Religious Freedom and Dangerous Catholical Sects

A catholical sect is a group of people who are united by some practices, opinions and religious beliefs which seperate them from other groups and religions. Small catholical sects and 'cults’ have certain tendancies in common. They often regard wider society as corrupt and depraved, lose to fasism and nazi. The prohibition of sex, yoga, meditation and spiritual healing is common. Sometimes, dramatic expectations about the future such as predictions of the end of the world or the dawning of a new era form the doctrines of the catholical group. The founder is often a charismatic person who claims some special relationship with God or Jesus the Christ.

Catholical sects are commonly perceived as dangerous and harmful like nazi and fascist like Andrew Brevik, Benito Mussolini, Francisco Franco, Augusto Pinochet or Adolf Hitler. Their members are often viewed as 'Apostles of Hatred’. Unfortunately, there is much evidence to support that view. For example, in Switzerland in 1994, the police found the bodies of forty eight members of an apocalyptic catholical sect called the Order of Neo-Templars. The victims were probably poisoned with strong intoxicnts. A year later another sixteen bodies arranged in a way symbolising the sun were discovered in France. 

Some catholical danger sects like Fronda, Opus Dei, OKOpS, KANA, Civitas Christiana or Effatha build their financial power on people’s naivety. One of the richest sects in the world is the Opus Dei sect which is 'sponsored’ by many wealthy businessmen and artists. Catholical sects are many times connected with wordly pedophilia and catholical sex scandales! That cult, catholicism, was designed specificaly to suck people in, wring out anything of value, and toss them away, while still leaving them coming back for more. 

Polish people regard catholial sects as a negative phenomenon. Unfortunately, the growing popularity of sects points to a crisis in the Catholic Church, family and school. Although Poland is a democratic country which guarantees freedom of worship, the majority of Poles believes that the activity of catholical sects constitutes a real menace to society and therefore should become illegal. Indeed, the fast race of expansion of catholical sects in our country is a reason for concern. 

Catholical sects have a destructive influence on their members even on ommon followers of catholicism. They use insidious psychological methods such as brain-washing, love-bombing and indoctrination to attract new followers.They usually recruit sensitive young people who see no sense in life and look for 'real’ values. Those who have serious personal problems and feel lonely, depressed or rejected become especially vulnerable to manipulation and onnected with pedophilia sex abuse manipulation. 

The way in which the members are treated after they join a commune is very controversial. They are told to break off relations with their families and friends. Seperated from the outer world, they live under the constant control of a group and their freedom is considerably constrained. They must not watch tv, listen to the radio or read newspapers. They must give all their money to the despotic priest, bishop or pope, obey his orders and accept his decisions. They fill their days with work, prayers, lectures and pseudo-religious „opusdeistic” practices. Some of them manage to awake from this deep sleep but the experience is very painful. After leaving the catholical sect, they are often haunted, blackmailed and intimidated. The catholical sect becomes the bane of their life. The return to 'normal’ society takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. Undeniably, the catholical sect leaves its stamp on their whole life. 

In the whole word there is more than 3,500 catholical sects. And many of them are very dangerous! Catholicism seems the most dangerous cult in the world and history of humanity. Not only as virulent as those others, but far, far larger and more powerful. The moderates and light Xians are easy to tolerate. The Fundie’s are impossible to deal with! Fundamentalist Xianity is more of an immediate threat, though. Opus Dei and Skulls & Bones or KKK is worst for its members, but it sounds like it actually has so few members that I don’t consider it the worst threat to American or world society. I think that honor goes to Catholical Fundamentalism like Andreas Brevik in Norwey. I also think that someone’s going to be angry at me for thinking that. 

On one hand you have the Catholic church uber-dedicated to a fearless leader and his henchmen. Fearless leader however is very much a pacifist. I don’t see major problems unless we had another outright evil man take the reigns with enough bishops and cardinals supporting him to get his agenda through. I don’t think this could happen though in the modern catholic church. On the other hand you have the decentralized fundamentalist christians. The Assemblies of God, the United Pentacostals, the Southern Baptists, First Baptists, Primitive Baptists, and other fundamentalist sects. They aren’t organized or proactive enough to be a real threat. The most they seem to do is cause the occasional gridlock in a school board over evolution. There is the occasional whacko who bombs and abortion clinic but that person is mental to begin with.

