Om Namaśśivaya – Glory to the Graceful One (53)

Om Namah Śivāya – Glory to the Grace, Śiva, Lord and Teacher of the worlds of men and angels. Glory be to the Destroyer of all error, sin and threefold selfishness (physical, mental and spiritual Ego). Glory be to the Person of the Holy Spirit, the One who grants countless charismatic graces, Lord of Yogis, Yogeśvara. May Lord Śiva, Adinātha – Supreme Guardian, Adiguru – Supreme Guide, be glorified and praised: Om Śivāya Namah! Here we are meeting today to realize better how great spiritual being is Śiva (Shiva) and how much does He mean for every true aspirant practicing authentic yoga, mysticism and esoteric in every spiritual school, on every spiritual path. For every important scripture on yoga begins with the words: “Praise the Lord Śiva” or “May Lord Śiva be Praised,” and then mentions His properties and spiritual qualities. Śiva is the most important figure in the Indo-Aryan pantheon or empyrean, abode of divine, the world of God’s angels. The term Śiva in the simplest and most perfect translation reads, “Grace”, “Mercy”, “Favour”.

How he is merciful and gracious! And how loving! Lord Śiva is the embodiment of dedication, kindness, love, and wisdom. Truly, Lord Śiva is the reviver and animator, He destroys all errors and faults and their causes. He is the destroyer of all sin, and destroys all sins and prone to commit any such odiousness! Lord Śiva wants to see all his children as soon as possible at His lotus feet. Anyone who woke up in the pursuit of divine consciousness to the higher self and to the heavens, is His child. How big is heart of Lord Śiva, how full of all goodness. Every genuine student of yoga and all mysticism (Chela) knows about it. Lord Śiva is the supreme patron of schools of spiritual development, their inner or esoteric Guide (Adi Guru, Khadir). Lord Śiva is the ultimate patron of all esoteric societies, schools, brotherhoods and orders of both the East and the West. There is no difference between mysticism and spirituality of the people from the East or the West. Path of mystical spiritual development has in fact always been one and the same for the whole of humanity.

Lord Śiva represents the third, spiritual aspect of the infinite Brahman or Allah, as often God is called in his Absolute dimension. Christians call Lord Śiva Person of the Holy Spirit, and therefore he is particularly close to all worshipers of the Holy Spirit. All who worship God in the Spirit, are staying in the infinite grace and mercy, which is Lord Śiva. For the true Muslim, Lord Śiva is nothing but Allah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim. The Holy Spirit is the Consuming Fire! In fact, the very Person of the Holy Spirit is nothing else than the Cleansing, Consuming Fire, Agnim! After all, even Jesus promised baptism in the purifying fire of Lord Śiva. His radiance, the divine light full of divine grace and mercy is a natural fiery aura. Fire and Light exist always together and are inseparable from each other, just as Yahveh and Shekina. Lord Śiva is essentially merciful and gracious Comforter and Saviour of all creatures, because He liberates from all sin, contamination and washes of all uncleanness. He introduces the chosen ones into the glory of eternal life. He blesses perfect ones in grace, mercy and love of neighbour. Lord, the Holy Spirit is the One that responds to people fastest to their calls and prayers. He calls, and He chooses those who devoted themselves to Him, and with complete honesty put their trust in the Only God.

Lord Śiva destroys all sin, confusion and guilt. He guides on the simple and stable way. He Himself guides on the path of mysticism, reliable way of truth and He Himself shows God’s Revelation. Each one lost in a world of pain and suffering in Him finally finds Refuge and Liberation. Lord Krishna and Lord Ramachandra were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, same as Yogi Matsyendra or Padmasambhava. All-pervading and enlightening Parabuddha and Parakrishna at the same time is only He Himself. As Yogi Śiva in human form, He is Saguna Brahman. As Lingam, a symbol of the Almighty Supreme Spirit, He is Nirguna Brahman. He Himself calls adequately prepared ones to enter the path of initiation into the eternal wisdom, and He Himself selects and marks the perfect (siddhas) on the divine path. Lord Śiva is the Ultimate and Supreme Head of all the schools, fraternities and orders of true yoga. He is Param Param (Supreme Master) of all spiritual lineages called yoga.

Lord Śiva created Sanskrit – the sacred language of the Vedic tradition out of the sounds of His drum called Damaru. Each syllable of the Vedas is the sound of the melody of His drum and His holy song. He wields the sceptre of sovereignty and independence called Triśula, Trident signifying power over the three principles (gunas) which govern all of creation. Crescent moon on his head symbolizes the perfect mastery over the mind, for the Lord Shiva is essentially Controller of Mind and Senses. Learning to control the mind is always done under the leadership of Lord Śiva. Abode of Lord Śiva is beautiful and high Tibetan mountain Kailasa, which is a natural form of huge lingam (Virat, Zirat), symbol of the mystical Way of Heaven! Pilgrimage around this holiest mountain on the Earth takes a good three days, because at the base it has a circumference of more than 30 miles! Lingam represent the angelic wisdom of God descending from above, knowledge of heavens, the mystery of revealed knowledge that is Advaita. Constant repetition of the Name of Śiva purifies the mind and heart, in order to allow the Holy Spirit to work through the spiritualized, elevated, and in this way a human – being.

