Some Aspects of Spirituality (66)

1. We will discuss a very deep and comprehensive topic: spirituality, i.e. climbing upwards on the steps of enlightenment. We will assume the essential esoteric truth about generally five degrees of enlightenment or spirituality that human beings can achieve in their human bodies. The symbol of a five–pointed star, a pentagram or a five–petaled secret white spirit flower in the heart is an ancient symbol speaking about the five degrees of enlightening initiation. Many people like to focus on this symbol, although its meaning may not be known to everyone. In any case, the symbol as such has the power to direct human beings towards the Spiritual Kingdom, that is, towards the Community of the Enlightened Ones. Western esotericism and occult (secret) schools usually call the degrees of enlightenment Initiations and number them from first to fifth, so that the first two degrees of enlightenment are called planetary initiations, the next two solar initiations, and the last, fifth is called Sirius initiation. These names, as we will see, reflect important aspects of the development of the adept connected to the enlightened Kingdom of God, which has always been called the vanguard of humanity. Talking about three degrees or classes of enlightenment, i.e. generally about the planetary (logical), solar and Sirius degrees, is also common and worth considering, especially since it is translated into Buddhist terms interpreted as: kenśo, satori and san–mai, respectively. Already at the beginning it is worth realizing that any degree of enlightened existence is not a matter of momentary rapture, but is realized in a long–term and comprehensive, profound process of life transformation, which we can call spiritualization.

 Spirituality and Soulfulness – Symbols of the Highest Mysticism

2. We must realize that all spiritual initiates at various levels of enlightenment create a vanguard community among humanity that has many common features, characteristics and signs that prove belonging to the Kingdom of God. At the same time, those who are in the first of the enlightened, spiritualized classes of humanity have a limited ability to recognize this fact, and often find it difficult to recognize beings like themselves among people. In the golden age of humanity, the group of enlightened people was the vast majority, and in the dark age of human civilization, such as the current Kali Yuga, the group of spiritual people constitutes a small flock of the chosen, the vanguard of the human race and at the same time true, although not accepted in the mass consciousness, but nevertheless the aristocracy of mankind. Flaunting yourself with such a special position is the least necessary thing in spiritual development, but the truth is exactly that. Among the many more enlightened human races and civilizations that have existed before us on planet Earth and that exist in the universe, the most perfect social system is considered timocracy or theocracy based on the spiritual supremacy and power of spiritual, enlightened human beings. This means that the perfect development of humanity is based on advice and guidance coming directly from aristocratic souls who have achieved deep self–realization or, better yet, God–realization. Sometimes we also discuss the five degrees of enlightenment as two classes: the planetary degrees as the class of Self–Realization or Enlightenment of the Heart, and the remaining, higher ones as the class of God Realization or Enlightenment from God. Probably the very definition of individual degrees will give us some knowledge about what is the subject of each degree of spirituality.

3. The transition of man from the Human Kingdom, as we sometimes call the entire human race, to the Spiritual Kingdom is a deep and long–lasting, extensive process of transformation, which is said to be an evolutionary leap of the human soul, as a complete turning of the human being towards spirit, towards God. It can be said that it is a conscious Birth in God, who at the beginning of this process is most often experienced as the All–Spirit (Brahman). An ordinary person must make a lot of effort and sacrifice to be promoted by the spiritual, angelic Rulers of the Planet to live in a new, divine, slightly more enlightened consciousness. A person always has at least two promoting, or rather mentoring, beings who bring him to Initiation. One is a living teacher and guide who is already a being from the Spiritual Realm, and the other is usually a being from among the angels (devas) who takes care of the spiritual school or religion to which the person belongs. The Hierophant who advances the soul is still one and the same, and His Name is revealed by all great religions. Therefore, we know him as Kalkin (Savior), because the first planetary initiation is in fact also the beginning of the liberation, salvation of the human being. We also know him as Maitreya, because he is a being full of compassion, mercy and kindness towards every person, and the very act of liberating the soul is an act of divine mercy. We also know him as the Messiah or Christ because he infuses the divine spirit into the human soul, sealing the heart towards enlightened life. Initiates are often called the anointed of the spirit because their connection with the invisible, heavenly world of God is much greater and more conscious. In essence, Kalkin is the celestial Master and Hierophant initiating the soul on the first two planetary levels, the Master who brings souls to the solar initiations that are performed by the Being that all beings call anyway God the Creator, Brahma Kumar. The guide living on earth is a witness to obtaining spiritual qualifications in earthly life, and the heavenly guide is such a witness for the human soul from the side from which it is seen by Heaven. The Savior (Kalkin) is the heavenly Witness of the soul above the planetary degrees of enlightenment, which we more often call degrees of spirituality, because comprehensive spiritualization is the subject of the aspirations of all adepts of the Kingdom of God.

4. It is worth realizing that the entire process of achieving, developing and consolidating the first stage of enlightenment is related to stimulating and revitalizing the anahata heart centre. The life of an initiate is therefore a life from the depths of the heart and, importantly, it is always the life of a human being who has become kind to others. Pleasure and suffering are experienced deeper and on more subtle levels, because the activation of the heart centre always increases sensitivity. Stimulation of the heart lotus also causes an increase in intuitive life, so a person at this degree will use more heart intuition when making life choices. Characteristically, the divine spirit working through the heart is a force leading into a deeper spiritual life and a more spiritual environment, which the classical esoteric writings call good company. We can say that human consciousness is embedded and awakened in the twelve–petaled flower of the heart, and the life of the initiate becomes the life of a spiritualized heart. An increase in the ability to feel, the awakening of new, inexpressible and very subtle feelings or sensations, is a general characteristic of such an oriented human personality. Thinking and feeling are no longer two separate sides of human nature, but become one tool of intuitive and effective sensory knowledge. This is what is commonly called the connection of thoughts and feelings in the heart. Sensory knowledge will accompany the person traveling along the steps of enlightenment in the Kingdom of God and will develop and improve as he grows spiritually. It is difficult to call ourselves an initiate if we cannot yet trust our own heart and live in accordance with our intuitive reception. The life of a person with an open heart in this sense, open to the inflow and flow of divine illuminating energy, is divided into seven longer life periods in which each of the seven chambers of the heart and the seven structures of the bodily sheaths becomes revitalized and spiritualized. These seven periods are a very long period of time from the human point of view, although for God the Creator it is only a few days, but in the divine measure of the duration of time. The fourth period is an exceptionally strong overload for the heart, because the heart lotus works as if double. The seven periods are associated with the seven chakras.

5. The second initiation takes place with consciousness embedded and animated in the throat lotus – viśuddha. It is associated with opening hearing and enhancing speech. Purity of language is the hallmark of this circle of initiation, as is the constant ability to hear angelic voices and heavenly music. Through the power of silence and the ability to create with the help of speech, the life of the human being of the second initiation is completed. Beings living on this level do not utter any lies, gossip or slander from their mouths, keeping their tongues pure from all sins of speech. Hearing and speech must be very sublime, especially since listening to the voice of silence allows one to discern seven levels of sound vibration characteristic of the seven chakras. It can be said that life at the level of the second planetary initiation is a life of silence, truth and caution in speech, and in silence it is a life of contemplation of at least seven levels of internal sounds. The process of second initiation is a synthesis of seven life periods in the life of the heart and raising the life of the heart to a higher qualitative level. It is difficult to distinguish a person carrying the spirit of enlightenment in the second stage from a person who has advanced in the first stage. Only souls in solar classes can truly distinguish in this matter, and before that this knowledge and ability to recognize is generally not available. We give certain instructions not so much to differentiate, but to give us some general tips on what direction to develop in order to maintain and deepen enlightenment.

6. The life of an adept after the first planetary initiation is depicted as a constant wandering or pilgrimage, hence the yogic name of the adept, Parivrajaka – ‘He Who Wanders Up’. In short, we say Wanderer, Pilgrim; we will therefore easily realize that the characteristic feature of the initiated life is a pilgrimage towards the Spirit, a journey towards God. The path of rising upwards, wandering towards the Holy Place, until the Pilgrim finds his Heavenly Home, his Spiritual Temple. The eighth period, suitable for the second initiation, is called in our terms Kitichaka – ‘He Who Found His Home’. ‘Building the Temple’, ‘building the Cottage of Peace’ are also metaphorical terms for this level of enlightenment. A Kitichaka is someone who has realized the Oasis of Peace, someone whose home has become Inner Silence, or someone who has achieved the Gift of Peace that only Kalkin can fully grant. The final interruption of the internal dialogue and the ability to remain in silence for an indefinitely long time is finally achieved in this class, although the silence of the mind and the non–generation of impressions have been worked on since the beginning of the path of spirituality. The eight–part Buddhist wheel symbolizes eight long–term life periods in which all the spiritual metamorphoses and trials necessary for Kitichaka are completed most quickly. An old saying says that only a candidate who has been tested seven times becomes worthy of receiving the secret of the Voice of God. Striving to hear the Voice of God in a real way is undoubtedly striving towards Kitichaka’s level. We must also clearly realize that reaching the threshold of enlightenment and becoming a Pilgrim, a Parivrajaka, is not a matter of some spiritual course, training or retreat, but a matter of subordinating our entire life to divine and spiritual matters. It is a total turning towards goals in the heavenly sphere. The very belief in God, angels and life after death is a science that can effectively direct us to the path of spirituality.

