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  • Marana Tantra (86)

    Marana Tantra (86)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next TANTRA is a very grateful and sought-after topic in the field of spiritual and mystical knowledge, and many researchers of the Oriental Culture look in it for teachings and wisdom that are otherwise magical and esoteric, which is actually right. TANTRA has many meanings and references, and its origin is…

  • Fiery Message of the Sufi Order (71)

    Fiery Message of the Sufi Order (71)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next In the name of God, the Merciful and GraciousGlory be to God, the Lord of the Worlds.To the Merciful and GraciousTo the King of Judgment Day.You alone we worship and You alone we ask for help.Guide us on a straight Way,The Way of those whom You have bestowed Blessings (Love),not…

  • About Mistakes in Practice (48)

    About Mistakes in Practice (48)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next Today let’s answer the question what are the most common mistakes in practicing spiritual development. This is a frequently raised issue by all those seeking a spiritual path. Many people wonder if they are practicing properly or if their efforts will be wasted. It’s surprising how many people love to…