Lord Śiva is the Supreme and Final authority of all yoga, and if something is called yoga or esoteric, and is not based on a deep reverence and worship of Lord Śiva, it is merely the illusory deception! Lord Śiva is the Source of all true yoga and each yoga teacher passes it to others in, and with the awareness of Lord Śiva, so is always abiding in the Charismatic Grace of the Person of the Holy Spirit. Name of Lord Śiva is sung and chanted in many ways and in many languages ​​of which Sanskrit and Tamil dominate. Chanting simple greeting full of reverence and devotion: Om Namah Śivāya will itself bring cleansing and spiritualizing results. Glory of the Name of Lord Śiva is established not so much by beliefs or penetrations of rational mind, but through dedication, commitment, devotion, complete and sincere faith, by trustful and faithful engaging in sacred hymns and repetition of His Holy Names with a feeling of bliss and concentration. Man becomes what he thinks, so if his mind and his heart overflows the ideal which is Śiva, then he himself, the common man, will turn into a spiritual being, will become spiritually perfect man of God, will become the Temple of God! Fire Transfiguration is the Mystery of every spiritual path, transfiguration in the new man who is born of water and by the Holy Spirit becomes divine, perfect chosen one and the bridegroom! Om Namah Śivaya is in other words Allah Ya Rahman!

Seekers of the path of spiritual growth! Take refuge in the name of Lord Śiva. This is the path of yoga and all mysticism and esoteric. All those who hold on to the name of Lord Śiva and sing dedicated to Him hymns and songs will receive His grace and salvation. Indeed, He frees from all sins and sufferings. Try to fast during the day Mahaśivaratri (Great Night of Śiva) and sing all night His Sacred Hymns and Songs. Glory to the Holy Spirit! Om Namah Śivāya! How do one start learning Hathayoga? Lets read from the source teachings, “Glory to Adiśvara (The Highest Perfection), who laid out science of Hathayoga, the true path, that leads to spiritual heights of Raja Yoga.” Rishi Gerandha says that in the first verse of his Treatise (Samhita) on Hathayoga. As we know from the history of yoga, Lord Śiva expounded his teachings of Hathayoga to His consort, Sri Devi Parvati, so she could retain perfect health, eternal youth and beauty, and also reach the fullness of spiritual enlightenment. We start learning Hathayoga from “Glory to Adiśvara”! The Person of the Holy Spirit, Lord Śiva is the Supreme Perfection. Merciful Yogi, Rishi Svatmarama begins his treatise known as Hathayoga Pradipika even more explicitly: “Glory to Śiva, the First Lord, who taught [his wife] Parvati Hathavidya (Knowledge of Hatha) as the first step to the pinnacle of Raja Yoga.” So praise Śiva, Adiśvara: “Om Namah Adiśvarāya”, “Om Namah Śivaya”!

Panchakshara is a five-syllable mantra practiced to recall this most significant Person that Lord Śiva is – the Holy Spirit. Namaśśivāya! Namaśśivāya! Śiva means Kind, Benevolent, Gracious and Merciful at the same time. This is who you become holding on to this loftiest of the Names of God given to humanity for the last twelve thousand years! All devotees of the Holy Spirit call Om Namaśśivāya which means greetings and reconciliation with Divine Spirit. Anyone looking for direct connection and reconciliation with God immediately recognize the sweetness of the most beautiful of the Names of God. Transformation or transfiguration into spiritual person, the new man of God is through adherence to the divine and spiritual thought which is as if the entrance into the divine dimension. Remember Name of the Lord with every breath entering and outgoing: Śiva – Śiva! In this iron age called Kaliyuga, chanting the holy name of Lord Śiva is the easiest, fastest, safest and most reliable way to reach God (Brahman, Allah), and gain eternal life. Find refuge from the darkness of sin and pain of error! Search refuge in the consciousness of Lord Śiva, Grace. Just like a fire is burning ordinary material things, the same way fiery power of the divine grace contained in the vibration of the Name of Lord Śiva, the sound of it, has the power to burn all the sins, errors and faults. Namaśśivāya! Power of the Name of Lord Śiva bestows eternal bliss and eternal peace. Peace and Divine Blessing descends from the heart of Lord Śiva. So gracious and all-kind is Lord Śiva. With his hands folded in front of the heart as a sign of devotion we bow down to the holy Mount Kailaś, the earthly symbol and sign of the Presence of Grace of the Lord. Wherever you are bow down with your hands folded in front of the heart toward the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is the holy Mount Kailas!

