Teachings of Nagaraja Babaji (60)

The Great Spiritual Master, Śrī Śivbāba Nagaraja, commonly called simply Bābaji, was born at the end of November 203 according to Christian Era in Tamil Nadu. One of his spiritual Masters was the immortal sage, rishi and yoga master Śri Agasthya. At the age of 16, Babaji achieved immortality of spirit and body, remaining by choice a great helper and servant of the human race on the path of the so-called boddhisattvas. The Immortal Yoga Master is known mainly from the teachings of Kriya Tantra Yoga, but his mission is to support all mystic yogis. He was the teacher of Śri Śankara, the main reformer and restorer of the Hindu Vedanta path, whose main mission was to show the world that the Hindu and Buddhist teachings are the same teachings, and that these paths do not differ in practice. The birth of Śri Babaji fell at a time when the coming of the Avatar of Krishna was announced, hence it is generally accepted that Śri Babaji is the same divine soul who instructed Arjuna and dictated the Bhagavad Gita as a spiritual message to humanity. Since the advent of this powerful avatara, it has been customary to address the great venerable teachers of humanity as Bāba, the first of which is called the spiritual title of Bābaji, which means ‘Revered Father’. The Master still resides in his immortal, diamond body near the Himalayan temple of Badrinath.

This Avatara received the name Nagarāja from his parents and is therefore also known and worshiped under the name of Yoga Nagarāja. A whole galaxy of eminent yogis feel and refer to this great Mahāsiddha as their spiritual, heavenly Father. It is true that all inspiration regarding the path of unification comes from Him, as the elder brother of the human race and the servant of humanity. Śrî Bābaji was born in southern India, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in a small village at the mouth of the Cauvery River into the Arabian Sea. His birth marked the victory of light over darkness, and it took place during the Tamil festival of Kartikai Dîpam, which means “Festival of Lights”. Śrî Babaji had two Gurus, one was the great Shaivite serpent guardian Rishi Boganāthar and the other was Rishi Agastyar himself. With their blessed help, he achieved spiritual enlightenment at the age of 12 and physical immortality at the age of 16, just like Lao Tzu, Enoch and Issa.

Śrî Bābaji’s mission is to assist and help the human family in its gradual growth towards God-realization. The Spiritual Father of the human family, who appears to be Śivbāba, realizes the Universal Vision of Divine Love, whose ray called the energy of love/wisdom gradually transforms the world into Divine Paradise. The time is approaching when the enormous amount of work put in so far will begin to bear its sublime fruits. His mission is to assist and support, which he often does anonymously, so that many spiritual teachers who operate in the world are not even aware of His presence and influence, and others feel this influence as the action of the Heavenly Father himself, the Absolute. Only a few of His direct disciples are aware of His support and subtle spiritual care on the path to light.

Among the spiritual disciples of Śrî Śiwbāba Nagarāja we have such great spiritual beings as Adi Śankarāćārya – a reformer of the Hindu tradition in the 9th century, Kabir – unifying the essential Hindu and Muslim teachings in the 16th century, Mahāsaya showing the unity of religions and the foundations of Kriya Yoga in the 19th century, and many others, including Hairakhan Bābaji and Śrî Brahma Kumara Śivbāba in the 20th century. Just as Śrî Śankara demonstrated that the Buddhist and Hindu teachings are identical, Śrî Kabir, through his life’s work and holiness, reminded forgetful humanity that the essence of Islam and Hinduism is completely identical. Śrî Mahāsaya demonstrated again the identity of the teachings of Śrī Krishna and Jesus Christ (Śrî Issa). Moreover, during the times when Jesus taught on earth, Lord Krishna himself, as a spiritual master, inspired Him and was His Christ Spirit, the spirit of promise given to truly Christian disciples.

Babaji lives with a small group of his very advanced spiritual disciples who are preparing to enter the path of immortality. However, many of his greatest disciples (chela) work in the world helping humanity rise to the heights of spiritual development. When an adept of the path of spiritual development enters the final phases of his earthly work, he receives initiation (the first of the next five) in which he learns direct communication with the Master himself, with Śrî Śivbāba, and finally becomes a “transmission station” sending divine inspiration and Love itself (Prema) from the Source, which is the most powerful spiritual being that currently lives on earth and lives in the Himalayas, and which is directly available to those initiated into God’s Path of Spiritual Perfection.

All we can do is follow His sweet instructions that He sends through His senior disciples and helpers in the spiritual service of His Divine Mission of Love and Light.


Hello my dear children!

Beware of fanaticism for it is cruelty (himsa) to the soul, and those who commit cruelty to the soul will end up in hell. Whoever commits the crime of fanaticism will fall and will not be able to cope with the path of Rāja Yoga either in this life or in the next life. Fanatics from quarrelling sects have already fallen from the Royal Path. Rāja Yoga is truly the path of the royal majesty of the soul. May your words and your attitude be majestic. And do not exalt yourself above other paths, neither above the worse ones nor above the better ones.

Be filled with sweetness and joy: Rāma, Rāma means sweetness and joy, nothing more. Śiva means grace, favour, kindness, mercy. Be merciful and favourable as I am.

