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  • What is Laya Yoga?

    What is Laya Yoga?

    The term laya means dissolution, melting of all karmic conditioning and limitations that have accrued as result of various occurrences and incidents which took place in the course of one’s entire lifetime. The barriers of a preconditioned life become gradually dissolved, until the soul sees the enlightening world of freedom and salvation (Kaivalya). Layah means…

  • Himavanti Confraternity Order – Ancient School of Yoga

    Himavanti Confraternity Order – Ancient School of Yoga

    The Himavanti Confraternity Order is an esoteric secret school for men and women of the contemporary times who have the intention to explore the great synthesis of teachings conveyed by ascended masters – these few ones, who had their triumph in each epoch and who now belong to the circle of our brothers and sisters on…

  • How to Develop Spiritual Practice (10)

    How to Develop Spiritual Practice (10)

    I would like to thank all those who suggested that I discuss this marvellous Topic. I hope that it will prove useful to all people who practise on the Path. Teachers continue to focus on the importance of constant practising. Let me quote a few points that are important, or the most important, and strongly…