Mysteries of the Gospel of Christ (87)

The Holy Bible conveys many interesting things about the Gospel of Christ, if you read it with an open mind supported by historical knowledge and Jewish mythology and mysticism, in the light of which various stories should be understood. So let’s give some Light of Gospel, if only to distinguish the dogmas of dark and sick pseudo-Christian sects from the True Teaching of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Kingdom of God and the Prophet – Founder of Christianity. In fact, it is enough to look at a dozen or so facts that are visible already during the first reading of the Gospel of Apostle Matthew, in order to see clearly and shake off the bondage of dogma and heresy, at least a little.

Miriam (Mary) is the name of the Mother of Jesus (orig. Jehoszua, Joshua), and it is said that as a VIRGIN (i.e. before the wedding) she conceived a son, who was named Yehoszua (Jesus). The Gospel states that she was pregnant with someone before the wedding and even before she began sexual intercourse with Yusuf (Joseph), to whom she was promised in a preliminary contract, because parents in those times, already in childhood, made promises on behalf of their children about future weddings. Angels do not beget children, so getting pregnant by the Holy Spirit is an inspiration to have sex with someone who actually fathered Jesus. Jewish opinion, as we know from history, did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, mainly because of questionable paternity, because according to historians, Jesus’ real father was a soldier of the Roman garrison stationed in ancient Israel. The description of Jesus given by Pilate in the report to Emperor Tiberius confirms the partially non-Jewish origin of Jesus, due to the unusual colour of his hair and beard, described as golden, which often happened among the Romans and was a sign of their divine origin. The fact that Miriam (Mary) conceived as a VIRGIN and the fact that Jesus’ actual father was not a Jew resulted in the rejection of Him as the Messiah, since it was expected that the Messiah should be of both Jewish parents. In short, Jesus is an illegitimate bastard, a pre-marital maiden child, and made by a soldier of the troops occupying Jerusalem and Israel!

Joseph (Jufus) chose not to take Miriam as his wife because of her premarital pregnancy, but he took her as his wife under the command of the Angel of the Lord (YAHVEL, JOEL), who in a mystical dream ordered him to marry a woman with a child and care for her offspring. Yusuf, however, refuses to have sex with Miriam until the birth of Jesus and adopts “his” offspring, i.e. his wife’s bastard, as it is now called in “Christian” in some so-called “churches”. Women in those times aborted their pre-marital offspring for fear of rejection from a woman with a maiden child, so it is obvious that the intervention of the Angel Gabriel, who ordered the accidental pregnancy to be sacralised, is justified and only thanks to this inspiration Jesus survived the pregnancy and was born! In the common language of the Jews, until the 9th century AD. a child with undetermined paternity was said to be a “child of the Holy Spirit”, which means that the woman does not know who the father is or for some reason does not want to reveal who the actual father is. However, some affair with a Roman soldier must have been known, because the Jewish religion denies Jesus the right to be the Messiah, because Joseph’s fatherhood is adoptive and he is only a Stepfather to Jesus, an unwanted child. We see all this in the very authentic Gospel of the Apostle Matthew, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus, who was undoubtedly well acquainted with the story of the birth of the “Golden-haired” Messiah, which, surprisingly, he does not sacralise at all. He honestly says that Miriam conceived as a virgin and Jesus is an illegitimate, out-of-wedlock child who is adopted by Joseph from the house of David.

The symbolic number of generations of Jesus’ pedigree is interesting, as it is 3×14 generations, i.e. 42 generations, from Abraham to David – 14 generations, from David to the Babylonian captivity – 14 generations and from the captivity to Jesus – another 14 generations, and these dates indicate very important periods of the Jewish nation. The number 42 is used in the Book of Revelation as a symbol of Satan’s power and the oppression of God’s People by the black empire of so-called “Babylon the Great” in the West! 42 days is 6 weeks, which is also the duration of Christ’s fast without eating or drinking to achieve the Power to defeat Satan and all temptations and deceptions!

The Gospel mentions Jesus’ brothers and there is some confusion around this word meaning half-siblings to cover up this fact. Four half-brothers of Jesus Christ and sisters are mentioned, which means that Yusuf and Miriam fathered quite a large family after this initial “accident” with Jesus! Exactly as the Gospel of Matthew shows, after Miriam’s wedding to Yusuf, before starting sexual intercourse, the husband said that his wife was “suspicious” because she was pregnant and wanted to put her away! In his hometown, in Bethlehem of Judea, Jesus was not respected or reputable, mainly because of his illegitimate origin, because bastards were, as we know from history, commonly killed and burned there, even after birth!

The name of Jesus mentioned in the Gospel is also very interesting in its meaning, and it is Immanuel (Emanuel, Imannel). The first part of the word is very interesting, because IMAN, or IMMAN if you prefer, means Priest, Clergyman, and this title has been worn by every Muslim priest in the mosque for the last 1,400 years! Immanuel is a Priest of God, in the order of Melchizedek, and this priesthood was consecrated only by the Order of the Nazirites, who, among other things, wore long hair, did not bury dead bodies, or consumed any alcohol. Immanuel means Priest of God and this is the actual activity of Jesus under this Spiritual Name of His that we should often think of – Yehoshua Immanuel. In the Prayer of the Word, everyone can, of course, whisper and call on the spiritual name Iman of God, remembering that the Hebrew accent falls on the last syllable, i.e. on EL = Divine, Divine! This name indicates a person who serves as the High Priest of God in the Community.

