Spiritual Community (Morya Sangham) (76)

Here are a few words about the SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY (SANGHA), how to create it, what principles to base it on, how to participate in it and how to recognize a disciple from the Sangha, all this in the words of the Spiritual Master of Paksalam, Chohan Akbar Morya Khan, the Head of the Vajrasattva Sangham and Pir Akbariya Chisti. Cooperation, Heroism and Beauty!

1. Family, clan, country, union of nations—each unit strives toward peace, toward betterment of life. Each unit of cooperation and communal life needs perfecting. No one can fix the limits of evolution. By this line of reasoning a worker becomes a creator. Let us not be frightened by the problems of creativeness. Let us find for science unencumbered paths. Thus, thought about perfectionment will be a sign of joy.

2. Depression is the enemy of each improvement. There can be no constructive building in doubt. There will be no learning under fear. Observation is a step toward justice. Selfhood is betrayal of self-renunciation. Without achievement (Virāgam) there is no path (Marga).

3. Monasteries were often called communities. The communal life has long been a sign of cooperation and of mutual respect. So too each workshop can be a cell of a community in which everybody contributes his skill. Altruism (Maitri) is a requisite if one is to devote one’s talent to the common work.

4. Unity is pointed out in all beliefs as the sole bulwark of success. Better attainments can be affirmed if the unity of coworkers is assured. One may cite a great number of examples when mutual trust among the coworkers helped in lofty solutions. Let people, from home and hearth up to the spacial preordinations, remember about the value of cooperation. The seed of labor withers without the moisture of reciprocity. Let us not look backward too much. We hastening fellow-travelers (Parivrajaka) shall become weary if we jostle each other. We shall realize a beautiful meaning if we can introduce the great concept—friend. Community (Sangha) may consist only of friends.

5. The path of life (Marga) is one of mutual help. Participants in the great task cannot be humanity-haters. This term denoting a shameful hatred is a long one. But perhaps people will the better remember it and be ashamed.

6. Also let us not forget that realization is simplified through clear consciousness (Jñām). But let us not lose the shortest Path (Layam). Time is precious. We should not deprive anyone because of our sluggishness. Laziness and ignorance sleep in the same cradle.

7. Malice (Krodha) admits leprosy and pestilence. Malice can transform a peaceful fireside into a swarm of snakes. Qualities of malice are not befitting the community. The common task is General Welfare.

8. Cooperation must be based upon sound rules. This teaches orderliness; that is, it helps the acquirement of a rhythm. Thus even in daily work are expressed the great laws of the Universe. It is especially needed to become accustomed from childhood to continuous labor. Let the better evolution be built upon labor as the measure of value.

9. And another absolute condition must be fulfilled. Labor must be voluntary. Cooperation must be voluntary. Community must be voluntary. Labor must not be enslaved by force. The condition of voluntary agreement must be laid into the foundation of advancement. No one may bring dissolution into the new house. Workers, builders, creators, can be likened to high-soaring eagles (Garudam). Only in a broad flight does the dust and rubbish of decay fall away.

10. A lofty quality will enter into pure labor through love of a favorite craft. A beautiful quality will be affirmed throughout life. Nothing will remain in darkness. Ignorance (Avidya) will be a shameful offence. Darkness is infectious but Light (Jyoti) is attractive. Hence, let us affirm the love of a favorite craft, which uplifts the life. Science should indicate the best quality. Science should attract the strongest energies. Let the knowledge of the spirit shine over every workbench.

11. Many falsehoods have been piled around the concept of labor (Karma). Only recently was labor scorned and considered harmful for health. What an outrage this is—this regarding of labor as harmful! Not labor is injurious but the ignorant conditions surrounding labor. Only conscious cooperation can render healthy the sacred labor. Not only must the quality of labor be high, but there must be strengthened the mutual desire to make the conditions of labor clearly understood. One must not curse labor, one should set forward the better worker.

12. There should be instilled respect for craftsmanship, in order that it be understood as a higher distinction. Ancient working community-guilds left testimony of their vitality. One can see how people cultivated their skills toward perfection. They knew how to shield each other and how to guard the dignity of their community. So long as people do not learn to defend the merit of their fellow-workers they will not achieve the happiness of Common Good.

