Mysteries of the Egyptian Cross (93)

Many researchers of mystical symbolism and Hermeticism are looking for the meaning of the essence and origin of the so-called Egyptian Cross, which is, in fact, a combination of a capital letter “T” with a circle or an ovalO-shaped egg painted above it, which gives us the image of the entire Sign of Power that I am talking about. I will ask what the Egyptian Cross has to do with Yoga, Tantra, and India, and I will answer that we will trace it by examining the symbols hidden in the Sanskrit letters in a very Mysterious sense! The Egyptian Cross resembles a Man standing with his feet together and his arms spread to the side, which gives the image of the letter “T”, to which we can also add a head, or a halo of light around the head, to obtain a full Cross of Isis, the Mother of the World, the Mother of Creations according to Egyptian mythology, which makes Isis very similar to the Indian Menaka from the Himalayas. However, let’s look at letter characters, in which the shape of the letter “T” seems to be the centre and basis of the letter character in the Devanagari alphabet, which has been used to write the Speech of Heaven and the Chanting of Angels since ancient times!

 The goddess Isis holds the Ankh cross

The first Sanskrit letter that we will see with this graph is the letter “A”, and this is the so-called long “A”, where the shape of the letter “T” is repeated twice and looks perfectly like an Egyptian cross, as soon as we add the nasal “M” in the shape dots above it. The sound “A”, also added as an extension of consonants, always retains its shape, which is, of course, the basis for the halo of the Egyptian cross, especially when we add the final “M” to the syllable, which in the form of a thick dot, and decoratively a circle or an oval egg is added to words transforming them into Holy and Secret Mantra! Thus, we have taken one step towards the genesis of the Egyptian cross in Sanskrit, the Holy Language of the Indo-Aryans.

The second letter in the order in which the mystery cross is hidden is the vowel sound “Ṛ”, both long and short, which is a letter very specific to Sanskrit, but we also see such a sound in French. In the vowel “Ṛ”, the shape of the letter “T” from our Egyptian cross is very clearly visible, as it is its base, core, the middle line like a pole and the crossbar like a roof, and when we add the final nasal letter “M” in the form of a circle above the monolith, the syllable receiving the sound “Ṛm” (read: Rim), then the full image of the cross from the mystery of Isis is completely visible without any doubt, both in the case of the long and short vowel “Ṛ”.

The third letter in the order of occurrence in the alphabet, or rather a syllable, because Sanskrit is a syllabic script, in which we have the Egyptian cross, is the first consonant, i.e. the syllable (letter) “K”, in the form of Mantram, as a vibrating “Kam”, with a dot lifting the vowel on the end of the syllable, fully captures another piece of Isis’s cross. In transcendental meditations, the syllable “Kam” serves, among other things, as a vibration that begins the detailed work of cleansing the Lotus of the Heart, a liberator from the desires (addictions, habits) that take over and control us, and also awakens and develops the Consciousness of the Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, the Prime Mother of Creations, which elegantly fits to the high culture of both Isis and Kālī. The Kam sound is also regulated by one of the twelve main Meridians, which internally pass through, among others, the Lotus of the Heart, giving the image of a Lotus Flower with twelve petals. It allows you to purify your relationship and deepen the perception of the spiritual energy of the Capricorn sign because the twelve petals of the Lotus of the Heart correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac, as all esotericists, mystics and hermetists know!

The fact that the three letters mentioned above, which clearly contain the image of the Egyptian Sign of Isis, form the word ARKA (ARK) in the order in which they appear in the alphabet is undoubtedly shocking for researchers of all mystical and hidden words and meanings. The fact that the end of the word with the final nasal sound “M” (Arkam) brings its vibration closer to the word ARRAN, closely related to what ARKA (ARK) is and what many European mystics and researchers of hidden matters, such as St Germain talk about, already proves that nothing is happening by chance, or that some cases are exceptionally lucky for us. The Ark is an ancient place where the Jews, until the Babylonian captivity, kept their stone tablets with the Law of the Ten Commandments written down on Mount Horeb. Interestingly, the warp of the Isis cross somehow serves us to record the sounds “Am”, “Rm”, and “Kam”, which in the practices of spiritual Yoga and Tantra are very often used as Mantras (Words of Power) for purifying Consciousness (ćittam) in a way that enables and facilitates the awakening of the inner Power, most often called in the literature as Kundalini Śakti, which embodies the female Divine aspect of God, which we call the Goddess (Bożyca among the ancient Slavs). Here, we clearly see how the cross of Isis essentially represents the Power of the Goddess hidden in ARKAM, the content of which is ten words about the meaning of God’s Law (Torah in Hebrew, Dharma in Sanskrit). In Hebrew, this female Power accompanying God Yahvah (the oldest known way of reading the Tetragrammaton YHWH) was called Shekinah or Sakinah, and she guaranteed both the Enlightenment of the Heart and Mind, as well as the successful completion of any intended work, being the Light Power of the Spirit (Soul). However, the triad “A”, “R”, and “Ka” is not the end of the Sign of Isis in the alphabet in which the oldest Holy Scriptures in the world, the Vedas, are written!

