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  • Recognizing the Guru (39)

    Recognizing the Guru (39)

    Previous ★★★ Index ★★★ Next Today let’s look at the issue of how to recognize your Guru, spiritual guide, or spiritual master. The term Guru in the external sense means a teacher or shepherd, and in the internal sense a person who burns or illuminates what is material and heavy, as well as the flame…

  • Swami Śyam Lalita Mohan Baba-ji

    Swami Śyam Lalita Mohan Baba-ji

    We have the pleasure of inviting you with great joy to meetings and introductory workshops that will initiate you into mystery teachings and practices of ancient Laya Yoga and Tantra belonging to the Himavanti Sampradaya spiritual tradition. The workshops as well as other programmes are conducted by the Spiritual Leader (Layacharya) Acharyacharya LalitaMohan G. K.…

  • The Concept of Guru

    The Concept of Guru

    When contemplating the spiritual development path (Margah) it is worth remembering the fact that Guru’s (Spiritual Guide’s) consciousness leads to greater and greater liberation and freedom of mind, and further, to greater and greater dissolution of all structures of material ego whose nature is to contradict the needs arising from the depths of soul, which…