The Art of Confirmation (21)

The power of thought and power of will are two pillars of spiritual yoga training. The first is the basis of the second. The seed of the future will power develops out of the power of thought. However, one needs a mind with pure and calm thoughts. You can call thought a form woven from the matter of the mind. The shapes of your thoughts form the nucleus of your future life today. Destiny is woven from the mental forms created by the mind. The power of thought multiplies when emotions are embedded in the experience of thought and its image. Thoughts need to be nourished by the feeling in order to become a power.

The power of the spoken word is the result of practicing confirmation – yogic sankalpa/h. What is confirmation? It is simply a strengthening of thought-form and fixing it in the inner space, in the mind and feeling. In the religious sense, confirmation is the name of the confirmation ritual, the transmission of the Spirit Power. Spiritual Schools, including yoga and Sufi, show the work of mind transformation into the state of its original purity and transparency that is needed to awaken the element of Spiritual Will. Good thoughts and good words are the first pillars of confirmation, confirming the mind in the Spirit. This is part of the basic techniques of spiritual practice and spiritual development training, which are called Vipaśyana and Upasana. The first technique is colloquially called “meditating about oneself” and the other “thinking about God.”

Repetition of good thoughts is the basis of all this lofty or rather elevating work of the first levels of Initiation into all spirituality. The traditional way is to repeat the prayers on the rosary (japa). This technique, among people seeking God and the truth, is unfortunately often misunderstood and underestimated. The Vipaśyana and Upasana process is the basis of Mansa Yoga – the first level of initiation in Laya Yoga. Keeping short thoughts in mind about positive content and associations is a great way to concentrate the mind in the next phases of a spiritual journey along the path. Thought requires strengthening and affirmation until it becomes a permanent part of the structure of our mind, our desires and aspirations.

The teacher often expressed thoughts that proved to be very helpful in the path of spiritual development and self-improvement. We received as a chela, at least ten techniques for confirming the mind in the Pure Spirit through mental practice. We provide this practically during yoga and Sufi workshop sessions. We are now dictating spiritual and elevating thoughts from the mind of our beloved Teacher.

