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  • Hydrotherapy and Urine Therapy (50)

    Hydrotherapy and Urine Therapy (50)

    Dealing with spiritual culture of the East, especially with yoga, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity and also ayurveda (natural Indian medicine), I have mixed feelings concerning some of the published nonsense on the supposedly yogic urine therapy. Being a yogin and a yoga teacher myself  I must say that this urine therapy has definitely nothing to do…

  • What is Yoga of Healing of Guru Bhaishajya (26)

    What is Yoga of Healing of Guru Bhaishajya (26)

    The healer of Devas in the heavens is known under the name Dhanvantari. In his left hand he holds the vessel with the drink of Immortals as with a wonderful and universal drug. The name Dhanvantari means „He who moves in the arch,” or in the heavens. The Heavenly Physician is the patron of all…