Spiritual Wisdom in Parables (81)

1. There are many spiritual tales and stories in all religions Revealed by God, and studying them gives us spiritual knowledge as long as we study them with focus on the Divine Light in the Heart or Eye. The Heart area, Anahata in the middle of the chest, sternum, must be illuminated by imagining the Light Radiance radiating from within the Heart Lotus or flowing down from above from the Deity and spreading through the Heart, if we want to feel and develop Consciousness (Ćittam) of what we are thinking about more deeply. The Heart Centre is a place of feeling sensations, a place of internal Touch and the seat of Consciousness, i.e. the ability to become aware of the processes taking place in the world of things, phenomena and people. Illuminating the Heart Centre by imagining the growing Radiance and increasing Brightness increases sensitivity and the ability to understand and find what is best and most appropriate for us. Of course, we should not easily give up on what we find and discover through the feeling of the Heart, and the most important thing is to find the Guru. Thanks to the illumination of the Heart, we are attracted to the person of the Guru and Spiritual Teachers, so we should stick to them while remaining in the Light. Feeling the Light and Brightening the EYE in the head, under the forehead also allows for better awareness of things, phenomena and processes, so that over time we can even receive spiritual messages addressed to us from our Masters and Teachers who may be far away. However, this ability, which is always present in Avatars (Messengers of God), is not easy to obtain by a beginner Yoga practitioner. However, we can intensify the Light of the Eye and project it onto the images of some mysterious Parable to understand its gist and meaning more deeply. This is a very good way of transmitting Spiritual Knowledge, characteristic of the Holy Scriptures, thanks to which deep secrets are hidden, and dark people, without Light, are unable to understand either their gist or their meaning. Therefore, spiritual tales and stories are always interpreted by those who are Enlightened by the Spiritual, Divine Light, and their Heart and Eye are in Brightness and Radiance.

2. The work of a beginner Yogi is to Concentrate Light (Samādhi) so as to achieve the Insight and Understanding of an Enlightened Person, i.e. the Being of Light, the Angel of God. We must increase the living hot Light, as if we were absorbing the rays of the Sun or some Holy Star such as Sirius into our Centres, into the Heart or Eye. The Morning Glow illuminates darkness and gloom, and with the removal of the curtains of darkness that cover human souls, minds and hearts, comes the understanding and vision that we have in the fullness of the day. Cultivating clarification helps in a deeper Understanding of ancient stories so that we can acquire the spiritual Knowledge hidden in them and acquire the Wisdom of penetrating the Mysteries. Fairy tales have many hidden meanings, and as we deepen our understanding of them, we develop on the Path of the Mystic and hidden truths emerge from behind the fog. Therefore, while trying to read the Holy Scriptures, let us at the same time try to increase the inner Light that was ignited in us by the Spiritual Master, who blesses and initiates us with his hand, precisely to increase the inner Light. People’s hearts should be Living Lanterns and then everyone would understand themselves and others perfectly. A heart full of Light knows how to act in accordance with God’s Law, and the Community of the Enlightened Ones will also clearly see the mistakes of beginner aspirants of the Spiritual Path. The eye should also be full of Light, and the Light from the head should spread in all directions, shine and radiate to the surroundings. Master Gautama taught to ignite the powerful Light in the Head Centre and similarly Master Yehoshua taught that an EYE full of Light can remove darkness and gloom from a human being. Enlightenment is, after all, settling in Brightness and Light, and contemplating and focusing the Light is an essential first step. The Way of Enlightenment is always the Middle Way and can be called the Science of Light Technology. We think, speak, function, feel and dream completely differently when we are embedded in the Radiance of Light. Thinking, feeling and understanding differently means the ability to perceive the Depth beyond the three ordinary dimensions and is especially visible in the ability to understand and explain old parables, legends, fairy tales that come alive.

3. We always fill ourselves with Light before we start reading and contemplating the Proverbs, in which there is a hidden depth that, like a hologram, reveals to us Divine Wisdom and Truth. So we illuminate the Heart or the Eye when we read our Spiritual Teachings and all the Holy Scriptures. Let’s see in Light the ancient story about the Sower, as it is very rich and multi–threaded. The Sower prepared the Field by ploughing and harrowing it and began to sow good seed, good plants, so that his cultivated Field would give him an abundant harvest at harvest time. The Sower sowed tirelessly all day long, and in the evening he finished his work of sowing and fell asleep to rest. In the darkness of the night, while the Sower was sleeping, the Evil One came and, seeing the finished sowing of the Good Seed, entered the field and began to sow the seed of tares. And in time both kinds of seeds began to grow, but the tares grew faster and became stronger than the wheat that the Sower had sown. And the tares gradually covered the whole field, although wheat also grew there. Gradually, as the Harvest approached, the tares became more and more abundant, and the wheat became weak and small, and there was very little of it. At the time of the Harvest, the wheat was separated from the tares, and the tares, though they took over the Field, were burned, and the wheat was gathered into the Granary, but there was little of it in the Sower’s House, and there was famine and death in the Sower’s House. In a few words, this is what our story looks like, which is in fact, clearly for the People of Light, a condensed package of deep spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge. If we have the Light within us, we will be fascinated by such a story and we will constantly discover new aspects of Divine Knowledge in it, because this story came out as the Voice of Truth from the mouth of the God of the Heavens and Earth. So let us try to feel and look while being whole in the Light. Inhale the Light from above and become filled and expanded with Light as you exhale.