13. The concept of justice proves itself upon the foundation of labor. Likewise courage grows easily in the vouching for each other. Indeed, all as one, yet each one contributing his own best aptitude. Let us not destroy, but let us bring forth the warmth of the heart.

14. Our feeling is one of absence of specialty, because We live for the whole complex of life. Every specialist approaching Us inevitably loses his monochromatic eye-glasses. Therefore, make every effort that the specialty should become but one of the dishes at your table. As birds over the Earth, as bees above all the flowers, we can embrace the entire universe.

Without a specialty it is easier to prepare oneself for the current task in evolution—intercourse with distant worlds and the transformation of the Astral World, the world of dark earthly survivals. The adoption of the concept of Community will open the gates for next achievements, and their dates depend upon people themselves. Therefore, let us take up broadly the quest of Community.

15. Out of a wild jungle I can raise a grove, but a stone polished by worshipping foreheads will not produce a seed.

16. Among the mechanical attainments of modern civilization, the means of transportation deserve special attention. This devouring of space is already to a certain extent a victory over the supermundane spheres. But a circle of low materialism holds these conquests within the limits of low matter and the result is more harm than good. The chief danger in this haste of locomotion lies in a heightened feeling of irresponsibility. Passing beyond the limits of the ordinary, man becomes light, but because of the crudeness of feelings he loses the consciousness of responsibility. He who can fly at a speed of 400 miles an hour or who can fly higher than others, acquires the psychology of a boxing champion, and the realization of spiritual responsibility leaves him. It is possible to ennoble the conquest by stripping it of all sporting significance and directing it to labor. Hurry to save the unfortunates, fly for the unifying of humanity! Then will these conquests enter into evolution, for people must bring into ordinary usage the supermundane strivings, not forgetting about responsibility. As yet these conquests remain in the stage of ugly centaurs. When people will comprehend whither and for what reason they must fly, then will it be possible to improve the flying apparatus tenfold. It is possible to whisper a great number of useful experiments into the strata of space. Atomic energy, condensation of prana, colored rays in space, harvest in connection with repeated explosions, and many another have been destined for humanity.

17. Many a time you have heard about following Our indications, and you could convince yourself that precise fulfillment of the indication is practical and beneficial. This is the first step. After this, self-action must begin. Knowing the foundation of Our Teaching it is necessary to prove to be disciples creating in full co-measurement and immutability. When the Teacher says, “Now you yourselves display the effect of My indications,” it does not mean to recall old habits, to quarrel with one another, to become offended and to hurt each other. This can be left to the mule drivers. But it should be for you to remember about Our Community and emulate it in harmonious labor. When the time comes to change the course of the ship, the indication will come. But do not expect an indication about a patch for the boot. Otherwise we shall soon congratulate each other on our birthdays. It is necessary to assimilate permanently the dignity and the worth of the true work, and to relegate childish habits to the archives. Without betraying one’s principles it is possible to find hundreds of worthy solutions. I wish to see you upon the next step.

18. Some dream of casting themselves at the feet of the Teachers, but do not dare to go with Them into battle. But precisely now is the time of battle, and We can only call to battle. With the full knowledge of the truth of Good, on personal responsibility, We affirm the battle but a lawful one.

19. Master the problem of remaining cool throughout the entire Battle. The Battle of Light is just beginning—millions are in it without knowing the final result. But you know, and this knowledge should make you wise and prompt a worthy decision. Your spirit must take wing in the name of Truth. How is it possible to be uplifted by the achievement of the evolution of the World? My Ray carries My request that nothing be done to hinder its light. Instead of wings of achievement it is easy to grow black horns—wings of false reasoning. The dark spirits have black emanations resembling horns.

