Power of Light (84)

1. Your Power of Light grows on subsequent levels of Initiation and in subsequent Esoteric Circles! The Power of the Light of the Soul is growing like a series of factorials of successive natural numbers of the Esoteric Circles in which you are marked. We know that each subsequent Spiritual Initiation further ignites the spiritual forces and powers that, by God’s Will, are ours, although the charisms given to us as a gift must be unpacked and finally begin to be used. And since God is interested in the good of others, because He HIMSELF is the Source of Brotherhood and Kindness, the charism of light begins to work for us immediately when we start to act for the good of others! The Torch of the First Circle is a Power of Light like 1! (Factorial), and it is always only one Torch of Light, but uncovered and not covered, so as to stand on top as the Light of the World, and this is what makes it different from small lamps of people, extinguished, hidden under a bushel, although apparently everyone can try to light up the Light of the Torch with his own hands if he acquired the Secret Art of Fire from the one who stole it from the Gods and gave it to basically all people.

2. The Advanced Esoteric Circle of our Brotherhood likes to add to this single light up torch a Power of Light with a Strength of 2! (Factorial) and yet it is the Power of two additional torches of Light. Together, our Advanced Student is equal to the three younger ones with his individual Torches, so he is the Triple Torch and the Invincible Power. Because 1! (Factorial) add 2! (Factorial) together, the Candlestick with Three Flames is the Light of the Threefold Fire! So kindle the Triple Flame if the Fire has already been given to you in the form of a humble Initiation from your Guru. And if someone immediately entered the Second Circle of our Path, he or she would only have 2 Torches to illuminate his Path and would have to work a lot to ignite the first Light of his Soul! Therefore, we ask for the Three Lights Meditation, so that you become grounded in the Will to remain Very Bright among ordinary people, Triple Torches!

3. The Higher Circle of Science called Satya Chakra receives even more Spiritual Light as a gift, adding to what the Adepts already have 3! (Factorial) we add Light to them in our new Torches, and these are as many as 6 new Lamps or Flames that are lit! Together, the adepts of higher Hermetics have 9 Lights lit! Therefore, the power of Light is ninefold, and it is a strong Light that shines brightly into the eyes of ordinary people, like a very bright star in their dark firmaments. Will not the Power of the 9 planets pass through the one who has the 9 channels of Radiance fully Open? Such a person in his Spirit will surely connect with the Cosmos! People, light one candle and gaze at the Glow of its Brightness, and then add two more candles placed in a small triangle close to each other and compare the Power of their Light! And then add six more Candles to see the difference that the Torch Glow will bring to you with the power of nine Candles closely gathered together, preferably in Concentric Triangles or in one set Circle of Spiritual Light.

4. With initiatory progress, we become an increasingly shining Being of Light with the Divine Radiance, who illuminates not only ourselves, which can be recognized by just one Torch of Light, but also the one whose Light is enough for the entire environment and the Enlightenment of countless people. See if each flame you light up is not enough for one person who comes to your Circles, and usually there are from 3 to 10 people and you need to light more Fires so that many can be purified and brightened in order to join the Children of Light! The Adept of the Higher, Third Circle is such a powerful Radiance compared to the newly joined one, who only has a small flame of an oil lamp smouldering, but be considerate to all those who joined us not so long ago! Take a person and place a Candle in front of his Heart and look at him from a short distance, then add the Candles to 3 and up to 9 until you see him in the Wheel of the Light of Truth. Don’t you see the difference in the Radiance and Heat that beats from the Heart with many heated torches! The Third Circle is truly an Oasis of the Light of Truth that is rare on Earth. We often see people who only hold two candles and think that they have all the answers, and yet the blast of the first, closest storm can so easily extinguish them completely, forever. Therefore, meet together to form a Great Circle of Brightness, because the meeting of 9 individual Torches greatly brightens the entire surroundings, like one of our Higher and True Adepts! What a loss it will be when the Candlestick of 9 Flames is extinguished by a violent attack of Darkness!

5. As we continue our journey, we reach the Fourth Esoteric Circle and in it we add more Candles to our Initiates, so that they shine even brighter on people all over the world! Glow Power 4! (Factorial) in total is like the Light of 24 individual Torches, and each of the 24 Holy Elders as if gives the Disciple as a gift one of the Torches from the Śigatse Temple! In total, such an Adept should Shine with the Power of 33 Torches as if following the example of the Heavens of the Pantheon created for us in the number of 33 Gods of Light who are on the Great Throne! Our initiated Samnyasin in the Fourth Circle must finally pass through the Gates of Death so that His Radiance may be fully ignited for all humanity’s benefit and Divine Glory! Only through great external and, above all, internal reconciliation and connection with the Guru Hierophant, the Disciple becomes a full Being of Light, concentrating the Power of 33 Lights, and yet we are talking about the number of 33 Supreme Deities (Archons) of Heaven as the Spiritual Empyrean of the Indian Pantheon! The Inner Circle of Samnyasa Ćakra is truly the Spiritual Club of those adepts who are closest to their Guru and Paramagur! That is why it was said not to extinguish the Spirit and not to hide the Light under a bushel, because what is Brightest must serve many people, and our Samnyasins are very actively involved, constituting its Heart in the Service of the Community.