4. The internal aspect of the parable shows that the Field is Man’s Mind, Manas, and Man, fed with good intentions and faith, sows there various Good Thoughts that are to become his Reality in the future. This Sower even carefully prepares himself, his mind, i.e. his field, and then begins to sow. However, sowing is possible in the state of Daylight, when a person has a good attitude and is clearly aware of what he is striving for. After doing the enormous work of Sowing, he finally reaches the point where his Mind Field is filled with Good Seed and everything seems to be heading in the right direction. “I did so much good, I affirmed, I prayed every day,” says our Man the Sower, and when he stops sowing in the Field already completed, he loses his vigilance and night comes, and in the darkness of the night, when the Sower is sleeping, the Evil One comes and in the Mind, in the Field of Dharma as they say in the East, sows a malicious weed called tares. We see that whoever fertilizes and processes the Field of his Mind and sows the Good Seed of thoughts and ideas to the maximum reaches the point of saturation, being filled with this Goodness and Beauty of his internal Field. When he stops Sowing, he begins to Sleep, instead of guarding the Field and guarding the Good Seed like a zealous Guardian. In the darkness of the night, the Evil One poisons the Field with his diseased tares seeds, and so a Man, seemingly Good and Wonderful and Involved in Sowing Spiritual Science in the Fields, suddenly falls asleep, vanishes and disappears, and yet we often see such unfortunate cases of the Evil One sowing tares to various supposedly Good people. And they deviate from the Path of Good, because foreign thoughts spread in their Mind Fields, until they even become enemies of the Good that was sown by the Sower in their Minds. By identifying themselves with tares instead of wheat, they doom themselves to be burned in the Fire, and yet we see such unfortunate, sick foolishness.

5. A Guru is a Sower, but a Guru can be the one who has guarded the Field Faithfully and has not let the Evil One into his Mind and kept vigil at night, driving away the sowers of tares from his Mind and gathered pure wheat as his true and Good Harvest. The Guru is a Sower for his Disciples, but everyone is also a Sower for himself and is responsible for everything he has sown or allowed to be sown inside his Mind. Well, everyone must cultivate the soil of their Mind and take care of what is sown in it. But whoever does not distinguish the seed of thought will be terribly deceived in the moment of darkness by the Evil Ones who sow the tares for us. And in the world there are Sowers of Good, called Saints, and Sowers of Evil, called Satans. There are not many Sowers for the number of people, even counting those who help them as Disciples of the Way. But even ordinary people usually remember some individual thoughts or sayings that exist as Folk Wisdom spoken in ancient times. The good seed, Spelt, can only be sown by Holy People, Angels who walk on Earth, but each person is the owner and guardian of his or her Mind Field and, in fact, by allowing the Sower to sow, he or she participates in this process and does great harm to himself when he also lets in the Evil One to sow the tarres, and doubt is the first of the evil seeds! Many people come to the Divine Sower of good wheat, and then return home or to work, and the environment activated by the Evil One sows in them doubt, distrust, uncertainty and anxiety. There are few Sowers of Good and their disciples are not very numerous, which is why the Gods on Earth usually create more elite, small Communities. A Guru with a large number of Disciples is rather rare, and yet the King of Heaven, when sending another Guru to Earth, always gives him the following instructions: “Go to such and such a people or language (civilization), preach My Word and find at least one Disciple, who will replace you in this work when I call you back to me!” Well, since ancient times, every Guru has struggled with this issue to find a worthy Successor who could replace Him in His work on Earth and continue the Mission given to Him by the King of Heaven. It must be Someone whose Field sown with Spelled produces only Spelled, and there are no tares in it, and there is enough wheat from the harvest to Sow their fertile Fields to others. Then the New Sower goes to Sow, and the old one can go for a well–deserved rest to the Kingdom of the Father of Worlds! Therefore, you must faithfully guard the deposit of Spiritual Science, Dharma, which you receive, so that from wheat comes wheat, and each grain yields a harvest of thirtyfold, sixtyfold or a hundredfold.

. Man (Mind) is a Fertile Field, and if he receives a grain of wheat, he then becomes a Wheat Field and produces more grain of wheat than the sowing which the Master–Sower made with his own hand into his Field. And the smallest Yield that can be considered a measure of success is a thirtyfold Yield. Whoever has received the grain of the Teaching, Dharma from the mouth of his Guru into his ears, and after some time the Dharma does not flow from his mouth in a greater quantity than he received, is truly breeding tares that kill the wheat and there is no Good in him! We recognize our true Disciples because when we go to them and listen to them, we hear vibration and wisdom, the wheat that we sow as Guru in the Field of their Minds, because Manas is a Field that must be cultivated well. And it sometimes happens that the Work of the Disciple as a New Sower is more intense than what the Guru sowed in his Heart. That is why we say that: “He who is our Disciple cannot act contrary to our Teaching if the Seed of God is in him. Turning away from the Guru, wandering and opposing are terrible seeds of tares, and such a person, until the Harvest, as he is a field of tares, goes to be burned in the Fire, and yet it is difficult to weed out the malicious weed. After all, Satan literally means a rebel who rebelled against God, Elohim! It can be said that among people there are those who are Spelled Fields producing the right crop and those who are Fallows of Tares, Weed Fields or otherwise human weeds, and we call them Satans (Piśaćas). Most, however, are Battlefields between Spelt and Tares, but the Pure must take care to weed out their Mind. It is important to sow the Good seed, but it is also important to vigilantly remove any weeds that may arise in the hour of darkness. Lighting an Oil Lamp to give Light is easy, but you also need to add Oil every day so that the Lamp can burn and never go out. Daily practice is like weeding the Field so that no weeds grow, it is like adding oil to the Lamp of Light. Yet Rāma, Buddha and Christ commanded us to be Lamps of Light amidst the darkness of this world, so that the tares of darkness could no longer be sown in us in any way. “Walk in the Light of Day” – our ancient Prophets told us.