The Gospel mentions the Wise Men-Kings who followed the Star from the East, so they come to Israel from Persia and India and Tibet, because this is the East when viewed from Bethlehem of Judea! It was customary for the rulers to offer one gift each, hence we know that there were three of them, because there were three Gifts offered and they were very expensive and costly gifts, that is GOLD, INCENSE and MYRRH (OIL)! It was customary for the Wise King (Mohed) to place a gift in a large chest or several chests, so the baby Jesus and his family must have been very RICH from the moment they placed these gifts. Just bringing a chest of GOLD requires a caravan and staff, and yet the Wise Kings, who were also received by King Herod, certainly did not travel alone. History gives the names and titles of these Wise Kings, which also show exactly where they had their Kingdoms! Casper is the spiritual ruler of Persia, Melchior is the spiritual ruler of the mysterious “Kingdom of Light”, the legendary land of Śang-Sung in Western Tibet and Kashmir, and the most interesting name for Europeans is Balthazar, because he is the Tsar of the Balts, the ruler of the former Baltic state! Of course, one can delve deeper into these names-titles to understand the rank of these royal persons who made gifts and the conciseness of the record of their undoubtedly visible visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the mighty procession of the three King Sovereigns! Since Herod had children under 2 years of age killed, we can conclude that the Tribute of the Wise Kings who came from the East took place between the birth and the second year of life of Immanuel Jesus Christ! Herod symbolizes the first serious attack of Satan, the Killer of body and soul, on the Divine Child who was born as the Savior, and this story is very similar to the attack of the Evil King KANSA on the child of Lord Krishna, who was to be cruelly killed in the same way. Saviours, Prophets, come into the world in similar circumstances. Holy history repeats itself! The massacre of children committed by Herod is a historically recorded fact, but since it took place around 5-6 B.C., it must be accepted that Jesus was actually born a little earlier than the calendar that was later established! The Angel of the Lord, Jahuel, ordered Yusuf to flee to Egypt in a dream, and thus the life of little Immanuel was saved from destruction!

After Herod’s death, the family of Miriam and Yusuf returns back to Israel, again at the call of God in Yusuf’s mystical dream, but does not return to Bethlehem, to his hometown, because the family life with the stigma of having an illegitimate child was met there with social ostracism and rejection. The family lives in the Nazirean Community (Nasireos, Nasareos), from which the settlement and town of Nazareth was founded only 700 years later, which literally means “Abode of the Nasireans” of people consecrating themselves to God! The fact that this town was founded only in the second half of the first millennium can of course be checked at the Nazareth city hall! The entire teaching of Jesus Christ is, in fact, the Teaching of the Brotherhood of Nasireos, the Community of Nazirites, from where we even have Jesus’ long hair, although traditional Jews normally cut their hair very short and had a well-developed art of hairdressing. The Nazireat Vows are also known as the Monastic Vows of the Essenes, because they are Spiritual Communities, the so-called Prophetic and Elijah Brotherhoods of the same type, and their great flowering began already in the 2nd century BC. in connection with the approaching time of the arrival of the Messiah-Saviour announced by the Prophets. The Brotherhood of Nazireans also forbade burying corpses and dealing with the deceased, the corpse, because the Nazarethians believed in the Life of the Soul, which leaves the body after death and considered burials and the cult of corpses to be blasphemy against God, which can also be seen in the Gospel!

John the Baptist – the Prophet recognized Jesus when he was about 30 years old and initiated Him and consecrated Him through BAPTISM – IMMERSION in the waters of the Holy Jordan River, the waters of which were considered healing and cleansing waters of Life! The Prophet John was the Spiritual Leader of all Mystical Brotherhoods of a Nasirean character, because the Nazirite Vows, according to the Old Testament, were taken by anyone who wanted to practice at least some contemplative and hermit life, but most of them lived in these Prophetic Brotherhoods together with their families. At the age of 30, one was officially admitted to the Communities of Nazareth or Essene, and previously a person could only be a student-candidate, and not a full member of the Spiritual Congregation! Let us note that the word BAPTISM itself literally means full IMMERSION in the running water of the Jordan River and is not any sprinkling as practiced by harmful sects that have fallen away from the Faith and Christ! BAPTISM is preceded by the conversion of an adult and takes place around the age of 30, so it is not possible to baptize any infant as practiced by Satanists who distort the Teaching of the Gospel of Christ! The first Christians, following John’s example, cultivated BAPTISM by immersing a person dressed in clean, white clothes three times in succession in the waters of the Jordan River! The Pure Teaching of John’s BAPTISM was preserved in the Writings of the Old Order of the Hospitallers, the Disciples of the Prophet John the Baptist, so we know very precisely what the BAPTISM of METANOIA – COMPEMITION that Iman Jesus underwent looked like!

Let’s see what important teachings were preached by the Prophet of God, John the Baptist, which are mentioned by the Evangelist, Ap. Matthew, and which Jesus Christ continues to repeat and preach! “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven has come near” – says John, and later Jesus, calling people to METANOIA – Repentance, Conversion, Transformation of Heart and becoming a spiritual man! This Teaching of the Prophet John and the Adult Baptism Ritual becomes the pillar of the doctrine taught by Jesus! “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the Fire” – this is another Teaching that Jesus preaches and develops, and which is taken from the Order, the Brotherhood of the Nazirites! This is the teaching about the Fire of Perdition, in which the soul perishes, which, while living on Earth as a human, caused a lot of evil and wickedness, being a Tree that did not bear the Fruits of Good, because a Good Tree must bear Good Fruits, not Evil, which will burn in the Eternal Fire!

