Principle of Fire and Non-violence (89)

A week is a period of seven days, each of which is associated with one planetary energy. It is similar with the Seven Years, in which each year has a Devata (Idam), a protective Angel – Guardian, and in each such year, the energy of the Spirit of one of the Seven Sacred planets acts on the Earth (Gaia), in the order: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn! Devas (Angels) measure time in such a way that an earthly year is a heavenly day for them, and therefore our subsequent years are days for them in the energy of the next Seven Holy Planets within our entire Suryabrahmandam Logos. When the number of days appears in mystical experiences, it can always mean that it refers to events in the cycle of the number of earthly years, which angels say are days for them. The Celestial Year consists of 360 heavenly days, i.e. earthly years, and yet the number 360 is also an almost magical, solar number known not only from geometry. The Schools of Mystery Knowledge say a lot about the fact that the Logos of the Sun, Suryabrahmandam, emanates 360 rays of light, which are its life-giving emanations, grouped into 12 types of 30 qualities, i.e. features and properties. These numbers became the basis for the creation of a perfect esoteric calendar, but they actually apply to internal, hidden cycles in the spiritual world. Our earthly cycle of the Seven Years has several dimensions, and one of the ones that interests us is the action of new spiritual, cosmic energy at the beginning of the New Year, which we count with the entry of the Sun into the sign (month) of Capricorn! The year 5105 of Kāli Yuga is for us the year of Agnideva, the Spirit of Fire and the year of Lord Rudra (Spirit of Nature), or it is otherwise 2003 AD. counted from the moment the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn (Mākara). The lotus that corresponds to the energy of Rudra and Agni is a ten-petaled lotus known as Manipuraka (Garden of Jewels), located between the navel and the sternum and ruling the so-called the small ventral brain, the solar plexus.

In order, the planetary energy of the Spirit of Jupiter flows into all of Gaia, as if it were Thursday, but in the reality of Heaven it is Thursday and every Heaven-conscious Mystic knows it well! The planet Jupiter is, in Yoga terminology, the Guru, the Cosmic Guide, so we place emphasis on the development of the Guru-Chela (Disciple) relationship and on experiencing guidance and spiritual direction flowing as it were from the Cosmos, which can be a small step towards building Student Relationship with Guru by people who are adepts! Human intuitions and premonitions giving the impression of direction or guidance constitute the first degree of Spiritual Direction, and an actual relationship with a Guru living on Earth and being guided by such a being is the third degree in this matter of spiritual experience. On the second stage are all those who have a reasonable impression that they are guided by Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha or by Lord Jesus or Elijah! Guru as a Cosmic Spiritual Guide is precisely the energy flowing from the Heart of the Being of Jupiter, also called the planet of Rulers, Priests, Sages and Masters, which guides souls! The Cosmic Guidance of Jupiter – Guru concerns all beings within the entire solar planetary system, and we say that the Cosmic Guru guides the evolution, the development of consciousness on all planets as the planetary mystical Śiva, the guardian of the Spiritual Path in the solar universe surrounding us.

The Spirit of Fire, Agnideva as the patron of the next year, the celestial day is, of course, united, synchronized with the planetary Guru, who is the Priest of Heaven named Brihaspati (Bŗhaspati), and Indian Mystics often mentions both of these Holy Beings in the context of the Vedic fire ritual, for example in the opening, the first Hymn of the Rigveda, where the name Agni is mentioned five times, as if lighting a five-flame candlestick (lamp) or as if animating a five-pointed star (Tara), which symbolically may be the Guru’s wife.

Planet Jupiter as Guru – Bŗhaspati, Guide and Priest is the great secret of all oriental and other spiritual and religious cultures and the basic sign of every authentic esoteric, hermetic, gnostic or mystical school. Bŗhas – Pati, this is Pati – the Spiritual Lord, the Lord of Life, Bŗhas – this is exactly what lives and breathes! Jupiter is the Priest and Guide of the fire ritual thanks to which we light an oil lamp or a wax candle for meditation and discover the meaning of the number of flames! The mere naming of the planet whose moons resemble a small planetary system with the term Guru – Guide (Master, Teacher) proves great knowledge of esotericism and Hermeticism in the ancient Vedic spiritual culture. Bŗhaspati is the Spiritual Father, the Ruler of Living Souls similar to the Priest and Guru Melechsedec (Melchizedek) in the Semitic tradition. Bŗhaspati is a Priest performing a ritual of pure fire sacrifice in the presence of God and Goddess. Agnideva is the Ruler of the first Hierarchy of Angels who are said to have achieved purification by Fire or, as in Christianity, Baptism by Fire, Transfiguration. Lord Agni is therefore the protector of God’s Saints, because the Saint who has just been Purified and Pure becomes again a Heavenly Being, an Angel. The awareness of this guidance through the Cosmos, which many experience, which flows from the planet Jupiter and even intensifies in the evenings and at night, when Jupiter is above the horizon and dominates as the Guidance of the Being who is the planetary Fiery Spirit, can be a great inspiration for the spiritual development of the entire nation and entire human civilization. If in our childhood we liked to see the planet Jupiter, we were certainly attracted to the Guru, but not everyone can travel to the planet Jupiter and learn directly from the Masters of the Lodge of Light of this great, fiery inside, spiritual planet. The idea of ​​a Guide priest comes from the planet Jupiter, which is the Supreme Spirit, Brhaspati – the Director, the Ruler of Life. It is no coincidence that Agnideva and Rudra, as the Chohan (Lord) of Nature, associate with Jupiter in one Manipura Lotus with ten petals to exert a strong influence on human and other beings inhabiting our planet every seven earthly years.