7. Between ordinary humanity and the small flock chosen by the Saviour for life in the Kingdom, there are diametric differences in experience and understanding of spiritual reality, knowledge and philosophy. Unenlightened people developing their philosophies and theologies often believe that there are many different spiritual paths and many different religions, while the enlightened point of view sees only one religion with the same teachings over and over and experiences only one path of spiritual development. In fact, there is only One Way and only those whose hearts have been enlightened to follow this Path know something about it. Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity are still the same religion given to humanity by God’s Messengers so that humanity can effectively prepare for spiritual promotion, for the transition from the evolution of ordinary humanity to the evolution of the Spiritual Kingdom existing among people. The religion is called the Probation Path, the Path of Preparation, and generally consists of three long periods of life. The three lives of the Trial Path are the work of receiving spiritual knowledge, the work of attempting spiritual practice, and the work of synthesizing science and practice, which is an attempt to lead a spiritual life. Knowledge, the rosary and living according to ideas, is the approach of ordinary humanity to the threshold of metamorphosis that ends the course of the evolution of the soul in the class of ordinary humanity. Indeed, some of the attempts by candidates of Probatory Path to lead a spiritual life are truly hilarious excesses. The feeling of One Path and the Community of Enlightened Beings – Spiritual Brotherhood inherently accompanies those who, willingly or unwillingly, lead a spiritual life from the depths of their hearts, because the initiation of the soul performed with the sceptre of Kalkin–Maitreya has completely prepared them for this. The feeling of One Heavenly Path and One Final Goal will always accompany the initiates until the Way is travelled and the Goal is achieved.

8. Another feature that usually clearly accompanies souls from the Kingdom of God is the sense of otherness compared to other people and their customs. Sometimes, especially around the second initiation, it is a kind of alienation or life isolation, separation from literally all people. Many Kitichakas grow up not only in mostly silence, but also in long–term solitude, and neither of these causes any unpleasantness, but on the contrary – it is generally a pleasant experience. This sense of otherness and separateness from humanity at large is nicely portrayed in the words of Jesus of Bethlehem: We are in this world, but we are not of this world. There are many signs and inclinations that indicate that the soul no longer belongs to this world. Spontaneous, natural observance of the principles of godly living is such a clear sign. From childhood, the soul will not want to participate in killing or harming, neither in lying nor in cheating, it will not care about status measured by the possession of material goods and will generally stay away from all dark deeds of this human world. Such natural inclinations towards Good and Purity indicate souls already belonging to the Kingdom of God, to the world of the spiritual race of people, which generally avoids drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, violence, betrayal, carnivory and other worldly activities of human beings. The spirit of worldliness, the spirit of falsehood, violence, self–poisoning, betrayal is easily recognized and naturally rejected. It happens that the soul of a being initiated from childhood, for such and similar reasons, cannot find a place among people and will not until he finds other human beings belonging to the Spiritual Kingdom. At the same time, a soul initiated into the Way often becomes an advisor or support to people who find themselves in suffering or need in life. Taoist Masters pointed out that finding the Heavenly Way, the Dao (Tao), is the ultimate privilege, goal and honour of every person. So we can confidently encourage those we interact with to find the Way, even if we do it in a thousand different ways.

9. In the Kingdom of Enlightenment, there is a heavenly hierarchical order. Parivrajaka often become spiritual helpers, guides and educators for those people who, while on the Trial Path, are trying to get closer to the enlightening initiation of the soul. Kitichaka are usually exceptional Gurus for a solid crowd of first–degree initiates. In a similar way, Sohan (Hansah), or the Swan, is the Master for the Kitichakas who pursue their lives. The higher level teaches the lower level and not only teaches, but also guides, leads, helps, admonishes, disciplines and also initiates subsequent steps or aspects of lesser works. Generally, the planetary class is inspired by an adept of the solar class, and the class of solar initiations by the actual Master of the Spiritual Realm, which is the Sirius adept, Asekha. The founders of great religions and esoteric schools and traditions are most often Gurus of the fourth degree of initiation, who are called Arhat, Perfect, Venerable. The term Arhat denotes such a degree of enlightenment and spiritual power that worship and adoration of such a spiritual being is a proper and recommendable practice that brings real results. There are usually no fewer than 360 beings with the rank of at least Arhat on earth, which symbolizes the so–called holy year. Each of them blesses humanity for a whole day, inspiring humanity at large towards spiritual awakening and realization. On average per 10 million people there is one Arhat, so our human civilization is currently accompanied by over 600 Perfect Ones, because we have about 6 billion souls living in earthly bodies. The Arhat realizes Atman – the Spirit of God, which is like a divine model of perfection for the Soul itself. An Arhat is the Essence of Humanity, a True Man who is truly what he was created by God. Statistics of one Arhat per 10 million people is very comforting for our nation, because in the Polish nation of about 40 million people there should be about 4 Perfect Sons of God. However, it is not that simple, because many Perfect Ones do not appear on the stage of human existence, remaining hidden. Either way, when we are just looking for enlightenment or have just taken some first steps on the Path, easy and close access to an Arhat or Asekha is not essential or necessary for us. Messengers who are spiritual teachers and guides within various language nations are often Kitichaka souls, and yet to followers of the Way they seem great and all–powerful. The presence of a true living Holiness in the form of the Swan, Sohan, is a great spiritual event for the nation in which he was born and for all people of the Way.

10. The sense of brotherhood of the Path, in fact one community leading to enlightenment, is an important sign. We can say that it is a sign of the realization of number one, the first degree, the deepest spiritual meaning of the number one. Oneness however, deeply penetrates many aspects of human life, and another tangible sign of planetary spirituality is actual reconciliation, a sense of unity with the entire planet and with all life on this planet. This sense of unity with the life of the planet results from the revival of the heart, which generally stimulates life and existence, and from the fact that planetary initiations are the awakening of the consciousness of the soul of the entire planet, as well as the realization that the planet as such, the entire globe with its atmosphere and surroundings, is one great living being, and everything that lives in this spirit is a kind of community of living beings. The first four periods of life involve an increasing deepening of awareness based on the four elements: earth, water, fire and wind. The remaining three periods of life are a deeper awareness of spirit, akasha, or the fifth element also called ether. The awareness of life in the earth element is the experience of life, the soul present in minerals, stones, rocks, in the mountain and in the field. At the core of enlightenment, we become a being with deep respect and reverence for the earth, which we often see as our mother, our motherly refuge. Through the elements, this experience gradually encompasses all of Environment, all of Nature, as well as all living creatures. The Spirit of Nature Yoga calls Rudradeva, so that we can understand that behind nature there is a living soul. Recalling the Taoist sages, we can recall that they always pointed to harmony with the Order of Natural Environent, with the Order of Nature as the foundation of an enlightened, spiritually conscious life. Living in harmony with the laws of Nature is therefore an important sign and hallmark of an enlightened life. Monasteries for enlightening contemplation were always located in places where the Beauty of Nature was able to awaken the heart and man became synchronized with the life of Nature. Conscious cooperation of an adept of the Spiritual Kingdom with the spirits of nature, with the souls of mountains, lakes, fields and streams is an indispensable attribute of souls awakening in the Kingdom. The adept is sometimes perceived by people from around the world as a kind of shaman who talks to the wind, animals and trees. Care and reverence for the planet’s nature is a sign of spirituality.

11. Oneness is also manifested in the personal perception of God, where initiates experience One God at their root, always becoming monotheists and developing the ability to recognize the Supreme Being, thereby definitely missing out on many philosophies and theologies that improperly discuss the issues of the central deity. Awareness develops, as if intuitive knowledge of origin from one’s Creator, and the cult of the Creator–Creation becomes the dominant direction of aspirations. The adept becomes aware to some extent of his origins, the reason for his existence. Deep awareness of the existence of the Creator, the Creator of souls, and gradually becoming that soul is the dawn for developing a deeper bond with the Creator (Brahman) through worship and love. The third initiation, called solar or fire, is given by the Supreme Being who is the Creative Spirit for life forms. Then the knowledge about God the Creator and the hierarchies of angels participating in the act of creating living beings is experienced and acquired at the deepest level. Insight into the act of creation, into the principle that creates living beings, is achieved. Achieving awareness of One God and the uniqueness of this Being and the ability to recognize the correct teachings about this Being among all religions is a strong sign of enlightenment. A certain awareness of the creating angels, cherubim, as they are called, and the Authority among them, the Spirit of creation, the Lord of Life and Death, also awakens already in the seventh life period in all Parivrajakas, but this is only a foretaste of the future deep awareness of the Creator’s Essence and those helping in this the work of angels. Cherubim are angelic beings who developed on the angelic line of evolution. Human spirits who have reached this level of the seventh heaven through evolution through the human Spiritual Kingdom are called in Eastern terms as Cheri–Cheba (Kheri–Kheba) and constitute a specific class of so–called Friends of the Creator God. It is mentioned in schools of mystical knowledge that the Throne of the Creator is surrounded by 70 Kheri–Khebas who participate in the work of creation by helping the Lord of Creation (Brahman).