6. When we use more than Four Levels of Initiation, and we have Seven Steps in Laya Yoga, then we light the Torch Light during the first Diksha, and the Second Torch Light during the Abhyasa transmission, and in the third Initiation we give the third torch so that the person is already in the Advanced level, and not in the Core Circle. Therefore, Sādhakas and Abhyasins form our Basic Circle of Learning. During the Fourth Initiation, we already light some Lights from the Higher Circle, but never more than 5 or 7 Torches in total! We bring our Children of Light closer to us so that they become true Oases of Radiance and Brightness, to which no element of Gloom or Darkness will have access. For a Samnyasin, we usually first light 3 or 7 additional Lights and add new ones as we progress, so that the human spirit gradually gets used to our favourite, the Disciple’s intensity of Light, which is a reflection of the 33-fold Supreme Throne Divinity. The Samnyasin must become a Disciple of Heaven in union with the Guru! But dark people do not know where the Torch flames are lit next and how brightly the Human Spirit with 33-fold Light Power shines! And yet in a greater Radiance you can see the Truth better and Wisdom grows in direct proportion to the Radiance of the Torch, and the first approximation is the Circle of Threefold Knowledge of our Prajñā Ćakra with the Power of the Threefold Flame!

7. Light three torches, and then expand one of them into a triple flame and there will be the Power of 5 Candles in our image to understand the Power of Light given, and expand 2 torches into three flames and you already have 7 lit lamps, and 3×3 is still 9 lamps. Be careful that there are those in the First Circle who have at least one Light of the Divine Torch lit, and you can recognize them by the fact that they cling to others who Shine and like to meet each other in Groups and Circles to jointly increase and multiply the Shine for the entire area and even for the Good of our entire planet. Those who avoid group meetings may be black wolves only on the outside dressed in light sheep’s skin and they often pretend to Shine and the Energy of the Circle torments and rejects them as it heals the dark disease of their ego trapped in the darkness, the Divine Spirit! That is why we usually do not give Initiation to such people so quickly, so that they do not immediately extinguish the Divine Spirit within themselves, and first we give them therapies to heal the sick ego, and our Teachings can also be a good medicine for the Soul sick from the darkness of the insane dogma.

8. God’s Law, Torah or Dharma has never been given by God, neither in any decalogue, nor in sub-points or footnotes. Christ even condemned the Rabbinical Code of the so-called law because the regulations and numbered paragraphs bring the disease of religious insanity with a lousy, devilish dogma to anyone reading it. God’s Law, and see it twice in the Torah, is given only in the Description, which requires greater understanding and insight for its practical application! On the tablets of the commandments there were said to be 10 Words, but each letter of them was a whole chapter of meaning and application of laws, so see at least one of these stories about the application of the principles of the ten, each of which is deeply connected with each other of them and has many mystical references to them, and after all, we require deep Understanding, not memorization of lifeless rules, which even an inferior parrot can do. Didn’t Jesus teach the Law using basically Seven Rules, which, however, were already created for their own use by His followers, because He only delivered highly inspired sermons, and others were already writing down their canonical codex in a nutshell. If you have a kindled torch, you will illuminate every thicket of teachings, even if they are very confusing. So Shine Brightly, Disciple, and illuminate the darkness of the demonic gloom of this world dominated by Satan, who would like to sit on the Throne of every religion, just as Antichrist sat on the Throne down of the Vatican! Yet witchcraft (like drinking alcohol during the Service) is very severely condemned by God and the Descriptive Law of God tells us about it clearly! Is not the basic elixir of Spiritual law summarized in the form of the Principle of Mercy supplemented by the Law of Eliminating Evil that is cruel? Isn’t the Pink half of the Dharma Circle the Law of Love, and the Blue Half the Principle of Silencing, and this is what the Circle also called the Harmony of YIN and YANG in the ancient Chinese civilization tells us about? Mercy eliminates violence and cruelty and betrayal, and Silencing does not allow trees that bear bad fruit to grow because they are Eliminated.