7. The story of the Sower who went out to sow Good Seeds of Divine Thoughts into Human Minds (Manas) is a story of the Master and the Disciple, so that the former knows that they are sowing in fertile, absorbent and fruitful soil, and the latter that the hour comes in life the reign of darkness, night and someone other than the Master can sow completely wrong ideas and views in our minds, and yet the world is susceptible to sowing tares from the hand of the Evil One! When the Disciple moves away from the Master and the tares choke and destroy the wheat, then the Reaping Angels come and take the soul of such a clever “disciple” to be burned in the Consuming, Unquenchable Fire. How bad is the end of the one who gave in to evil thoughts and, growing tares within himself, became a Field of Tares for others. See how bad thoughts spread among people like some lousy plague. See how difficult it is to find a fertile field that will produce a proper crop when sown. A disciple of our Community is recognized when each seed that we have invested in him produces a harvest of thirtyfold, sixtyfold or one hundredfold. We only have three types of Spiritual Disciples, and yet they instil good thoughts in others and properly transmit the DHARMA of the Way. Those who, because of the tares, constantly do something differently and not as the Master indicated, accumulate the merit of the Unquenchable Fire. Let our seed grow in you to bring abundant harvest!

8. If a “disciple” suddenly develops any inspirations that are completely inconsistent with the Guru’s instructions, he should immediately uproot them to clear the Field of weeds. And it is better to check every new and unknown thing quickly before it blooms, destroying and choking out the healthy wheat. So kindle the Flame of the Heart and Eye, so that your Light shines with great and invincible Radiance. Recognize the erroneous seeds of thoughts and ideas that come from the Forger of Destiny, who wants to bring every person and the entire world to destruction and perishing, and yet it is the tares in the Mind Field (Manas) that we have to lose and weed out. The evil one tempts and deceives with discouragement and doubt, and presents every reason as a good one. He can also deceive a person with wrong interpretations, his own pride and resentment, and if he fails to achieve this and does not arouse any aversion that would push him away from the Path and the Guru, he will deceive a person with a false state of pleasure and self–loss in something sweet inside himself. This “sweetness” and “pleasure” that hangs a person so that he “no longer needs” the Guru, or has “found his own way” is only getting entangled in a real thicket of tares, and the “sweetness” and “pleasure” of this real CRISIS of pleasure it is the worst of poisons that leads to the “disciple” breaking off the bond with the Community. Remember that a true Disciple is always present in the Community and never falls away from the Sangha, because in fact the Field that the Sower sows is the Mind of Humanity! And the Sangha in its true dimension are only those whom the Field has already produced Spelled wheat, and no tares have been found in it. The Sangha, the Community of Disciples united in the cultivation of wheat, is recognized if it bears a Harvest. The Sons of Perdition who come to us and sometimes reveal themselves are among the sowers of Evil and these carriers of tares sow doubt, fear and distrust, arouse suspicion, discourage, and also start quarrels and divisions and demonic fights for leadership like mindless animals in the rut! The bearer of tares who comes to the Community of the Way of God himself goes to be burned in the Fire, and when it turns out to be impossible to change his sick Mind, his loss should not be regretted when he leaves. We should pity those who were deceived by the sower of Evil and infected with the Demon’s tares, who despaired or were discouraged from following God’s Way. Tares are all ideas and views, seeds of thoughts that drown out and destroy the Thought of the Guru until a person stops following and fulfilling the advice, commands and instructions of the Guru–Hierophant.

9. The story teaches us that weeds grow and bear fruit faster, but good wheat grows slowly and produces fruit in its own time. Too much “spiritual progress” of a student in a short time is usually only the “swelling” of a demon that will burst like a soap bubble, so we cannot fall for rapid progress and promotions that are not verified by active and creative work. The multitude of mystical experiences giving the impression of spiritual advancement is also a hypocritical impression. Calm, creative work and fulfilment of everyday duties assigned by the Master prove the Student’s progress on the Spiritual Path. Quick fruit is a sure tare, quick growth is quick delusion and quick burning in the Fire of fall. Nurture and water Good seeds and do not look for too fast methods of rapid growth, because they are empty and vain! Whoever follows the right Path knows how to wait until the right time comes, but follows the instructions of the Path Guide immediately. The Guru is the one who Sows the good seed of golden wheat in a set rhythm. Angels with the Sickle come to separate the tares from the wheat and woe to those who do not bring Good Fruit. The story teaches us that for what we do under the supervision of the Guru, the Sower, the hour of reckoning will come and we will stand before the Angels of God who will cut off our soul like an ear of wheat or a weed of tares and decide about our further fate. The reapers are waiting for God’s seed to ripen in us, and the Evil One’s seed is also in a hurry to get there on time because it has little time. As Lord Buddha, and later Lord Yeshua, said: “The evil one works quickly because he knows how little time he has.” In the hour of Judgment, when the time of reckoning comes, first the evil ones are bound up to be burned, and then the good ones are taken to the Kingdom of Heaven. How unpleasant will be the hour of meeting the Lord of the Harvest for all those who got lost in the hour of darkness, and yet it is the hour of Testing that comes both to an individual man and the Field of his Mind, as well as to entire spiritual Communities of “disciples” at one time, in order to found out who are tested. See how many fall to be burned as weeds when the hour of Test for our Community comes and the seed of the Evil One reveals itself with all its strength. Don’t you know that the Guru is the ambassador of the Kingdom of God, and his Sangha is the embassy, ​​and therefore the Vestibule of Paradise in a foreign land in the midst of this world?!