What is spirituality and soulfulness

12. It is said that in our human civilisation, for every 5 – 6 thousand ordinary people, some of whom, usually 1/4 are on the trial path, one person is a spiritual being, i.e. an initiate. In a city of one million people, we can therefore find at most 200 souls who have achieved basic enlightenment and are the spiritual aristocracy among ordinary humanity. Of course, this whole group is divided pyramidally into seven small degrees, although it would be difficult to discern any differences between the periods of life of the planet’s initiates. On the sacred planets, such a handful of inhabitants are an aristocracy constituting the timocratic power of humanity’s spiritual guides. On more demonic planets, such beings tend to hide from the public in various secret brotherhoods. In some countries of our civilization, it is not easy for spiritual initiates to lead their lives anyway, and the not so distant times of inquisitorial darkness are known for ruthlessly catching and eliminating from society every being showing signs of enlightenment. The heroic life of enlightened souls was and is nothing extraordinary on our planet, but is the norm. A certain cult of martyrs of the faith, a significant number of whom are Parivrajaka, is perhaps an attempt to compensate the guides for creating a martyrological fate for them. Some seers estimate the number of initiates in the world at 1.2 – 1.5 million living souls and about 5 – 6 million of those who are close to initiation living their last lives in the world of ordinary humanity. In our country, in Poland, we can estimate the number of Parivrajaka at about 8,000 spiritual human beings, and those from the last life of the Trial Path, at about 5 times more, that is, at about 40,000 souls. The pyramid of the spiritual vanguard and its foundations actually look like the very top, because in the general human mass it is only a small flock leading in the field of enlightening spirituality. Some seers also estimated the number of initiated souls in Poland at approximately 6,000, which is less than the average calculated from general knowledge about all humanity.

13. Reflections on the number of souls spiritualized by the sceptre of Christ–Maitreya may disturb the peace of mind of those who hope for the soon liberation of all humanity and the implementation of the spiritual awareness of the Age of Aquarius. We say this because the vast majority of initiates are people who spend most of their lives seeking spiritual help and advice that will expand their consciousness. Parivrajaka and Kitichaka are souls who are truly working to increase the spiritual awareness of their compatriots. They do it in every possible way, although the most valuable are enlightening lectures and spiritualizing practices as well as intercessory prayer for the awakening and enlightenment of ordinary humanity. It is important, however, to know that, in general, initiates are free from addictions and all wrong ways of behaving, including wrong thinking. It is not difficult for initiated souls to cut the bonds of habit, and those who work hard at it usually still belong to the Proving Path. The idea of ​​imminent, final and lightning–fast Enlightenment and the feeling that this life is the last on this earth usually accompanies human beings who live in the third period of the Trial Path. They feel the end of an ordinary human life, and initiation joins the soul to the Kingdom of Heaven, but a few more lives take place in a human–like body. Only a few souls, very close to angels, after passing the planetary stages, continue to develop only on the subtle plane of existence. Souls travelling this way have particularly vivid consciousness during dreams and memories of previous lives, including, of course, what happened to them between incarnations. Nevertheless, this is only a small percentage of the total number of initiated souls who leave the earthly form of existence and migrate to a purely angelic line of evolution. A characteristic feature of souls who have already achieved initiation is the ability to easily find ways to implement spiritual ideas into practical life. Adepts of the Trial path usually suffer from an excess of ideals that are only wishful thinking, dead, because they are not implemented in practice. Those who talk much and do little are certainly not from the Spiritual Kingdom.

14. Somewhat enlightened souls also show a kind of cosmopolitanism, as their hearts are open to all humanity, so they are unable to manifest racist phobias or become entangled in the diseases of nationalism. The feeling of being human, a being belonging to all humanity and the feeling of brotherhood with all skin colours without distinguishing any race or nation is a symptom of a soul whose heart God has given a ray of his light. Striving to abolish boundaries and differences in treatment is also a common activity of the initiate. Promoting a deeper bond with Nature, as well as a deeper cordial bond with all people, or actively protecting the life of Nature, and fighting for human rights to a dignified existence is often a heroic attitude and activity of an initiate. The directions often mentioned here are considered to be the general outline in which humanity will evolve in the Age of Aquarius that has already begun. The feature of Aquarius energy is actually the acceleration of the process of spiritual development and growth, but it must be remembered that acceleration makes the process itself more turbulent. The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, lasting approximately 400 years, promises to be a very turbulent one for souls devoted to authentic spiritual development. However, we must always remember that transforming into a being belonging to the Kingdom of Heaven is a very long process from the point of view of human life. Seven periods of life, or usually in practice seven consecutive lives devoted to spiritual development, amount to a total of about 350–600 years of non–stop living in a human corporeal shell. It is very difficult to achieve such a long life in Kali Yuga, and even if it were possible to fit into a long human life lasting 90–120 years, one would not only have to double and triple the effort, but also work five times harder than the average human being is able to do. The intervals of several hundred years between incarnations give us several thousand years of existence to complete the Parivrajaka path. This is why we can say that we are Pilgrims of the Way, because we wander through different eras, cultures and civilizations. Therefore, if the sceptre of Kalkin touched someone in this life and the Christ consciousness was revived in the heart, this process will be completed throughout the Age of Aquarius and Capricorn, and probably even the next one. Souls of great dedication and devotion can sometimes summarize the seven periods of life so that the work of the first four is done in one long heroic life, and the work of the next three periods in the second life. The second initiation is a matter of the third life, but only a few souls in practice make such a huge effort of spiritual growth. Extremely deep isolation in a contemplative monastery and great effort in missionary and spiritual–creative activity characterize the souls making the fastest leap.

15. Opening the heart so that the ray of spiritual growth can ignite the fire of the heart requires special conditions, which we call Brahmavihara or Divine Virtue. We can say that we need to develop certain Characteristics of the Creator so that the energy of God that illuminates us can make its home in our hearts. The heart as the centre of the soul must become the dwelling place of God. In practice, when we accept into the Heart the Being of the Saviour, Kalkin, Maitreya, when we accept with complete devotion the Guru who represents Kalkin, then we actually make the heart capable of kindling the Flame of Initiation. Opening to the authentic Guru is therefore one of the signs of initiated souls. It is worth emphasizing that such a relationship is not momentary, but rather permanent, eternal, not a matter of a few years, but a matter of many lives, many periods of life. A heart conditioned by Brahmavihara deepens the four cardinal virtues that make it the temple and altar of God. The basic quality is Maitri – Kindness, Mercy, Love, Amity. If the entire personality is permeated with this feature, a person ceases to be conflictual, angry or jealous, and manifests the sweetness of Divine Mercy. Sufis indicate this feature as the Quranic Name of God – Rahman. Christian teaching also points to Love as the basis for us, the basis thanks to which the gates of the Kingdom of God finally open. It is not only love for God or Guru, but above all, mutual love in the community of practitioners, a love that over time covers all of humanity and even all creatures. The minimum is Maitri towards the Guru and the companions of the Path, i.e. co–practitioners. The second cardinal virtue is Karuna – Feeling, Sensitivity, Compassion. Heartfelt Compassion for the sick and suffering or the poor is the second sign of a spiritualized Heart. The third sign is Mudhita – Joy, Contentment, Bliss. The ability to maintain Bliss in the midst of various changing and sometimes unbearable life conditions also distinguishes the Enlightened Ones from crowds of people. Particularly significant is the fact of Rejoicing with those who are successful, because this ability ultimately frees the Heart from all envy and jealousy. The last cardinal Divine Virtue is Upeksha – Peace, Silence, Tolerance, Indifference. It is maintaining peace and freedom from judgment, and in particular indifference or neutrality towards the evil that often befalls the initiated adept. We can say that Peace and Tolerance is the way an adept endures everything that happens to him in life. The entire Brahmavihara must be constantly deepened and strengthened, because there is no end to these four Divine Virtues in the life of the Pilgrim of the Way. Seeing the four Divine Virtues flourishing well beyond the norms of average humanity, we will surely recognize an Initiated Soul.