While teaching, the Prophet John the Baptist also announced Jesus Christ, but as the Spiritual Leader of the Nazarene Communities, he of course spoke about Jesus as his spiritual Successor! “I baptize you with Water for conversion (repentance, metanoia), but the ONE who will come after me is stronger – He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and Fire.” This is the Teaching of John the Baptist, the Master and Prophet of the Mystery Brotherhood of Nazireate, and it follows from them that not only is Jesus the formally ordained spiritual successor of John, but also that in fact there are three types of BAPTISM (Immersion): in Water, in the Holy Spirit (or rather in the Holy Soul, because Ruach Kaddosh is feminine and means Sanctified, Spiritual Personality), as well as BAPTISM in FIRE, and this is a secret BAPTISM that pseudo-Christian sects have generally completely forgotten about!

When Jesus Christ approaches to John’s BAPTISM in the waters of the Jordan River, the Holy Spirit (Holy Soul) in the form of a DOVE descends in Light on Jesus and rests on his head. In Hebrew, the Dove is ASHERA, and the cult of ASHERA is not welcomed by the spirituality of the Old Testament. The Spiritual Phenomenon is truly subversive and shocking, as if an angel appeared to a contemporary Christian mystic in the form of a goat with horns and hooves. The cult of Ashera was forbidden and condemned, and during HOLY BAPTISM the Holy Soul descends as ASHERA – THE PURE VIRGIN DOVE, as the first Christians later sing, cursed and condemned by Jews also because Jesus was marked with the sign of ASHERA publicly and many synagogue clergy and about it deigned to remember, precisely to Jesus’ detriment. The writings of the Hospitallers also indicate that John himself and some of his Disciples were not entirely sure whether the calling of Jesus through the Dove – Asherah was not some satanic fiction! The followers of the Cult of Ashera – the Holy Dove of the Virgin, operating here and there, were delighted with this spiritual phenomenon confirming for them the validity of their cult and the awkwardness of its condemnation in the Old Testament, because they considered ASHERA to be SAKINA, LIGHT, YAHWAH (Yahweh, Jehovah, Jeova). Additionally, the Voice of Heaven said that Jesus Christ is the Beloved Son, but this would prove that He is the Son of Asherah (the Dove) who is the Holy Spirit here, Ruah Kaddosh! We can accept this as the spiritual origin of Jesus from his Heavenly Spiritual Parents, recognizing, as it is done, that the Voice is the Voice of the Lord God (Yahweh, Elohim), and the visible body is the image of Mother Ashera, the Goddess – the Dove, who breathed into him and at the BAPTISM of John rested on him, giving a visible Sign of her presence and inspiration. Many of the early Christians made such considerations in the context of Jesus’ BAPTISM, so we must take it quite seriously!

After his BAPTISM, Jesus goes to the desert, where he fasts for 40 days and nights without eating or drinking, and finally, like Gautama Buddha once during his asceticism, he is tempted and deceived by devilish visions! Today there are few so-called Christians who would practice fasting after BAPTISM following the example of their former Master, Jesus Immanuel Christ! During the temptations, Jesus in particular refuses to worship and pay homage to the Satanic being who appears, declaring that PROSTRATIONS are offered only to God and that service is rendered only to God. “You shall worship the Lord God (Yahwah, Elohim) and Him alone shall you serve.” This is Jesus’ Teaching on Bowing to God, how to recognize true Christians, because false impostors impersonating Christianity do not know that Jesus in the Gospel orders to BOW TO God and they probably do not know what Isaiah prophesied about, that Christians, the disciples of the Messiah, will bow down to God every NEW MOON and every SATURDAY! And, those who do not know how a Christian pays obeisance to God, should see how Muslims do it in their Abrahamic Prayer and this way they can easily remember one of the basic things that is also used for spiritual struggle against the devil’s deceptions. The force of evil appears to Jesus as a specific form, a spiritual being, so it is not just some energy or force, but a person, a personal being. The Devil (Satan) is a real and deceptive personal entity and anyone who says otherwise blasphemes Christ and sinisterly denies his Teaching! And fasting 40 days and nights, without eating or drinking, is a model of perfection worth imitating and practiced throughout Christianity in the first centuries!

See how, immediately after the imprisonment of John the Baptist by Herodias and her political party, Jesus begins to preach the teachings of John the Baptist in Capernaum and throughout Galilee. He teaches the same doctrine of repentance and water baptism that John the Baptist taught, showing that he is his spiritual and faithful Disciple! Jesus begins to teach first in Galilee as a NAZIRE RABBI and publicly in the Jewish synagogues, and on this occasion he also publicly HEALS people from diseases and infirmities on a large scale. He combines the Power of Teaching with the Power of Healing, which begins to attract crowds of people to his charismatic “goldilocks” personality. Jesus as a Healer quickly becomes famous in Galilee and throughout Syria, crowds of people eager to listen to Him and be healed by the Power of the Spirit come to Him! He heals the possessed by performing exorcisms to drive out evil spirits, he heals sleepwalkers and the paralyzed, especially at the beginning of the Preaching Mission he undertook after the imprisonment of his Hierophant, John the Baptist, who consecrated Him in the Nazirean Order! Jesus begins his Teaching Mission with the Gift of Healing, which spectacularly shows how great, wonderful and gracious the Power of God is! Today, Faith Healing is manifested only by a few, charismatic Christian Communities focused on Jesus!

