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  • Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    Himalayan Spiritual Community (101)

    We are an Ancient Spiritual Community for spreading all secrets of Laya Yoga based on Chakras, and Life Science called Tantra, and for spreading most famous Ayurveda teachings for health and healing! The most known word SANGHA means Brotherhood and Sisterhood or may be much better as KINSHIP! We all are brothers and sisters in the Holy Spirit and…

  • The Great White Brotherhood (7)

    The Great White Brotherhood (7)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next Thank you for your eagerness in pursuing the eternal goal, as thanks to this PASSION in Your heart further issues of the “Hridaya” bulletin may continue to be published. If You are interested in any subjects, please write to the author of the esoteric lessons. This time I would like…