The fourth letter, or rather syllabic sign, in which we have the Isis cross clearly visible, is the syllable “Fa” (Pha) in the mantric version with a nasal at the end, written as “Fam”. In addition to the warp of the Isis cross, this syllable is also formed by exactly half of the ancient Indo-European Sign of Prosperity and Prosperity, which is the swastika (svastika), the part symbolizing the flow from the left side from above to the right side downwards, as beautifully done by Indian Dervishes in Sufi dances, symbolizing and triggering the flow of the Power of Heaven to Earth, the Power of the Spirit that blesses, supports and enables growth. The syllable “Fa” is the root, the seed of mantrams signifying the development of the Power and Will of God, the Spirit or Heaven. In the connotation of the Arcanum, it has its own significant place and position, as if it were independent of other previous letters. The word “Fat”, well known in oriental culture, has the meaning “Becoming” and can be used in the sense of the phrase “Let it become!” So we have a fourth level or aspect of the development of female Power and Might, represented by Isis in Egypt and Śakti Devi (Kundalini) in India. The syllable “Fa” or the sound “Fat” symbolizes what we call (from Latin) FATUM, which we associate with fate in its more evil sense of payment for the mistakes and wickedness we have done. However, this word means fate created on the principle “what you sow, that is what you will reap”, so our good and pleasant rewards that the fate of life brings also belong to the sphere of “Fate”! The syllable “Um” means sublime, spiritual, higher, or “fourth-dimensional” consciousness – as it is now often called!

Ankh – Egyptian cross

Taking into account the four consecutive syllables (sounds): “A”, “R”, “Ka”, and “Fa”, we have four degrees or levels of advancement in the Consciousness of the Egyptian Cross, which as the core, warp or essence appears as the fifth Anga, that is, a part or stage of the whole, and when we talk about the development of the Power of the Mind, the Power of the Soul, or the Power of the Spirit, we usually talk about the Five Stages, as if about the five-pointed star of Sirius or the five-petaled Lotus Flower of the Soul. Knowing that the vowel sounds “A” and “R” occur in both long and short pronunciations, which is characteristic of many oriental languages, we also have references to the Seven Steps of the Pyramid, the seven-pointed star or the figure of an Angel (Deva) with two legs, arms and wings and head which gives seven aspects, and also to the traditional Seven Step Path mentioned in spiritual movements and esoteric organizations everywhere under the Sun! The fact that the first three syllables form the word ARKA (ARK) and are associated with searching for the Golden Fleece (Golden Aura), a symbol of Wisdom and Truth and Spiritual Power, shows that these are three very student-like levels. The fourth level is more internal (esoteric), and that is not only a stage of achieving Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth but a stage of real Power, which is, of course, more difficult to achieve because it is always easier to talk about the Power of the Mind or Spirit, but only a few, true Initiates, manifest it.

The practices of purification of the Mind and development based on vibrating and visualizing the syllable “A” are well known in various secret Yogas of the East, not only typically Hindu, but also Tibetan, Buddhist and Taoist, as well as in choral, spiritual Gregorian chants. Meditation on the so-called “White Sound A” with the help of visualization of a syllable written in Sanskrit is popular among one billion people in India and 600 million Buddhists in Tibet, China, Mongolia, Thailand and Japan. Jewish mystics also remember the importance of the letter “A” among the Characters of Scripture for contemplation and inner development! Considering the energetic, vibrational properties of the Sign “A” written in Sanskrit, we see that it favours the opening of the interior, the heart, the opening of people to each other, the creation of unity and harmony, and, as Buddhists love to comment, the sound of a long A (vibrated for a long time on the exhalation) develops compassion, sympathy, and therefore friendly intuition. The vibration of the sound “A” increases the power of appeal, attractiveness and attraction, as well as stimulates creative forces and the flame of eternity in our soul, which directs us towards transcendence, which is the first step of personal, internal spiritual development! The mantram of the syllable “Am” (A with nasal M) is called a practice, a nourishing vibration for people interested in development methods to achieve the ability to feed on the Light through cleansing! The short “A” develops creative skills, awakens the spirit of unity and reconciliation, and activates the pursuit of what is eternal and true. A long-drawn “A” develops the spirit of harmony and compassion, personal magnetism, charm and attractiveness, and compassion. There are two spellings of the “A” sound: the first lunar one also develops receptivity and intuitiveness, and the second solar one develops enthusiasm, cheerfulness, solarity and radiance, which should interest healers and shamans! The second sound, the vowel letter “R”, i.e. the second, advanced circle of our ARK of salvation, strongly stimulates growth and development, accelerates spiritual growth, and increases fervent commitment and the ability to make an effort and success. The magic of the “R” sound is also about attracting and receiving what we need on our life path. The vowel “R” sound is pronounced as soft or French “R”.