Jesus gathers, draws to Himself a large crowd of interested people, gathers them around Him on the Holy Mountain, and begins large public teachings outside the synagogues. What it conveys is the essence of the Torah and the Prophets of the Old Testament and this is the basis of the Nazirean (Essene) Teachings. We know this MESSAGE as the Sermon on the Mount recorded in the Gospel of Matthew! Although undoubtedly the entire message was longer, and Ap. Matthew summarized many of these teachings, because speaking to people all day long we would have a text longer than the entire Gospel, but everyone should thoroughly assimilate these Teachings, because it is the basic basket for the public teaching of John’s Prophetic Brotherhood, which is the Nazareos! The “Our Father” prayer, as contained in the Gospel of Matthew, was the basic prayer of the Nazirites, because it was they who spoke about the Lord God as Father, ABBA! It is worth noting the ending of the Lord’s Prayer: “For Yours is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory”, which has disappeared somewhere among the pseudo-Christian sects. The Sermon on the Mount shows that this is the basic Prayer that Jesus Christ recommended to everyone interested in joining the Community (Congregation). Undoubtedly, spending 7 days in seclusion for prayer and fasting, as the first Christians did, and reciting this prayer for whole days will be a very beneficial spiritual practice for every true Christian, who will also spend every NEW MOON and every SATURDAY in this prayer and prostrations! So read the Sermon on the Mount from the Gospel of Matthew and become a living embodiment of the Word that Christ preached for you! When reading the Teaching of the Sermon on the Mount, remember that it is also the Teaching of the Prophet John the Baptist, and yet John’s Disciples wanted to find out whether Jesus is really His Spiritual Successor!

The Twelve Apostles (Aćaryas) are 12 adepts, Disciples who possessed the Power of exorcism and healing, so you cannot be an Apostle of Christ without knowing about the art of spiritual healing and exorcism! Satanic, pseudo-Christian sects destroying and condemning spiritual healers and mocking exorcists are blaspheming God and Christ and insulting the Light and Truth of the Gospel! The first called Apostle was Cephas Simon Peter, followed by his brother Andrew! Zebedee’s son James and his brother John were next called to be Apostles. Cephas (Peter) later becomes the spiritual Successor of Jesus, and Jacob will be the Patriarch (Angel) of the Church in Jerusalem from which emerges the so-called Coptic Church. John, called the Beloved, develops deep Christian Mysticism. All three of them accompany Jesus during his conversation with Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration! Philip and Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew, called the tax collector, the author of the first Gospel that we examine and study here, and then James son of Alphaeus and Thaddeus (Jude), Simon of Cana, and lastly, Judas Iscariot, later a traitor! Two spiritual letters left as inheritance from Ap. Peter (Cephas)​​, as well as after Ap. James, we have a very deep spiritual letter. Ap. John left the Mystical Gospel, three letters and the Book of Revelation, so relatively a lot of Teachings and after Ap. Jude (Thaddeus) one short letter left, and of course the Gospel of Matthew is the basis of the Canon of Teachings. The texts of other Apostles are also mentioned as apocryphal writings, deeply mysterious and mystical! The Apostles Thomas and Philip reached India, where they founded the Community, among others on the Malabar Coast and near Kolkata!

What is characteristic is the testimony of Jesus about John the Baptist, which he clearly gives according to the account of Ap. Matthew. Jesus claims that John the Baptist is Elijah in a real way, and hence the belief of the first Christians, as well as the Nazireus Brotherhood, that a man, at God’s command, can be born again on Earth, just as Elijah is born in the form of John the Baptist! “He is Elijah who was to come.” Jesus says it so clearly, “He is Elijah” when he talks about who was John the Baptist, the Prophet of Israel, whom Herodias brutally beheaded! Can we question the words of Christ? If he says about John the Baptist that he is Elijah, it means that he is and everyone who believes in Jesus will share this faith of Christians, and there is a belief in reincarnation, very disliked by the Jews, but quietly professed by the Nazirite Order! The rebirth of Elijah as John the Baptist did not have to be something unusual for Jesus, who believed in the life of the soul, but rejected the cult of burying the dead and forbade touching corpses, unless it was to bring the corpse back to life!

The Gospel of Matthew also mentions Jesus mentioning specific demons by name, beings of Evil, such as Satan (Satan) and Beelzebub (Lord of the Flies), who is even called the Prince of Demons. Demons are spoken of as evil spirits, and angels are spoken of as good spirits and messengers of God. Today, whoever rejects the knowledge of the existence of Satan, the killer of the soul, and the existence of Beelzebub, the ruler of demons, is probably not fit to be an exorcist, because without any knowledge of demonology, such devilish devils will probably eat him alive, deceive him and tempt him. Jewish mysticism teaches a lot about hells and evil beings such as Beelzebub and Satan, and historically this knowledge comes from Abraham, who taught it to his Prophetic Disciples. Jesus confirms these invisible beings as evil and fallen and speaks of them not as indefinite forces but as specific beings, persons who are the embodiment of Evil. He also warns exorcists that when an evil spirit is driven out, it likes to come back together with seven other evil spirits and the human condition is 7 times worse than it was at the beginning! Therefore, you need to take great care of the patient so that evil creatures cannot come back to you after being thrown out. It is also a symbol of the sevenfold PUNISHMENT (REPAYMENT, Plague) which John the Apostle later writes about in Revelation!