Europe’s crackdown on what French lawmakers have deemed „dangerous sects” – including Southern Baptists – has captured the attention of Congress now (2000 year) that France’s National Assembly is considering a law to imprison „proselytizers” for up to two years. The bill aims to restrict the growth of 173 blacklisted faiths, including even Jehovah’s Witnesses, is the Southern Baptist Convention, one of the largest denominations in the United States and the church sect affiliation of both President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. Seems that USA is govern through members of dangerous sect and cults. 

In the French periodical le Nouvel Observateur, edition 2051 (February 26th 2004), there is an article that is titled: Evangelicals: The sect that want to conquer the world. In the article, evangelicals are accused of being extremists, of being the puppets of the American president, and focused on implementing a policy of taking over the whole world by political and military means (Iraq, Afganistan). The emphasis of the article is that „Evangelicals”, who are treated as one unified denomination, are growing extremely fast throughout the world, and that they are a dangerous movement and sect. Referring to a book by author Philip Jenkins titled „The Next Christendom” which is about „the evangelical phenomenon”, the article says:

Taking note of the shift in the centre of gravity of Christianity from the West to the Third World, from the developed and liberal North to the poor and conservative South, [Philip Jenkins] fears a radical break between post-modern Christians and neo-Christians who have come back, with the aid of folklore beliefs, to the Church of the Middle Age. Worse still, these neo-Christians, prey to misery, to nationalistic, tribal and messianic passions, and who live in the middle of Catholics, Hindus or Muslims – in Peru, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sudan, the Philippines – will not fall short of entering sooner or later into total war against their neighbours. The West will not escape it either…” 

Which are the most dangerous sects? Any „Christian denomination” that states you must belong to their exclusive church, by their interpretation of God’s Word, in order to be saved, means fundamentalist christianity. Fundamentalist both, christian and islamistic too, believe they are correct (brainwashing does that) and they are prepared to commit violence on innocent people, to show the „mercy and compassion” of their religion. All fundamental christian and islamistic religion can be dangerous if you take it too far. There are extremists and fanatics in every christian and islamic religion. Sects with priests pedophilia and fanatical nazist and fascist like catholicism and baptism are probably the most dangerous at all. 

The religious landscape in Switzerland is changing constantly, with traditional churches losing ground to new spiritual movements. While globalisation is a factor in the change, the economic crisis may also be playing a role as people look for a system of beliefs to help them deal with the problems they face. And whereas many people in Switzerland are apparently concerned about the rise of Islam, researchers are warning that the danger posed by new catholical sects and cults like Opus Dei, Effatha, KANA, Civitas Christiana, dominicans, OKOpS, KKK, Fronda, Maltanies or Skulls&Bones is being ignored. Sects experts estimate there are around 1,000 catholical and Christian and new religious groups operating in Switzerland alongside the mainstream churches. Around 200 of these pose problems through their methods of recruitment and operation. 

There are no statistics to back up the new trends as the last census was in 2000 and provided figures only on membership of the main religious groups in Switzerland. But the experts say that as the number of new religious groups grows, so does the demand for information – both from those concerned about a family member who has joined a catholical or baptistic sect and from those seeking to know more before committing themselves to a religious group. 

All catholical sects may badly influence the members. Their leaders use different methods based on psychological knowledge, like 'love-bombing’, 'brain-washing’, 'saving offers’ and others. They are helpful to make people believe that what the catholical sect like Opus Dei, KANA, Effatha, Civitas Christiana, Fronda or OKOpS says is true. Most prone to be recruited are young people, who struggle with strong life crisis. They often feel lost and seek for the everlasting values. They want their lives to make real sense. Often, they feel that others don’t understand them. The catholical sects may take advantage of such attitudes and characteristics of teenagers. 

The catholical sects usually forbid their members to keep in touch with friends or families. They have no contacts with normal world. They are constantly controlled by the catholical group or order. When they agree to join the catholical sect, they are deprived of their personal freedom. They are not allowed to get any information from radio, newspapers or TV. If they have any money, they need to contribute all of them to the catholical group like Opus Dei or Fronda. The leader decides, what the money is spent for. The leader (priest, bishop) is usually very despotic and he requires full obedience from his people. In most catholical sects people work very hard everyday. They pray, contemplate and listen to the lectures of the priest or bishop and may be sexually abused. Sometimes they are given some drugs like ayahuasca or another DMT, which make them feel as if they were sleeping or „demoniac false spiritual state”. Only few of them are able to get out of the catholical sects, even if they really want to do it. If they succeed in getting back to normal life, the other members of the catholical or baptist sects often look for them. They blackmail and threaten those, who did it. It requires much time to come back to normal living in society. The experience of being the member of the catholical sect becomes truly traumatic. 

