Short Course in Spirituality (77)

The spiritual idea for the human race is ​​good and helpful at all times, and each lesson of Light, Love and Power, Truth and Simplicity or Harmony and Beauty must be read, studied and contemplated many times until the Spiritual Ideals are written on the Matrix of our Hearts and Minds. Intuitive (Buddhi) Goodness (Sattva) has been the basis of Oriental Culture for countless thousands of years, and yet not so long ago are the times of Lord Sadaśiva (the All–Gracious), who descended to earth some 12,000 years ago to transmit Spiritual Yoga, i.e. the Way of Spiritual Development. Every Spiritual Idea is for the human mind – speaking in the modern language of Psychosynthesis – a Meme that destroys the deposits of evil and demoness enveloping the souls of the human race. The shortest Spirituality Course can last 7 days, the Holy Week and start on the Day of the Sun – Sunday, i.e. according to God – on the First Day of the Week. It means the absorption of the Ideals from the seven basic areas of spiritual knowledge into our divine Spiritual University. When we identify strongly with Sublime Thought, we can pay attention to the nature of our dreams, especially if we are adepts of the Mystical Circle.

Most people are in a state of demonic darkness, and extremely evil individuals, embodiments of the Beings of Darkness, take care to keep them in this state of illusion, falsehood, negativity and darkness. Nourishing and reviving Divine Thoughts (Vohu Manu) within oneself removes the veils of darkness and cleanses the Divine Soul, Atman, and leads the human being from the demonic, rakshasa state to the state of purity and luminosity, i.e. to the Devaic level of Self-development. Therefore, we must be very careful what ideas, beliefs, convictions and views we harbour, because only the Thoughts of God belong to the sphere of Truth, and on earth at all times there are always 144,000 People of God who are the Treasury of Divine Truth. When one of us passes away, God raises up in this place or sends to this planet our Man with the Divine Mind, a Man who thinks like God, because 144 thousand are in fact Devas – Angels of God sent to earth to save humanity drowning in the web of evil, in chaos and darkness. We are the rescuers of souls and we take to heavenly heights only those who inherit the Divine Ideas by finding Us and following Us along the Path of Discipleship, faithfully throughout their lives. If someone has a strong impact on society and turns out to be a drunk, a nicotine addict, a drug addict, a cheater and a thief – whether an artist or a politician – he is a Being of Darkness. The worst are the War Makers, and these are all those who invade other nations, arm themselves and impose their will, and exploit the poorer and weaker in a colonial way.

And how can we get to know the Being of Good, the Angel of God, who takes on a human form and, although he is an Aristocrat among people, seems to lead the life of an ordinary person? We stand on Earth as Balls of Light with a great Aura, as Radiant Beings, teaching and healing those who come to us, but our therapy of human souls does not give a quick effect but is a long–term treatment rebuilding and repairing the fallen man on the seven inner planes. The essence of spiritual transformation, or rather the meaning of internal transformations, is the reconstruction of what man was before his spiritual fall into the swamp of chaos and evil. The very fact that people are born on a planet where so much evil is happening and there is constant war, proves that they fit this demonic dimension with their entire being, and therefore require comprehensive repair in order for them to enter, or rather be reborn in, a new, better world. Most people want a better world based on Goodness, Love and Truth, but they cannot imagine how it could work on this planet where the forces of Evil seem to dominate so much that it is difficult to ignore them, although you can try. The well–known example of Job itself proves that although it is unknown how much Goodness a person will develop, black–clothed creatures from the world of Evil can harm him. We must always say to black and brown people: Down Satan, Down Demon! Both the Indian Puranas and the Christian Bible clearly state that the Spiritual Man of God is easily recognized by, so to speak, Job Experiences, of which there are usually 2 to 6 in a life, although sometimes more. Going through the loss of everything and everyone, through the attack of demonic diseases, or through the attack of evil forces causing suffering, torture or imprisonment, as seen in the lives of Krishna, Vivekananda, Premananda or the Apostle Paul.

