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  • The Concept of Guru

    The Concept of Guru

    When contemplating the spiritual development path (Margah) it is worth remembering the fact that Guru’s (Spiritual Guide’s) consciousness leads to greater and greater liberation and freedom of mind, and further, to greater and greater dissolution of all structures of material ego whose nature is to contradict the needs arising from the depths of soul, which…

  • Learning About Chakras (43)

    Learning About Chakras (43)

    With great pleasure I share this lesson dedicated to the centres of fiery consciousness to all those interested in the topic of chakras (pronounce as ćakra, soft ‘chi’). I would like to mention that the knowledge contained in this work belongs to the system of vaidika laya yoga and is transmitted mainly verbally, differing in…

  • Selected Aspects of Initiation (3)

    Selected Aspects of Initiation (3)

    What is the essence of the process of giving and receiving the initiation? What profundity is hidden in it? Undoubtedly it is a blessing, one that appears in four inter-related, or blended forms. Initiation is a blessing given by a spiritual leader (Hierophant), it is a blessing bestowed by the Spiritual Leader of the School,…