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  • Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    We are an Ancient Spiritual Community for spreading all secrets of Laya Yoga based on Chakras, and Life Science called Tantra, and for spreading most famous Ayurveda teachings for health and healing! The most known word SANGHA means Brotherhood and Sisterhood or may be much better as KINSHIP! We all are brothers and sisters in the Holy Spirit and…

  • Om Namaśśivaya – Glory to the Graceful One (53)

    Om Namaśśivaya – Glory to the Graceful One (53)

    Om Namah Śivāya – Glory to the Grace, Śiva, Lord and Teacher of the worlds of men and angels. Glory be to the Destroyer of all error, sin and threefold selfishness (physical, mental and spiritual Ego). Glory be to the Person of the Holy Spirit, the One who grants countless charismatic graces, Lord of Yogis,…