9. Human beings who come to us can become Great Lights if they always cooperate with us, but usually only a few take full advantage of the Opportunity and Grace we bring to them. Don’t you know what is the power of Light of a person who will truly reach the Fifth Circle – the Mystical? Think how many Torch Flames the number 5! (Factorial) adds to you, and yet it is a matter of an order of magnitude, as much as 120. There is a special Mandala of Light based on the number 120, which tells about the development of the Mystic already in the Fifth Circle. The First Three Circles are the complement of Light within the digits of the first order, the Inner Circle is the Radiance of Light of the second order, and the Mystic’s Circle ignites the Lamp of the 100-fold fruit! Christ’s teaching about the Thirty-fold, sixty-fold Harvest clearly tells us about the Circle of Samnyasins and the School of Upadeśas! And yet the Fifth Circle of our Mystery is the conscious possibility of moving around the Otherworld, as well as to Heaven itself, to receive Instructions from God and Angels that are new for people. Beginnings are usually random experiences of “visions” and “dreams” that can neither be controlled nor yet induced. The fullness of Mystical development lies in Conscious “dreaming” and in seeing with the “Eye of Vision” exactly what we would like to see. But we are also happy for those who, not even consciously, come to our Mystical meetings with their Soul, at least on the Subtle Plane. So, all of you, O Luminous Ones, bring forth the hundredfold Harvest that Krishna, Buddha and Christ spoke of, for this is the third order of magnitude! And know, and always keep this in mind, that it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve and fully master our next Circle of Light. We teach Communion with the Light of Life, not swallowing a piece of wafer from the hands of some black fornicator, and black, brown and grey robes stimulate all the desires of the body!

10. Understand the principles of developing the Power of Light that we ignite in you as Divine Torches and understand that Spiritual Development means more and more work, as well as real opportunities, although not entirely of this world! And remember that three people sitting together in a Circle, or rather in a Triangle, is like a Triple Flame and constitutes one Unit of God’s Power, as long as each one is lit by at least one small Light. And four people combined into one Common Circle are four Units of God’s Power, because four people together create four Triangles of Power according to permutations without repetitions. [(1,2,3,4) (1,2,3), (2,3,4), (1,2,4), (1,3,4)]. Five people at one time and place in our Luminous Circle will probably be 10 Units of Spiritual Power, but remember to count exactly how many of the five people of the Triangles there are without repeating the composition, because this is truly worth the attention of Adepts, as God’s calculation. And a Group of 40 or 210 Units of God’s Power, indeed, can do many things and is a considerable Power, not only in the world of the Spirit, but also on Earth. We have been repeating this since the beginning of human history, that the most important thing on the Return Path is the Gathering of Souls for a Joint Meeting dedicated to the implementation of our deeper Goals!

11. Gautama Buddha taught that the human Mind must begin to shine as soon as possible. Yehoshua Christ preached that our Eye must be whole in Light to be Healthy. And doesn’t the Word Buddha, as the Divine Name of Lord Śiva, simply mean someone who is Enlightened or, in other words, Awakened in the Light? Śrī Gautama Buddha instructed Adepts to quickly silence the entire Field of Thought, Manas, and in the inner silence, where no thought or desire is born or comes from the surroundings, reach the Substance of the mind, which is in itself the Light and in the peace of the interior it Shines by itself as the so-called Own Original Nature (Prakṛti). The basic, natural function of the Mind, according to the Sages, is DHI, and yet this is the ability Shine and to create Luminous thoughts, but it requires a person to remain calm inside and to distance himself from everything. Concentration within ourselves in the inner Nature of Light, in the centre of the Oasis of Peace and Silence, is necessary to recognize what we ourselves produce in thoughts and impulses from what is reflected in us from others as accretions. Armed so powerfully in distinguishing ourselves from others, we can now embark on a Spiritual Journey in which we unite with the Light of the Self with our Guru, and then with all the Enlightened Ones and the Gods of Heaven, because the Community of Angels is, as the Kahunas say, one connected Field of Higher Beings. The Light, not united with anyone in the Community, as Master Prince Siddharta said, will quickly be extinguished by the Dark Ones. Therefore, O people, unite with each other in the Soul, into one Great Heavenly Community of Light.

12. After all, Lord Morya says: “Learn to think of the Light, my children.” So learn to think constantly about the Light and the Kingdom of God, because you will not find the second without the torch of the first. And Christ said that we should seek first the Kingdom of God and not worry about earthly things, because they will be added to the Kingdom! So accept another Initiation with the thought never to lose the Light you receive, and yet for us Angels, your first Initiation lasts as our three-day Heavenly Celebration. Therefore, practice diligently so that it may come true that at dawn on the third day you will be spiritually resurrected to a completely new life, as if you had begun another Incarnation. Let your Light Shine high and do not hide it anywhere, because you are the Salt of the Earth and without you the entire Earth, our Mother Gaia, will completely lose its flavour. So let whoever accepted the Torch of Light together with the Initiation, call all those who are illuminated like Himself to a Common Meeting, to sit together even in a Circle, in Silence, thinking Om, and shine powerfully for the benefit of the entire Earth. Create beautiful and very round Circles, and with joint effort you will quickly be Saved. We are the Eternal Brotherhood of Light, although you do not always see us! That is why We give you many Blessings!

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalit’ Mohan G.K.


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