The undeserved suffering of a being who is the Embodiment of Goodness, a Bodhisattva, can be read as Job’s Suffering, but it should not be confused with an ordinary karmic expression in the case of ordinary people. Thought is also an action for God, and although thinking cannot be seen, many negative thoughts, such as constant fear, lead to illnesses and bad events. Even charity, giving money can end badly for a person if the recipient uses your donation for drinking or drugs. Our Charity must therefore provide work, food, clothing and a roof over our heads. Many human thoughtless ideas must be eradicated before the Angel of God, the Luminous Deva, is reborn from the demonic man. Both those who made it possible and who ordered it, as well as those who carried out the eviction, which involved throwing a man out of his house onto the street, do not know, in their bottomless stupidity, how great and long–lasting suffering they are inflicting on themselves. The heartlessness of human stupid ideas is what drives this entire World of Suffering – as Gautama Buddha called human existence on this planet, pointing out, of course, just like us, the Spiritual Path of Liberation.

Divine Beings, through spoken words and pen, transmit the Message of Spiritual Science to all humanity, to the nations to which they have come, and in every century there is a Kutub, a Divine Pillar, sent or raised in every nation or language on Earth. Of the 144,000 Sanctified by God’s Grace, both the Greatest and the Littlest are worthy of Divine Worship, and there is nothing worse than Honouring one of us and despising another among us, because as the Masters of the Spirit taught, we are the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Observers of this world of people on behalf of God, or as Atum called it, we are God’s Agents on Earth and His Representatives. Awakening people’s awareness of the existence of a truly Divine Aristocracy among humanity, awakening the awareness of the existence of the Great White Brotherhood of Masters, Saints and Prophets is a task, a great task to be done for every good being in every generation, and as we know generations (culture) change in the rhythm of the Dragon Cycle i.e. practically every 19–20 years. Arya – Nobility is inherited in the process of Discipleship, Chelakat, and is not usually inherited from father to son, although the Disciple is a Spiritual Son, i.e. the Son of God shaped anew by his GURU – Teacher, Master and Guide. The Divine Nobility is few in number on this Earth, but well–proven as the Cornerstone of the Temple of the Spirit, the Garden of Eden and the Gate of Paradise. We are the Heavenly Kingdom of God in the demonic world as a bridgehead finding people who want to return to God, and our feature is certainly not the appropriation of wealth at the expense of other people’s misery and poverty. A curse is a ruler in whose country his subjects are harmed and suffer poverty, hunger and homelessness. The duty of a righteous ruler is to provide each subject with at least a modest apartment and job that gives them the opportunity to live and survive honestly. Satanic rulers are known in this world for not guaranteeing a job, a home, or the possibility of survival for their subjects, because they are not guided by the good of society, but by profit at all costs. In the world of Heaven, in the angelic lands, everyone has everything they need and the memory of it exists in human souls, and the deprivation of this state can be very painful for people.

The human being, full of demonic accretions that create gray, brown and black curtains on the Divine Soul that is the True, Heavenly Man (Adam Kadmon, Manu Vaivasvatu) must be cleansed very comprehensively, and this process is usually long and requires constant consultations and support of someone, who is Pure, who was born Purified himself or became Pure Spirit himself. Gurudeva, the Light Guide, is our introducer to the Divine World, and the Divine Guard requires at least 2 beings as our introductory, recommending assistance for us to be admitted to the Divine Paradise Land of Liberation. One of these beings must be one of the 144,000 Divine Guides living on earth, and the other must be the Celestial Deity to which the candidate aspires. The rules are clear and the Path is straight, and no one who does not have a Divine Man as a friend and is not heading towards the Deity of Heaven cannot say that he has come to know God, because the Wisdom of God always flows from the mouth to the ear and from the Enlightened Mind to the candidate’s heart. Therefore, as people of God, we accept you as a human being, so that we can see whether your humanity has matured to the Way of God, which is a spiritual journey with us for the rest of your life. We do not recommend to God anyone who has been and gone or who came to us for a moment. We raise Kundalini, revealing the Divine World to those who stay with Us forever, because in the World of God, we all become One. Therefore, splitting and leaving us is a betrayal that only leads a person into the depths of Darkness.

