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  • Śri Kalkin – Teacher and Saviour

    Śri Kalkin – Teacher and Saviour

    The Saviour’s (Kalkin’s) name is known in all religions of the world. In the Jewish religion it is Messiah and in Zarathustra’s religion it is Soashyant. His name is Christ in the Christian religion and Maitreya in the Buddhist religion. His name is Kalkin (which literally means the Saviour) in the Hindu religion and Imam…

  • The Great Initiations (22)

    The Great Initiations (22)

    The light of yoga will illuminate Your path, Pilgrim to the Truth. The chalice is a vessel of the heart based on the solar plexus and open towards the thymus. The first stage of the journey is the flower of the cardiac plexus blooming right up. The whole luminosity of the fiery will of the…