The long sound “R” increases the ability to remember what is important in a synthetic way and develops a sense of dignity and majesty, removing the sin of guilt and being unworthy. A higher degree of personal charm, or enchantment, which attracts others to the personality and soul and opens to protective influences through the Guardian Angels, is also the vibrational energy from chanting and contemplating the Sign of Power, which is the Sanskrit letter of the long “R”. Writing a syllable with a nasal ending as RM (read: Rim, where the “i” is very short reverberant) gives a similar cross-sectional archetype of the Cross of Isis as the warp, skeleton or backbone of the entire Sign that is created from this notation.

The consonant syllable “Kam”, in which we also see the image of the Cross of Isis, develops in us the solar aspect of the soul, or better – the solarity of the soul. It is also a vibration cleansing from all wickedness because it is the first syllable (Bija) of the word Kāma Deva, meaning God, or rather the Archangel of Love and Eroticism in the Divine Dimension! Fire, intimacy and happiness are this syllable’s basic features and properties. Since the pursuit of pleasure, happiness, and well-being is a natural need of every human Heart, it is right that this syllable is the initial one regarding the so-called development of the ćakra (chakra) of the Heart inside the breast, under the sternum. The fire of the solar soul and the awakening of the Heart as radiant as the Sun are undoubtedly aspects of Love and Mercy that bloom in a spiritualized human being, and more importantly, Love for God does not contradict intimate, erotic Love, which is sometimes sold to people as a bill of cheap ignorance. Love blooms at various levels of Man’s existence, and both Greek and Indian philosophy and religion discuss three levels of Love with the Heart: Kāma (Eros), Bhakti (Philia), and Prema (Agape). Oriental Yoga and Tantra call the full realization of Love, Loving at every level of the human being, erotic, friendly and spiritual, a state of Happiness, Bliss, and this is the word ĀNANDA, whose core, initial syllable (Bija) is again the sound of the long “Ā”, i.e. compassion and accordance and mutual attraction! In the original syllable Kam, in addition to the Isis Cross, we also see the sign of Infinity, open on one side downwards, which symbolizes the flow of inspiration to the Heart from the dimensions of infinite spiritual space, and this is a true reaching and receiving from the Genesis of Spirit!

In this way, we have what the Semites called the ARK, of course, with the entire Law of God of the Ten Words. It is worth knowing that the biblical version of the Ten Commandments was not originally written in the Ten Words because already such phrases as “Thou shalt not kill” – “Lo Lirtzach” are two words for one commandment, not one Word as it would result from the prophets’ memories of the oldest version of the Decalogue. In Sanskrit, however, the Holy Language of the Aryans, the Decalogue is written precisely in the form of the Ten Words because negation is formed by a prefix and not by words of negation, as in many other languages. The Decalogue has exactly two Tablets, each with the Five Laws of God, and these are called YAMAH and NIYAMAH (literally Prohibitions and Observances, or Control and Deliverance). The two tablets of the Indian Decalogue are the so-called Two Wings of the Bird of the Gospel (Good News), which flies through the middle of Heaven according to the Holy Scriptures. And the first commandment of the First Tablet is AHINSAH, which means “Non-harming, not killing, not tormenting, not raping”, because this term has several connotations, all of which are opposition to killing, tormenting and all kinds of violence! That is why we say, like Mahatma Gandhi, that non-use of rape, violence, oppression or the death penalty is the main Moral Principle for humanity! Of course, the sound “A” as the root, the Bija of the entire Word, is again the key to the whole because it means crucifixion, cleansing of all desires for violence, war, aggression and crime! So let us remember that in the ARK there are Ten Words of God as moral guidelines for the internal development of the entire human being, the Ten Commandments, which are given by Moses, the Old Testament in a slightly different order, but which are still a valid message for humanity, if any Man would like to know the ARKANA (ARCANA) of true Knowledge and Wisdom of Life. The Ten Words of the Word of God, if we follow them and live in accordance with their message, constitute the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Gate of Power because by following them, we perform GOD’S WILL, and only in this way do we become a channel for the flow and operation of the Power of God, as it says us the last, creative syllable “Fam” (PHAM), in the meaning of which there are hidden Spiritual Powers, Miracles (Siddhi), which also express Spiritual Devotion to the Will of God, or, if you prefer, Faith in the One and Only God, and this is what the last of the Ten Words says: Iśvarapranidhana, which were carved with THUNDER on the rocks of the Himalayas by God a very long time ago. The Offering (Dhana) of Life (Prana) to God (Iśvara)!

The Isis Cross can teach us a lot, especially since for the Aryans, i.e. the people of Tibet, Saturday, just like for the Semites, has always been a day of Rest, Bliss and Pleasure (Santosha)! We can always carry this simple symbol with us on our Heart as a Golden or White Sign of the Path of Power that the Goddess shows us, both in the East (India) and in the West (Egypt), where these are probably the two main sources for the spiritual inspiration of all adepts of the Path of Spiritual Development and Growth. Om!


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