10. See how much Wise Knowledge lies hidden in the depths of one short and simple story! Yet we reveal only the first level of Knowledge to people and open the gate only to the first Chamber of the Kingdom of God’s Wisdom. Man must perform and implement everything he has received, and must also produce an appropriate Harvest before he joins the Angels of God, before whom the next Chambers of God’s Wisdom and Omniscience are open! After all, we still say that it is not the one who calls us “Lord”, “Lord” who will enter the Kingdom of God, but the one who does our Will. And yet not all our works are as easy to do as daily Prayer. We work in the field, and the entire human world plays a role! Our enemy, the Spirit of Evil, when people sleep in the darkness of the night of the soul, creeps in and sows all kinds of evil, suffering and disease in the soil of humanity. The tares grow right after the wheat, giving it as it were priority, so the “disciple” constantly thinks that he is following the right path and does not see the hidden enemy until it is too late. The violent attack of the tares chokes and overwhelms the wheat until it suffocates and destroys it, and make it even fruitless. Therefore, every unfruitful ear of corn is not our “disciple”, but a servant of the enemy who has sown the weeds that prevent it from bearing fruit. This is why first Lord Siddhartha and then Master Jesus said that it is better to give than to receive and that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving. He who gives bears fruit, and he who reaps the harvest will have something to give again! You have probably heard that every tree that does not bear its fruit will be cut down, and that the unfruitful fig tree is so cursed that it withers. Figs were a symbol of the fruit of wisdom, so we must understand that anyone who “learned” but did not begin to bear the fruit of wisdom will wither like a cursed fig tree, because God has already condemned it to be cut down. See those who fall away from our Community, how withered they are as fig trees! Eat the food of wisdom and act as people of the spirit, for who will drink from a dry spring in which there is not a drop of water? Be springs of Living Water, so that everyone who thirsts can come and drink!

11. Do not be fascinated by “beautiful” and “magnificent” fig trees that do not bear the fruit we require. The lack of fruit for others to eat is a time of truth and judgment that shows who is not of us and belongs to the Evil One. The withered tree is cursed and thrown away to be burned, just as the tares are removed by burning in the Eternal Fire! However, the Fields of Mind in which tares and wheat grow are given time to grow together, until the meeting with the Reaper Angel, whose Golden Sickle is a symbol, and to find out whether Good or Evil wins in man. This world is also a Field for wheat and tares, and death is the time of the coming of the Reaper Angel. Increase the Light and try to penetrate and understand the mystery of the Parable, because in it there is the fate of an individual, a Community, and even the entire humanity, and everything comes in its own time, because there is a time to plough, a time to sow, and a time to harvest. However, the Guru is a Host who cultivates the Field entrusted to Himself on Earth. The Reaper Angels will collect human souls at the end of each Yuga, which is the time of rebirth for human souls. No soul escapes judgment, and if it has become a field of tares, it is driven away. The soul that has become a Field of Wheat and produces an appropriate Harvest is taken to the Granary, which is the Kingdom of God. The process of conversion and repentance is the process of rooting out the tares and starting to grow wheat. Truly, Spelt is a symbol of Sound Spiritual Teaching included in the commandments of God, and not in the dogmas and canonical codes of the “only right” madness of people in black – Sowers of tares. Therefore, stick to Sound Teaching, which is the food of Divine Souls, and do not eat from the tree of falsehood and evil. Repentance means withdrawing from everything that is not permitted by God and which the Prophets admonished us about. After all, even in war the rules of Honour were imposed and all unnecessary suffering was forbidden! Kshatriyas, Warriors are enjoined to have Compassion and Mercy (KARUṆA) towards the suffering enemy. But it was also said that the “Evil” that creates Good is GOOD, not evil! Our Spiritual Science, Dharma, is the same WHEAT since the times of the Eternal Ones, and we pass it on from Master to Disciple and never otherwise. Therefore, abandon your false prophets, who suddenly shine like wandering stars in the sky, and their teachings are full of sweet poison that causes you to abandon the PATH you have taken! Whoever follows “teachings” that lead him away from our Eternal Way (Sanathana Marga) falls into the trap of tares and will be burned in the Fire. Don’t you know that you have to spend “a time, two times and half a time” in the Guru’s Presence, and yet the “time” is only 360 earthly days? And that he must walk in the Light of Day, lest in the darkness of the night the poison of tares be poured into your human minds?