Jesus’ attitude towards his mother and brothers, i.e. his siblings, is also characteristic and worthy of attention! There is no honour, worship or even respect for the mother, even though an angel supposedly told her to stay pregnant before having an abortion! Jesus clearly distances himself from his mother, Miriam (Mary) and his younger siblings, suggesting that they did not live Godly, because at the moment when his mother and brothers wanted to meet him, he clearly says that his mother and brothers are those who fulfil the Will of the Heavenly Father and showed it to the entire Community of His Disciples. He calls the disciples mothers, brothers and sisters, and distances himself from his shameful blood ties, i.e. from his mother, as if he forgot that he also preached the commandment “honour your father and your mother!” For the Nazirites, was Yahweh the Father and Asherah, the Holy Spirit, their Mother? Sadly, this is the case, which is why we know that false “Christianity” honours Jesus, Mary, even though Jesus denied her even traditional Jewish respect, let alone any divine honour or adoration! Against the Will of Jesus and God, as is clearly seen from the Gospel, an uncommitted and demonic Marian cult is practiced! Whoever does God’s Will is a Mother, Brother and Sister for Jesus, not a slutty woman who gave birth to him as her illegitimate bastard, which should be obvious! Jesus’ siblings are mentioned by name and his half-brothers are James, Joseph, Simon and Judah, sons of Yusuf (Joseph), who adopted our Messiah as his son by taking his unruly, slutty mother as his wife, which without the intervention of God’s angel on Yusuf, she would not normally have had no chance in Israel! Jesus’ sisters are mentioned, but the Evangelist does not mention them by name, and in his hometown they call Jesus the son of a carpenter (or more precisely, a blacksmith), suggesting he has a common and poor origin and undermining his spiritual authority.

The fact of having numerous half-siblings is obvious in the light of historical knowledge, and it is known that the Jewish head of the family wants to have as many children as possible, and 7-11 offspring was the family norm in those times. However, Jesus Christ distances himself from this family so decisively that he does not even want to talk to his mother and brothers for a moment! So what happened that even though they live in the Nazirean Community, and Jesus becomes their Master and Guide, as it is written, yet he rejects his own mother and brothers? After the death of John the Baptist, the Prophet, his many disciples and admirers come to learn further from Jesus Christ, as his spiritual successor. On the occasion of their crowded arrival, Jesus performs a Sign, multiplies bread and fish (as stated in the contemporary text), feeding a crowd of several thousand people with five loaves of bread! He then manifests many miraculous signs so that the disciples and followers of the Prophet John will know that he is the actual Successor, announced as greater in power by the previous Master! So Jesus even publicly demonstrates the art of walking on water to win over John’s followers! Unfortunately, as we know from the writings of the Hospitallers, some did not want to recognize the succession of Jesus Immanuel and continued to stick with John, choosing a successor other than Jesus indicated by the murdered John the Baptist. Unfortunately, Jesus’ family, including his mother, joined this illegal, apostate party and, together with the Herodias, opposed the leadership of Jesus Christ over the Nazirite Orders, which were becoming an influential group of people among all Jews!

Jesus teaches that there are seven things that defile man and his Heart and these are actually major sins and we have here: BAD THOUGHTS, murders, adultery, fornication, thefts, false testimonies, blasphemies! Jesus says that all these sins defile man, making him unclean, and the root of sin are BAD THOUGHTS flowing from the Heart and Mind of man. Like Buddha Gautama and other Sages of India, he believes that the root of sin are bad, inappropriate thoughts, and from them the rest are born, i.e. 6 external sins such as killing, theft, blasphemy! This is reminiscent of the Hindu Teaching on the 6 sins and the Evil Thought as the root of sin and the essence of evil in a defiled, erring man!

Jesus called the Pharisaic clergy in their black clothes Blind men, blind guides of the blind (sheep), who together will fall into the dark pit (Sheol)! The blindness of the clergy is related here to the teaching of a single EYE, which should be in the Light, and if it is not, the whole person is sick. The blind clergy of the synagogue (fara) is a real disease, also of today’s so-called “Christianity” of fraudsters and false prophets! And the EYE is to be in the Light as Jesus Christ commanded in the Sermon on the Mount, which everyone should know! The Apostle Peter confessed that for him Jesus Immanuel is the Messiah – the Son of the Living God, and such a teaching about the Messiah – the Son of God was the doctrine of the Prophetic Brotherhood of all Nasireos in Israel before his destruction in 67 AD. According to the Teaching of the Gospel, the Messiah, in the Name of God, deals with repaying people according to their deeds, i.e. he governs the Law of God, which says: “Eye for eye and tooth for tooth and blood for blood”, and also directs the angels of the Plagues of God’s Punishment, described by Ap. John in the Apocalypse! This is similar to the Teaching of India, where the Son of God, Kartikeya, deals with returning Karman – the Consequences of Actions and Divine Punishments for the damned! In many moments, the Gospel has purely Eastern religious teachings, after the Kings – Wise Men!