20. It is necessary to strive toward the utmost, the absolute. The utmost absolute gravitation will be toward the far-off worlds. Earthly beauty is lost in the glory of the super-stellar rays. Earthly science, remembering with difficulty yesterday and ignorant of tomorrow, is insignificant, and contributes nothing to the knowledge about the course of luminaries coming into existence. How may one approach the above-mentioned Absolute? It cannot be done through technical means or earthly science, nor by descriptive art. It is possible only through the expansion of consciousness (Ćittam), when the earthly being is engulfed by the emanations from the distant spheres. Thus, those who are approaching Us, or rather the boundaries of the orbit of Earth, lose their specialty. Only in the realization of all-comprehensiveness may one endure the brilliance of the luminaries. But in order to contain this scintillation, one must set alight one’s inner fires. The element of fire (Agnitattva) is most striking, transcendental, and if you wish to classify Our Community according to the elements, refer to the great fire  (Mahāgni) which gives all, purifies all, and requires nothing.

21. We are not lovers of the world of bodily survivals, the lower Subtle World—the Astral World—but, like everything else that exists, it cannot be avoided in spiritual development. The world of bodily survivals contains certain elements needed for the intercourse between the worlds. For example, the means of transportation are very little understood by the dwellers of the Subtle World (Kāmamanas). Although they have the possibility to strive upwards they are busy with the constructing of dark houses, in imitation of the earthly ones. But if still during their lifetime they had broadened their consciousnesses, they would have been able to measure the hem of the garment of the Mother of the World (Bhuvaneśvari). The better possibilities can be awakened by those who are able to perceive with a spiritual consciousness. But for the preservation of consciousness it is necessary to sense this during one’s lifetime. Then the state of the contemporary world of physical survivals will be almost erased. Not the prayer “rest in peace,” but “learn in the space of the Light.” With all your consciousness remember the problems of evolution. When the striving for repose disappears then are the Gates drawing near.

22. One may reach Us only in harmonious agreement. We need not deification but a certain quality of spirit, as a lamp of concordant tension. A flickering lamp is unbearable for prolonged work. The same laws apply in everything, and according to the law of justice a flickering lamp injures itself. I counsel My lamps not to blink. The dynamo is not damaged because of the quality of the lamps, but uncoordinated voltage often results in a grievous—zing! And the basic metal must be provided anew. The laws are identical in everything.

23. There is no soulless justice, but only shining goalfitness. Indeed, the glorious goalfitness cannot tyrannize, but reveals the gates of beauty. And the call of goalfitness fills the space with the rapture of victory. Events and creations constituting goalfitness are not small outworn fragments but are the precious parts of the Cosmos. Only a realization of Cosmic individuality (Ahamkāra) can illumine the steps of evolution. Otherwise, in the earthly understanding evolution will remain only profitable investment of capital. You already know that capital deprived of goalfitness is only a millstone about the neck. And, as a manifestation of infection forms spiritual and bodily ulcers, likewise does a manifestation of the lunacy of covetousness bring harm to the spirit and the body. On the Earth we are much concerned about the body; therefore it is necessary to penetrate into the origins of illnesses. A physician could say to the patient “You have an attack of cupidity,” or “the anemia of self-conceit,” or “stones of treachery,” or “a rash of gossip,” or “a stroke of hatred.” At cemeteries we so love to recall the merits of the departed one; it would not be amiss to set forth the true causes of the diseases—the spectacle would be instructive. Friends, I repeat—hold your thoughts pure (Saumanasya), this is the best disinfectant and the foremost tonic expedient.

24. What is prophecy (Nabiat)? It is foretelling the destiny of a definite combination of particles of matter. Therefore, prophecies can be fulfilled but also may be spoiled by an unfitting attitude, exactly as may be spoiled a chemical reaction. This indeed cannot be understood by people, though they can apprehend the meaning of a barometer. Prophecies can be divided into the dated and undated. When we have to do with a dated prophecy it means we must understand all the intermediate conditions. A great date consists of lesser dates; therefore it is right to observe the small date. It must be remembered that the dark ones are working upon small dates, trying to complicate the big one.

25. Can prophecies remain unfulfilled? Indeed they can. We have a whole storehouse of such lost prophecies. A true prophecy foresees the best combination of possibilities, but it is possible to allow them to escape. The subject of fulfillment of prophecies is very profound; in it are combined cooperation and higher knowledge of the spirit. The unwise say “What a kitchen!” But a kitchen is easily transformed into a laboratory. Since time immemorial prophecies have been issued from Our Community as benevolent signs for humanity. The paths of prophecies are diverse: either they are suggested to particular people, or they may be inscriptions left by some unknown hands. Prophecies best of all inform mankind. Indeed, the symbols are often obscured, but the inner meaning creates a vibration. Certainly a prophecy requires alertness and aspiration.