12. Do you see those who blame the Guru for the fact that there are evil people and apostates in the Community and you do not thunder with Zeus’ thunderbolt? After all, the Guru is not the sower of the weeds of evil! The Guru is the sower of Good, and the evil of the tares enters in your moments of darkness when you are asleep and do not notice that you are allowing thoughts to enter that are not in accordance with the intention of the Host. We do not bless your trash bins, but only the seed of God that is in you and that is why we feel how many of you do not accept our Blessings. Study the Guru’s Thoughts, for they are the Thoughts of God, the Thoughts of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Guru sent by God comes as a Good Spirit full of Divine Inspiration, and is followed by a full Granary of the purest Wheat. Can’t you still understand that the Guru arranges the details of his Mission with God and the Angels long before the Elemental Spirits build his Body of Manifestation? In three Days in the heavenly measure of time The King of Heaven, the Great God, gives his last Blessings to his Messenger, and then He descends to Earth, taking on a human body. This is how our Haimavanti Messengers come, well equipped with Divine Blessing, and on Earth they are welcomed by those who came down earlier and have already developed their Work here. Do not blame the Guru when you see a harvest of tares and withered fig trees, for God is not the sower of Evil. God is the Destroyer of Evil!

13. How often can it be said to you that the good are being strengthened and the evil are being weakened? Resist the Evil One and he will flee from you. Resist the Devil and he will depart from you, and be steadfast against Evil. Humility is practiced towards God and His Guru, and steadfastness of spirit towards all manifestations of Evil. Do we not sow Courage, Heroism and Valor in your Hearts? Do we not teach you Discernment, Understanding and Comprehension? Do we not teach you the Longing and Striving and Desire for God and His Kingdom? Does anything more than Viraga, Viveka and Mumuksha, that we mention, have the right to grow in your Hearts? Our seed does not contain the tares of self–doubt, cowardice and betrayal, which Master Dattatreya had already warned against in very ancient times, and which Lord Buddha of princely birth considered extremely abominable and filthy! Didn’t Christ teach you, O people, that the doubter will receive nothing from God and will drown in the first storm, becoming a spiritual shipwreck? Didn’t they teach that the place of cowards and traitors who abandoned the spiritual Path was in Hell? And there is doom and perdition after serving the well–deserved PUNISHMENT. Mankind has created enormous suffering and anguish by its words and deeds, and if everyone started suffering, they would erase the pain after 150 years, but they could not create a new one (otherwise it would take longer)! Hell is a world of consumption, chewing the suffering of humanity, and the creatures of Evil wander in their Fire to be burned, because God is the Creator of Good and the Destroyer of Evil! God also commanded people: “Be holy, for I am Holy”, and He also said about people: “You are gods.” But who creates Good and destroys Evil?

14. The student must Cooperate with the teacher to be able to receive from him the sowing of the good seed and then guard the deposit entrusted to him until the Harvest, making sure that when he sleeps, the Evil Demon does not sow tares to him, because then he may be irretrievably lost. But the Guru sent to Earth knows that he is not going to the Angels of God, but to the class of people and jinn (asuras), and these are beings who are condemned and require correction, but of their own free Will. That’s why we don’t force anyone, we just give and suggest, observing where they really want to go, to Heaven or to Hell!? Your malicious, demonic tendencies, O people, can be seen in the shape of your faces, ears, noses, laughter and speech, the way you walk and the way you ask questions. Also in your fawning and reactions to our Students, and in which our thoughts fascinate you. And this is most visible in your aura, thoughts and behaviour in difficult situations. We are giving you a chance to return to Heaven, but will you take the helping hand given to you by the Guru and follow us on the Path, never leaving us? The Guru may come like a thief in the night and demand that the tares be burned, and it will be the time of Harvest. The Reaper Angels are already sharpening their Golden Sickles on you! The lack of wheat in the Harvest is a wasted future life, because there will be nothing to sow the Field and it will turn into a terrible fallow field. Do you not see what the ghosts of men look like, who in their former lives became crops of tares, and from life to life lose their wheat? See how excessive egotism, fixation on oneself and one’s affairs, attachment to “I” and “mine” in one life, results in autism in the next life, autism, which is a disease of oversensitive egoism and self–interest (taking care of oneself).

15. Man sows his own thoughts, words and deeds, and each sowing brings a harvest. So let us sow in the Brightness of the Day, let us act in the Light, and before we speak the Word, let us illuminate the interior with Light. Manas, filled with Divine Radiance from above, produces Thoughts in accordance with the laws and commands of the Creator–Creation, the King of Heaven, and only the one who is Righteous in the Eyes of God comes to our Kingdom. People sow their good or bad fortune, and everyone hopes that they do good and think good, and does not the Evil One, in the hour of darkness, give rise to destructive, suicidal, lustful, debauched, criminal, drunken, thieving and various similar tendencies? When these seeds of tares are ripe, what an evil fate must man suffer as the Harvest he must reap! And when Evil reaches its limit, man goes to be burned in the PRALAYA Fire! The Law of Sowing and Reaping is therefore also the cosmic Law of Cause and Effect, Punishment and Reward, the Law of Karman. Whatever a man sows, that is what he will reap, say all the Masters of Wisdom! See how many dimensions one Parable has, and yet we have only told one part of it! Sow Good Fortune and do not allow the Evil One to sow weeds for you. Our Parable of the Sower concerns both the creation of one’s destiny and the Guru–Chela relationship, and also tells how God sends the Guru to Spread Good among the peoples and languages ​​of this world. It also talks about the existence of beings who are forces of Evil and how we will be held accountable for the fruits that we obtain through our thoughts, words and deeds. The existence of good and evil thoughts in the light of the story is obvious, and the image of Fields of Wheat and Tares shows the fight of Good against the forces of Evil and we see the principle of operation of the forces of Evil. Because when the wheat is already sprouting and seems to be growing well, suddenly tares grow as if “out of nowhere” and we don’t know who or when sowed this weed in our field. The tares grow faster and choke and destroy the wheat, and the spiritual Disciple, who showed so much promise, suddenly, although warned, completely strays from the Path and goes down the evil path of Self–destruction in the Fire of Avići! Therefore beware of those who promise too much, wait until the tares sprout, if any have been sown. Isn’t it the most terrible tares if a person takes up Work in the Garden of God, in the Lord’s Vineyard as our Aćarya, and suddenly “out of nowhere” refuses to perform any duties and orders that come from the Manager of the Garden, who is the Guru sent to Earth by God?! How quickly the Evil One sows the weeds of those who are allowed to sow the Good of our Eternal Teachings, Sanathana Dharma!