16. People who are quarrelsome, who cause tension, who cannot stand their fellow practitioners, who are joyless, envious, angry and jealous, intolerant of average people and restless or even nervous, insensitive and devoid of compassion and mercy, these are certainly not spiritual adepts of the Spiritual Kingdom. Spirits who love others more than man can love and spirits who can bear more than men can bear – these are undoubtedly among the Initiates. Any poisoning and bewilderment with imperil – the mentioned psychic poisons – will reveal that the person has little in common with the Way of the Enlightened Ones. Perhaps, however, it is struggling and trying to change its interior while already on the Trial Path, so it is always worth helping a soul fighting for its Purity from bad habits, addictions and harmful habits. The combination of harmful, unclean habits such as malicious anger or envy or lifelong drug addiction with magical or psychic abilities indicate a fallen being belonging to the so–called Black Path. It is rather the antipode of the Spiritual Kingdom and the bottom of humanity. Psychism without signs of Purity has always been considered a sign of the forces of darkness. Therefore, we must pay close attention to comprehensive, thorough and practical Purity of Life, and not to magical abilities, which will be lost when purification is attempted. Otherwise, we may be deceived by pseudo–spirituality and fall victim to black magic. Three Virtues such as Chastity, Virtue and Obedience are also mentioned as the marks of spiritual people. We can understand virtue more as a quality of Brahmavihara, as well as a general natural inclination towards Abstinence and Moderation in every field of life. Obedience is the ability to recognize the Spiritual Hierarchy and spontaneously submit to the guidance of souls enlightened to a fundamentally higher degree, and even to submit to the guidance of more advanced souls in the same class in which we ourselves are. Openness to receiving blessings and initiations and the tendency to listen to the Guru are natural features of spiritual people belonging to the Kingdom of God. People belonging to the world, including adepts of the Probatory Path, have great problems with any kind of abstinence, as well as with accepting blessings or submitting to the Guru’s guidance.

17. The spiritual teachings of Śaivite, Buddhist and Jain sources often mention the Path of Enlightenment as a process lasting some 7–16 periods of earthly life. This is ancient and very universal, deep knowledge. Harmony with the Order of Nature, the vision of Unity, practical Purity of Life and the opening of the Heart must be achieved as an undoubted basis. The gurus of all spiritual traditions (schools and brotherhoods) patiently and long–term examine the candidate whether he independently perceives and deepens Oneness or whether he perceives Oneness and insight into the consciousness of the soul of Nature. Devotion and obedience, practicing spiritual activity on behalf of others are other important characteristics of a candidate whose state of enlightened life may be recognized. An authentic Guru usually does not comment on a candidate unless he has observed him for at least 10–12 years, and sometimes even 40. There is no reason to quickly conclude Enlightenment when it is a matter of many lifetimes. Those who came to us for a moment and then left are certainly not from the Kingdom of God. Quite fun, however, are the numerous courses that provide enlightenment within a few days or weeks. They are usually arranged by uninitiated people from the Trial Path, who, although spiritually oriented, can provide some theoretical knowledge and usually little practice, which at most helps to live better and sometimes even improves the mind a little. However, we can come into contact with souls that in this life are touched by the sceptre of the Hierophant, Kalkin, and it is always a period of about 3.5 years, during which the adept devotes himself to an exceptionally deep, often isolated practice under the guidance of the Guru, during which the spiritual dimension becomes inexpressibly exposed and realised. Persons who are touched by the sceptre of Christ–Maitreya, so that the process of planetary Initiation is initiated, remain in a deep connection with the spiritual school in which it took place and with the Guru who was the earthly helper and witness of this process. Of course, the spiritual practice and spiritual life of such a person never ends and the adept no longer returns to the world of ordinary people, remaining eternally in the Spiritual Realm. Those who accept the Guru and then abandon him, who join a spiritual brotherhood and then leave, have neither been initiated nor belong to the Kingdom of God. It happens, however, that these are intensely searching adepts of the Trial Path who wander in search of a Guru to finally receive the Grace of soul initiation by Kalkin.

18. Constancy is the general quality of initiated adepts. It is constancy of striving, constancy of choice of Guru and spiritual sources, as well as the more ordinary constancy in loving relationships. Constancy and faithfulness are features also developed on the Trial Path, where the ability to attach to the spiritual source that inspires our internal development develops. Traitors of the school and Gurus, such as the apostle Judas, are certainly not among the spiritual adepts of the Spiritual Kingdom. We can see from these numerous examples how easily and naturally the process of candidates’ self–testing takes place. It can be said that life itself quickly proves whether someone already belongs to the class of the spiritual vanguard of humanity. And initiated sages of all times often warned adepts against betrayal, infidelity, and instability in spiritual pursuit. Loyalty, cordiality and faithful attachment to spiritual sources are undoubtedly signs of truly spiritual people. As the Sufis said on this occasion, the candidate needs, above all, great Patience and great Constancy of striving. This puts the issue of unbelief in a slightly different light, because losing inappropriate views and ideas is the norm on the spiritual path, because we must constantly deepen and supplement our knowledge and spiritual beliefs, adapting them to current needs resulting from new, deeper perspectives of experience. Unbelief is rather a lack of stability and instability in spiritual pursuit, in practice, in attachment to the Guru and the spiritual community. Constancy in pursuing spiritual practice, constancy in the exercises of purification and perfection of one’s soul is a clear feature of the disciples of the Kingdom of God. Souls learn this constancy already in the second period of life on the Trial Path, when rosary prayers can become part of everyday activity, part of a discipline aimed at preparing a future spiritual disciple. Spiritual practice, sadhana, is still a challenge for these souls that is difficult to meet, so the phenomenon of taking up and abandoning the path of practice is a certain struggle to introduce spirituality into everyday life. Until the soul learns to remove obstacles to practice and incorporates sadhana into daily life, it will not have completed this trial period of practice. So sometimes more than one life is devoted to cultivating some form of religious devotion, thanks to which the soul will finally be able to effectively use the path of practicing sadhana for its own spiritual growth. Initiates generally have little difficulty in maintaining and continuing the spiritual exercises prescribed to them by the initiating Guru. Cultivating sadhana continuously, without any special effort, as if naturally, is a sign of a human being following the Eternal Path of God. Souls who deny the path of practice and are incapable of sadhana certainly do not belong to the circle of enlightened beings of this planet. While during the trial period, during synthesis and the beginning of initiation, the intention of practicing for oneself and one’s own development prevails, so that it may even look as if the sadhana was performed in a selfish way, as the Pilgrim advances, he increasingly embraces others in his practice, as if he were practicing for other people, for nature or even for God himself. When thinking about enlightenment, we can look at whether the spiritual discipline of practice is actually naturally easy for us and generally gives us relatively constant pleasure and satisfaction that never ends.

19. The spiritual ray of energy or power which, when applied to our Heart, turns us into initiated beings, is called in esotericism the Ray of Synthesis or the Principle of Harmony. It is also called the Ray of Beauty or Creation. The Ray of Synthesis or Harmony is what stimulates consciousness to think based on the sense of Unity, and can unify all views or concepts. Sometimes this initiating energy is called the spirit of Yoga, because the word Yoga itself means Synthesis, Unity, Union. Sensitivity to Beauty and Harmony makes it easier to find what promotes art and creation based on symmetry, and also facilitates adaptation and adjustment to the Kingdom of United Souls. However, the fullness of the Spiritual Kingdom is a community of hearts and minds, and for centuries people enlightened by the Spirit of God have been talked about as having one heart and one soul. Therefore, harmonizing spiritual people with each other is the norm, and any dissonances are revealed by people who do not belong to the spiritual community of the Enlightened Ones. The art often practiced by spiritually enlightened human beings is based on harmonious and symmetrical Beauty. The principle of symmetry in works indicates enlightened tendencies, beauty and harmony in the way of functioning, as well as the harmonizing and adjusting influence of the personality itself – these are the symptoms of the action of the Divine Spirit through the Heart of the initiate. The Spirit of Synthesis also makes our spiritual philosophy generally what is common in all religious Holy Books of the world. The Ray of Synthesis is the ray of creation, building and development. Even the great architectural work of the ancients, exerting great spiritual power, was a work guided by initiates and reflects the inspiration of the Spirit of Synthesis. The spiritual, angelic being who directs the distribution of the Energy of Synthesis (Unity) is the so–called Angel of the Lord in the Holy Scriptures, also called Joel or Yahuel. It can be said that it is an angel blessing initiates with the Ray of Synthesis. The sense of Oneness with all practitioners, including the disciples of other Masters or Gurus, is a sign of maturity towards Spiritual Brotherhood of enlightened beings. Separatism or rejection of disciples of other Gurus, inability to recognize or rather feel the Community of the Way only proves that the threshold of planetary initiation has not yet been crossed. This means that a Christian actually enlightened by the Holy Spirit will easily and willingly participate in the spiritual practice of Buddhists without any reservations and vice versa. It will not bring any harm, on the contrary, it will only be of profound benefit to such a soul. Esoteric schools of the Hindu type operating within the Christian culture and vice versa serve precisely to more effectively select hearts that are actually ready for spiritual opening, hearts that in many religions will only see varieties of the One Religion of God. This is undoubtedly a sign of the soul in which the harmonizing Ray of Unity and Synthesis operates in the Heart. Separatist phobias certainly do not have their roots in a source that illuminates consciousness. The members of the Kingdom of God constitute One Family, One Community, which we can call Universal Spiritual Brotherhood. Even simple paperwork, such as submitting written declarations of membership in a school or fraternity, can be taken into account as a kind of self–verification of a human being who, by giving up forms of affiliation, emphasizes that he has nothing in common with the Enlightened Ones.