26. If matter is everywhere then even light leaves behind its protoplasm. All manifestations of light cannot be regarded as accidental. Certain eyes are able to catch the network of light. Because of the loftiness of the energy of light, all these formations are very beautiful. Dissonance of sound is far more frequent. The protoplasm of light is not something abstract, its sediments adorn the vegetable kingdom. The rhythm of waves and sands and the crust of the planet are notably stabilized by the nodes of light. Learn to love the formations of light. It is not so much the images impressed upon canvas as the caught vibrations of light that have significance. The quality of the glance is completely unappreciated. It is like a ray for the photographic film. It must be kept in mind that through the spiritual gaze we establish the image of the elemental spirits. Similarly does the physical glance arrest in space the network of light. The significance of this cooperation should be known. Each movement of man is bound with the essential nature of the elements. I point out also the significance of the music of the Pythagoreans at sunrise. Light is the best purifying filter for sound. Only the savagery of humanity could lock up sound in the dust of darkness.

27. Pure thought saturated with beauty (Sundarām) points out the path to truth. The interdictions and the prescripts of renunciation in the Teachings were given in condescension toward a limited consciousness. But a broadened consciousness frees man from many fetters and affirms progress. Adorned lives allow departing freely and generously in order to return as victors (Jaya). He who proceeds with a consciousness of beauty cannot be confused. Only confusion can bar the way. It is not quite correct to say that beauty will save the world. It is more accurate to say that the realization of beauty will save the world. One can walk through obstacles of ugliness toward a beacon of beauty, scattering seeds without number. When one can create a garden of beauty there is nothing to fear. There is no weariness when the garden of the spirit (Manipuram) admits the newcomers.

28. The manifestation of petrification of the Earth has reached the utmost limits. We consider that extreme measures are needed in order that the spirit be re-awakened. The Teaching is not attained through smiles alone. The appearance of deserts has denoted long ago the beginning of savagery. Signs were given long ago and time for reflection thus granted. Indications have been made manifest, but no one harkened.

29. The teaching of the New World will solve all discomforts. Verily, only the shield of the Community can give meaning to the sojourn on Earth. How indescribably beautiful it is to think about cooperation with the far-off worlds. This cooperation, begun consciously, will draw into the orbit of communication new worlds. And this heavenly cooperative will broaden its possibilities infinitely. If all possibilities are stipulated by a community (Sangha), then their manifestation will take place through the channel of the spirit (Antahkaraṇa). It has been said that sound (Nāda) will be the first to reach through. Let these fragments be rudimentary, like the first jagged edges of an eolith. Let whole years pass before the understanding of a complexity of meaning be achieved. Yet it is unquestionable that this conquest will begin not in the observatories and not in the optician’s shop. Harkening of the spirit will bring the first tidings; not for master degrees, but for life which forges evolution. The Teaching can point out to the sensitive ones—on awakening, remember the far-off worlds; on going to sleep, remember the far-off worlds. Hearing any fragments of sound, do not reject them, for each fragment may increase the possibilities of humanity. Gradually unknown words may come through; one should not be surprised at this, remembering that when dates approached in times past the consciousness likewise became expanded. You understand that Earth cannot live without community. You understand that without the broadening of the heavenly ways the existence becomes nil. The New World is in need of new boundaries. The seekers must have a path. Is it narrow throughout the entire horizon? It is fortunate that the seekers do not have to bend the ear down to earth but may turn their gaze upward into spiritual heights. It is easier for the ray to seek out uplifted heads. And every movement of the world is conditioned by the community.

