Studying Holy Scriptures

Holy Scriptures of all religions and spiritual traditions interpreted through the prism of the unity of goal that all spiritual trends represent, may especially become a subject of esoteric studies. Proper interpretation of Holy Scriptures cannot be an arbitrary interpretation and teachings contained it them particularly ought not to be used in the defence of one’s own views or opinions. Holy Scriptures are subject to research whose aim is to understand them unambiguously and comprehend their entirety without any internal contradictions. If anyone perceives any contraditions in Holy Teachings of religions, this simply means that they haven’t understood them and comprehended them in the Spirit of Truth. Perceiving unity in the teachings contained in all Holy Books of all religions indicates that one has reached basic understanding of what the attitude of an enlightened person is.

Studing the Esoteric Lessons of Himavanti and meditations on the verses of spiritual teachings of Laya Yoga is the second crucial trend followed by the entire esoteric school of secret knowledge, which Hridaya Circle is in its core. Current lectures on esoterics can be found in the ”Hridaya Bulletin” available on subscription. Archivised lectures are available in scripts, where each one contains ten subsequent lessons from the ”Bulletin”, they can also be found in separate thematic editions. The entire philosophy of Laya Yoga, all Fraternity materials which are available, may be used depending on the needs of a specific group belonging to Hridaya Circle as well as the inspiration of the Coordinator who conducts the Circle, whose responsibility is to arrange the schedule of meetings.

The path of the upper lotos heart, as this is another name of Hridayapadma, is developed perfectly in the form of so-called Bhaktajana or Bhaktayoga. Then, Acharyas who coordinate the work of such a Circle, also develop the path of prayer and spiritual chants, which are food for an angel soul and a flaming heart.

The richness of yoga is boundless. Outlines of esoteric teachings include the development of intuitive perception and insight, teachings on healing practices, reaching insight into the sphere of fiery centres of energy, development of psychic and spiritual powers and forces, teachings on how to achieve wealth and prosperity, basic ways of practice, kinds of yoga, learning how to avoid obstacles on the path, attaining wisdom, lotos flowers, chakra energies, as well as many similar issues.

One of the basic points of laya yoga is of course the purification of chakras and aura – the transparent aetheral body which yoga names linga sharira: the vital body or the body of life. Other crucial topics are teachings on the unity of goal inherent in all religions. The ecumenical unity of the religions of the East and West is, in fact, a basic teaching of all schools of light and love that have ever existed and continue existing until now. The Sufi Din-i-Illai has been promoting this secret knowledge of one source and the common origin of all religious traditions already since the sixteenth century.

Hridaya Circle was founded primarily for initiated disciples of laya yoga and related trends, whose purpose is to delve into esoteric spiritual knowledge and shape the angelic, secret heart, as well as to hold mystical community meetings. All those who are interested in participation may also join these studio-learning circles. There is also a possibility to learn through correspondence by subscribing to the ”Hridaya Bulletin”, which contains subsequent lectures on esoterics.

Contemplation of heart awareneess, group chanting, listening to the teachings contained in Holy Scriptures and reading esoteric letters, group prayer – this is the entire ”arsenal” of the methods which allow us to develop our spiritual knowledge and to ascend higher and higher stages of initiation in laya yoga.


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