Samnyasa means “process of healing”, of course spiritual. “Sam” means health, purity and healing. “Nyasa” is the process through which an individual soul embodied in an earthly shell goes through in order to be healed and freed from its defilements.

I am soul, I am soul (jivoham, jivoham) is the voice of My call. This is the first step towards Samnyasa – the divine purification of the soul.

Lord Krishna, the God-sent avatar of Vishnu, offered eighteen lessons to people on achieving purity and perfection of the soul. Blessed My holy soul, Śrī Umadevi (Wanda Dynowska – editor’s note) has translated into Polish this sublime spiritual teaching containing eighteen ways of awakening and realizing Rāja Yoga.

Arjuna, the blessed, perfect disciple, received a vision into the true nature of God the Father, understood and saw, and became spiritually awake. He met God the Father face to face and therefore the Bhagavad Gita is the true source of divine knowledge (jnana), although not everyone understands the teachings of this sublime Song of the Lord as they should be understood. Materialists and atheists are always inclined to read and distort the meaning of the Holy Message. There is no end to Ravana’s efforts to obscure the true meaning of the Holy Books from people. Therefore, you my children, will read the Bhagavad Gita until your souls begin to sing the Song. And you are called to grasp the meaning of it words and keep its right direction. Read one chapter of the Lord’s Song every other day and try to understand it in Śivbaba’s consciousness. This is the only right path for souls who have gone astray and want to return to the right path.

Forgive the people of Ravana and understand the essential content of Bhagavad Gita. Read and don’t surrender to Ravana. This is the word of Your Śivbāba. People of the demon Ravana love all impurities, such as criticism, blasphemy, slander, humiliation of others and exaltation of oneself. Maintain a sense of equality and forget words of criticism. Don’t judge or criticize because these are your worst blasphemies against the soul.

My sweet children, beware of insulting My messengers such as Krishna, Rāma, Jesus or Buddha, for then you become children of Ravana, opponents of My solar messenger, and for you Lord Rāma. He is truly joy and sweetness in Me. Rama defeated Ravana and destroyed his work. Rama purified the earth. Take His example and do likewise. Win by cleansing the earth of all evil.

Remember, in the heavens reside angels (devas) and all angelic souls such as My saints, all Swamis, Śri and Babas. In the heavens dwell advanced Yogis of all states and directions. We have nine heavenly spheres to accommodate them all in their appropriate places. There are also souls that I take, purified by My fire, to My palace inside their being. Śiva Salokhya is the goal of your life. With great reverence, pronounce God’s most holy name: Śiva, Śiva. Whoever mentions My name is protected by My power, as with a shield of light.

I am calling my beloved disciple to pass on to all of you, my sweet children, My sublime teaching of the secret Rāja Yoga (Kriya Tantra). You must recognize it and follow it. He will bring you all to Me. Whoever ignores My living messenger, although he may reach heavenly paradise, will not be able to come to me. Once in every century I send my messenger to every nation and every language. Listen to His voice, for it is My Voice, audible to all. He is not God, but neither is he human. He is truly My disciple and messenger.

I will reveal to you the preliminary stages of the eternal Rāja Yoga, of which there are twelve. The first step (lesson) we start with is karma yoga! Serving God Himself in action. Selfless action in which there is no desire for profit or fame. The second stage is bhakti yoga, which is humble worship and humility towards God the Father. Only God the Father deserves honour and adoration. Bhakti means devotion and sacrifice. Has anyone come to me without devotion and sacrifice? The third stage is jnana yoga, based on the two previous stages as if on two legs. Jnana means Divine Wisdom conceived from selfless work and dedication to the Divine Cause, from karma and bhakti yoga. Anyone who has undergone the lessons of karma, bhakti and jnana yoga may be considered well-prepared for the higher stages of the Royal Spiritual Path, the path of absorption.

Do not falsify the Gita or other holy scriptures, do not criticize, do not humiliate, do not judge, beware of sectarianism, sense of superiority. Beware of Ravana’s darkness and his stultifying attitudes. Hold on to your Father (Bāba) Lord Śiva, the One. You certainly won’t go wrong. The destruction of your selfishness stands right before you. The world will change. For 10,000 years, the kingdom of the solar dynasty will reign again. Lord Rama is coming in glory. He is Sain, the eternal substance of Lord Śiva. Hara Śiva transforms this world. Help in the work of spiritual transformation. Let your hearts and minds kill the spirit of Ravana as Rāma did, as Arjuna did.

Reading Murli is an intellectual study. Just reading and thinking is not enough. You must, My children, meditate on the Murli so that the Spirit of God illuminates your understanding and unites you in your thoughts. Absorb Murli with Intuitive Reason, absorb Murli with your soul itself. This is being Buddha, Krishna, Radha. Holy souls eat their food in a sanctified way.

Read this Murli revealed especially for you at least once every month. Pass them on to other souls empowered in yoga. Otherwise you will go to hell for 21 births if you do not heed My call. Every Murli is supposed to look beautiful because beauty reflects Heaven, beauty comes from Paradise. Om Śanti, Śanti, Śantih! Your Eternal Śri Śivbaba…

Many Blessings on your Path to Awakening and Realization!

Om Namaśśivaya! Hum!

Aćaryaćarya Swami Lalita-Mohan G.K


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