30. Broadening of consciousness is occasion for congratulation. No laboratory can give this perception of continuity of endless possibilities. Only personally, consciously and freely is it possible to adapt out of space uninterrupted steps. The Teaching (Dźńāna) may open the door, but one can enter only by oneself. Not reward, nor justice, but the incontestable law carries the incarnate spirit upward, in an ascending spiral, provided that it has realized the necessity of motion. The Teacher (Aćarya) can in no wise advance this consciousness, for any suggestion would violate the personal attainment. It is one thing to discuss abstractly distant worlds; it is another to realize oneself a participant there. Only he who has not closed for himself the path to beauty may understand how near to him is the manifestation of the far-off worlds. The ear can catch fragments of the Great Breath, but the knowledge of the spirit gives man a place in Infinity. It is useful to look back upon remote epochs, when this consciousness was awakened. We see that not in a day of flowering of science but during the proclamation of religion was the cosmic consciousness awakened; for not hypotheses but only knowledge of the spirit leads to the starry paths. I regret that no astronomical calculations could advance the moment of communication, for the same reason that the ant does not shoot with a gigantic cannon. It is indeed essential that such achievement be manifested by means of the spirit. Here we are speaking materially, as it were, but without the spirit it is impossible to apply this energy. Indeed the spirit gives a certain quality to matter. The condition of the Earth requires an extraordinary physician. The planet is sick, and if efforts to push it forward do not succeed, then it may be better to remove it temporarily from the chain—it may become as the moon. Hotbeds of the lower strata of the Subtle World have become dangerously intolerable. Also it is impossible to forget how humanity has fallen under the influence of the lower levels of the Subtle World. The community (Sangha) will help all, but broadening of consciousness will help the community.

31. The Teacher values the desire to wash the dust from the great Images. The Teacher values the desire to affirm the simple expression of great words. The Teacher values the desire to eliminate verbosity. In order to isolate the essence, it is necessary to approach from the fundamental. One should know that not a single monument has been handed down to us without mutilation. It is possible to mold as from clay the imprints of a community of rational cooperation and striving beyond the limits of the visible. The Teaching may be expressed under the slogan: “Let him who differs prove the opposite.” It is better to measure backwards than to be covered with indelible dust. Indeed, knowledge of the guiding principle (Ṛtam) illumines the mutilated symbols. You know how people speak about you during your lifetime. What then will it be centuries hence? Yet the principle inevitably grows, and the impulses of its growth shake the earthly firmament. Departed nations have left a patina on the freedom of the spirit. You may ask, “Where then are the persecuted?” Proceed according to these signs. You will perceive as persecuted the first Christians and the Buddhists, but when the temples turned away from Christ and Buddha, then persecutions ceased. I direct you to keep the Teaching simple; not necessary are complicated expressions, for life is beautiful in simplicity. Often one is obliged to dig around a plant, therefore repetitions are unavoidable.

32. The evolution is important not of earthly humanity but of humanity of the Universe. If this simple formula could be adopted by human hearts, the whole starry vault would become tangible. Verily, it would be easier for the beings of other worlds to pierce through the stifling atmosphere of Earth if toward them were coming appeals from earthly incarnates. Where then are the nearest worlds, whither we could direct our consciousness? Jupiter and Venus. Think deeply about the word for “human” (Nārā). It denotes the “brow” —the “thinker”—passing through the “ages”. All the changes of incarnations and the entire value of the consciousness are expressed in a single word. Can you name another language in which the incarnate dweller is so spiritually designated? Other languages do not express the idea of action (Karma) well. The Master can tell you the words for “human” in a hundred languages, but they are either presumptuous or inexpressive.

33. Of what use are miracles, which are contrary to nature? Here is a miracle—when thou canst bestride thy steed and with the manifested sword defend the Community of the World. As simply will the New World begin. Like ripened fruit will facts be collected. The Teaching of magnets is indeed not of miracles, but of a manifestation of the law of gravity. Conceal not the revelation of the spirit, and the sword will be of service to the ascent of evolution. I can give joy (Mudhitam) only to him who has adopted the community not in conjurations, not with incense burning, but in daily life. The Teacher (Guru) can send a helping ray, but He will not engage in combat if the given sword be turned against the friends of the community (disciples, ćelakam). The sword will then turn into a lightning scourge!!!

Ćohan Paksalam, Akbar Morya Khan (1926)
through Śrī Agnimāta Devi


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