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  • Mulādhara Chakra

    Mulādhara Chakra

    The circle of the Container of the Body, as the title can be trans­lated, opens for us the possibility of work with lotuses, with the consciousness centers, starting from the very bottom of our trunk, from the central point, between the womb and the coccyx. Mula – means the Root, the Base or Bottom, hence…

  • Learning About Chakras (43)

    Learning About Chakras (43)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next With great pleasure I share this lesson dedicated to the centres of fiery consciousness to all those interested in the topic of chakras (pronounce as ćakra, soft ‘chi’). I would like to mention that the knowledge contained in this work belongs to the system of vaidika laya yoga and is…

  • Laya Sadhana – Apprenticeship Leading to Prathyaya (12)

    Laya Sadhana – Apprenticeship Leading to Prathyaya (12)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next During our first practical lesson of yoga we will concentrate on daily practice for everyone, who wishes to develop closer relationship with the path of Laya. This material can be particularly important for those, who had already taken part in some courses or trainings of Laya yoga, tracked as a…