During the Transfiguration (Transubstantiation) on the High Mountain, Jesus talks to Moses and Elijah and luminous, miraculous phenomena take place there. Ap. Peter, James and John the brother of James were present as Witnesses of Spiritual Initiation on the Mount of Transfiguration. This was after the death of John the Baptist (Elijah) and Jesus speaks to them as Light Souls, actually living in the presence of three witnesses and his main Disciples! According to many early Christian mystics, the Transfiguration, the Luminous Transfiguration on the High Mountain is the BAPTISM OF FIRE that follows the BAPTISM OF THE SPIRIT. In the light of the fact of the Initiation of the White Robe on the Mount, it is difficult to deny the validity of such a spiritual interpretation, especially since, according to more Apocrypha from the Disciples of Jesus, this very secret Mystery of the Gospel reached such a point. And by studying the Teachings of Peter, James and John of the Apostles and remembering that they also saw Moses and Elijah together with Jesus, we may learn something of the secret of the Mystery of the Transfiguration! The experience of the Transfiguration of Jesus gives more Light to the Teachings of John from his first letter and then from the Book of Revelation! All six, the three higher beings, i.e. Moses, Elijah and Jesus, and the three lower beings Peter, James and John, are the symbol of the six-rayed Star of David on the Mount of Sanctification, where the first Disciples often went out to Pray!

The result of the Transfiguration are very strong and hard Teachings of Jesus, which he addressed, for example, to a certain rich young man! The commandments that Jesus Christ ordered us to follow very strongly apply to everyday life, attitude and behaviour: “Do not kill, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not bear false witness, honour your father and mother, love your neighbour as yourself, sell what you have and give to the poor, come and follow me.” For many, the entire Eight Commandments are a very strong and hard, more monastic teaching, undoubtedly dictated by the influence of the conversation with Moses and Elijah on the Mount! According to Jesus, they are RESURRECTED to Eternal Life, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage, because as angels of God in heaven they live in the Community. Jesus also forbade calling anyone on earth his Father, because there is One Father for humanity, this ABBA in Heaven! This is another proof of Master Jesus cutting himself off from family blood ties, just as he had previously cut himself off from his mother (AMMA) and his stepbrothers! On the one hand, the teachings of the Nazirites and Essenes gave instructions for freeing oneself from blood ties, and on the other, we know that this usually happens when a family sinisterly opposes the Divine Call proclaimed by its own child, because parents, especially Jewish ones, never want to see in their own children neither an angel nor the Divine Calling of the Messiah! They would have to pay homage and listen to their own child in obedience and humility!

It is obvious that the family, so called “holy” by stupid sects, opposed the Spiritual Authority of the Son of God, to whom in this situation only the Father of Heaven remained as the Father, because he did not know the actual Father anyway because of his sinful mother, Miriam (Mary). The word Abba, Father, is reserved by Jesus exclusively for God and Jesus Christ himself forbids calling anyone on Earth this way: “Call no one on Earth Father” – he says, so those who, contrary to Jesus’ prohibition, call themselves Fathers, or even Holy Fathers, they blaspheme God and trample on the Teaching of the Gospel of Christ, and it is by this blasphemous name that we recognize the dark pseudo-Christianity dominated by Satan. The lesson is that if God becomes a Father to you, never call anyone on Earth your Father! This is what Rabbi Jesus Christ, Teacher, Master and Guide of the Nazirite Order, teaches!

The figure of the traitor who betrayed Jesus to a black synagogue controlled by Satan and betrayed him with a “friendly” kiss is also intriguing. Judas Iscariot was called as the last of the 12 Apostles and was the Treasurer of the Community, so greed for money tempted him as the weakest of the Apostles and he bought 30 pieces of silver, for which he handed over his Spiritual Guide to torture and death! Judas left Jesus for the Pharisees and fallen “disciples” of John the Baptist, who, according to history, worked together to kill Jesus Christ! Jesus himself says this about his traitor and wrongdoer Judas: “Woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for him if this man (Judas) had not been born!” We know what the Woe from the Book of Revelation is, so we know how terrible is the fate of Judas’ soul, which went to eternal destruction in Abyss! Formally, Judas gave back the silver pieces and punished himself by hanging for betraying and selling the Spiritual Master, but this will not atone for his guilt, because for such sins there is no redemption or forgiveness, only the Doom! When talking about Judas, Jesus no longer calls him an Apostle, but “this man”, and he also announces woe to all Pharisees!

When Jesus was captured, all the Disciples scattered and fled, not knowing what to do, it is true, but within three days they gathered themselves together and zealously continued together in the Community and Covenant. The Pharisees did not achieve their intended goal, i.e. the dissolution of the Community of Jesus. The Angel of the Lord (Jahuel) opened up the tomb of Jesus and together with Gabriel, the two angels stood there until Miriam Magdalene (Mary Magdalene) and others came. Jesus was arrested on Thursday night, crucified on a Roman cross on Friday, and on Sunday before dawn, when it was still dark, Jesus was no longer in the tomb, because he had risen from the lethargy of death and gone out. Mary Magdalene, in front of the Grotto, bows down to Jesus Christ’s feet, because the Gospel reports that she embraced His feet! Mary Magdalene calls Jesus the word RABBUNI, which means Lord, Master, Teacher, Guide and Priest, and it is the same term as in India GURU – Master, Teacher, Guide and Brahmin (Priest). Mary Magdalene is the first person to meet and recognize Jesus after the Resurrection from the grave in the Stone Grotto! Jesus Christ also uses Miriam Magdala as an intermediary to convey information to the rest of His Disciples, and we know that Jesus Christ’s relationship with Mary Magdalene was very intimate and close! Basically, among the Jews, only WIVES came to their deceased husbands for the night vigil before dawn, hence the trend that sanctifies Mary Magdalene is certainly more correct than the one that fell into the cult of the rejected mother due to the defection of Jesus’ family to the left current of the Order of St. John! The way of worship through PROSTRATION and embracing the feet with hands is a typical Eastern way of paying respect to various Saints and Gurus in the East, and yet such a tribute was previously paid by the three Kings – the Wise Men!

