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  • Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    We are an Ancient Spiritual Community for spreading all secrets of Laya Yoga based on Chakras, and Life Science called Tantra, and for spreading most famous Ayurveda teachings for health and healing! The most known word SANGHA means Brotherhood and Sisterhood or may be much better as KINSHIP! We all are brothers and sisters in the Holy Spirit and…

  • The Golden Age of Truth

    The Golden Age of Truth

    What is the Era of Truth, also known as Satyayuga or Kritayuga, or the Golden Age? The Millenium Kingdom, The New Age, the Era of Light, the Age of Aquarius. One thing that we can say for sure about the New Age is that it is undoubtedly the fulfilment of all biblical prophecies relating to…

  • The Golden Age of Truth in Teachings of Prophet Isaiah (31)

    The Golden Age of Truth in Teachings of Prophet Isaiah (31)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next We will travel in thought and heart to the threshold of consciousness of the new Golden Age of Truth. Let’s try to look at what the Era of Light and Love is in the teachings of the Semitic (Kashmiri) lineage of the Sages of the Golden Robe. Satyayuga is undoubtedly…