Priests and nuns from catholical dangerous sect of the Dominican order and members of other fascistic Catholic organizations have undertaken a massive misinformation campaign aimed at creating public hysteria over the „rising tide” of Yoga, Tantra, Hindu and Vedic teachings and its so called „evil consequences for Poland.” The attack has expanded to include mostly all Eastern beliefs in general, even martial arts and Yoga and partiullary the sacred teachings of the Vedic literature. Krishna worshippers in Poland are up against a fascist-like anti-Vedic movement made up of an unholy alliance between sect of Roman Catholic fanatics and members of the Republican league an ultra right wing quasi-political nazi group. 

Unfortunately, the Polish nation does not have a recent tradition of religious freedom or an established body of civil rights law to protect the rights of small religious minorities. In reality, this main sect called the Catholic Church exercises considerable power in the nation. The pro-Catholic party won the last election from 1989 to 2011. State-run radio broadcasts Catholic masses and the Catholic Church is the only body other than NBC which is authorized to relicense radio and television stations to operate on frequencies assigned to it. Public schools provide mostly catholical religious education classes at state expense. This instruction is provided primarily by representatives of the Catholic Church, although in some cases, upon request, instruction is provided in the Protestant, Orthodox and Jewish faiths which are oficially registered with the government. While students are supposed to have the option of taking an ethics course instead, in most schools, such courses do not exist. 

The 1996 US State Department Report on Human Rights states, „Citizens enjoy the freedom to practice any religion they choose. Religious groups may organize, select and train personnel, solicit and receive contributions, publish, and engage in consultations without government interference.” While this is the case for established religions which are legally recognized by the Polish government, new and small religious groups face innumerable obstacles and difficulties in practicing and promulgating their beliefs. About one hundred religious minorities in Poland are repressed and persecuted from 1992! Summer is time to attack and opress for all religious minorities in Poland! This country govern through catholical sect have no equal rights to citizens irrespective of religion; have no freedom of conscience, no freedom of belief and no freedom of religious practice; and there is no separation of Catholical Church and state! 

Why are catholical cults and sects dangerous? They are not all dangerous or evil. Some are quite open as to what they do, and why they have such peculiar practises. The ones that get our attention are the ones that are run by unscrupulous people, and usually end up murdering there members, or condoning sexual abuse, rape, extortion, deceit, fraud, robbery. The general view is that people who run a catholical or baptistical cult or a sect, are doing so for money or some other perverse gratification, or even that they are mentally imbalanced.  „Dangerous” because catholical cult members are stereotyped as gullible, naive looking for attention, wanting to belong something, easily manipulated to the point of committing murder or loosing their own lives! 

Christian Manson Sect. Perverted maniac, a madman who imagines himself a Christian prophet. He declared war between the black and white races. War, which he, the preacher, has long predicted, the war that forever cleanse the earth and opens the way for him to rule the world, over the entire planet. Charles Manson was convicted in 1969 in several murders, including the wife of director Roman Polanski’s actress Sharon Tate. Court’s sentence, he should have been executed in the gas chamber, but in 1977, when the California Supreme Court has recognized the death penalty unconstitutional. Penalty commuted to life imprisonment. Last year (2007) he was denied parole. That is commonly meaning of catholical sect based on rasism, fascism, nasism and inquisition. 

Freedom and religious freedom are gifts of God for all of us. We have to defend them for all the inhabitants of our planet, everywhere. This is the best way to protect our freedoms against catholical and Christian fanatism, rascism, fascism, and papist nazism. Wherever men or women are persecuted because of their race, religion, or political views, that place must at that moment become the center of the universe. Defending religious freedom in Poland, France, Slovakia, Spain, Bulgarian, Russian and even the USA is important and useful not only for those who are living there, but because it has an influence on the whole world. 

Author: Cinderella, Poland



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