Manipura Ćakram

Agni, as the Angel Lord of Fire, plays a similar role to the Angel Ariel in the teachings of mythology, or rather the old Hebrew religion, where he is the Angel of Fire on the sacrificial altar, and the Element, the Spirit of Fire, is the Heart of all five Elements, which are personified as five Taras. The People of the Book worshiping at the sacrificial altar, the centre of which is the Flame, are the People of God under the care of Ariel, the Archon of fiery souls, whose inner Fire is so strong that even if something impure touches such a soul, the contamination is immediately burned in the Fire of Manipuram! So we light a powerful Flame from the Manipuram fire triangle and first burn in it all the dirt and mental impurities that are inside us, as well as everything that comes from the outside, and once we achieve this skill, there is nothing that would defile us, touched, offended or worried us. A person who self-purifies with internal Fire develops the fiery, fervent, ardent nature of an Angel and the forces of evil cannot deceive him from the inside, because energetic dirt and dark psychism immediately die in the flame of the sacrificial Altar, which is the Manipuraka Centre with ten petals. You can build a stone altar in the shape of a Circle (Ćakra), and let 10 large stones guard this place as if they were the petals of a Lotus Flower. There should be a triangle of tiny stones inside as a fireplace, and on three sides there should be entrances for performing pure food offerings (grains of brown rice or wheat, flower petals or inflorescences, leaves of medicinal trees, etc.). To put it simply, each bonfire in the Circle of Stones reminds us of the Altar in the Manipuram Fire centre! So we have a year of intensive lighting of bonfires and meditation by the heat of the flames from the stone circle. This practice was cultivated in Europe even 370,000 years ago, as evidenced by excavations in Turin, and we must intensify it even more now in the Year of Agni Deva! Ariel!

The Fire Triangle of the Fire Ritual divides the space into three parts so that on the south side stand the Priests of the Sacrificial Fire, and the remaining two sides of the equilateral Triangle are occupied by men (on the right side of the Priest standing facing the Fire) and women (on the left side of the Priest, respectively). The small protrusions from the centre of each side of the Triangle in the shape of a Latin capital letter “T” are, of course, the platform, the place of the Sacrifice by Fire, as olives, flowers or grain thrown into the Fire as a sacrifice! Altars found in the previous Yuga, called the Bronze Age, which lasted 864,000 years, were often about 9, 11 or 7 meters in diameter, and the tiny stone Circles were only 3 meters and, in addition to the fire sacrifice, they also held a purification sacrifice known today as walking on hot coals, or as walking on the Fire, when the embers are sprinkled with an offering of oil and give rise to flames! One face of the Fire Triangle faces south and one vertex faces north, and the Priests then stand on the south side as if they came from the Sun, the men on the north-east and the women on the north-west. And everyone there offers propitiatory offerings and Purification Offerings according to the order established by the Priest. The Spirit of Fire is therefore the spirit that burns all sacrifices, the spirit of fiery and fervent purification. The sacrificial fire is also an intermediary that accepts all letters written in leaves, papyri or paper that we want to send to the God of Heaven. This was a very widespread practice in the past, and humanity today must build many altars of Fire again, for it has greatly lost both the true Priesthood and the true Altars and Fire Offerings of pure plant foods! Anyone in the local community can restore at least the Holy Fire in the Stone Circle for a moment of reflection, meditation or prayer, and yet prayer in the presence of Fire is often fulfilled faster and better. That’s why religious people often need to light at least a candle or an oil lamp for prayer, meditation and reflection on life!