16. And yet knowing that the rest of our Story concerns the four types of soil in the Field encountered by the Sowers sent by the Lord of the Day of Judgment, therefore in the Radiance of Light we must admit that its beginning is already a Revelation of deep Wisdom. We must not only read this simple esoteric lesson, but we must also master, understand, exercise and put it into practice. You must listen to the Word read with your own ears, so it is better to read from the beginning in a whisper and listen to the Word that you hear in the Light of the Spirit, and if you have “ears to listen”, you will hear the voice with which the Spirit speaks to the Community, so that the entire Sangha grows. In the Light of the Heart, Navel and Eye, we easily open to Accept and Approve all those who come. In the light we lose interest in those who fade into oblivion, because as we see, too much concern for those who have fallen away in this life leads to fall and spiritual destruction. And the Flaming Light of Purification, Forgiveness and Deliverance is the hottest of Lights and it is the all–dissolving Radiance of the Pralaya Flame! In the Light we dissolve all attachments and memories towards those who fall away, because no one remembers the rubbish that is thrown into the bin or the withered tree that is cut out of the Garden to be burned and a new one is planted in its place. And you will recognize new healthy trees by the fact that their facial features will be similar, because the Garden of God is organized according to the higher Laws of Harmony, but this art is not yet available to humanity. Om Pralayam! Om Vairāgyam! Remember that Vairāgya is Release, Forgiveness and Purification at the same time and it is a fantastic state of Freedom and Openness, where you are a Clean, Unwritten Blackboard! Since Raga is Attachment, Habit, the state of Vairāgya means Beyond Desire or being “beyond any connection with the object with which we are purifying the relationship”! Therefore, we free ourselves from those who have gone astray and do not want to follow the Straight Path with us, and we unite even more into One Organism in the Himalayan Community of the White Lodge, which is our Spiritual Brotherhood. We cleanse ourselves of all ties and connections with the fallen, so that their tares do not surround us and ensnare us, dragging us along with those who have gone to the side of the forces of Evil because of their wrong choices and attitudes. Whoever has turned to the Dark Side of the Force becomes an enemy of the Light, and by fighting our Divine Community, he or she tries to destroy God’s work and will not be left without severe punishment, because our Community is a Garden of Beautiful Flowers pleasing to God!

17. The four kinds of “Disciples of the Way” continue in our Parable! Behold, the sower went out to sow, and the seed fell on the road, and a black bird came and devoured all the Spelt that was sown. While sowing, the sower threw the seed and it fell on rocky ground where there was little soil and it grew quickly, but the sun’s heat caused the plant to wither right down to the root! The third sowing of grain fell among the thorns and the thorns quickly drowned out the sowing of Spelt that our Sower had scattered! A fourth part of the grain fell on good, arable and prepared land, and the grain produced its proper yield, thirty, sixty and a hundred times! O what great Wisdom and deep knowledge lies in this Divine Story, and yet the Guru listened to it while sitting in the Circle among the Gods of Heaven in the Empyrean. There are three types of human minds (Manas) and characters that do not accept the seed of Good, Divine Thought and by themselves destroy the spiritual Teaching they receive! Out of four incoming “disciples”, at most one is suitable to be given the spiritual food of Divine Knowledge. And as we know from the previous part, because of the tares, or rather the sower of Evil, the latter may end badly if he does not keep the deposit and loses his Light. Have an Eye full of Radiance, have a Heart full of Radiance! How difficult it is to find a Good Earth where we, the Hosts of this planet, can sow seeds from our Granaries! And you have no idea how great is the Granary of your Guru, called the Chamber of Eternal Wisdom.

18. People whose Mind is beaten as hard as the surface of a beaten road listen to the Word of Divine Science but do not want to understand it in their hardness. Wrong concepts and established patterns do not allow the acceptance of Sacred Knowledge into the interior of the Mind, so the seeds remain on the surface and cannot grow or even germinate, remaining fruitless, and since they are on the surface of the soil of the Mind and are not assimilated, black birds come and peck all this, what we received. We, the people of the White Lodge of the Himalayas, call these black birds Kurras demons, and since we know them well and see them surrounding some adepts, we know that they do not absorb the Teaching we give them. The mind defends itself against accepting a grain of wheat, remaining hard and hardened like a beaten street or a threshing floor where nothing will ever grow! It is no coincidence that this first type of “disciple” or rather “listener” is called the “way”, because this category includes all those deceived who have their own “ways”, which are, unfortunately, sick and ungodly ideas that are not spiritual at all. One’s own “way” is something that, in its sick hardness, does not accept the grain of the Sound Teaching of God, and the birds from the land of Evil peck out every grain that bounces off the hard armour or shell with which such a wandering Mind is surrounded. Kurra–Asuras are black birds that surround fools with their own “ways” and ensure that not even a single ear of Divine Spelt grows in the soil of their diseased Minds. Even colloquially, such people are said to have concrete in their heads instead of intelligence, or to have a “clogged head”, which does not indicate chivalry at all. That’s why we first give a lot of practice to those who come to us with “their own way or path” so that they can plough and harrow their “wandering areas” and turn them into fertile soil, but unfortunately this rarely succeeds, because they usually don’t want to do what we command them!