How Merciful is Lord Śiva, Person of the Holy Spirit, shelter for all true worshipers of God! How beneficial and all-bestowing is the only Master of Yogis, teacher of Parvati, Matsyendra, Rama, Krishna and Buddha! How Padmasambhava, Buddha, Krishna, Rama, Matsyendra, Dattatreya, Gheranda, Svatmarama, Menaka and Parvati were dedicated to Lord Śiva and how much involved in the worship of His Holy Name! Om Namah Śivaya! How easy is for true yogi to gain vision, darshana (personal encounter with the living God in a flame of fire, in the burning bush) of Lord Śiva. A true yogi never leaves the consciousness of Lord Śiva, nothing can shake his faith or devotion. Lord Śiva took the form of Jyotirmaya-Svarupa, becoming infinite, boundless and unlimited shine, the light of the universe. Ever since Lord Buddha realised that, he began to teach the dissolution in the immense light spreading throughout the entire universe. Lord Śiva in this form is the Infinite Light of God (Allah Ya Nur) of all Sufis and Rishis!

Lord Krishna was a great Avatar (Son of God) with full knowledge of yoga. Shaivic warrior and the same time his devotee, Arjuna, received from him 18 lessons (instructions) on yoga that are used to this day as the most popular method of spiritual and esoteric practice. Yogi Krishna was one of the greatest devotees of Lord Śiva, the Holy Spirit. Arjuna wins his divine weapon, bow and arrows, thanks to the total dedication and devotion to Lord Śiva, the patron of holy, heavenly warriors. Arjuna went to Himalayas thanks to his spiritual adviser and guide (Krishna) and there begged Lord Śiva for a complete forgiveness of all karmic defilements (sins), receiving the grace of liberation. How many blessings accrue to anyone who in his/her mind or out loud, in his/her heart or third eye keeps repeating this sacred greeting: ‘Namaśśivāya!’ Such man reaches all yogic knowledge without effort, and his guilt is blotted out forever. Siddhi of Divine Wisdom flowing from above is transferred to the adept directly from the Source of Grace. Lord Śiva is giver of salvation (liberation) and immortality (eternal life).

Countless blessings rest on someone who is dedicated to Śiva Yoga of the Highest Perfection and reaches in this way Śivanandam and Śivājnanam. Śiva was worshiped in ancient Dravidian culture as well as in Aryan. Chohan Śiva is Mahadeva (Great Archangel) and Maheśvara (Great Perfection). Śiva as the Person of the Holy Spirit is the embodiment of the World of Angels (Devas), spiritual body of Heaven, Paradise. From his body are created all angelic (devaic) beings. Lord Śiva is known as the divine physician and giver of longevity because his Good Will heals and restores to life. He is then called Vaidyaśiva. Anyone who in his ‘eye’ focuses on the awareness of Lord Śiva and remains in the lotus posture, reaches Darshan (Vision) of the Lord of the Worlds and the Day of Judgement. Om Namah Śivaya!

Lord Śiva, Person of the Holy Spirit (Ruah Qaddosh) incarnated as a perfect yogi and Master of all yoga is also a sage focusing in Himself all the intelligence, understanding of all things. He Himself is the embodiment of spiritual intelligence (Buddhi). Śiva is the spiritual power of concentration and focus. Śiva Himself is the divine mind, manifesting itself in creating things and events, the divine sage and self-aware originator of consciousness. Lord Śiva is the very meaning of all words and their subtle essence or spirit of understanding. That is why it is said that Śiva is God’s Word of Truth. Śivānandam is a state in which in the total silence of perfectly calm mind (psyche) one experiences the purest delight, bliss and the highest satisfaction. Sadhaka (Apprentice) who destroys all of his ignorance with help of a deep and passionate reflective contemplation is nearest to Lord Śiva. Rosary and simple rosary prayer after the usual ablutions of face, hands and feet, is a simple way of spiritual development recommended by the Master of Yogis. All Patriarchs of orders and fraternities of yoga have always worshiped Lord Śiva, the Archangel of the Holiest Mount Kailasa (Crystal Mountain). Abode of Lord Śiva on earth is like a crystal palace of consciousness. Mahākāla is an emanation of Lord Śiva as the guardian of the heavens and protector of the world of humans and angels. Lord Śiva helps people to overcome the powers of darkness and malignity. Śiva is the Awakened One (Buddha) and is called Sadaśiva! Om Śri Śivāya Namah!

When souls (selves) get tired of their bodily existence in the various realms of existence and wish for eternal rest, they join Lord Śiva and immerse in Him as if in perpetual sleep without dreaming phantoms. Thus they join in the realm of disembodied and unlimited brightness of divine glory. This is the ascension through dissolving oneself into the rainbow-hued body of blue sky. Lord Śiva himself allows the soul (self) to enter the body of indestructible consciousness of absolute eternity. He takes souls in into Himself, but they feel like they were entering Him themselves (ascension). Lingam (pillar of creation) and vibhuthi (ash from burned desires) are two of the most powerful attributes of Lord Śiva.

Any grace can be received by repeating the rosary prayer: Om Śivaya Namah! All problems will be solved if only you give them away to the King of Heaven, the Great Archangel, the Holy Spirit. Bonds of conditioning and addictions are broken in the heat of this simple and fervent prayer (mantram). By chanting the Name of the Lord human being is raised in the consciousness of eternal bliss and happiness, to the land of eternal life where there is no more death or pain, what is the greatest longing of every soul incarnated in matter. This is Śivānandam!


Acharya Lalit Mohan G.K


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