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  • Lila – Game of Ancient Rishis (40)

    Lila – Game of Ancient Rishis (40)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next Today we will try to deal with a playful form of transmitting certain teachings about the path, about what raises, what causes the fall, and also about what leads to liberated cosmic consciousness, that is, to Kaivalya. Lila (leela) literally means game or play, in line with the idea of…

  • What is Laya Yoga?

    What is Laya Yoga?

    The term laya means dissolution, melting of all karmic conditioning and limitations that have accrued as result of various occurrences and incidents which took place in the course of one’s entire lifetime. The barriers of a preconditioned life become gradually dissolved, until the soul sees the enlightening world of freedom and salvation (Kaivalya). Layah means…