact with harmony, contact with the whole Life of Nature, the planet as a whole! At the bottom of Mulādhara center there is a knot Kańda, where 12 Meridians inside the body meet. They are connected with the container Svayambhu Linga, which opens the gates to the subtle world and travels through four ethereal underareas, or parallel worlds, subtle plans of the Earth, to a man. Lotus of the bases is responsible for both experience of ethereal exteriorization and healing the solid, hard structures of the organism such as bones, teeth, nails, corneas, muscles and for the physical side of functioning the sexual organs!

Blessed be those who work on the development of the lotus with four petals and the container of its energy! Blessed be with the power of the Angel of the Earth!


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