20. Preparation for spiritual initiation includes the refinement and development of three so–called bonds, threads connecting souls both with the Spirit – the Matrix of Perfection and with bodily shells. Yoga calls these three strands Tamoguna, Rajaguna and Sattwaguna respectively. The purification of tamas, rajas and sattva is a work that determines the main aspects of work in three successive periods of life on the Proving Path. The sublimation of tamas means the removal of all ignorance, darkness, chaos and randomness in life. We remove darkness and ignorance by studying spiritual knowledge, and the souls who make progress in this direction are among the faithful mystical–religious students who spiritualize the mind by reading books and magazines. The large contemporary group of readers of Aquarius Age and New Age literature and magazines reveals that a large number of souls are working on the sublimation of tamoguna. Taoists call these faithful and persistent readers absorbing spiritual and philosophical knowledge the Sons of the Book, and Muslim mystics called these beginners the People of the Book, due to their tendency to study the Revealed Holy Scriptures throughout their lives. Intellectual knowledge about religious mysticism enlightens the mind, removing spiritual darkness and ignorance. Demonic people greatly detest any mystical or religious reading, and throughout history they have even been known to burn Holy Books such as the Bible so that the People of the Book would have nothing to study. Students of theological, astrological and theosophical schools, where various knowledge is studied, are often souls completing the course of life with the sublimation of tamas. Learning to see life as planned lessons instead of blind chance also means sublimating tamas. Rajas is sublimated mainly through various, long–term courses of spiritual practice, ranging from bodily asana exercises to rosary prayer practices. Buddhist prayers with prostrations or Christian rosaries with prostrations or Muslim prayers, if cultivated in everyday life, are good ways of sublimating Rajas. People who actively use the benefits of spiritual practice for some time, but do not go too deeply into it and the practice is difficult, reveal their belonging to the second period of life on the Trial Path preparing for planetary initiation. It is not uncommon for a person aspiring to a life of spiritual exercises to become an aspirant of a monastery, which may be a heroic effort and sacrifice for the future spiritual life. Unfortunately, the sterilization of the soul in monastic conditions is a common occurrence, and a person can continue to pursue fulfilment mainly in charitable service or similar activities. The sublimation of sattvas is a general orientation towards the idea of ​​Good in all aspects of human life. Being guided by human reflexes of kindness and the ability to implement an ever greater Good, constant improvement and perfection towards a greater Good, are the hallmarks of the third period of Trial. Heroes of Goodness and Kindness, people who are walking, living Goodness are often the main sign of a candidate approaching enlightening spiritual initiation. Bringing to light entire layers of inner Goodness and developing the inclination towards higher Good is the leitmotif of the entire work of the third incarnation on the Path of Testing. However, perceiving our Reality (Sat) as Good does not have to come easily and may be an extremely difficult, even heroic, task for the soul.

21. The Path of Pilgrimage through seven successive incarnations as the life of an initiate is also dominated by the first of the principles of divine action, which is Ahimsa. The life of initiates is usually a life in which the implementation of the principle of Non–violence comes to the fore, and it is precisely by heroically refraining from causing suffering and harm that we can distinguish an initiate from an ordinary person. There are entire spiritual schools for initiates, where practice begins with this principle, which causes us to refrain from producing harm and suffering, both in ourselves and in other people and creatures. Himsa is destruction, harm and suffering, and the spiritual Path is extraction, freeing oneself from destructive, detrimental and harmful activity, and even from suffering. The teachings of Islam clearly state that the spirit of suffering, despair and harm is the Ibis – a kind of jinn, a demon that corrupts the human race and is also the cause of the fall and demonization of the human race. Ahimsa, often understood literally as refraining from killing, is, however, freedom from suffering, harm, regret, from doing and causing them at every level of our existence available to us. People who constantly bring destructive and destabilizing elements into the community, causing others to feel harmed or grossly hurting the hearts of others, do not usually belong to the Spiritual Brotherhood of the Enlightened. A person whose heart is sensitive to the enlightening spirit is more sensitive to the suffering of human beings and creatures, and tends to repair and heal the wounds of the wronged rather than to inflict suffering. The general tendency to avoid and eliminate violence of all kinds characterizes a spiritual person, but in extreme cases, when it comes to saving life from oppressors, like Arhat Arjuna, an initiate can lead a rebellion or uprising and wipe out the oppressors from the face of the earth. Many such revolutionaries and reformers proved their spiritual position through a heroic, but necessary, struggle. Let us remember King Rama, Arjuna, Mohammad so that we remember the heroism of the initiates who had to go through a righteous fight to liberate them from persecution, oppression and harm. When living and enlightened Goodness takes up a sword, it usually means the time of destruction of embodied evil, a liberating social revolution. Nevertheless, adherence to the principle of Ahimsa and any minimization of suffering in the pursuit of freedom, the absence of any particular vindictiveness will be a clearly visible feature of the adept of the path.

22. It is a fact that the adepts of Ahimsa have become martyrs rather than revolutionaries in history, but the next principle appropriate to the second spiritual initiation is expressed by the term Sathya. Sincerity, Truthfulness and Truth is the principle that fulfils the second planetary realization. Total natural Sincerity and fidelity to the Truth, to the miraculous degree in which the adept cannot be deceived, because he feels human hearts and inclinations and easily recognizes all falsehood, as well as wickedness based on falsehood, this is the quality of the higher level adept in the Temple of Nature, as he sometimes calls the souls of the first two stages of enlightenment. Recognizing and pointing to the true goal is the elementary ability of Kitichaka, making him a Path Guide, a living Signpost of Dharma. Awareness of the purpose of life of a human being, awareness of the purpose of the existence of the human race and seeing the purposefulness of events and their causes are an element related to being guided by the Truth and living Sincerely in accordance with the Heart. Sathya is the basic spiritual principle of this class, making the human being the embodiment of all Righteousness and Justice. An ancient saying says that man’s greatest hope is the hope that God will join him in the Community of the Righteous. If we do not learn sincerity and truth, Righteousness not only deeper than ordinary people, but also deeper than all initiated souls, we will not be suitable for the Temple of Nature to entrust us with its deeper secrets and greater spiritual power. This is because greater knowledge and greater spiritual power is the power of Truth, so it cannot be obtained through falsehood. So if we meet an angel of Truth or sometimes a martyr of Truth, it may be an adept of the second initiation, if, of course, all other signs of spirituality are visible.

Pranavah – OM – Supreme Spirituality – Brahman

23. Yoga schools talk about 64 general signs of enlightenment, and more specifically, as many as 256 characteristics of an enlightened being. Here we focus on the more important leitmotifs that are always present in the life of the initiate’s soul, and in such an approach that will allow us to reasonably cultivate the path to actually achieve this first or second realization. The first realization is sometimes called Rtam Bhara Prajna, which means Intuitive Wisdom of the Heart, or as Buddhists call it, Prajna Paramita – Perfect Understanding with the Heart. The ability to understand with the Heart, Intuition, is clearly indicated as the ability of first–degree initiates. Rtam (Rite) is a certain term for the spiritual energy that brings initiation and this term can be translated with words such as Harmony or Synthesis. Harmonizing Wisdom or Synthesizing Understanding are concepts that well reflect the deep meaning of the first realization. The first four periods of life are usually characterized by a lower degree of Rtam Prajna, which yoga calls Savikalpa Samadhi – the ability to know by focusing on the very essence, essence or soul of the object (person) being known. This means knowing or understanding the soul of a person or thing through experience in one’s Heart. This is a truly mystical dimension of cognition. A higher level of Intuition called Nirvikalpa Samadhi is spontaneous cognition not conditioned by the need to focus on the person or thing being known. This is a more immediate and fundamental intuitive understanding in which we draw from the community of minds and hearts, we draw from the wisdom of the united souls of the Kingdom of God. This higher degree of intuitive insight characterizes souls in the last three periods of the Pilgrimage and is sometimes called intrinsic wisdom, natural understanding. It is difficult to have a conflict in a community living in the Spirit of Harmony, where everyone is capable of deep understanding. When we understand this, perhaps we will see how close the Kingdom of God is. Samadhi Knowledge is the basic practice for effective counselling and guidance by initiates, both for ordinary people and for their Trial Path, and even more so for each other.