According to the authentic Gospel, at the death and later, near the grave of Jesus, there were several women from the Community of Jesus, but Jesus’ mother was certainly not there, as it should be known that she made sure that the Council of the High Priests of the Synagogue of Satan killed her illegitimate son Jesus, because his entire family joined in to the apostate trend of the Hospitallers, who did not recognize the Succession of Jesus as the Successor of the Prophet John the Baptist and the Messiah in the Spirit of Elijah! According to Jewish histories, she was his great Adversary who, together with her family, contributed to His death and suffering, so the cult of Jesus’ mother is the cult of Satan, the opponent of Christ, to whom the harlot mother joined so sinisterly! An ardent and courageous admirer and worshiper of Jesus Christ, Miriam Magdalena, could be the intercessor and mediator, and in many authentic, small, truly Christian communities this is remembered! Joanna, Salome or Miriam (Jacob’s mother) would rather fit into such a role than the mother, a sinister opponent who never joined the Community of Jesus, because how could a mother or stepfather obey their son, like the disciples and how could the brothers obey him, when he takes away their firstborn’s role and defiles the whole family as a bastard! No one respected Jesus in his hometown and his family undoubtedly earned it!

We have many Teachings of Jesus Christ and we see his Way when, as a child, he debates in the Temple about the affairs of God with the Priests, to the scandal of his parents, especially his mother, then in BAPTISM OF WATER in John’s Initiation the Holy Soul, the Dove – Ashera, descends and he begins the Teaching Mission on the occasion the imprisonment of the Prophet John, his actual Spiritual Mentor and Forerunner in the Succession of the Prophetic Brotherhood of Israel! The death of John the Prophet forced Jesus to work even more zealously and manifest miracles, walking on water, multiplying bread especially for John’s disciples who came to him, healing, exorcism and resurrection, and this direction is also confirmed by the texts of other Gospels, especially the Gospel of Mark! Matthew and John were Apostles and witnesses of many events, while Mark and Luke are second-hand testimonies from the apostolic Disciples, so it is good if they confirm or add to the Teaching of the Ap. Matthew! The last flowering of the Teachings of Jesus took place after his Transfiguration on the Mount, which is the true Mystery of the Path and Faith of this Doctor of Souls! And the Teaching after Transfiguration is very strong, stronger than the previous one! Moses and Elijah, as PROMOTERS of Jesus Christ, give a lot to think about, especially for those ignorant sectarians who condemn the Law of Moses and the Old Testament in a clumsy manner, because Jesus himself also says about himself that he Fulfils the Law and that not a single dot or a single line will change in LAW (TORAH)! John the Baptist as the Prophet Elijah in his reincarnation and Moses on the High Mountain of Transfiguration point to the actual Spiritual Source of the pure and untainted Teachings of Jesus Christ, which in many points are surprisingly similar to the original Teachings of Lord Krishna and Gautama Buddha!

Morally, the story of the birth of Jesus shows that an illegitimate, unmarried child can be an outstanding spiritual figure, adopted by God three times, and this indicates the trinity of the deep Christian Mysteries! Mary Magdalene is also the courtesan and harlot who was pardoned by Jesus Christ and who anointed and washed his feet, and for Jews this is an intimate act, normally reserved only for a wife who washes and anoints her husband’s feet! The relationship of Jesus Christ with the former prostitute Miriam Magdala certainly annoyed his mother, father, siblings and the so-called “religious right” of the Pharisees and Herodias, who suffered from the madness of forcing others to live and act according to the sick and insane norms and customs they had introduced.

The Pharisees and Sadducees profaned and perverted the Teaching of Moses and the Prophets, and Jesus Christ came to restore it as King from the East. What Jesus says about the Pharisees can be read equally well about today’s parsons of various degenerate sects and pseudo-Christian cults, especially those who claim madly that the Son of God is God himself, although He Himself said that He sits only at the right hand of the Heavenly Father, Jahvah, or those who worship Mary, the mother and hostile harlot and adversary of Jesus! Jesus Christ, after declaring his Woes against Pharisaism, a theology that is mad, has just been killed. So let’s see what the synagogue clergy cannot stand!

Woe to you, scribes (theologians) and Pharisees (parsons), hypocrites,
– for you shut the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces, for you neither enter yourselves
nor allow those who wouldenter to go in.
– that you devour widows’ houses under the cover of your long prayers,
and for this you will receive a more severe sentence!
– for you travel across sea and land to make a single proselyte,
and when he becomes a proselyte, you make him twice as much a Son of Hell as yourselves.
– that you are blind guides who make you swear on gold in the Temple
and the offering upon the altar, instead of upon the altar, and the Temple, and him that dwelleth therein.
– that you tithe mint, dill and cumin, and have neglected this,
most importantly in the Order (TORAH): Justice, Mercy, Fidelity,
– that you cleanse the outside of the cup and the bowl, but inside
they are full of greed and lust!
– that you are like whitewashed tombs that look beautiful on the outside,
but inside they are full of dead bones and all manner of impurities!
– that you build tombs for the PROPHETS and decorate the tombstones of the Righteous!”