19. “Rocky ground” with a bit of fertile soil indicates people who also have formed and “armoured” structures of the Mind, they quickly accept a little of our Divine Wisdom and it seems to sprout, but they only accept a little and do not want and do not accept silently very many things and when we raise the Light of the Solar Blessings, this residual soil of them causes the Spelt to dry out and die to the root, so that in the “rocky ground” of their Minds there is really nothing left of our Eternal Teaching. The “rocky ground” has its unshakable and inviolable beliefs, and there is little fertile ground on its surface, and often such a person uses his remaining fertile ground to give the impression of a “good and diligent student.” Unfortunately, this enthusiasm is short–lived, and the “concrete” hardness of the rock does not allow for too long a “discipleship”. Such people come to us for “a moment” and disappear, and often turn away from us to their “religious” fanaticism. The rock–hard Manas have absolutely nothing left of our teachings, and despite “learning” and practice, their egotism kills every seed, although for a short time they sometimes seem to be fascinated by something that has a spiritual flavour. Gautama Buddha and later Christ said about them that “a washed pig returns to a puddle of mud”!

20. People who are “thorns” are those who seem to accept our Teaching, but cruelly suppress it within themselves, and then, citing the fact that they were our “disciples” or “knew us well”, they preach their terrible “thorny” poisons, both in themselves and in others, choking every seed, every trace of Spiritual Teaching. These are those who, when you say a few Words of Divine Wisdom, are ready “in good faith” to drown you out, destroy you, strangle you so that your soul does not bear any fruit. The malicious activities of people “thorns” who want to expand their influence within our Sangha and then detach as many of our Disciples as possible are well known to us. Each such thorn bush will be burned with fire after God has cut it out of our Garden. They often come with some erroneous teachings and sick “textbooks” written with the finger of the devil and oppose their thorny tentacles to the teachings of the Angels of the Kingdom of Heaven, causing enormous confusion. When you see such a “mixer” in the halls, do what God must do and cut down the thorn bush and throw it into the Eternal Fire to be burned. Our Dharma is found in many Holy Books, and the Pure, Sacred Heart will know the Truth that remains in the books of the people of this Earth. Here, the thorns symbolize the fierce opposition and rebellion of the sick Mind that thinks it is the Garden of God. Thorns also mean wounding and causing pain to people who actually constitute the Brahma Sangha, the Divine Community. If someone causes pain, suffering and torment to the Sower and Teacher himself, he is the worst demonic “thorn” in the Community of the Way of God. So Judas was truly, truly a thorny, lousy “thorn” for Rabbi Yehoshua of Bethlehem! If you hear people spouting their own nonsense that has never come out of our mouths, and they still refer to their “discipleship” with us, you will see extremely thorny thorns that have choked our Dharma within themselves, and the time of their “discipleship” was the time of thorn branching. Human beings with a demonic “thorn” nature can be so demonic, and they constitute a whole class of “theologians”, supposedly adepts of some “divine knowledge”. Thorny Minds are very deceptive because they can absorb the Good seeds of our teaching for a very long time, giving the impression of a receptive soul with great spiritual needs. However, they kill the seeds that we give them, so just try to enforce compliance with our Teachings and you will see what a terrible storm they will create. For how long these future rebels, brawlers and villains can cajole themselves by pretending to be the most humble “disciples”. Demand the fruit and the demon will begin to rage and destroy the Community and turn against the spiritual Teachings of the School!

21. Good and “prepared”, “fertile” soil symbolizes the Disciple whose Mind is purified and softened properly so that it is suitable for Discipleship and can follow the Guru towards Eternity through the process of Cultivation, Sowing and Harvesting. Fertilizing the soil of the Mind, preparing the ground, includes two processes: Ploughing and Harrowing, which symbolize two phases of processing and cleansing, the coarse phase of Ploughing and the subtle phase of Harrowing. OM symbolizes both of these works, because O is Ploughing and M is Subtle Cleaning or Harrowing. Sowing is the last phase of spring work. The harvest shows only who our disciples really are!