24. The second planetary initiation, of course, brings an even higher degree of intuitive insight, a degree based on deep listening to inner reality. This is the degree referred to as Saptada Prajna Samadhi, or the Sevenfold Wisdom of Concentration. The term Sevenfold refers to the knowledge, recognition and feeling of the seven planes of the human being, i.e. the planes of the four elements and the three spheres of the divine Spirit. Discerning the three currents of energy or power of the Spirit of God is really an ability that we initiate in the higher period of the Pilgrimage Path, in the last three lives, and we fully develop in the Kitichaka Circle. For people who feel the Spirit, even for initiates, the Spirit is One and distinguishing degrees of spiritual power and types of divine energy is not possible. At most, an adept will learn to distinguish the demonic spirit from the divine spirit, which is also very important. However, insight into the four energies that build the plans of Nature and into the energies of the Spirit of Sanctification, of which there are three qualities or types of power, is truly the privilege of the Kitichaka rank among the Enlightened Ones. Practice in this direction is related to the synchronization of seven chakras, but always based on expanding insight into the hidden, spiritual plans of Nature and the Spirit of God. The Sevenfold of Intuitive Insight is a certain culmination of the spiritual transformation that we undergo during the quite long Path of Pilgrimage. It is a living contact with the community of Devas, the Souls who create Nature and all life on earth. It is a living contact with the sovereign qualities of power that emanate in the form of three rays from the depths of souls that have achieved a divine position near the Heavenly Throne of the Creator. The seven–level depth of understanding and cognition makes our Intuition a truly sophisticated cognitive tool, which becomes the basis for real and conscious Clairvoyance in time and space. Unfortunately, most so–called foreseers of the near future use the help of demonic spirits from the astral plane rather than the power of Clairvoyance. And we know this because adepts of the Kitichaka Circle have a greater tendency to Silence than fortune tellers and prophesiers. To know and remain silent means to belong to second–degree initiates.

25. The vast majority of the openly teaching spiritual guides and teachers of humanity who establish the various schools and brotherhoods of initiates belong to at most the second stage of enlightenment. And it sometimes happens that there are great schools of spiritual knowledge run by adepts only of the Trial Path. These institutions are usually based on books and the transmission of knowledge and little practice, and are usually devoid of spiritual initiations except for a religious sacrament. Authentic spiritual transmissions are coordinated by Kitichaka, who are living embodiments of Dharma – Righteousness, Religion of the Heart and therefore spread the Dharma of their Guru by establishing spiritual brotherhoods on the basis of initiations. Less often, we can find a Holy being in the form of a Guru, but we will meet a solar initiate after the divine game of traversing the field of wonders, experiences of authentic Siddhis. In fact, adepts of solar initiation, apart from great Purity and the fiery Metamorphosis of Transfiguration into a spiritual, incorporeal being, are actual adepts of the Course in Miracles in the sense of actually causing them. Even prayers addressed to them are fulfilled with extraordinary results. The Swan initiation class is the beginning of proper spiritual development, where the material body is transformed into a spiritual body. This is the proper dimension of kindling the fire of Kundalini, which burns the material sheath. The experience of immaterial existence with one’s whole self is the key experience of the first solar initiation, and the Creator Brahma Kumar himself is the initiating Hierophant. Most people, although they desire authentic miracles and sometimes read entire books about miracles, are unable to endure the intensity of spiritual power that accompanies these divine phenomena. However, we can remember that walking on water or soaring through the air with willpower is within the reach of more deeply spiritual people. The Hamsah process is a reflection of the glory and power of God, including His creative power. It is as if an ordinary material man turns into a sun for everyone. The life of a saint can be very glorious but also very heroic. A planet is called spiritual, or a paradise if you prefer, if the majority of its inhabitants are spiritually oriented people, and the real power lies in the aristocratic, noble hands of the Saints.

26. The mythical first human couple, known in Semitic culture as Adam and Chava, is called Perfect because they were created as Arhats. The Paradise first humans were therefore initiated spiritual beings of the fourth solar initiation. However, souls of this class are still exposed to spiritual fall, because they are still students of the Spiritual Kingdom. So sometimes they can do something that will change the course of their lives, so that they will direct their consciousness from the lofty and glorious perfection to lower and darker regions. This can make us realize how important it is to stick to the spiritual direction of development to the end and guard the Purity of our Soul. Chava, and after her Adam, are known for having tasted the fruit of a tree that was forbidden to them, and which led them into a world that was a mixture of the ideas of good and evil. We call such a world the demonic world, the world of asuras or jinns. The fruits of this tree are forbidden to spiritual people because they enslave their willpower and make them passive tools in the hands of random asuras. The Greek tradition called these practices the term pharmacokia, which means all means of contacting us with the afterlife by artificially inducing visions, hallucinations and spiritual and astral phenomena. I think we already realize that the sin of Chava and Adam was a kind of witchcraft drug addiction that brought them into contact with demonic forces. Such a tree with tasty fruit grew in the earthly paradise, in Eden, constituting a kind of test for Chava and Adam in maintaining Purity and Fidelity to God. Avoiding the use of herbal remedies that open demonic spheres of the astro–mental plane is a very important sign for adepts of the Spiritual Realm, especially those who must be careful who have had such experiences and the sphere of jinns may tempt them. The pure essence of the initiate, opening to the otherwise very captivating sphere of sorcerous forces, simply loses its direction of development and instead of reaching the angelic spheres of cherubim, it lands in the astro–mental sphere of demonic asuras from where the entire process of spiritual evolution must start from scratch. The history of the fall of the progenitors of the Semitic race (let us add the ancient great Semitic race), whose tribes were scattered throughout the entire inhabited earth, can be a sign for us how to avoid the sin of sorcery and straying onto the demonic black path of spiritually fallen beings. This is also a good answer for those who have always wanted to know what the so–called original sin was in the Christian tradition, which, as we know, has always had many imitators in the history of humanity. Today, when many are seeking spiritual experiences at all costs, we must be very vigilant and attentive so as not to stray into the demonic path or give ourselves over to some leader who himself draws strength and inspiration from the fruits of the tree, which have always been forbidden to humanity, in order for it to maintain its Divine Perfection. Therefore, the adept avoids spiritualistic sorcery based on eating forbidden, hallucinogenic fruits.

27. In the Śaivite tradition, from which the spiritual school of Laya Yoga and Bhaishajya Yoga originates, the basic name by which we invoke the essence of God is the name Śiva. This word simply means God, and as an adjective it can be translated with concepts such as Grace, Favour, Mercy, Kindness. This teaches that God is Favourable and Gracious towards man, that His Kindness and Mercy are immeasurable. And when we try to reflect some of God’s Spirit in our personality, we reflect qualities of favour, kindness or graciousness towards other human beings. The process of spiritual transformation is the process of acquiring the characteristics of the One to whom we are approaching, the process of becoming similar to His Perfection. Only by becoming like the Perfect Creator God do we finally reach the stage of being the Image of God, being Living Perfection. This Matrix of Perfection, Arhat, is as if written in our Hearts, and we can call it the memory of God. We must also revive the Soul, the Psyche, until the Soul begins to remind and remember the Image of God, the Matrix as we say Atman, the Ruah. Solar degrees of initiation are truly the awakening of the Soul to life in God, to reflect God’s Perfection. Being with more spiritual people makes us similar to them, and the first step may be adapting to life in a spiritual community that consists of mainly initiated beings. Being with a living Guru works similarly. It is development through the influence of the soul and the transfer of characteristics from one being to another. However, theatrical imitation of Guru’s gestures, behaviour, clothes, way of speaking or hairstyle will be of no use to anyone. One only needs to acquire spiritual qualities and enlightened consciousness.