  1. You breathe deeply and calmly. Let the energy of breath flow freely.
  2. Your breath flows as a wave in the ocean of spiritual life. It rises and falls
  3. You breathe smoothly and deeply. You relax your entire body, relax your mind.
  4. You safely and confidently release your emotions and feelings. Everyone likes you.
  5. You express yourself freely and safely. You keep love and respect of the surroundings.
  6. You are safe and protected by all the forces of the cosmos. And it is always so.
  7. Love, joy and peace always support and wonderfully protect you.
  8. Everything you do is absolutely safe and good. Trust your heart.
  9. Let the energy of life flow completely freely and smoothly.
  10. Trust the stream of life. Swim in harmony with the current of life. Surrender to the course of life.
  11. Agree on everything that’s happening in your life. Trust your fate.
  12. Completely submit to the course of events in your life. Swim with life with breath.
  13. Accept completely all events of your life. Love your life.
  14. You completely and deeply free yourself from the past. You are confidently entering the future.
  15. You leave the past completely outside of yourself. Only now exists.
  16. You swim safely and confidently towards a bright future.
  17. Forgive all deeds, thoughts and words. You completely forgive yourself.
  18. You are free from everything. You are free from the past. You swim freely.
  19. You forgive everything. You happily forgive all human beings.
  20. You fill the heart with tender mercy and compassion for all creatures.
  21. You fill yourself with kindness and sympathy for all human beings.
  22. You totally love and accept yourself as a human being. You are a human.
  23. Everything you give, give with kindness and sympathy. Give eagerly.
  24. Allow yourself for free and safe giving. By giving you express yourself the most.
  25. Accept with humility and gratitude. Let yourself accept gifts from others.
  26. I purify, renew and revive myself spiritually. It is good and safe.
  27. I devote myself completely to the path, guide and spiritual learning. I trust in God.
  28. I allow myself to completely and thoroughly revive my whole person.
  29. All spiritual forces of the universe help you in spiritual Rebirth. Trust.
  30. Love and forgive. The more you love, the more you forgive.
  31. Open the heart to all human beings. Establish a brotherhood of tender hearts.
  32. Feel deep in the level of the heart. Experience your subtle feelings.
  33. Freely flowing breath regenerates and revives the whole your person.
  34. Think and feel your own name in the area of ​​your heart. Feel the area of ​​the thymus.
  35. You are now opening yourself to the action of truth, simplicity and love in the life of the soul.
  36. You allow yourself to be a sincere and real person. With trust, you live in harmony.
  37. Experience harmony in the depths of your own human being. Harmony is safe.
  38. Consent builds. Harmony is for you and is creative. Consent is prosperity.
  39. You are a real, sincere and compatible person. You experience the power of accord and harmony.
  40. You are reborn in truth, love and harmony with yourself. You trust the love of the heart.
  41. You are a creature full of optimism. You go forward with your eyes wide open.
  42. Support yourself with a good and kind thought. Trust the support flowing from the depths of the interior.
  43. Send good and kind thoughts to all encountered people and situations of life.
  44. Agree in your heart with all the beings you meet. God protects you.
  45. Support others with a kind thought with a good word. Cultivate mercy and kindness.
  46. ​​You create an environment full of harmony, love, accord, unity and abundance.
  47. You create the best conditions for manifesting what you really are.
  48. Open yourself in the depths of your heart to experience your true being.
  49. You focus your thoughts and all feelings in the centre of the heart. You are fully experiencing yourself.
  50. You now wish that the whole spiritual plan of your life would appear.
  51. You create perfect conditions for manifesting your own divinity on earth.
  52. You like and accept yourself as a divine being full of light, love and power.
  53. Be the personification of goodness, the same for yourself and for other sentient beings.
  54. You like everything; whatever comes in your life is good. Accept gifts.
  55. You deserve to receive good gifts from the entire universe.
  56. You love and accept Mother – the land on which you live and where you live.
  57. You love and accept the Father – the sky under which you live and work.
  58. Experience gratitude to Mother Earth and Heaven’s Father in your heart. Love Parent.
  59. Thank you, Mother, for giving me birth and feeding me. Thank you, Divine.
  60. Thank you, Father, for giving me a divine impulse for my existence and development.
  61. Give yourself complete pleasure. The bliss is the nature of the Divine Beings.
  62. Give pleasure to all sentient beings. Make the earth a paradise of pleasure.
  63. Experience the bliss and delight of your inner being. You are happiness.
  64. Whatever you receive, you take it from God. Whatever you give, you give it to God.
  65. You now allow yourself to ask God for everything you feel to be good.
  66. You are love, harmony and beauty. Let yourself love beautifully and in harmony.
  67. You are now attracting your love and joy. You grow up to your own love.
  68. You now create a pure and holy bond with your Mother and with your Father. You love them.
  69. Cherish tender and kind feelings for your parents. Forgive them everything.
  70. Give more love to yourself, to parents and to God. Love is giving yourself.
  71. You are a completely free and independent being. You grow up to full independence.
  72. In relation with Mother and Father you create fullness of freedom and spiritual ease.
  73. You completely accept all spiritual Teachers and Guides.
  74. You trust in Mother, Father, Guru and God safely. Trusting is safe and good.
  75. You entrust yourself to God with trust. Spiritual Power protects and supports you.
  76. You create the perfect archetype of the Parent and Spiritual Guardian. You are and you Trust.
  77. All your undertakings are pure and holy. Life is easy.
  78. You prosper well, you sustain your life in abundance and prosperity.
  79. The Divine Treasury gives you everything you need to live and work in the world.
  80. You are the embodiment of goodness. You prosper well. God sends you your goods.
  81. You wish people around you who are full of kindness and understanding.
  82. You accept yourself as a person living successfully, affectionately and in peace.
  83. Your God, your true self, gives you everything you want to receive by asking.
  84. You communicate more and more with the Divine Self. You accept the protection of God’s Spirit.
  85. You are in perfect harmony and conformity with your higher, divine self. Om.
  86. You are open to all abundance. You accept the goods that God gives you.
  87. You love God by sacrificing yourself to Him completely. You accept destiny.
  88. You now discover the meaning of your existence. You are united with the purpose of your life.
  89. You allow yourself to keep your life for as long as you want. You are clean.
  90. You wish to live in perfect health, abundance and fullness of life.
  91. You always live in the “now” moment. Life is eternal. You are life, you are eternal.
  92. You love and accept the essence of your eternal life. You trust in the divine life.
  93. You are in the existence of Your higher Self. You are breathing the spiritual power of life. You trust.
  94. You are in friendship with human beings. You maintain friendship with the Guide.
  95. You are united with the heart of Guru. You trust in God, trust in people, trust in Guru, trust in yourself.
  96. Life and breath are one. You improve your life with the power of breath. You are in love.
  97. You are always and everywhere. You are the consciousness of eternal life, happiness and health.
  98. You own a physical body. You have full power over the body and mind.
  99. You allow yourself to enjoy life, happiness and health at all times.
  100. You are always a beloved, awaited and wanted child of the universe.
  101. You accept your instincts and biological needs. You trust the inner voice.
  102. You freely use the resources of cosmic feeling-knowing. You are listening to the voice of the heart.
  103. You accept full responsibility for your fate and conduct. You are in God.
  104. You allow your biological life force to manifest freely. You live in God.
  105. You do what you love to do. You approve all of your actions as divine.
  106. You act from the depths of the higher, divine Self. You are completely immersed in the light of God.
  107. You maintain contact with God, people and nature. You are in harmony with the world.
  108. Your spiritual Enlightenment is guaranteed by the Power and Grace of one God.

Here are 108 gems of divine thoughts which are confirmations of spiritual development of man. You can repeat them every day using a rosary and saying simply to your heart. Repeat these lofty thoughts of your inner being until they become your true existence and reality. Feel as if you are talking to yourself with a tender and delicate but firm and convincing voice. You will strengthen yourself in the divine mind and connect with the source of inner goodness and well-being. By connecting to Sattva you will make the first authentic step on the spiritual path of life. God means your Goodness. The real Self first manifests itself as Sattva – natural, innate kindness and well-being.


Aćaryaćarya Lalita-Mohan G.K.


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