22. The farmer knows how to prepare the field and which soil is really good, but because of the evil one and his weeds, not everyone produces the right crop. So see how much the Evil One guards his territory, ensuring that as few human souls as possible become Angels again and return to Heaven from where they fell. Therefore, be the “good, arable land” of our Proverb, so that in due time you may produce an abundant Harvest of Wheat! Of course, wheat here symbolizes all grains of good plants, and tares symbolizes all grains of bad plants, and yet you know that bad grains are very difficult to distinguish from good grains, and that is why it is said that we recognize our Disciples by their fruits. Everyone knows that the worst crimes against God include betrayal and departure from our Spiritual Community, so recognizing bad, sick and harmful “fruits” is often quite easy. Yet both the Buddha and Rabbi Yehoshua ordered that apostates and traitors should neither be greeted nor welcomed under one’s own roof, so that they would keep the tentacles of their thorns away from People of the Way of God and not accidentally deceive anyone. The Initiatory Community of the Way is very wary of apostates, especially the deceptive ones, of the nature of thorns, because their apostasy or stormy departure often leads to the fall of the remaining, quite good and trusting souls of the Disciple’s nature. How severe will their punishment be for causing the fall and loss of even one soul. Be holy as God is holy, and do not sin, lest you be found to be children of the evil one. Everyone who sins is a child of the Devil, and yet abandoning the Holy Guru, the Hierophant of the Way of God, belongs to the most serious category of mortal sins. We do not abandon our Gurus or our Teachers. We remain in Unity with them, becoming their closest collaborators, ready to fulfil even the most difficult orders or instructions. And thanks to this we do not lead to destruction or fall, nor do we have to wander in our search. We recognize a disciple by the fact that over time he becomes more and more of the Master’s Collaborator, and those who have left were never our disciples, and it is also doubtful whether they were ever with us, because their names are erased from the Book of Life due to the impossibility of their re-conversion and repentance. You must live in the Light of God’s Glory to see and understand the Truth of the Spirit.

23. Have we learned that the Sower is the one who sows Spelt tirelessly throughout the Day and does not tire of his work? The Sower knows no rest in his work of spreading the Divine Teaching, and his diligence seems to be truly superhuman! He is not a Sower who accidentally teaches or instructs someone. A sower is one who sows the good seed of our Teaching at all times, wherever he is. And what is important, the Sower proves with his life that he never stops in his work, and once he has started it, only death ends his activity. The Proverbs show that the Sower sowed good seed all day long, and that means every day. The farmer, living off his land, works on it from his youth to his old age, from dawn to dusk. This is the work of a true Master who works in the Lord’s vineyard. A sower is not a level of momentary, temporary activity and no one who sowed something but stopped working cannot claim to have been a Guru. A true Guru, Rabi devotes his entire life to the spiritual work of spreading Divine Knowledge, whatever else he may have to do apart from that. If you want to recognize the Guru, the Sower, see whether he has fully devoted his life to the Spiritual Path and whether a Spiritual Community, Church, Sangha is growing around him! A working day in the heavenly dimension means one earthly year and we say that it is a “time” of work, but there is no night in Heaven, so a working day means working constantly and tirelessly throughout the year as the Administrator of the Divine Household. The True Guru, the Sower has no breaks in his work, and 360 earthly days are One Heavenly Day of his work as a Sower. When the “disciples” go through such a cycle of work with the Master, then a kind of “night” comes for them in the Community to be tested. Another thing is the fact that a thousand earthly years is also One Day of work in the measure of time in God’s Consciousness and God will recognize you as a Guru only when you train with Him tirelessly during this period as a Sower of Science and the Word of God. That is why you have been meeting me for a long time both on Earth, and some of you also in the Heavenly Temples in the pillared halls, in the clearings under the tree and in the mountain caves! Don’t think that God recognizes just anyone as a Guru and if someone has become a Sadguru, let him know what his job should be and when his Apprenticeship in our Divine Service will be completed! Don’t you know that we have Light and can illuminate every Spiritual Science hidden, like a therma, in the parable?

24. If an Aćarya devotes a weekend every week to teaching others, for a year he will have about 100 days in the Sower Service, and in 3.5 years he will have a Day of Sowing Service in the spiritual measure of time that Angels live. Three Days of Service means over 10 years of work for our Brotherhood, and if someone has not worked as a Sower for One Day, even in the worst sense, he has not yet started working as a Sower, a Guru. We give the Reward to the Sower immediately for each Day of Work in our Vineyard and not earlier, and the greatest Reward is the one that the Sowers receive once in a millennium. And we say to you, be the Light of the world of men and be Lamps in the desert of godlessness! And recognize the Sowers, Gurus, according to their tireless work, for whoever has not worked even a Day is not yet our worker. There are many wandering stars that flash for a moment to deceive seekers and even the chosen ones. Only those who are COMPLETELY TRUE to us never succumb to such illusions and mirages. The sower will not be afraid of any weather, and his work will be done diligently. Did not the Buddha command his Aćaryas: “Go and promulgate the Teaching of the Awakened Teacher!” Did not all those whom he made Aćaryas preach until the last moments of their lives, becoming Perfect Arhats? Follow the example of the Disciples and remain in the Light, drawing closer to us. The True Disciple approaches the Guru continually throughout the Seven Lives until the Cooperation between Disciple and Master is complete and perfect!

25. The Spiritual Wisdom of Parables is a huge Science, and we gave our Dharma in Fairy Tales, which we understand very well, and yet there are Seven Chambers of Wisdom, of which the First is available to humanity! And each Chamber has Seven adjacent rooms, which we call the Rays of Wisdom. We finally reach the Throne of the Master of Wisdom, and the Throne room can be considered the Eighth Chamber. The Seven–rayed Star is the Star of Grace of God’s Wisdom, but we are now finishing our Illumination or Explanation of the Parable of the Sower to show you how Light becomes the Key to Knowledge and Wisdom. And we encourage you, as already proven Gurus and Sowers, to study the Dharma of our Science in the Bright Light of God, so that your Knowledge will be Full and Perfect. Let the Light illuminate the minds of people, let the Light reveal the Knowledge available to our Faithful and Chosen! Many Blessings! Hum!

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita–Mohan G.K.


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