28. The Trial Path preparing for the enlightening Way of Heaven is often summarized in three lessons to which seekers devote, on average, one period of their earthly life. The first incarnation is therefore devoted to Karma Yoga, understood as a path of work in which we acquire knowledge of what to do and what not to do and what are the rules of conduct on the Path. Knowledge about cause and effect and Karman’s law, i.e. knowledge about the consequences of one’s own actions, lead to treating life as a learned lesson, and fate as an orderly and logical repayment of debts. The knowledge of Karma, how to do good and refrain from evil, and the precepts to learn to distinguish good from evil are the entire subject of Karma Yoga. The end of the incarnation ignites a fervent practice towards God, which is a kind of passion that transforms us and that is why this work is called Bhakti Yoga. The most ardent devotees who make the effort of spiritual practice are from this middle stage of development. Some spiritual people sometimes don’t like Bhaktas because they think their minds are narrow, but Bhaktas just make the heart ready for worship, not the mind. In the third life there will be work on embodying life wisdom, which we call Jnana Yoga. It is a stage of living in accordance with spiritual ideals, which is practical life wisdom. Jnana, contrary to some beliefs, is not theoretical or bookish knowledge, but a life path of rational functioning. It can be said that Jnani is an example of a practical combination of knowledge and practice, incorporating spiritual ideas into everyday life. Living a wise life can sometimes be crowned with spiritual initiation, although more often we wake up in the next life and, after a short three–step resume, achieve separation from ordinary human existence, a separation that indicates connection to the Kingdom of God, the process of which can be quite difficult to bear, getting rid of the current earthly relationships and friendships. It is characteristic that people just before initiation have a strong impression of having the only and last human life on earth, feeling the future paradise life, while newly initiated people can make noise about how spiritual and enlightened they are. Sometimes it happens that everyone around us is treated as fake and unclean, even those who are spiritually older. This is due to a sharp increase in sensitivity to emotional impulses, which, when felt more intensely, may be difficult to bear for some time. So enlightening separation from the human world can be quite a dramatic process. In Pilgrim’s later lives, this initial phenomenon gradually disappears, but the sense of otherness of one’s origin somehow remains. Reaching the Spiritual Kingdom is therefore an ordinary process of being born into a new enlightened life as if in a new form of existence, in a new bodily form. In Esotericism, the first initiation is sometimes called the Spiritual Birth. A certain kind of death to worldliness and temporality preceding such a Rebirth is a logical and natural phenomenon. For whoever died to the spirit of this world was reborn to spiritual life.

29. Kitichaka’s initiation is based, among other things, on realizing the threefold power of God’s Spirit. It is important to know that the first level of Spirit perception by Kitichaka initiates is experienced as Sound Vibration, as Noise or Voice coming from Heaven. We sometimes call this spiritual vibration the Voice of Silence, although it is not the voice to which the worshipers of reason are accustomed. The Voice of the Spirit is not the speech of thoughts, but rather the Sound or Noise of the heavenly spheres. Experiencing Spirit as Noise or Sound, rather than as a feeling or the experience of inspiring thoughts, is the mark of second–degree initiates. As this experience becomes established, experiences of successive degrees of threefold spiritual energy will arise. The second level is the Spirit as Light, and the last is the Spirit as Consuming Fire. When all three levels of Spirit perception are established, the adept is ready to enter the Circle of Hamsah, to receive the sanctifying solar spiritual initiation, described in Buddhist teachings as Satori. However, the level of sound vibrations is the dominant phenomenon, and those who are accustomed to listening to the levels of Voice Vibrations create a strong aura of Silence and Silence around themselves. As the adept progresses, he begins to distinguish at least ten levels or types, which in yoga we call Nada. Sometimes we call the entire work of an initiate devoted to Sound the method of Nada Yoga. There is only one good practical way by which we ultimately aim at opening the source of internal Vibration, and that is to work with the Sound produced by the speech organ. Rhythmic and sonorous prayers and chants, or vibrating incantations, and ultimately Mantra, not only develop the Heart, but above all lead to the opening of the inner ear to hear the Voice of the Spirit, the Vibration of Creation. The noise of the Heavenly Music of the Spheres is a sign of the second planetary initiation, although a certain constant, high–vibrating voice of silence can be heard from the beginning of the Path, and sometimes intensifies in the initiate’s fifth life. However, this is only a trailer, a foretaste of Kitichaka’s experiences, which are very deep and extensive, and include various types of this Heavenly Music.

30. An interesting issue for examining the degree of spirituality are the so–called places where consciousness is embedded in the body, i.e. places where we feel the focus of our Self, the sense of self. Considering the issue, we can see how cleverly the classes of consciousness focus are arranged, grouping people of different degrees of Spirit. The first phase of the Trial Path places the sense of Self in the umbilical–abdominal area, the so–called centre of the Belly Circle. We can say that this is the ventral seating of the Self. In the second life of preparation, the consciousness of the Self lives in the Heart and is felt in the cardial area of the breast, or rather the sternum. The third life will feel the concentration of Itself, its Self, in the area of ​​the centre of the head, in the so–called third eye. The Navel, Sternum and Forehead can therefore be considered certain areas of sensitivity and at the same time places where we will generally feel the source of the sense of Self in our body. This means functioning as if from the Belly, Heart and Head. Lives following initiation on the Ray of Synthesis, which is itself an arousal of the Heart, will give locations of the Self in subsequent ćakras, starting from the lotus of the base of the torso (hips, womb) through the lower abdomen, stomach, sternum, throat, forehead (third eye) to the crown above the head, which is felt as the Self above us or beyond the body. The Source of the Self is located for the entire period of life and always in the order of chakras that is characteristic of the process of growth of the fiery (transforming) energy of Kundalini. The entire seven lives are a long and spiritually natural process of Kundalini Yoga. In the fourth period of life we ​​feel the deepest work with the Heart, although this note of reaching inward through the Heart remains for this quite long period of time for humans. In Kitichaka’s life, consciousness settles again in the region of the throat, in the region of speech (larynx) and hearing, that is, in the lotus or rather in connection with the lotus of Viśuddhi. The life of the holy Wonderworker is the re–establishing of the sense of Self in the centre of the head, in the Ajna lotus. An adept of the fourth initiation will have his Self seated at the top, at the top of his head or above his head, as will Asekha (Non–disciple, Master), whose Self is rather seated in all the space around him, but the consciousness of the Self flows from above. We can clearly realize that when we organize training to develop the third eye, we will attract both people from the third life of the Trial Path and people from the sixth life of the Pilgrim, and perhaps a person who lives the life of the awakening Swan (Hamsah). Their levels of perception and depth of possibilities will be very different, but the most noise about receiving the power of the third eye will, of course, be raised by those with the least possibilities, as it unfortunately happens. Soon they will know everything and see better than those who actually see, and they are the main haunted customers of third eye openers. If we organize a spiritual course for the development of the heart and Intuition, we can count on a large group of people from the second period of life, of course similarly haunted, and on newly initiated people, as well as beings from the fourth life of the Pilgrimage. The range of possibilities will be quite large, it all depends on who we want to teach and what we can prepare for. We will gather the widest spectrum of adepts using the method of practicing on seven chakras in a systematic and increasing way from the bottom up. This is quite obvious in the light of the teachings about the focal centres of consciousness. Only by using the entire focus spectrum will we gather the maximum number of interested adepts. It is worth adding that people are usually focused in the first four lotuses, counting from the bottom of the torso, so that the focus in the Heart is the top of the pyramid, and the lotus of the Root, Muladhara, i.e. the hip–pubic area, is the base of the pyramid.

31. Adepts who become acquainted with the correct knowledge of the Way of Enlightenment usually would like to shorten the time of development in the Kingdom of God and become Masters (Asekha) within a few years, or even better during an initiation course of several days. The lower their position in the hierarchy of initiations, the more they are willing to shorten the actual process of spiritual development. However, actual acceleration of the process of spiritual growth requires great fervour and zeal, dedication and patience. In earlier times, when human life lasted on average 700–1200 years, it was undoubtedly the norm to complete all stages of growth in one lifetime. However, the significant shortening of human life meant that the process of spiritual development was divided into thorough life stages. Each soul–elevating process that takes an average of 40 years can be accommodated in one lifetime. If we add a dozen or so years for childhood and youth, where we have to awaken our life skills, and a few years for rest in old age, we have a full human life of 70–80 years. Various spiritual authorities give the time from 36–42 years as the usual period of spiritual ascent, a period of intense striving and growth, a course of life in which we do not stop in our efforts, hence we assume an average 40–year cycle to have an understanding of the measure of time. Many preachers and religious sermonizers with inclinations towards puritanical standards of life, propagating their only Holy Book, who toil in their work throughout their long lives and do not stop until death are typical examples of the lives of Souls from the Trial Path or sometimes if accompanied by greater charisma, from Parivrajaka. So we have a lot of good and recommendable role models to be able to take the next step in authentic, deep spiritual development. Only intensifying effort and developing the ability to actually live long can give us a chance to shorten the process of spiritual elevation. Of course, as long as we manage to avoid the traps of erroneous ideas that would have the power to stop us in our spiritual development. We can consider the lives of Saints such as Śankara, the founder of the Hindu tradition from the 7th century AD, who achieved a lot during his short life of only 33 years and fulfilled the purpose of his life. Only realizing our own Adikara, the deepest idea, the most important goal of life, gives us the opportunity for effective self–realization. Losing what is important in life postpones our evolution until later. A characteristic phenomenon is that basically every adept of the Spiritual Kingdom, as part of his Goal, has some way of helping others in their spiritual evolution. Discovering this type of service and fulfilling it in your life is certainly close to the realization of Adikara. By becoming servants to people and helping them grow spiritually, we reveal one of the most important aspects of our vocation to live in the Kingdom of God. The practice of Laya Yoga in our Brotherhood, the future Yoga of the Age of Aquarius, undoubtedly draws attention to the need for purposeful spiritual service in the process of life. Cultivating effective Longevity Yoga may allow you to undergo more than one period of life transformation in one incarnation.