We greatly bless those who spread our spiritual lessons and teachings, which are in fact the Thoughts of God, in a language you understand, and we bless even more those who translate our spiritual lessons into other languages ​​and spread them among all nations. Whoever spreads our teachings, spiritual lessons, joins the service of God and His Cause. The Word of Gurudeva, the Teacher of Humanity, must be constantly spread so that as many people as possible have a chance to taste God’s Knowledge and Wisdom and join our Community. There is nothing wrong with distributing lessons of the Good that encourage trust and self–knowledge. Whoever has talents and hides them without giving anything to others is a demagogue of evil, and the duty of all our Aćaryas is to spread spiritual knowledge and understanding of the laws and principles of God, because without it neither Love, nor Peace, nor Divinity itself is possible, and how it is known that the sages described Divine Perfection (Arhat) as the Embodiment of 100 Good Qualities. Therefore, only a few or one of them is not enough, and we always teach and require the development of Good Qualities with triads such as Light, Love and Power or Truth, Simplicity and Beauty. We must contemplate each of the three features of the subtly complementary triad, focus strongly on it and meditate on it, preferably every day at three times of the day, i.e. morning, noon and evening. Love, Harmony and Beauty is a good triad for artistic and creative souls, but it is 33 such triads, if we become their Living Embodiment, that only result in the complete flowering of Divinity, Devata.

In the natural order of things determined by the seven days of the Holy Week and the energies of the seven planets: the Sun (Sunday), the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn (Saturday), i.e. from Sunday to Saturday, we can find three properties of the Cosmic Spirit, which will help us in Spiritual Development. Light, Reflection, Heroism, Understanding, Direction, Beauty, Order – isn’t this a remarkable chain of qualities that are worth becoming the embodiment of? And wouldn’t Serenity, Devotion, Bravery, Wisdom, Power, Love and Being be useful? Awareness, Cyclicity, Courage, Cognition, Guidance, Creativity, Obedience are all Divine Qualities eternally associated with the Good Properties (Iśta) of the seven sacred planets of our system. However, the triads must complement each other like the three wheels of the Vehicle and that is why they are the Yanam (Car) taking us to higher growth, and we constantly show adepts how to develop Light, Love and Power, and we know that many of our fans are inspired by the idea of ​​Power, even if it is passed on through film art. After all, we are called Knights of Power or Knights of Light, but only the hour of trial suits us as a Knightly and Heroic Spirit, and the cowards who left and turned away from us in the hour of trial became soldiers of the Black Mafia, knights of the Devil, the Slanderer and his demons. The Triangle of Divine Qualities is a beneficent figure that gives mental, physical and spiritual balance.

A Short Course in Spirituality may be a collection of seven topics necessary for the next seven days, but it may also be a collection of God’s spiritual thoughts to be considered in the depths of one’s being for the next 30 days of each month. The best calendars are those in which the month coincides with the Zodiac Sign or with the lunar month, starting with the New Moon. A person living in the rhythm of such a calendar is truly close to Nature, and contemplating 12 thematic thoughts for each zodiac month or Zodiac Sign is also a good Short Course in Spirituality. The longer Course is the development of 7 thoughts for 7 consecutive years from 7 holy Ćakrams or 12 thoughts for 12 consecutive years marking the Guru cycle. The cycle of 30 thoughts for the following days of the month can be developed for the next 30 years of the Saturn cycle, and this is really a longer period of deeper practice and spirituality for a human being. Writing down thoughts in your memory, on the board of your heart, is only a small first step that will not bring deeper spiritual benefits if we do not begin to Become the Idea written in our heart and finally Be it forever. This Becoming and Being the Ideal in the pattern required by God is the key development process here, and we can never say to ourselves that we have had enough of the growth of this spiritual plant, which is our Ideal, the Divine Property of Iśta Mantra. Righteousness, Justice and Truth are the Triad that is the bulwark of Light. Therefore, Beings of Light are always based on Truth, demonstrate intrinsic Righteousness, and are Righteous to others. And only in this way can the Enlightened Ones be the judges, the Shahids of this world. Whoever is not Righteous cannot be Righteous, and whoever does not know the Truth does not know the other two Qualities either. The lack of one Trait ruins the other two of the Three.

