Shigatse Temple

Wisdom is not something that can be learnt. Wisdom is an attribute of the soul and it appears naturally as a way of manifesting the soul through personality. Knowledge is something that can be learnt. Wisdom is loving understanding, wisdom is knowledge enlightened by personality. Wisdom comes from above, from the formless plane of the Buddhist as well as the Christian consciousness. The world of redeemed, liberated souls is called Vaikuntha. It radiates the spiritual energy of the Saviour which is the highest of charismas: the gift of love. The knowledge of the mind enlightened by love becomes transformed into loving wisdom. This is what we call Christ, Maitreya, Kalkin or Messiah.

One can spend a long time learning hard and still not achieve God’s Wisdom, which is a charismatic Divine Gift descending from the plane of the liberated (redeemed) Spiritual Masters, Saints and Prophets. The Robe of God’s Wisdom is called the Golden Robe and one who deserves wearing it is called a Sage, Rishi or Sufi. The path of Wisdom is one which leads to Shigatse Ashram, to the sanctuary of utmost Mercy of Loving understanding and penetrating comprehension of secret phenomena.

Shigatse Temple is a sanctuary which reflects the Completeness of Wisdom inhabited by initiated souls of arhats who work for God at the other ray of evolution called the ray of love and wisdom. This ray is expressed fully through Single Eye Filled with Light and Compassion. Only a pure soul can achieve a thorough experience of what spiritual energy exuded by the ray of evolution is. Full comprehension of such subtle lights is available only to the consciousness of angels. One can say that Shigatse is a temple of God’s Wisdom on our planet, a sanctuary of golden aura which surrounds understanding hearts.

Sages (Rishis, Sufis) of Shigatse who are members of the Golden Robe Fraternity form the Ashram of Jagadguru: the Teacher of the World, also named Kalkin, i. e. the Saviour. A spiritual leader of the Shigatse Fraternity sanctuary is a master and guru of all souls engaged in the service of helping other beings attain liberation from mundane hardships and sufferings in the world of people, animals and demons.

A direct leader of Shigatse Temple is a sage and prophet known as Kuthumi Lal Singh. This person exerts spiritual influence over his territory, i.e. Kashmir (to be exact, a fabulous heavenly garden by Kashmir Lake), as well as a retreat centre in Tibet, located in Shigatse. Prophet Kuthumi, Superior in Shigatse is at the same time a master wielding the second ray of Love-Wisdom. In this function he is known as Chohan Kuthumi. Guru Lanto fulfils the function of his assistant and he takes over his duties in case of necessity. Kuthumi is famous for many materialisations and emanations, of which Padmasambhawa (One Sitting on the Lotus Flower) deserves special attention. Chohan is a founder of The Yogi School of Tibetan Buddhism (8th century B. C.). He also incarnated as St. Francis in order that Christianity could recover the initial, Christ-like spirit of Holiness and Divine Compassion, which also reveals itself practically in love towards animals and protection of their life.

Twenty Four Holy Old Men – Sages wearing Golden Robes constitute the Council of the Temple, whose members look after hidden treasures of wisdom of all the paths, including twelve succession lines of Yoga. St. John mentioned them in the Apocalypse, referring to them as those who pay tribute to Christ. Venerable Old Men also called Sages from the Mountains pay their homage, kneeling respectfully in front of One who has assumed the Office of Educator and holds the Sceptre of Enlightenment. It is also in Shigatse that the Assembly of the Council of Seventy Righteous Men is held. It consists of Saints, Masters and Prophets, who transformed their bodies into rainbows, and similarly to the Patriarch Henoch or Eliah the Prophet, ascended Heaven (Devachan). The Council of Righteous Men assists Jagadguru (Christ) in exercising judgement over each human soul and in determinig its destiny in the journey through worlds and incarnations.

The altar of Shigatse Temple is a vivid flame which emanates golden light and is located in the middle, as its central tabernacle. The Flame of Omnipotent God’s Wisdom is the most venerable one. And the Holy One appears in a form which is no other than that of Fire. Israfil, the Archangel of Love-Wisdom is the patron of the temple.

The Fraternity od the Golden Robe

Within the Order of Himavanti we teach the First and Second Level of Raja Yoga (Sufi Tariquah) so as to purify the soul and prepare it for accepting the charismatic gift of God’s Loving Wisdom. This is pure Divine Wisdom flowing from above, a gift from The Teacher of mankind and angels. This charisma is known as the Golden Robe of Shigatse. If there were anyone who really knew what Raja Yoga (the Sufi Path) truly is, then they would not use the name, which is so commonly overused in India nowadays, so often. The awakening of Pramana – the source of triple knowledge of exploration is the goal of the First Level of Raja Yoga. The awakening of Sarvajnana – the Everlasting Wisdom of Soul, is the basic goal in the Second Level of Raja Yoga.

Having experienced Everlasting Wisdom flowing out of the depths of the soul which has dropped its veils (purusha), Great Rishis (Sufis) watched over the process of spiritual development and evolution and they cotinue doing so until now. Therefore, the Council of Holy Old Men is the embodiment of the Master, who in fact is only One. The disciples of the Fraternity are initiated itinerants representing all levels, who devoted their energies in the service for mankind, the service of helping other people through spiritual leadership and teaching. Therefore, the Fraternity of the Golden Robe consists of servants (sevaka) who sacrifice themselves in the mission of working for the benefit of other developing souls. They truly perform the work of the World’s Teacher and Saviour in one person and they share it with Him.


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