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  • Tips on Cancer Prevention

    Tips on Cancer Prevention

    Cancer is a serious, but curable illness and one can avoid even 85- 95% of all malignant cancers that are diagnosed, but that would make the oncological industry go bankrupt. The key to prevention is a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and concern about the immune system of the organism. One should strengthen and activise the immune system (IS) of the…

  • What is Yoga of Healing of Guru Bhaishajya (26)

    What is Yoga of Healing of Guru Bhaishajya (26)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next The healer of Devas in the heavens is known under the name Dhanvantari. In his left hand he holds the vessel with the drink of Immortals as with a wonderful and universal drug. The name Dhanvantari means „He who moves in the arch,” or in the heavens. The Heavenly Physician…