What can we do from Sunday to Saturday, awaken and consolidate in ourselves, to direct our whole being towards the Divine, towards the Heavens? Sun Day is a perfect time to consolidate thoughts and ideal that tell you: “I am becoming a child of the Sun and a son (daughter) of all Light, and the Light awakens in me and illuminates me so that I radiate my whole being and send out Divine radiance!”. On Lunar Monday, we can develop the idea that says: “I become a pure mirror reflecting everything that comes from God, to whom I surrender myself with complete trust!” On Martian Tuesday we can consolidate the spiritual thought that: “I am now becoming a Knight of God, full of Courage and Heroism; a spiritual being ready to always stand on the side of God’s forces and devote myself to any Divine Cause serving the Universal Good!” We must repeat the thought – the idea to ourselves many times, reading it loudly, in a whisper and silently in thought, deliberately, in order not only to sow it, but also to revive it, awaken it and become the ideal we strive for in reality, in the hour of trial.

On the middle Day of the Week, which is Wednesday, we can develop an ideal such as: “I am now and forever becoming a Divine Being, settling myself in the very centre of my Soul, I am achieving an increasingly deeper and fuller Understanding and Knowledge of all matters revealed to me by God!”. The day called Thursday is the Day of Jupiter called in India as Guru. It is the spirit of the planet Jupiter that is our Cosmic Guru, the Guide of our souls. “I become one with my spiritual, divine Guide, I become one with the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters, Saints and Prophets and with complete confidence I always follow the Guidance of God and His Guru!” This is one of those thoughts that helps us to join the true stream of spiritual life. On Friday, as the Day of Beauty and Art, the energy of the planet Venus, let us open ourselves more to the thought that: “I become a guide of divine inspiration, creative inspiration with the help of which I transform myself and the world around me in the Spirit of Harmony and Beauty and I become the creator of everything that The Divine Spirit will want to send through me to this Earth!”

The seventh day of the Holy Week is the Day of Rest and Religious Ritual. The planet Saturn Śani, patronizes us by sending the energy of its Spirit to the Earth and Humanity. The spiritual force of this planet controls the karmic return, the return of our karma, and is the Guardian of the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). It can be said that every Saturday something like a small judgment of God takes place over humanity and it is the last time for us to repent and make amends to the Congregation. “I become the embodiment of Perseverance and Patience, now completely uniting myself with the river of life, with the current of my true, Divine Destiny, in order to achieve the spiritual Purpose of my Life and the Meaning of Existence!” Apart from the fate consisting of karmic phrases, each person has his or her own Divine Destiny, Purpose and Meaning for which he or she was created by God as a Soul or Self. The discovery of this Goal and its conscious implementation is called SELF–REALITATION by the Masters and Sages, and man lives here, on this earth, incarnation after incarnation, until perhaps one day he will direct his steps towards the waters of Deva Ganga, the river of Divine Destiny, achieving self–realization. Our Very Short Course in Spirituality indicated here has only seven thoughts good for seven days or seven years, which is a short period anyway, but has the advantage that the Seven Spirit cycle can be repeated and each seed of thought can, if it grows, bring us many spiritual reflections as the Fruit of Meditation.

Āćārya Paramahansa Swami Baba Lalita Mohan G.K.


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