This is the Circle of Hell, the Circle of Hell Fire for the unlawful and criminal, political, Pharisaic, parsonic, theological type clergy. You can see what dogmatic theologies and their Pharisaic devil sects are worth. Hypocrisy (HUBRIS) and lawlessness are most condemned by Jesus Christ, and he says about the parsons that they are the sons of those who murdered PROPHETS! And finally, WOE in the Number of Eight says Jesus: “Serpents! Viper tribe! How will you be able to enter before the JUDGMENT OF HELL FIRE?!” Jesus announces PUNISHMENT on the theologians (scribes) and Pharisees, and the punishment fell and swallowed Jerusalem and the Pharisees and the theologians in 67 AD, and this was the end of the Jewish world announced by Jesus!

JUSTICE, MERCY and FAITHFULNESS are the essence of the Order of Moses and the Prophets, which is publicly recalled by Jesus as part of the Woe to the Pharisees and theologians (scribes). It is a wonderful reminder of the Essence of the Torah (Dharma, Law) for all people who follow the spiritual Way of Saints and Prophets that Jesus synthesized with his life. Just, Merciful and Faithful follower of Jesus Christ – This is the image of the Disciple of the Way! Some parsons, however, prefer to be “righteous” but in the laws that they canonically establish for themselves, because they do not know God’s Law and do not want to know it, and they are also faithful, but they are opponents of Jesus Christ instead of being faithful to GOD. And the merciful too, but only where they have some personal interest. Here are the devils and fallen “pseudo-Christian” sects and their black attitude over which Jesus Christ greatly woes and Miriam Magdalene certainly too! So let us repeat Christ’s assurance to today’s theologians and their parsons: ”Serpents! Viper tribe! How will you be able to escape the Hellfire Judgment!”

The signs of the approaching end of the world, the end of the system of things that Jesus Christ spoke about, on the one hand, concern the end of the Jewish State in 67 AD. and he himself also said that all this would happen before his generation, which was the generation of thirty-year-olds, passed away! They also have a universal dimension and announce the approaching end of a civilization based on a degenerate and fallen religion. This is an old Eastern Science, very popular not only among the Nazirites (Elionites, Essenes) but even among the followers of Lord Krishna in India, the former Prophet – Saviour. The total conflagration of war and cataclysms is a signal of the end of an era, the end of a certain cycle of the world’s existence and the arrival of the Messenger of God, the Saviour, who is building a new, better world in place of what was in ruins. Jesus clearly spoke about the end of Israel and its false, degenerate religion, and he summarized the signs of the end as follows: “This generation will not pass away until all these things happen,” and in 67 AD Jerusalem and its Pharisaism were completely consumed by the Fiery Hell, war and cataclysms. Today, we, as People of Truth, are waiting for the annihilation of the evil World of pseudo-Christianity and for the return of the Saviour who will renew the face of the Earth and build the Kingdom of God, which Satan will not be able to overcome!

We have the same history of horror and conflagration, oppression and war and cataclysm along with the Last Judgment in the history of the clash between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, where the Kauravas were destroyed in the bodily battle and as souls in the Fire of Hell! History repeats itself over and over again, and we know that from time to time God sits on the Judgment Seat to judge the world! So when iniquity increases, we pray for another Final Judgment for these evil souls, who are then destroyed and thrown away into the Fire!

Jesus Immanuel Himself commands to make all nations Disciples of the Way of God, starting with Baptism, i.e. IMMERSION in the waters of the river, and to Teach everything that He Himself commanded and not to omit anything, including the example He Himself set, and yet He suggested that the Disciple must to be like the Master, of course in HEALING, EXORCISING, RAISING THE DEAD, FASTING AND PRAYERS and in TRANSFORMING on the High Mountain in the company of Moses and Elijah! The signs accompanying those who have FAITH in the GOSPEL OF CHRIST are simple and eloquent and there are generally five of them, like Indian Panćasiddhis. “These signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons, they will speak in new tongues, they will pick up snakes in their hands, and even if they drink any poisonous thing, it will not harm them. They will place hands on the sick and they will recover!”If someone does not have at least one of these Five Fruits of Christ’s Faith, he is certainly not a Good Tree of Christianity and if he lies that he believes, he will be cut down and thrown into the Fire to be burned! Healing by placing hands is a sign of the Disciple of Jesus Christ, and it is so condemned today by the parsons of pseudo-Christianity. Biotherapy, Energy Therapy, Reiki, Ayurveda and similar Faith Healing systems! The sign of snakes taken in hands has been worshiped by Śaivites since ancient times as a sign of a Yogi – the Disciple of God and Guru. So look for those Announcers whom God has validated with signs, and their miracles are not fake, deceiving, but completely authentic!

We will end our reflections on the Gospel here, wishing a quick evacuation from the theological-Pharisaic anti-Christ sects with their canonical codes and catechisms, which the devils created for themselves in place of the Teaching and Law of God and His Christ. Many Blessings in parting with the demonic Marian cult, which in the Light of the Gospel looks like something very bad. Purify your hearts to stand worthily before the Saviour on the Day of Judgment!

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.


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