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  • Shigatse Temple

    Shigatse Temple

    Wisdom is not something that can be learnt. Wisdom is an attribute of the soul and it appears naturally as a way of manifesting the soul through personality. Knowledge is something that can be learnt. Wisdom is loving understanding, wisdom is knowledge enlightened by personality. Wisdom comes from above, from the formless plane of the…

  • Kalkin – Messiah, Saviour, Christ (19)

    Kalkin – Messiah, Saviour, Christ (19)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next Let us today study the form embodying love and wisdom of all kind in the aspect of the direct manifestation of the Creator – the God referred to in Sanskrit as Brahma. Denizens of Heaven, Deities of Heaven or the Sons of Brahma – these are the names for the…