The Spirit of Fire Agni (Agoń) guarantees balance in Nature, and its minimal changes cause cataclysms in the plant and animal world. Winter is the minimum of Fire and summer is the maximum of Fire, but a small change in a person’s body temperature means illness or death. The heat given by the Spirit of Fire and the temperature in Nature is Entropy, which determines various processes in Nature. The Fifth Year of the Seven-Year Cycle is a spiritual year dedicated to Agni and Rudram, that is, in fact, to All Nature, as well as to the Heart of all processes, which in the world of the elements is undoubtedly Fire itself. Increasing the Stomach Fire in Manipuram is known in Ayurveda as a healing and cleansing treatment, a treatment that burns 10 mind poisons, and these are the basic substances from which viruses, bacteria and fungi are created, the source of suffering. Ten toxins, poisons of the mind, are 10 types of bad thoughts, ideas and concepts, and therefore emotions, that darken the Mind and materialize in various combinations as creatures that destroy us. As human beings, we should take great care to keep Manipuram clean, which the Sages compare to cleaning the dust from the shining Jewel (Mani) that is the Pure Mind. Removing the 10 poisons is known as mental, spiritual and energetic Medicine, and it is the profession of people focused on consciousness in Manipuram, but not always in a state appropriately purified for the profession. The desire to harm, destroy, torment and kill is the basic poison of the mind, as is the fear of harm and destruction, and this is Hinsa – the foundation of all poisons of the Mind, most often encountered in interpersonal relationships as the role of executioner or victim, sado-maso, and also as a way of seeing people, life and phenomena. The feeling of threat, danger, fear of death, the desire to destroy and kill all this belongs to the domain of Hinsa, which poison we eliminate, for example by developing the awareness of the vibrations of the solar sound “A”, remembering that the state of Ahinsa is a state of non-suffering and non-violence, as well as non-harming, letting go and releasing all bonds of all harm, which is nothing other than any mental or physical injury.

Hinsa means torment, toil, agony, injury, beating, violence, torture, destruction and death. Ahinsa is a state of painlessness, without torture and without death. Translating Ahinsa Yamah as the prohibition of killing is a great translational simplification, and refraining from violence and harm much better conveys the meaning of this basic purifying principle of Lotus Manipuram. Lord Buddha said: Ahinsa satyo dharmah, which means that “Non-hurting, non-violence, non-infliction of pain and suffering, non-torment and non-destruction, including non-killing, is the true Religion! The Catholic Inquisition with its gallery of 60 tortures in the light of the words of the Lord Buddha was not a true religion, so it belongs to the domain of the Forger of Destiny, i.e. the Devil (Mara).

To immerse ourselves in anguish, pain, suffering, fatigue or to produce it for others is to produce a Mind poison that darkens our entire thinking and feeling Self. Liberation from Hinsa is not only the basis for Man’s spiritual development. A world without violence, torment, exploitation and torture is a world much closer to Heaven and free from many diseases that are born from the poison of painful and tormenting experiences and experiences. The Golden Rule, which says not to do to others what we do not want done to us, very nicely expresses the way of conduct by which we practice the first type of Yamah, which is Ahinsa. Of course, the Heavenly Sages, while giving detailed instructions on the moral principle of Ahinsah, also knew exactly the pathologies of the human Family and, clearly commenting on the prohibition of killing, also said when it could be violated. Lord Dattatreya says: “Do not kill any creature unless it seeks your life and you have no other option but to kill it to save the life of yourself, your loved ones (neighbours) or your Religion or country (nation), and also when you have no other option to preserve your life in times of famine.” Wisdom and understanding flow from such Yamah, so precisely expressed. The black solar plexus seen in the aura of millions of people is undoubtedly due to their criminal, ruffianly, violent and destructive activities on this Earth, even if it is only thinking and emotions or, for example, demanding the brutal death penalty by black Catholics or black Shiites and their bloodthirsty ayatollahs! Just watching or reading about criminal and war atrocities already introduces the first black toxin to the Manipuram Centre.

Cruel and violent people who use violence will not enter Paradise and will not inherit the Kingdom of God. The nature of the Divine Warrior is defence and protection against evil, not aggression and brutal assault. People should practice burning energetic and karmic impurities every day, after every day full of various thoughts and emotions, and the Solar Fire in Manipuram should absorb all dirt and darkness until a person stops producing them at all. This does not mean that we should not defend people wronged and tormented by oppressors, on the contrary, it was said that Good should overcome all Evil! And Sattva, Goodness is the central principle and energy of the Manipuram Fire Centre. Seeking and increasing the Good, Sattwam is absolutely in order, and removing evil, first from your own Mind, is perhaps the priority task in the Year of Agni Deva, the Lord of the Flaming Heavens! We refrain from all violence but protect the lives of others by maintaining the Fullness of Goodness, Purna Sattvam! In this way, we will certainly achieve Unity faster, as indicated by the numerological value of the number 10. The mystical analysis of the values ​​of all the digits that we assign to the consecutive ten petals of Manipuram is probably the basic of the externalized areas of hermetic knowledge of this highly magical and secret Lotus! May everyone who follows the Himavanti Path be Blessed!

Aćarya Paramahansa Lalita Mohan G.K.
Warsaw 2002


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