32. An important clue are the beliefs and ideas that feed the mind of a person who is undergoing initiation. Man must recognize the existence of God and the Spiritual Kingdom, recognize the existence of angels (deities) and hope for a more subtle continuation of his life after the death of the body, which is the recognition of the existence and life of the soul. Therefore, it is not out of place to have a deep and living faith in the Creator–Creation, Heaven and the afterlife, and in the existence of the Hierarchy of Masters or, better yet, closeness to a living Guru. There are no atheists among the initiates of the Way, and faith is a living experience of spiritual Reality, because the planetary initiation that the human Soul undergoes requires a living and close relationship with the objects of its faith. The sure test of a candidate is the spiritual practice obtained through initiation, as inability to pursue Abhava Yoga or Laya–Sadhana is a sure exclusion test. The construction of the initiation methods of the Brotherhood of Layas is such that the basic practice puts the adept at the energy level of the first planetary initiation, or more precisely, his first life period. Whoever is unable to maintain these practices is unable to correspond or harmonize with the Parivrajaka Circle even to a minimal extent. And although we hand out initiations, we easily test candidates, because souls who are truly connected to the circle of enlightenment will fulfil Sadhana practices with satisfaction for years and participate with pleasure and joy in meetings of groups cultivating the Sadhana path. Over time, of course, they will also deepen their practice with further, more advanced degrees. Adepts of the Trial Path would also very often want to practice, but without any obligations, without affiliation, and especially without any spiritual initiations. Some of them sometimes even take Dikshan, Initiation, but later they abandon their initiatory relationship and Laya Sadhana. Some Gurus give initiation only to those candidates whom they are sure will not abandon the path because they are actually ready for spiritual life. Others give initiation to all willing people, allowing the soul to come at least a little closer to the heavenly level.

33. Old manuscripts say that no one is joined to the Kingdom of the Spirit who has not made his request three times. The three periods of the Trial Path are just such three fervent requests with hope for Enlightenment, earthly Paradise or Kingdom. Submitting a request three times in the form of three lives lived with the hope of gaining life in Paradise, in the Kingdom of Spirit, is the proper dimension of submitting one’s ardent request for spiritual initiation. So it is much better to live your life clinging to the hope of entering the Path than to shallowly consider yourself “enlightened” and then rest on your laurels and do nothing except to develop the pride of superiority. In the first case, we will undoubtedly be at least well–prepared candidates. There are many small mystical–religious groups that live in the hope of the Future Spiritual Life in the Kingdom of God. They often gather several thousand souls in a country such as Poland, but they effectively prepare those interested in our Kingdom from among ordinary people. We don’t have to be surprised by people who spend their entire lives in such religious movements. We can rejoice that some part of humanity is eagerly approaching our Kingdom and warmly bless all those zealous and persistent souls who do not even have a premonition or are unable to understand what is really waiting for them. We know that the Age of Aquarius will be a time of increased admission of souls to the Kingdom of the Way and more open action in the world of initiation brotherhoods whose leaders know the Way. Therefore, the next 2,000 years will be a brighter era in the history of current human civilization. Promoting among people everything that restores a deeper connection with the life of nature, health culture that extends the course of life and spiritual types of harmonious art will certainly contribute to turning many souls to the Gate of initiation.

34. The enlightenment of all humanity is a common idea put forward by charismatic leaders of various religious groups and organizations representing the Way. And although some say that this goal is just around the corner, it is a very far–reaching goal. People who approach the Gate of Initiation themselves are susceptible to such ideas and, by believing in them, they themselves come closer to their level of enlightenment, most often the first one. However, there have been periods in history when a larger enlightened community underwent group initiation that enabled the transition to a higher dimension of existence. Already from the first solar initiation, it is possible to pass into the angelic dimension of existence and simply disappear together with the body from the earthly dimension of existence. History even remembers nations that, leading deeply spiritual lives, passed away to the invisible realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. We know better individual examples of such Transfiguration or, as they say in the East, achieving the Rainbow Body. The entry of King Rama into Heaven with the entire court procession is an example of group Transformation. The Rapture of Enoch or Elijah to Heaven is an example of a single Transformation. These higher aspects of initiation can be very attractive, but in practice they are very rare among modern humanity. They are therefore all the more wonderful and extraordinary goals. However, initiates of the solar degrees who expect to return to people to continue working with them die in the usual way and come to be born in a human way, which does not make it easier to recognize them and assume the role of Guru. Having realized that a living Arhat is only half of the Path to the state in which the consciousness of Asekha, the Master of the Path, is located, we will understand how much work we have to do in the subsequent periods of life. Let us know that Asekha present on earth has great and extensive spiritual power, and his insight includes knowledge of the life of every human soul. If we find it difficult to remember even a thousand people, we will realize how extensive is the knowledge and insight of a true Master. There is always at least one Spiritual Master of Sirius initiation on earth, who is the regent of the Creator–Creation or, as we say, the Pillar (Qutub) supporting the existence of this world. The more spiritually aware we are, the more we will be collaborators with Qutub of the Planet, co–creating the spiritual government of advisors and guides of humankind. When the not–so–successful system of democratic government is finally wiped out by humans and replaced by a higher timocratic spiritual authority, we will see the Age of Aquarius flourish. Humanity will then have One Planetary Government, and we will communicate in one language, developed for global communication. Borders will undoubtedly disappear, along with racism and nationalism, which still seem to dominate national systems. There will be no unemployed people, because a simple reduction in compulsory work time will eliminate this issue. And the maximum taxes will not be higher than the tithe, because this is a barrier recognized by the Creator, and any taxes higher than the tithe are, in the light of God’s laws, pure theft of the ruling oligarchy. Just these few indications can make us realize how far we still are from embodying the Age of Aquarius in practical reality.

35. Initiates usually sense the existence of One Great Guru for all humanity and would like to worship him and be close to him. However, Asekha is sometimes surrounded by a court of Arhats who all know this being. One Asekha usually holds spiritual power for a period of 20 years and is then replaced by another being. The five Qutubs therefore mark a century, it can be said that it is a kind of short term in the work of maintaining the existence of the world, protecting the whole and supervising all human souls, because Qutub is the spiritual head of all humanity. Intuiting the existence of an Adiguru living in a human body is one thing, but actually learning from those Gurus we meet and who are appointed to help us take the next step in our spiritual evolution is another. This is a principle of the Hierarchy that we must trust in order to have a chance of making spiritual progress. We may also be surprised that deep spiritual teaching will find a small group of recipients, but it is the case that shallower knowledge is listened to by wide circles that are not yet able to tolerate harder food. And so let us remember that the initiates are, above all, Sons of the Word, which means that they derive their wisdom from hearing with their own ears from the mouth of the Guru. The trial path is mainly Children of the Book, nourishing the mind through reading. Let us also be aware that teaching with the help of the living Word applies only to adepts of planetary initiations. Further development takes place without the help of words, although Hamsah sometimes receives short instructions in a few sentences. The lower mind needs verbal instruction, but when it dissolves and reveals the Higher Mind, the Superconscious, then there is no longer any need to use this laborious technique of transmitting knowledge through words and meanings. The spiritual instruction of solar adepts is therefore something completely different in style and quality. It is the transfer of wisdom from the Guru’s Soul to the Adept’s Soul. So if someone doesn’t really understand what I’m talking about here, he’s certainly not a solar adept, of course this is for both of the reasons mentioned, with lack of common sense being the first.

36. The issues we discuss here are just some selected signs of the process of enlightening spirituality. To discuss all the signs and signs, even the subtle ones, would require writing a solid book of initiations, but these few pointers and signs can help us direct our efforts to the essentials and intensify our efforts to awaken the actual spiritual achievement we represent in this life. Awakening what we actually are is a fundamental matter and it always takes some time in the next life, being a resume of our entire previous spiritual path. Fulfilling the work leading to a higher level is a certain effort, work that the searching soul will certainly willingly undertake. We can encourage upward movement, because staying in the same phase for too long causes a kind of ossification of consciousness, which in its consequences leads to the fall of souls. Therefore, we encourage you to be nourished by your spirit and to grow, to never stop striving and to implement all progress. For people of the spirit, the world is a bridge across which they pass without stopping or looking back. The son of man has no place to rest his head, for there is no point in resting on his laurels. Only in our own intensive work on ourselves and our zealous service of spreading spiritual knowledge among seekers can we accelerate the implementation of the idea we call the Age of Aquarius. Of course, we invite everyone interested in exploring the Way of Enlightenment to practice Laya Sadhana or Abhava Yoga, as well as other spiritual methods within our Holy Brotherhood of Himavanti. We can bring particular benefit to our country by promoting the proper knowledge and practice of the Seven Spirit based on the purification of seven centres of fiery energy called Chakras, which is the subject of the Laya Tantra path.

May the Creator’s blessing support all those seeking the Way!

Aćarya Lalit Mohan G.K.


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